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ALL ALLEN KESSLER WANTED FOR CHRISTMAS WAS A STRUCTURE HE COULD TAME.  The chainsaw did just that at the the Bayou Challenge Main Event, however, when he finally negotiated his chopping buzzsaw through the competition and collected the title.  There was some collective head-scratching by the players and observers there--why hasn't Kessler won more tournaments?   Anyway, the Chainsaw is your Bayou Challenge Main Event Winner.  And, sorry we are not sure if Kessler celebrates Christmas or not, but we are fairly certain if somebody was offering good structures he'd take them no matter the occasion.

Speaking of chopping the competition the seniors did an 8 way chop.  8 way chop? 

Trish Marks, of Covington LA, repeated as the ladies champion.  She is the first player to repeat and defend any title at the Bayou Challenge.

The seniors negotiated an 8 way chop?

GCP Blogger Monkey went out in 8th in the Main Event.  CarWash Schneider 5th, Jim McBride of Slidell LA 4th (we do not think 62 year old retiree McBride was one of the Internet players Monkey was talking about in his blog).  Ben "The Destroyer" Mintz, finished 7th.  Defending champ Justin "Lockdowntex" Allen finished 6th and couldn't duplicate Trish Marks repeat feat.

8 way chop? 

ALL ISILDUR1 WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS IS A DO-OVER.  Rumor has it the online prodigy is going to file a formal complaint as he fell victime to collective data mining by Cole South, Brian Townsend and Brian Hastings (who snapped off the still anonymous player for over 4 million).  Pokernews tracked down the untraceable Isildur1 for an interesting interview here.  Pokerati on data mining here.

ALL DANIEL ALEAI WANTED FOR CHRISTMAS WAS A WPT TITLE.  He got just that at the long worded and longwinded World Poker Tour Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic perhaps Daniel can borrow a consonant or two from his title's name for his last name.  Alaei laid the smack down on Josh Arieh in heads up action.  Alaei adds another 1.4 million to his bank account, and Arieh just under 1 million. 

Faraz Jaka, who sounds like a G.I.Joe enemy made over 500k for third.  Shawn Buchanan (4th) won 333k, Scotty Nguyen (5th) a hair under 250k, and Steve O'Dwyer (6th) a little over 200k.  For reviews of each of the thrilling WPT action go here.

We believe there was no discussion about an 8 way chop and we have no idea if Alaei or Isildur1 celebrate Christmas.  If they do, Merry Christmas.  If they don't Happy ________  (Holiday of their choice).




Allen "Chainsaw" Kessler           Las Vegas, NV           417,500
Ed Corrado                                  Naples, FL                  227,000
Michael Schneider                      Covington, GA            44,500
Moutray McLaren                       Greenville, SC            148,000
Jim McBride                               Slidell, LA                   153,500
Will "Monkey" Souther                Biloxi, MS                   159,000
Justin "Lockdowntex" Allen         Dallas, TX                   167,000
Ben Mintz                                    New Orleans, LA        221,500
Philip Hall                                     Kemah, TX                 73,000
                                       Alan "Chainsaw" Kessler is the CL with over 417,000 (right)

Ben "thedestroyer" Mintz is sitting on over 221,000 (below)

Justin "Lockdowntex" Allen and













GCPs own Will "The Poker Monkey" Souther are both at avg sitting in the 160,000 range.

                                 Mike "Carwash" Schneider is the short stack with 44,000 (Below)






The 1st day of the 3K main Event is in the bag, and we are going to highlight a few notables...Justin "Lockdowntex" Allen (pic) started today in 3rd place with over $118k in chips...Jacob "Bazeman" Bazeley not far behind with over 83K in chips...right behind him is John "Jrd312" Dolan who is rockin over 79k....Ben "TheDestroyer" Mintz with over 68k...GCPs own Poker Monkey sitttin right behind with over 61k...Allen "Chainsaw" Kessler has over 42k.


YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO YOUR HEADPHONES AT THE TABLE...YOU MAY WANT TO LEARN SOMETHING FROM CHAD "LILHOLDEM" BATISTA WHO WAS PLAYIN THE 15K MAIN EVENT WITH UNDER15 PLAYERS LEFT...(BELOW IS FROM CARDPLAYER)? John Juanda moved all in preflop from the button by announcing, “All in.” He did not move his chips forward though, and the dealer announced that Juanda was all in to the table. An unsuspecting Chad Batista (with his headphones on) decided to move all in with deuces from the small blind under the assumption that he was the first player to act.

