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KATHY LIEBERT IS BRIDESMAID AGAIN.  Second place is like kissing your sister or maybe that is tying.  Whatever 2nd place correlates to, it's the best kind of action Liebert is getting these days as she came in second at the Bay 101 Shooting Stars tournament.  Steve Brecher, who plays a poker player on tv.  He's been seen as extra #1 on Phil Hellmuth's WSOP table, extra #2 on Shaniac's AC table, and in the background of a lot hands.  He won the event no word yet if that will translate into a speaking role.

DURRR CHALLENGE vs. DOYLE CHALLENGE.  Doyle Brunson has jumped on board poker's latest trend by offering his very own challenge.  Not sure it will draw as many railbirds as Dwans because he's offering it in stud, badugi, and 5 card draw.  Read Doyle's blog here for more.

In Durrrr's more glamorous challenge Patrick Antonius has seized the lead by over 100k.  The last session was halted due to internet connections problems.  Don't these guys make their livings on the Internet?


MARCH MADNESS IS BUT AN HOUR AWAY.  Wild Bill may do a little live blogging today.  Won't be quite as much as last year but feel free to tune in from work as he watches the first day unfold.

DEEP STACK EXTRAVAGANZA EXPANDING TO 89 TABLES.  Going to Vegas for the World Series?  You'll have some options as the DSE at the Venetian will run concurrently with the World Series.  Events will range from $225 to the $5,000 main event.  They are also expanding the number of tables expecting an even bigger turnout.

STARS SHOT.  Most of the stars who are the bounty targets in the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Stars tournament have been taken out.  Kathy Liebert is a big target that remains as she is in the top 10 of chips. 

She is joined by three other players Hoyt Corkins (pictured), Joe Seebok, and Paul Wasica as the bounties still alive.  Only 36 remain in the field with Mike Kamran the chipleader.

VANESSA ROUSSO 'ART OF POKER 'LECTURE SERIES TO TAKE FLORIDA BY STORM.  Rousso teaches game theory, Sun Tzu's Art of War as it applies to poker, and poker strategy.  Palm Beach Kennel Club, Jacksonville Kennel Club, and Pompano Beach's Isle Casino to play host.  Go here for more detail.


DURRR CHALLENGE UPDATE Durrrr and Patrick Antonius are 1/10th done their challenge.  They have plans to play more today.  So I guess it isn't fading away.  Still at the rate they are going Patrick is going to look like Doyle Brunson by the time they're done and Tom Dwan might even be able to legallly buy a beer.  Read more here.

LAYNE FLACK RESPONDS TO BAD FLACK.  The guys at Wicked Chops steered us to this video.  They don't like Layne, it seems.  He gets close to Amanda Leatherman (too close?) to let know about his DUI.  He drops in that he drives a Corvette and likes to drive fast.  There must be an old photo of him with a mullet a gold chain and a car with a bra on it.  Send it in to us if you find it.  Enjoy the video here.

DON CHEADLE TALKS ABOUT OUT PLAYING PHIL IVY AND DAVID THE DRAON PHAM.   Okay maybe he doesn't go quite that far.  Still when he says "I will take the toughest guys, because it's just like when you run against a better runner as a sprinter, you get faster."  You have to admit he kind of hints at it.  Read Cardplayer's interview here.



ANNIE DUKE "A PIECE OF GARBAGE".  So sayeth Joan Rivers.  Wicked Chops has video of the Today Show incident here.  We haven't watched the latest Celebrity Apprentice but it's Tivoed somewhere and once we catch up we'll do our weekly review.  Uh oh, watch out for the ad below...

RUNNING BAD IN POKER, BLACKJACK THE CURE?  Why not try a little online blackjack.  Cards not going right, they hit their draws you hit blanks, maybe it's time to win with Ace Jack for once.  Play blackjack online and leave the poker agony behind.  When you think it's time to toss your laptop in the pool because a superuser is correctly calling with bottom pair, it's time to give online blackjack a try.

