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WILL "POKER MONKEY" SOUTHER WINS 47k AT WSOP-C EVENT:  The little main event in Hammond came to end for Monkey when he finished 6th in the Texas Hold em poker event.  Kurt Jewell hung on to his chip lead to win the event and the nearly quarter million dollars for first place.  Bryan Devonshire ran his pocket kings into 8-2 (yes, 8-2) in a preflop raising war and his opponent flopped two pair to send Devo out in 7th a brutal, brutal way.

We enjoyed following the live poker tournaments near Chicago, as best we could, via text messages and sporadic updates from Pokernews and then Cardplayer.  It was a rough end for Monkey.  He ran into KK twice in a matter of a couple of hands to go from a big stack to no stack.  Monkey battled all day and really started to hit the gas at just the right time. 

Unfortunately, his opponent woke up with a hand when it mattered most.  Great job, Monkey.  We know you  would have preferred being back in the winner's circle with the Monkey mask on (in honor of Halloween as you did last year... incidentally the IP is right around the corner again) but slogging through that huge field is a great accomplishment.

TK AKA TIMKRANK AKA TIM MILES WINS THE SUNDAY BRAWL FOR 109K:  Nothing is more enjoyable than doing updates to the site when bloggers or friends of GCP have a nice score.  Yesterday, we got to sweat from afar twice.  We saw the tail end of this tournament and saw TK dominate the final table en route to victory at a top online poker room

Coupled with watching Monkey it was a fun day of cheering on others.  TK waded through 2707 runners to take first place and show the guile required to win a tournament by consistently putting his opponents to the test.  You could tell one player had his eyes on 109k and wasn't playing for second place's 70k or third place's 52k.  Great job TK!

WHILE ON THE SUBJECT OF LOCAL SUCCESSES WE'VE ADDED TO OUR WHO'S WHO LIST AGAIN:  Did you make the cut?  Is your info out dated?  Do you want to be on the next update?  You can fix all those things by emailing Wild Bill and we'll get it right. 

If you want to join the wall of fame send us a picture you own, that we can use, a brief bio, and anything else you might want up there.  Or just wait and we'll put you up there on our own sometime in the next decade.





MONKEY IN TOP 10 NEARING FINAL TABLE OF LITTLE MAIN EVENT IN WSOPC HAMMOND: 16 players left in the field and Monkey is repping the Gulf Coast with a stack right in the middle of the pack.  Byran Devonshire is the other big name in the field (and... yes... we are insinuating Will Souther is now a big name).  First place is over 240k.  Chipleader is Kurt Jewell with 3.1 million.  Jewell has just under 100k in lifetime winning with one first place.  Devo has 1.19 million in chips and Monkey 831k.  Matt Shepsky, who has just under 180k in lifetime cashes (six in the World Series), is a short-ish stack with 445k but is one to watch out for, although in today's online poker age who knows how good anyone is.

Get it done Monkey.  We'll be posting updates on here, our facebook page, and our twitter account.  Though the updates may different depending on where you look.  Also, Scotty Clark is there, and had this nice post on Monkey.


SUE WHO?  SUE EVERYONE!  SUE HAPPY FLORIDA MONKEY GOES AFTER LEGAL LOOPHOLE IN ILLINOIS:  Scott Crespo, a Florida resident, is going after six online players who reside in Illinois to recover illegal poker gambling losses.  With a weird law in Illinois making it possible to recoup three times your gambling losses that's exactly what he's after by targeting six players that reside there. 

Filing 190 pages of tournament results and accusing the players of recruiting other players, colluding and cheating, Crespo we imagine used to end board games as a child by flipping them over and crying in a corner until Mommy or Daddy made him feel better by telling him he won anyway. 


SPEAKING OF MONKEYS:  Trishelle Canatella was on Wicked Chops "This Week in Poker" Podcast... this week.  Okay, that's not fair implying she's a monkey, although to be fair, we do like some monkeys, especially poker monkeys.  However, let's just say the editorial staff at GCP is split over Trishelle as a face for poker.  She's a local and good for the game says half of us, she's a local and good for nothing says the other half of us.  Then the other half says who's she?  Then that other other half says Canatella my least favorite kind of pasta, a wet noodle. 

Anyway, she's allied with Absolute Poker and UB who is going through a cheating scandal of their own right now, but like her or not Wicked Chops puts on a pretty decent video podcast.