Scotty Nguyen realized Batista’s mistake and then started laughing in the big blind before asking if both players were all in. The dealer confirmed that they were and Nguyen continued to laugh. An argument erupted between Batista and Nguyen before the tournament staff was called over to settle the dispute.

The floor ruled that both players were all in and then Nguyen shoved all in with pocket aces. He and Juanda were all in for their tournament lives and Batista had each of them covered. Scotty snaps them both off.




JOHN DOLAN'S SECOND TOURNAMENT VICTORY IS ONE TO REMEMBER.  Besides winning 31.8k Dolan attacked a stack who's who on the Gulf Coast at his final table (several are on WHO'S WHO and most of the rest should be).  The roster included four former  WSOP Circuit Event Gold Ring Winners: Kai Landry, one of our favorite GCP bloggers, Walter Chambers who earned some valuable TV time winning his ring, Tyler Smith (GCP Magazine cover boy) and TK Myles.  Add in Kenny Milam, Barron Whipple, and it was a stacked table with some of the Coast's best players.  Blogger Will Souther aka Monkey just missed joining the final table party but added another cash to his resume. 

John Dolan fended off those guys as well as Pascal "Frenchy" Boutineau and Kent "Bobby" Buckingham who are both Texans nabbing their second cash of the Challenge.  Dolan, a Bonita Springs, FL native is a 23 year old poker pro with an outstanding online and burgeoning live success rate.   Bill Dehart from New Orleans, got pipped by Dolan in the end and won $19.2k for second.




AB SUTHOFF WINS HORSE TOURNAMENT. AB a St. Rose, LA native will return to his usual games at Boomtown with some bragging rights after bagging the Horse Championship.  The top three agreed to a chop but AB (pictured) got the most money and first place honors.  Ian Crozier from Gretna, LA came in second.

CAPTAIN RON HOPE SINKS ON THE BUBBLE OF PLO WITH REBUYS CHAMPIONSHIP.  Captain Ron is known for taking his passengers to the best fishing nooks on the coast and scooping record hauls, this time the river scooped him when his nut flush got run down by a full house.  Captain Ron has been showing incredible improvement since focusing on his hobby of poker and is now a force to be reckoned on the tournament scene.  Daniel Holmes, a student from Lafayette, LA finished in 5th place.  Andrew Becker, of Chalmette, LA, will be seeing 8s in his sleep, as he ran into four of kind when he bowed out in third place.  Jared Ingles, from Baton Rouge, LA, who makes his living playing poker finished second for almost 7k.

MIKE SILVAS WINS EVENT 7 ($300 +$40 NLHE).  Silvas an MBA student from ULL won the longest ever Challenge Heads-Up match.  Other locals cashing include D.K. Flanagan from Nine Mile Point, LA (5th), David Lee from NOLA (6th), Chris Chevalier from Shreveport (8th), and Rusty Bodin from NOLA (9th).  Two Houstonians Pascal "Frenchy Boutineau (7th) and Ruven Riveras (2nd for almost 7k) also made the final table.

CAPTAIN TOM AND WALTER CHAMBERS COME UP JUST SHORT.  Walter Chambers won the first WSOP circuit event in New Orleans but the Baton Rouge native couldn't take down the PLO Championship with his day ending in 7th place.  Captain Tom Franklin, a WSOP bracelet winner, from Gulfport, MS, went out in 4th place.  Mendel Lee, and Jeff Bennett, from the New Orleans area fell in 8th and 9th place.

TRIPP DONALDSON GETS CREDIT FOR THE VICTORY.  After a chop, the poker pro from Baton Rouge LA pocketed 7.8k.  He was joined on the final table by Michael Sampognaro from West Monroe, LA (6th) and Ivan Milicevic of Mandevill, LA (7th).

BARON WHIPPLE FINAL TABLES AGAIN.  In event 4, the $500+$50 tournament Whipple finished 4th.  Gabriel Tender, a Doc from New Orleans, was the runner-up.  Chris Chevalier (3rd) and Rusty Bodin (7th) both got the first of their multiple cashes.

WANT TO GET AWAY.  The deluge that has plagued the Gulf Coast and had some of us contemplating building an Ark is quite the contrast to sunny Australia.  With the Aussie Millions about to kick off in sunny Melbourne, now is the time to get a seat.  Will you be the Gulf Coast's first Aussie Million-aire?