PHIL IVY UP A PALTRY 1.8 MILLION IN MARCH.  Should give him a roll to lose on insane march madness bets.  Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond is second most proftiable with 402k.  Yes, Ivy has made four times as much as the next guy in 15 days.  Poker king has more here.

PHIL HELLMUTH ON TILT.  If you enjoy Philly getting angry you might want to read this.  Even the biggest pros can bleed money during a bad session and want to destroy their laptops.  Good thing Phil is going to call UB security to get to the bottom of his losses.  Wonder if he thought about playing online blackjack.


IF ONLY THE SS BLOGGERS COULD SIT DOWN ON VIDEO TO SETTLE THEIR BEEF.  Maybe it would be as compelling and awkward as this one.  John Stewart and Jim Cramer go to toe-to-toe with the Daily Show ambushing the host of Mad Money with unexpected old footage.

 Stewart wins the fight.  Still, you gotta feel like there are other targets for Stewart to go after in the financial collapse--even if you see his point about CNBC.  How about putting a face to Bears Stern or AIG for people to hate rather than feud with blatherer and fomenter Cramer. 

THE DURRR CHALLENGE FIZZLING OUT?  It's been a bad new year for the kid, and there hasn't been much activity on the heads-up challenge of late.  PokerKing speculates it's almost over, here.

GREG RAYMER VS. THE U.S. GOVERNMENT.  Fox Business News seemed friendly to the poker platform.  Pokerati has some video up here.

GCP.NET VS. KAI LANDRY LINKS.  Is it fixed yet?  Let's see if this one works for his final installment about his win in Tunica.

MILEY CYRUS TO "RUIN" RADIOHEAD.  Apparently she's miffed because they didn't make time to meet her.  Wonder if she gives two bits if she doesn't make time to meet her thousands of fans and they might be just as disappointed.  What's this got to do about poker?  Nothing.  But it's a feud between a pubescent and 30 somethings which is funny. 

Also, the theme today is about feuds.  John Stewart and Jim Cramer don't have much to do with poker either.  The best is her proclamation to "ruin" Radiohead.  Of course she will, because her fans are the same ones listening to brit-alt-syntho rock.  Read more here.


BATTLE OF THE SS BLOGGERS CONTINUES.  Shannon Shorr fires back on long 2+2 thread, here, and Shane Schleger goes to video.  By the way, word of warning don't become a topic of debate on 2+2 as you will get eviscerated personally by some guy harboring a grudge from when you felted him years ago.  Both Shorr and Schleger's haters have come out of the woodwork and been heavy on the venom. 

KAI LANDRY'S WIN AT TUNICA CONCLUDES.  Read the ending to his funny tale one.  Spoiler alert:  he wins.  


CORRECTION:  GOT WORD FROM A READER IN ATLANTA, ONLINE PLAYER RO-RO, WE MISREPORTED (AGAIN). Turns out the Cherokee casino in South Carolina never had table games.  So no poker dealers were replaced by the tables.  The tables were simply added as an alternative revenue maker.  Still, while it's nice poker is expanding we'd rather it be done with live dealers.

IF YOU CAN HANDLE ALL OF OUR GOOFS, FRIEND US ON FACEBOOK.  Our name is GCP NET.  You can also become a follower of some our blogs on there like Brandon's, Monkey's and Wild Bill's. 

WANNA WIN A TRIP TO THE ALPS?  Bwin poker has a prize package worth 8k going on right now. It includes first class accommodations in a resort right in the mountains. Check out PokerBat's blog for more details or http://www.bwinpokerblog.com/.


ELECTRONIC POKER TABLES A SIGN OF THE TIMES?  We hope not, but another casino, Harrah's Cherokee Casino, is replacing staff with a poker robot/computer.  Why play online when you can play online in a casino?  Saw Harrah's New Orleans added a pay-for-use internet connection "computer" that looks almost like a slot machine.  Of course one can only imagine if they'd let you play online poker there.  Read more about the dealer-less tables right chere.