NO MONKEYING AROUND, RANDAL FLOWERS BLOSSOMS IN FESTA AL LAGO:  Never gave you the winner of this event, it was a party by the lake for Flowers who took down his second WPT title.  The Chainsaw Allen Kessler bubbled the final table.  Noah Schwartz came in third.  Flowers took down 831k and Schwartz 344k.




JONATHAN LITTLE WINS 5K EVENT AT BELLAGIO FOR 150K.  After chopping the 1k PLO tournament Little kept all the spoils for himself in the 5k No Limit Hold'Em tournament.  He finished the first day as the chipleader (90 something runners) and managed to hold on until the final table.  There he bested four guys who like to play online poker and four older amateurs.  Congrats to Jonathan!  Check out his blog for the recap

WILL "POKER MONKEY" SOUTHER WINS IN NIGHTLY IN CHICAGO.  With a Seahawks victory over the Bears, that he watched in person, things started off on the right foot.  Then the bad beat came.  You'd think as tall as Monkey is, he wouldn't be a target but it sounds like somebody went through his bag during the tournament.  Not a bag, I'd think, you want your hands rifling through when he returned.  Read his blog for the stories.

DISCOVER MAGAZINE DOES WRITE UP ON POKER:  Called the Big Game Theory.  Go here to read it, it's not that bad, considering it's from Discover Magazine and they talk about science and facts and that kind of stuff.


FESTA AL LAGO MAIN EVENT UPDATE:  Things went upside-down for all 13 remaining players.  Chipleader Annette Obrestad was the first one out.  Of the top five chip-leaders only Andy Frankenberger made it to the final table.  Just envisioning a Frankenberger Halloween costume right now. 

Somewhat local, and member of our Who's Who, Kick-Ass Noah Scwartz (pictured) is McLovin his second largest stack.  Totals follow:

1. Randal Flowers - 3,215,000
2. Noah Schwartz - 3,135,000
3. Jason Koon - 2,555,000
4. Andy Frankenberger - 1,935,000
5. Michael Benvenuti - 1,390,000
6. Skip Wilson - 1,200,000





HARRINGTON AND SEIDEL MAKE POKER HALL OF FAME:  The other eight candidates included Jen Harman, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Scotty Nguyen, Jesus Ferguson, Linda Johnson, Tom McEvoy, and Barry Greenstein.  Likely they'll all make it one day, but it is interesting the Hall of Fame limits it to two inductees a year.



ANNETTE OBRESTAD PURSUING WPT TITLE:  13 Players left.  Annette ended day 4 as the chip leader with Jeff Madsen close behind.  Allen Kessler is in the thick of things as is Noah Schwartz.



THINK YOU LOST A LOT THE OTHER NIGHT?  Are you down a couple hundred in your favorite online poker room, you got nothing on a tycoon in Singapore reportedly lost over 75 million in baccarat at two casinos.  Another businessman lost $50 million over the same time period.  No wonder Singapore is one location soon to enjoy growth in a down economy.



TWENTY-THREE PERSON CHOP AT FOXWOODS:  Bad structures cause one player to get browbeaten until he agreed to a chop (sound familiar?).  Hope this doesn't continue to be a trend.  Read Cardplayer for one player's account for more.  Two + Two reacts as they usually do here. 

MORE UB CHEATING?  Uh oh.  The only exciting thing about this is the inevitable Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth responses to the new hints at impropriety.  Supposedly Tokwiro Group and its management alleged they are the victims of a newly discovered cheating that dates back to 2004.  Read here for more.

FACEBOOK GAME APPS: FARMVILLE AND TEXAS HOLD'EM POKER LEAKED USER NAMES, FRIENDS:  Security isn't an issue at Facebook?  Hmmm.  Self-contained this story doesn't mean much but from a broader perspective it has some far deeper ramifications.  Read the NY Daily News for more.  Oh yeah, "like" us on Facebook while you are here.  It'll make us feel more liked.  Thanks.

JEFF MADSEN, LYLE BERMAN, STEVE O'DWYER ATOP CHIP COUNTS AT WPT FESTA AL LAGO.  41 players left out of 335.  Gulf Coasters with chips McLean Karr and Noah Schwartz.  Also alive, Barry Greenstein, Annette Obrestad, Daniel Alaei, Bobby Suer, Matt Affleck, Allen Kessler, Tom Marchese, Mark Newhouse, Amit Makhija, Chad Batista, Lauren Kling, and Matt Stout.



IT'S BEEN A SLOW POKER NEWS WEEK:  There was a mugging in an elevator in an AC Casino, Scott Montgomery got stuck up in a Bellagio bathroom for over 2k, and there was another theft in an AC Casino.  That combined with the rake in those places and poker players got robbed of... millions last week.  Fortunately, on the GCP side of things there was more going on then just getting fleeced.