LOCAL GULFCOAST FAVORITE DARYLL "FISH" FISH ENDS DAY 1 AS CHIP LEADER: We hate to bounce away from the New Orleans Event to Vegas, but Local Gulfcoast poker player Darryll Fish is "bringing it" in the 15k Main Event at the Bellagio. Fish went to sleep last night with a little above 236k...right ahead of Pearljammer.

He sits right now with the last update in 2nd chip position right below the Magician...Billy Kopp also in the top 5.  Fish got some airtime on PokerRoad's podcast recently and scored a memorable quote with a "You Might Be A Redneck Joke."


$340.00 BUY-IN NLHE (6 HANDED)


HOUSTON TEXAS NATIVE AND REGULAR GULFCOAST TOURNEY ROUNDER, ALI JAFARI, GETS 1ST PLACE.   There were only 123 runners that came out for the 6 handed event on Thursday which was a little disappointing. Ali Jafari (pic) took home 1st place for over $11k. There rest of the field is below:


2nd Lip Nguyen                 Baton Rouge, LA               6,979
3rd Thomas "Bo" Gray      New Orleans, LA               4,474
4th Jess Brooks               Pasadena, TX                    3,042
5th John Cofhlin                Ft. Pierce, FL                     2,058
6th Michael Hallen            Houston, TX                      1,521
7th "Shake It Bust"            New Orleans, LA              1,163
8th Will "Monkey" Souther Biloxi, MS                        1,163
9th Daniel Pierre               Marrero, LA                     1,073
10th Zdenek Cicala           Destin, FL                         1,073

GCP wants to congratulate The Poker Monkey for another...did we say another...Cash. That started TPM out with a 2 for 2 on the series...Congrats goes out to Bo Gray also who is a regular at Harrahs and the local favorite.

Other notables spotted in the crowd...David Diaz...Ben "The Destroyer" Mintz...Martin "mmzentner" Zentner...David Weinstein was the bubble boy...SPR...Tim "TK" Miles was spotted but not sure if he played the event...Bryan “maravichlsu” Lanoix...Mark Wilds...and GeneD had the pleasure of having Gabe Costner on his left for 4-5 hours with his "Ali-like return to the ring"...good to see Gabe mixing it back up in tournaments!!


GCP wants to congratulate  Bryan “maravichlsu” Lanoix out of Baton Rouge Louisiana for 2 nice scores recently:

MaravichLSU -FullTiltPoker NL Holdem $20,500 Guarantee 11/27/2009     $69 buy-in     1st Place for $ 5,632.75

MaravichLSU-PokerStars   $55 buy-in NL Hold'em [$40,000 guaranteed]   11/19/2009     2nd place for $ 6,332.68 



IT FELT LIKE THE HARRAHS WEEKLY.   Locals dominated the final table in event one of The Bayou Poker Challenge.  Kenny Milam made his semi-regular appearance at the final table.  Unfortunately, the Trucker's motto "I'm not here for a long time but I am here for a good time," applied as Kenny went out in 9th.  Detective Bruce Little's, a New Orleans police officer, long arm of the law got snapped off when he got beat down by the Royal Flush Gang.

Jesus Cabrera, went out in 7th place.  Mario Estrada from Laredo, TX went easy on the gas and manage to shift his short starting stack into a 6th place finish.  John Sutton from Destin, FL went out 5th.  Sid Webb, another Harrahs regular was fourth.  Then the remainder chopped.

Justin Jones from Rockdale, TX, Shane Lewis, like Sid Webb, also from Baton Rouge, and Santiago Prats, from Mandeville, LA split up the winnings.  Prats (pictured) got credit for the victory.  Prats is a familiar site in the poker room in New Orleans, swigging his Hennessy and always having a good time.



DOYLE BRUNSON HAS SWINE FLU.  Maybe.  Wonder how big his live longer bet was and wonder if somebody could ever make a bet so big it would behoove his opponent to whack 'em.  There's a short story for you.  Guy keeps catching diseases to cough them on Doyle to win his bet.  Doyle dies.  The irony is guy dies before he collects...  okay we'll stick to nonfiction.   