TK MILES WINS THE $150 RE-BUY EVENT ON POKERSTARS FOR ~74k.  We haven't heard from TK (pictured) in a little bit.  Though we've seen him near the Hornets bench on TV.  Great to see he's pulled down another score.

MORE CHIPS, MORE LEVELS AT THE WSOP!  Tournament Director Jack Effel made the call.  We can only hope, as he advised New Orleans Harrahs for their next event, they add some play to those shovefests too.  Cardplayer has the story here.

HOUSTON ONLINE ROUDER Z8ELDRED SCOOPS ABSOLUTE POKER'S BAD BEAT JACKPOT FOR $212,546.  His jack high straight flush lost to a king high straight flush.  This super player, but not a super-user, has also taken first in Absolute's December 200k guaranteed No Limit Hold 'Em tournament.



GO DADDY PITCHWOMAN VANESSA ROUSSO WENT DEEEEEEEEP IN THE HEADS-UP CHAMPIONSHIP.  Spoiler alert...  If you want to know results highlight the next bit... if not, don't.  And by highlight, we don't mean take a highlighter to the screen.  Use your mouse...

-Rousso fell in the finals to Huck Seed.    Sammy Farha and Live "Superuser" Elky also made the semi-finals.  Rousso improbably bested Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivy, Paul Wasicka (2007 champion), Daniel Negreanu, and Bertrand Grospellier before falling to Huckleberry.

-Also, Layne Flack was arrested for DUI and no showed.  Shannon Shorr did not get his seat.  David Oppenheim did.  Despite, the jailing Flack claims his BAC was 0.0.  Andrew Robl claims they were downing tequila shots on his blog.  Then the story disappeared with no explanation.  Weird.

POKERSTARS SIGNED ITS 20 MILLIONTH ACCOUNT USER.  Two comments:  1.  Wonder if Russ Hamilton and his cronies get that the key to making money as an online casino is volume of users, and then the need for superusers is pretty minimal.  2.  With that figure in mind, just remember as bad as you are running odds are someone else somewhere else is running worse.

ANNIE DUKE SURVIVES ANOTHER WEEK ON SURVIVOR... OR CELEBRITY APPRENTICE.  Jean Robert Bellande is just an average Survivorist and she's a celebrity?  Hmmm.  Wonder if any of the other "celebrities"- and I use that word only because NBC does-recognized her.  Though she has to edge out "I hold a briefcase on Deal or no Deal" chick in terms of vaguely knowing who she is when she enters a room.   

Duke got through by the "Shin of Her Teeth" to quote the SNL skit that aired before the show.  Making a mistake and deciding to write the copy instead of letting award winning professional writer Joan Rivers do so, Annie's team won and she didn't have to face Trump's wrath for making a glaring error that he could use as an excuse to boot her.  Wild Bill will put up a blog post about this later.  In short, Duke still the annoying table captain for her team and still there.

KAI LANDRY'S THIRD BLOG UPDATE IS UP.  Read the gory details here.

IVY AND DURRRR PLAYING HIGH-STAKES HEADS-UP.  Ivy sent Dwan further into debt for the year, and now is up 1 million on the year after winning over 300k in their battle.  Have to think this is a bad strategy for Dwan to let Ivy practice his four screen heads-up play in advance of the Durrrr Challenge.  The edge he'd start with on the guy is lessened every time he plays him.  And these results indicate there isn't that much of an edge at all.


WELL, IT'S ONE-SIDED RIGHT NOW, AS SHANE SCHLEGER HAS CALLED SHANNON SHORR DELUSIONAL.  Have to say we are on Shannon's side of things, and not just because he's from the Gulf Coast.  What's the back-story?  Essentially Shannon, on his blog, said he thought he was unfairly passed over in the selection process for the heads-up tournament on NBC. 

Shane responded Shannon was delusional, here.  We are sensationalizing it a bit, because Shane also writes that he thinks Shannon is a great guy and makes it clear he is attacking the sentiment and not the person.

Let's examine the sentiment a little more closely more...

WE'LL GET SOME OTHER GOODIES UP LATER TONIGHT. Several of our bloggers like Monkey and Brandon have updated and we'll get those snippets up soon.