MONTEL WILLIAMS A TALK SHOW HOST AND FORMER POKER BUFF SUED OVER POKER VENTURE.  Montell had some middling success at a recent world series and caught the poker bug.  Then he decided to start an online venture having something to do with team poker, called International Team Poker League.  This is April of last year before Dream Team Poker became a rampant success (and the two have nothing to do with one another, we think).  Anyway, Williams made a deal with one company and then stiffed them after the i's were dotted and the t's were crossed.  Apparently, he found another investor with juicier terms.  

VANESSA RUOSSO UPDATE.  She's in Hustler magazine.  Yes, Hustler magazine.  For those of us bible thumping card players, it's not a magazine about pool sharks and card sharps, it's Larry Flint's um... um.... nudie magazine.  Horn dogs, chill she's not naked but is featured in a poker column.  Also, she'll be doing her Poker Boot Camp again and just recently released dates for it.

AREA MAN BETS AGAINST SAINTS AND HIS BIG SCREEN TV PAYS THE ULTIMATE PRICE.  Wayne A. Spring told his friends if the Saints came back to beat the skins anyone who wanted to could come to his house and shoot his TV.  More than 12 brought guns and blasted apart the unlucky TV in his back yard.  His wife hopes no one remembers what he said about her and them winning the Super Bowl, well except for his cute friend George.  Okay we made up that last part.  We don't know if Wayne had a wife even before his militia blasted about his TV.  Thanks to Reader Ryan Moore for the news tip.

CHIP STACKING FINALE IN AMAZING RACE.  Had Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho made it to the finals they might have had an edge as the contestants had to stack a million dollars in poker chips.  They didn't make it to the challenge but they did appear on the finale.  More here.



HARRAHS NEW ORLEANS BAYOU POKER CHALLENGE BEGINS TODAY.  Are you up for the challenge?  Yeah, "challenge" is a bit odd of a choice of words.  A poker challenge is putting together back to back all nighters trying to get even after getting one outed for a day and half, or a 10-25 No Limit player sitting at a $3-$6 limit table and taking it seriously.   Or... going from your home game and sitting in Bobby's Room.  Or... trying to steal Phil Hellmuth's sunglasses, well, you get the idea.

That being said, with satellites all day today, a mega at 6pm and a $175 +$25 at 9pm there are a lot events to ease you into the series.  Tomorrow's nooner a $200 + $30 could be a BIG event.  Last time they had a buy-in that small we think they set a record for participants.  Harrahs Atlantic City has been packing in the players, so let's see if the Gulf Coast can match up especially with the great structures.  So what if it's not a challenge it should be a great series of poker tournaments.

Here's the starting chips:


Starting Chips 

Starting Blinds 


























Mega Satellites 




More information here.

WE'RE TALKING ABOUT POKER... POKER.  Allen Iverson who made his name in Detroit as a malcontent on the bench and in the local casinos is at it again.  A highroller getting banned for bad behavior is hard to do especially when he has deep pockets and reckless self-restraint.   (Granted Allen wasn't this size fish, click the link, it's worth it, this dude lost 127 million in Vegas) Throwing cards, chips and bitching about losing it's really the type of behavior befitting a mature, grown up individual, you know the type of guy he promised he's become in his presser after re-signing with Sixers.  We really believed the guy, he cried and everything.  Course he said the same thing after John Thompson basically got him out of a jail term for a bowling alley brawl in high-school, when he allegedly stole pizza from his dorm-mates at Georgetown, when he had a... um... dispute with his lady, and any number of incidents, BUT this time he meant it. 

So what does Detroit casinos' former poker fish do before his first game?  Shows up late of course.  It's tough being the Answer, especially when the question is "Who has more second chances than anybody and probably never deserved the first one?" You just know the few pots he wins in poker he probably slow-rolls the loser.



JASON MERCIER MAKES ESPN'S TOP 10 LIST OF WORLD'S GREATEST POKER PLAYERS.   Mercier, a Florida native, had a paltry 9 final tables this year and won enough cash to build a house out of dollar chips.  Only number one Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, Daniel Negreanu, Tom Dwan, and Barry Greenstein were ranked ahead of him.  That makes him the 6th best player.  Go to ESPN to read more.  Quite an honor for the Gulf Coaster.  Main Event champion Joe Cada not on the radar.  Nor runner-up Darvin Moon.

BILOXI MIKE UPDATE.  Looks like the person of interest connection to Georgia may simply have been an identity theft.  The 2+2 thread here, with a new picture of the P.O.I., and a Biloxi news site with more coverage here.

ISILDUR1 UPDATE.  Busted?  That was quick.  As meteoric as his rise so might be his demise.  Poker-King has more details here.