BEAU RIVAGE STARTING THEIR MEGA SATELLITES FOR THE SPRING BREAK POKER CLASSIC.  They completed one last Sunday and in two weeks will be hosting another.  The main event is a $2,600 buy-in.  The satellites are $270 + $30.

PART II OF KAI LANDRY'S WINNING TOURNAMENT RUN.   Take a gander right chere.  Kai gets into it with Joe Dirt, pictured with family on left--funny.

ESPN PREVIEWS THE NBC HEADS-UP EVENT. The guys from Tao of Pauley,  Wicked Chops, Pokerati, and other media gurus weigh in.  Read more here.



NEW BLOGGER ON HIS WAY.  We are excited Kai Landry, whose win in Tunica was so nice we posted it twice, will be joining Team GCP.  We will have his blog up soon once we set him up with something.  In the meantime, you can read part I of his Tunica run right chere (link fixed).  Kai has a great sense of humor and really draws you into the tournament run.  Very entertaining.

PATRICK ANTONIUS HITS AND RUN DURRR FOR $9,500.  Kidding about the hit and run part.  They played 30 minutes last night and Patrick cut into his $150,000 deficit in the 226 hands of action.  Over $23 million has been wagered back and forth between the two so far. 

WANNA WIN A TRIP TO THE ALPS?  Bwin poker has a prize package worth 8k going on right now. It includes first class accommodations in a resort right in the mountains. Check out PokerBat's blog for more details or http://www.bwinpokerblog.com/.


LAPC CELEBRITY TOURNAMENT LACKS DAMON, AFFLECK, AND ABRAHAM LINCOLN.  Did have William Hung though.  Ali Nejad seventhboked the final table.  Jack Haley, Riki Lake, Benji Madden, Daniel Baldwin, Jose Canseco, Derek Hough (Shannon Elisabeth's boyfriend and former Dancing with the Not Quite A Stars partner), and Kristy Swanson all made appearances.  That roster certainly puts into question the celebrity aspect of the event as even Celebrity Apprentice had more star power than that one.  Speaking of...

ANNIE DUKE IS WHITE OMAROSA.  And because she is bringing more mainstream attention to our game than anybody else, we will be covering her on Celebrity Apprentice until Donald kicks her to the curb.

We used to have a theory that there were two successful strategies on the Apprentice.  One win on your merits.  Two advance as a far as possible by being the drama queen or king of the show, neither the Donald nor Survivor guy Mark Burnett want to castaway the entertaining sizzle catfight at any moment characters, and then hope to luck box your way to the title by performing well at the end or having your opponent screw up. 

Andrew Dice Clay getting the boot was a bit of a shocker.  Probably bland as a 1000 pushups a day Herschel Walker should have been flagged for boring the viewer and sent home.  So our theory may be flawed although he merited sticking around by performance.  Oh, and surprised to say this; Tom Green, he's our dark-horse.  We just hope he drops in on mom and dad at 2 in the morning one more time (Bam Majera should thank him for his MTV show which was based on Green's bit). 

Wild Bill has more thoughts on his blog:  DINE ON THE WHALES.



 Neverwin in his blog brings up some interesting facts about this account on FTP, and is demanding hand histories to analyze. They have already found players that had hand histories for TLK where he lost 3-4 hands out of 117. TLK is alleged to have won millions upon millions and then "Vanished into Thin Air".

At one time Antonious thought something was fishy...purchased a new computer...then the TLK would not play him. Whether you like Neverwin or not...approve of his substance abuse or not...he makes some good points in his blog over at Neverwinpoker.com



 JAIME GOLD GIVES POKER LESSONS TO FORMER ESCORT IN THE NAME OF CHARITY.  Evil-doer Phil Hellmuth eliminates the VH1 Sober-House star to prevent Norman Chad from meeting his 11th wife at this years WSOP.  Read more here.

CORNEL ANDREW CIMPAN (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH CORNELL FIJI) WINS THE LAPC.  Mike Sowers finished in third.  Jesus Ferguson first eliminated from his first TV table. 