TRISHELLE CANATELLA SIGNS WITH ABSOLUTE POKER.  Yes, the Louisiana native and Real World Las Vegas cast member, notable as a pioneer in the three-way in a hot tub as an initiation rite for the show, is now a sponsored poker player.  What does she have that you don't?  As far as reality show stars turned poker players guys like Boston Rob are more accomplished than she is, so too the guy from the Amazing Race, so it's probably not poker acumen.

 However, and not trying to be sexist, though in looking over her poker resume it's hard to pin that on us, it's fair to say, she looks better in a top like this (pictured left) than most of us do-- with Kai Landry being one notable exception. 

Her name is kind of similar to Tiffany Michelle's, so maybe AB in the merger with UB got confused like they did when the allowed superusers and ultimateusers to play one another in a hand that almost broke the servers.  Course she may be a better poker player than Tiffany so more power to Trishelle.  And sorry folks we may have to include her on our who's who, not too many sponsored players out there.  Not that it will hurt to have her purty picture up there either.

JUSTIN SHRONK MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT.  For those of you that follow Poker Road you'll recognize the name.  For those of you that don't, he's the cousin of Brian Lemke, a bracelete winner this year, who started a scholarship in his honor.  Shronk was a poker fan first and foremost and he is dearly missed.  If you got a FullTilt account play in the $5 tournament this weekend.  Details at Bluff Magazine.

ERIC CLOUTIER BREAKS HIS SILENCE.  Lafayette bar owner and Main Event casher talks about his tax evasion charges and how poker got in the way of him being a diligent business owner.  The French-Canadian former minor league hockey player makes a compelling case of being too nice and for just "joking" when he said where he hid the money on Facebook.  Go here to watch KLFY Eyewitness News video. 

EVER WISH AN ONLINE POKER ROOM USED REAL CARDS?  Probably have never thought about it.  Neither had we but apparently somebody has.  This takes security to a different level.  Interesting idea here.  Would this concept make you feel more safe or less safe as far as playing online?   Wild Bill will have a piece up on his blog later.  Feel free to express your thoughts there.

DONK DOWN.  No, somebody did not clip the luckbox to your left in the knees although somebody did take out the Neverwin Forum.  All is not lost, Neverwin has been rebranded (DonkDown) and is in the process of rebuilding after their Lithuanian owners pulled the plug, but were nice enough to let them keep their concept.  The new site will be here.

BIG DISCUSSION ABOUT U.I.E.G.A. TOMORROW.  Pokernewsdaily has the overview and what the conversation is Congress is about and how it effects you.  Go here for more.



DARVIN MOON IN TOWN FOR MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL.  West Virginia's finest poker player, 2nd at the World Series of Poker Main Event, Texas Hold 'Em table game lover, and logger Darvin Moon will be celebrated for wearing a Saints hat while going deep in the Main Event and losing to luckbox Joe Cada by the Saints. Moon has been spotted this weekend at Harrahs. 

At the game give the guy a big cheer.  Nice to see a little more publicity squeezed out of the tournament after Cada did the interview circuit. 

JEFF MADSEN ONCE WSOP PLAYER OF THE YEAR.  Now, the kid is a rapper.  If by rapper you think someone who loosely rhymes words that are somewhat similar and displays a random sense of ryhtym.  Go to Wicked Chops to read more and if you want your eyes to burn to watch Madsen break it down with Peter Pan/Layne Flack.

LIE TO ME.  A world series of poker final table player goes missing (maybe he's in New Orleans) and Tim Roth who is good at detecting lies test his skills against poker-faced pros.  Good plot idea maybe.  Anyway the episode airs tomorrow night--we think it's on network TV.  We'll probably be watching Darvin Moon, who we think, is not missing.  We also think Jeff Madsen is not a good rapper.

POKER2NITE.  Can't find it on your local listings.  That's what YouTube is for.  Go here to watch Joe and Scott headline the Sportscenter for Poker.  Haven't heard of the show?  For a good writeup go here,



MEMPHIS, TN PLAYER ALLIE PRESCOTT WINS THE PLO CHAMPIONSHIP IN  ATLANTIC CITY AT THE UNITES STATES POKER CHAMPIONSHIP:  Allie went thru a pretty stacked FT to take home the win...he faded Matt Glantz...Amnon Filippi and Michael Binger to win the tourney. Allie takes home right at 36k for the Cheeeese. He is pictured at right in the winners circle.