ESKIMO CLARK NOT DEAD.  Spotted in Reno looking for backers.  Read the facts here.

POKER ROAD RADIO REPORTS TEDDY "ICEMAN" MONROE WELCHES ON DEAL.  Ali Nejad in a recent podcast of Pokerroad, available on iTunes, said the L.A. Poker room was aflutter with the news.

LAPC UPDATE (02/27/09)

JESUS MAKES HIS FIRST EVER (WPT) FINAL TABLE.  Makes a remark about the fishes and the loaves.  Teddy Iceman Monroe and Nick Schulman micro-cash for $51,114 each.  Peter "Nordberg" Feldman goes out in 14th for $57,796.   Blake Cahail was the TV bubble boy but won $180,403 for his trouble. 

Jesus is nursing a short stack, with former WPT winner Chris Karagulleyan the big boy.  Mike Sowers is also at the table. 



NBC HEADS UP CHALLENGERS RELEASED.  Michael Phelps according to Wicked Chops was all set to play, and the French were praying for an Elky-Phelps clash to even the score for the relay loss, but apparently Vegas is off limits for the fish-man.  Not so for Scott Fischman, Jaime Gold, Clonie Gowen, and about 54 other name poker players.  Doyle, Johnny, the Phils, and local boy done good Jonathan Little are all in the mix.  Past champions are all back including Jesus Ferguson who runs like Jesus (pictured quickly making a decision) in these things.

JESUS!  Chris Ferguson (pictured above praying... to himself?) is leading the LA Poker Classic.  Kind of a Good News (Bible) Bad News thing.  Good news is he's the day 4 leader (day 4? said like Chuck Norris saying "two months?" in an unpopular infomercial).  Bad news is all the other end of day leaders Danny Boy, Magician and Kofi Farkye are watching from the rail.  Not to mention the end of days leaders Jim Jones, David Koresh, and the testicle taking Hale-Bop dude that are watching from the rail in the sky. 

MILWAUKEE'S BEST TO BRING THE BEAST BACK TO THE WORLD SERIES.  The beast most notably locked up Chris Ferguson (pictured above thinking about cold placse) in a refrigerator to offer poker advice in a commercial.  Not too many mainstream products that have used poker icons that way.  So do your part and drink more beast light.  Source:  Pokerati.

SPEAKING OF ADVERTISING...  There is no truth in poker advertising.  Good piece on misleading your customers at the table at the Bet and Win Poker Blog here.


DURRR AND ANTONIUS SWING BACK AND FORTH.  In Dwan's heads up challenge, the two have alternated being up after the close of each session.  Right now Durr, after the third session, is up almost 150k.  They've played 4,000 out of th

e 50,000 hands.   On Day 1, Dwan took a $135,000 lead.  On day two he extended that to the biggest differential so far to $171,000.  Then Patrick came battling back to end the session up $56,000. 

ANTONIO ESFANDIARI IS A CHIP LEADER IN THE LAPC BUT DISAPEARS BELOW THE AVERAGE.  In a huge field, that surely indicates the demise of poker, a lot of big names are busted. Hoyt Corkins, Chris Ferguson and a couple others are hanging tough, to give the WPT a glimmer of hope for some name recognition at the final table.



Matt Graham takes home over 65k from the final table of the 10k H.O.R.S.E event at the LAPC. Eventual Co-Champion Scotty Nguyen stayed off the sauce but taunted Graham on his bust out hand. Hey Scotty...Its Mardi Gras down here ...so if you visit, promise to leave us some alcohol.


GCP bloggers Monkey and Brandon J. still alive in the Main Event. Both felt like they hand travelled back in time when they landed in Kinder, La. It certainly wasn't a young crowd.