UIGEA IS "PUSHED" UNTIL MID 2010:  Thats right can breath a little easier on cashouts online as there has been a "Push" on the enforcement of the UIGEA. It looks like the banks will not have to enforce the bullshit UIGEA looks like June of 2010. You can read more about it here at this link on POCKET FIVES.



BILOXI MIKE, NOTED NATIONAL POOL PLAYER, AND CASINO DEALER FOUND MURDERED.   Lots of information in a thread over at 2+2 with a ton of links about the homicide, Mike Surber, and the case as it is progressing.  Below is a picture of a person of interest "Jericho Cooper" who is thought to frequent casinos.   Our thoughts and prayers are with Biloxi Mike's family and friends. 





FIRST OFF CHECK OUT OUR WHO'S WHO PAGE WE DID SOME ADDITIONS AND UPDATES.  If you'd like to be recongized send us some of your accomplishments and a photo and we'll get you up there.  Don't wait for us to find you. 

JASON MERCIER, FLORIDA SHARK, TO PLAY ON THIS SEASON'S HIGH STAKES POKER.  Sure it's getting really crowded with PokerStars pros but it's one of the best Poker shows on TV.  Mercier has been running like Elky in live Multi-table tournaments, but can he hang in the nosebleed cash games?  We'll see this season.

BRANDON JARRET HAS A NEW WEBSITE.  And a new blog, (we need to update our columns page).  Sorry for the delay BJ.  Go here for his blog and here for the site.

POKERATI DETAILS THE CLUES IN POKERLISTINGS FOUNDER'S MURDER.  Lots of intrigue involving a billionaire, Swedish Hells Angels, and an internet startup(did you know Scandinavia endured a motorcycle gang war for three years?).  Tough place.  Read here for more.




The big guy would have to beat Tom Dwan over 50,000 hands to win 1.5 million, it took him one hand against the mysterious Isildur1 to break the old biggest pot record (which he held beating Isildur1 in a hand a couple of days before).  For Poker-King's details go here.

For Carplayer's take go here.  Apparently Phil Ivey has been getting over getting bounced from the Main Event in 7th by beating this guy to a pulp too.

JOE CADA MEDIA TOUR.  The WSOP has all the big boys that covered the kid's main event win.  Go here for more.

AUSSIE MILLIONS?  What's better than Paul Hogan saying "That's not a knife, this is a knife?"  You on the final table at the Aussie Millions telling Joe Hachem, "That's not a hand, this is a hand."  Or yelling "Pass the sugar, the Thorpedo was a dud."  Maybe you can drag a pot and say "Put another Shrimp on the Barbie."  Win your way to the Aussie Millions.  Do it now!  Australia is waiting.

STEVE BEGLEITER LOST 22 MILLION AT THE MAIN EVENT?  Sounds like some of the accounting that took place at Bears Stern.  Bloomberg's headline writer proves he's no poker player or Antonius didn't lose the biggest pot in history.  Go here.




While it may not be as good as the underappreciated John Mayer Has a TV Show show, Sebok's new endeavor Poker2Nite bankrolled by UB, like Full Tilt's Face the Ace and PokerStars, Million Dollar Challenge, promises to give the casual fan a weekly Sportscenter types show just for poker.  "Don't know how much a market there is for that," says the co-owner of a website that focuses on just that material for an even smaller niche. 

Clearly this show which airs on FSN was part of the rationale for Sebok accepting the UB deal.  Bringing along his friends from PokerRoad is a good thing, and might be why some of them changed their aggressive stances toward UB.  Hmmm... maybe we should bash UB every week, and maybe they'll give us a TV show.  Anyway for a good write up the show go here, and for the show itself go here.

POKER MOVIE ISN'T COMPLETE CRAP.  For the first time since Rounders it appears there may be a Poker Movie worth watching.  Problem is it's only 10 minutes long, but Shark Out of Water has been winning awards on the film circuit.  Looks like it explores the grim and gritty, seedy underbelly of being a poker player dealing with variance.

BRANDON CANTU GETS TASED.  Apparently by a player he berated.  This is to pay up a prop bet he lost to Clonie Gowen we believe.  And there is video of the fiasco.  Look for a Layne Flack cameo where for maybe the first time in his life he cuts himself off.  Scroll down for Hellmuth TwitVid of the Tasing here.