Phil Ivey spotted at the Crap Table. Seems Wild Bill, without realizing it, walked right past Ivey at a crap table Wednesday Night as he had with over 1 mil in play on the Crap table. Word had it he spanked Tunica for over 600k...and they pissed him off. He decides to head to Kinder, La of all places...and donated over 400k back to the Indians...allegedly



William "Kai" Landry of Biloxi took back to the Gulf Coast over 180k for his first place finish in the Main Event at Harrah's in Tunica. We heard that they had a great turnout this go round in Tunica with rumors circulating that there were no rooms to be had in that "bustling town" of Tunics MS...and it was even cold as hell. They had ice hanging off the soybeans from miles around. Congrats Kai!!!!


Coushatta Casino and Resort in Kinder, La is having their 7Clan Poker tournament starting today. The Main Event starts on Friday and is a 4 day event. Todays event is a $200 buy in (No Antes). Tommorows event is a $300 buy in (No Antes) and the Main Event is a $1000 buy in. You can find the structures on Coushatta's webpage here...Coushatta Structures



BRANDON JARRETT ADDED TO THE GCP ROSTER.  Brandon's accomplishments in the last six months are as good as anybody's.  Jarrett has won over 140k in 8 cashes.  That's two first place finishes and six top tens--in six months.  Jarrett is from Cartersville, GA and he only started player cash poker in 2007.  He started playing tournaments in 2008.   In his blog he offers a peek into the mind of a guy on a heater to start his career.  Find out what he's doing right and what the rest of us are doing wrong.  Brandon's blog can be found here.  Welcome to Team GCP Brandon!

ONLY OPTIMISTS WIN AT POKER?  Apparently this hypnotist hasn't met Mike Matasow.  Though in defense of optimism he has said he's played better since becoming a positive thinker.  Read more about becoming a winning poker player through a positive attitude supplied by a hypnotist here.

HALF THE PLAYERS PLAYING ONLINE DON'T TRUST ONLINE POKER SITES.  20% said they had a lot of doubts about poker sites, and 31% said they had no trust in online poker sites at all.  Wait, we're an online poker site (of sorts) half of you don't trust us?  That stings.  Read more here.  No word on whether or not poker players trust hypnotists.

PERSIAN (?)GULF COAST POKER.  Poker clubs are popping up all over Saudi Arabia.  Free for fun games are a gateway to anti-Islamic real money games.  Persian Gulf Coast Poker... that might just work.  Look for our sister site coming soon.  For more details about the lengths people will go to to play poker go here.  And no it's not about players in Washington state.

PLAYBOY COVER-GIRL, AND NEWLY NUDE FORMER DANITY KANE DIVA, AUBREY O'DAY AND DAVID WILLIAMS RUMORED TO BE FRIENDLY.  Jenny Woo of Gambling 911 confuses us here.   Something to do with Williams being a Magic the Gathering player. 

POT COMMITTED:  POKER PRO ARRESTED IN MICHAEL PHELPS BONG CASE.  Gambling 911 says Zacher "Carter" Smith an online pro who won more than a million dollars last year was one of 8 arrested by South Carolina police.  One rumor states he was on a popular poker message board saying the computer in the background of the infamous photo was his.   That was before 5-0 came knocking.   More on the story here.


AUSTIN MARTIN TAKES DOWN 2ND IN POT LIMIT HOLD 'EM TOURNAMENT AT THE OKLAHOMA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP.  He promises all the details in his blog finale this week.  Yes, he's leaving us as a blogger.  However, he  promises at least one new blogger to represent Austin and Texas going forward.  Congrats on the score Martin.

POKERSTARS SETTING RECORDS THIS PAST WEEKEND.  In celebration of their 25 billionth hand they will (have) award(ed) the winner of the hand 100k cash, WPT, WSOP, and EPT prize packages.  Also, a WCOOP main event ticket.  Pokerking has the details here.

COLORADO RULES POKER A GAME OF SKILL.  For details on that case check out Cardplayer's article here.  Seems to be +ev to contest poker in court with the game of skill rationale.  Apparently, unlike South Carolina there was no video of Danny Negreanu to prove the point.

COUSHATTA IS HOSTING THE 7 CLANS POKER CUP IN KINDER, LOUISIANA THIS WEEK.  We'll be following a couple players in action there.  Check back for updates.

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