DURRRR'S LIVE MILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE A SUCCESS FOR DWAN.  He hasn't finished the online one, he's been on a brutal downswing until recently, but he's found success playing his live challenge.  For more information go here.





So what happens when a player no one has heard off...seen...or has any idea who they are...rolls onto the online world of high stacks heads up cash games and "Rocks" the world. That is what is happening in the online world nowadays as a Swedish player named "Isildur1" takes a seat in the biggest online cash games...and makes waves. There is so much rumor and conjecture on who he is that its taking up blogs and threads all over the internet. Has he come back to destroy the ring from the "Lord of the Rings"...or to destroy the biggest and the best...including Durrr.

Here are 2 links that will help you with some guidance if you haven't heard of this new player...the first one is from one his victims ...Haseeb "INTERNET POKERS" Qureshi...HERE

Here is a taste of what Haseeb had to say about the match between Isildur and Durrr in PLO 500/1000: "What followed then was one of the most aggressive, volatile, intense heads up matches ever played. I will do my best to resist characterizing the dynamics or what specifically occurred in the match, but I think it was best described by a phrase I used at the time – “an unstoppable force meets an immovable object,” the former being Isildur and the latter being Durrrr. It was one of those rare heads up matches that exemplifies at once both art and spectacle. Railbirds couldn’t get enough"

The 2nd one is from one of the Cardrunners teachers Zimba...HERE:



SORRY FOR THE LATE POST UP...BUT ITS BETTER LATE THAN NEVER...LOCAL POKER PRO FROM MOBILE, AL JAMES LENAGHAN WALKS AWAY WITH THE CHEESE: There was a small turn out for the IP main event, but we are hearing that the tournament series as a whole was a huge success. There were 43 runners for the Main Event and it was local pro James "Ryan" Lenaghan who snaps it off. He was able to fight off Local WPT Champion Adeeb Harb who has over 1 million in tournament winnings to his credit. Pic of James is on the right and Adeeb's pic is on the left. Adeeb, from Long Beach MS, won the "5 Star Diamond Classic" at the Bellagio in 2006...taking out Barry "Bear" Greenstein who had to settle for 2nd place.


-Event # 23/$340.00 Buy in NLH: Justin "LockdownTex" Allen (pic below) shows up to take home 1st place of close to $8700...he bested Martin "mmzentner" Zentner who took 3rd place for close to $4000.00...Tom Franklin and Ricky King min-cash

-Event # 24/$120 2nd chance NLH tournament: Sam Kennedy from Panama City wins 1st place and over $3400.00...Local dealer at the Belle of Baton Rouge and WSOP Circuit Main Event Final Tabelist in New Orleans a few years ago Dana Diephouse takes 3rd place for over $1500.00

-Event # 25/$550 NLH tournament: Local Player Vincent Phan from Mobile, AL follows up his 2nd place finish a few tournaments ago to finish 3rd in this one for around $6700.00....Southeast Louisiana Attorney Baron Whipple to the final table and takes home 6th place for over $2800.00...Tim "Mississippi Machine" Burt min-cashes.



ATLANTA'S DAN WALSH SNAPS OFF ONE OF THE 2ND CHANCE EVENTS AT THE IP: Big Dan makes some waves at the IP as he played great and hit the winners circle on the "Red and Blue" lighted stage at the IP in Biloxi. Big Dan takes home over $2500.00 for a nice score by taking home 1st place.

POKER MEDIA WRITER AND GUEST COLUMNIST IN THE FIRST EDITION OF THE GULF COAST POKER MAGAZINE ...BRIAN HEPTINSTALL MAKES A NICE SCORE ONLINE WITH A WIN FOR OVER 2K: We almost missed this one as our close friend and guest columnist chalks up a nice score online for over 2k. You can expect more big things from this up and comer as not only will you see his articles in the upcoming Magazines... he is also a fierce competitor on the felt...and on the net. CONGRATS BRIAN!!!! Way to go

That's right folks... GCP's own Poker Monkey steps off the plane and decides to shift it in high gear and shows up to greet all the folks at the Venetian where he won the "Best All Around Player" award in the last Deep Stacks...with a solid 1st place finish in his first tournament he splashes in. It was a nightly 2nd chance, but it put notice to all the players there that The Poker Monkey was back to make a run at defending his crown. GL and WP Senor Monk!!!!!!You can read all about the win...and other shenanigans of the Gulf Coast's TPM... at his blog below.

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