JOHN DOLAN AND JOHN RACENER APPEAR IN FULL TILT AD:  Two of the three Floridians at the WSOP Main Event final table show their poker pitching chops in discussing the November  Nine.  Watch video below:

NEW GCP BLOGGER SCOTTY CLARK CONTINUED THE HOT YEAR OF OUR ACTIVE BLOGGERS BY WINNING WSOP CIRCUIT EVENT, CONGRATS SCOTTY!  The new ring owner won the $350 H.O.R.S.E. event.  Got to love his shirt "I bring nothing to the table."  With two final tables in eight tournaments Scotty was in fifth place to qualify for the WSOP National Championship. Maybe our inactive bloggers should write more if they want to win more.

JENNA DELK GIVES A RECAP OF HER INTERVIEW ON POKERPOD.  Check out her blog for some an interesting read on how she got her start in poker, her biggest moment, and her old leak in playing video poker.

JONATHAN LITTLE CHOPS POT LIMIT OMAHA EVENT AT FESTA AL LAGO:  Little loves his WPT events, and as he mentioned in his latest blog post on LITTLE THOUGHTS  "I am pretty convinced very few people know how to play PLO tournaments so I try to play everyone I can."  So he played it and chopped it.  Officially, he came in 2nd to James Van Alstyne. 

THE IP CASINO RESORT & SPA AND POKER TOURNAMENT CONSULTANTS RELEASED THE SCHEDULE FOR THE UPCOMING WSOP CIRCUIT EVENT:  The heading says it all.  Buy-ins range from $100 nightlys with $300 to $1500 noon events.  Juice is still hovering around 20% (for all but the Main Event).  Go here for complete details.



WEEDS PRODUCERS TO PRODUCE WHALES:   Hmmmmm...  A show about Ivy League educated poker sharks (... or whales) in pursuit of the WSOP Main Event bracelet.  Supposedly a half hour comedy.  Wild Bill commented on the idea here. 

NICK SCHULMAN ON MTV'S LIFE OF JENKS:  Andrew Jenks followed Schulman around the past World Series of Poker and it revealed Nick was a cerebral introspective guy (much to the shock of MTV).  Wow, a poker player that thinks... deeply, shocker. 

Anyway, since the broadcast, half of MTV's fans think Schulman should quit the game as it is too stressful and making him unhappy.  Almost another 30% think he should at least continue with therapy while only 21% think he's too good to give it up.  Go to for more.

BODOG POKER TO SPONSOR LA GALAXY AND EDMONTON OILERS:  Bodog's free to play internet poker game will be advertised in the stadium and arenas, but not on the jersey (which MLS allows but NHL doesn't).  Both deals are going to be for one year.  Previously, Bodog has inked a deal with Fulham of the English Premier League. 

While a site like bwin has an edge by being on the jerseys of major Champions League powers like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, this is a smart (maybe obvious) move by Bodog especially as they also take bets on games. 



LAS VEGAS IS HURTING:  One of our friends an online pro who recently moved back from Vegas has told the story of how he and one neighbor were the only residents of a fairly new development after foreclosures and a crumbling economy saw every one else move out.  When he moved away there was one guy to the whole neighborhood.  You  can play in your favorite online poker room anywhere, but it says something that Vegas is getting so depressing that you chose not to play there.  The New York Times fleshes out just how bad things have gotten in the desert.  Read that story here.

EPT WINNER FOLLOWS IT UP BY WINNING ANOTHER TOURNAMENT THE NEXT DAY:  David Vamplew, might as well be a vampire, because when he should have been running on fumes and recuperating he was busy taking down a made for TV tournament the UK & Ireland Poker Tour Champion of Champions event.

TONY DUNST, BEER PONG CHAMPION, TO GET NEW ON AIR ROLE WITH WPT'S "RAW DEAL":  It's only a segment of the WPT's coverage but the young pro has won the audition process beating out the likes of Joe Seebok and Ali Nejad.  Beer Pong Champion?  Yes, he won this year's Brunson Beer Pong  Invitational.  Wicked Chops has also pointed you to his blog on Two Rags where he instructs wanna-be playas on how to close the deal.  It's worth the visit.

POCKET FIVES TRIPLE CROWN WINNER JONATHAN KARAMILIKIS:  His online handle is the oh-so-clever xMONSTERxDONGx, but obviously Karamilikis puts a little more thought into his online poker than coming up with names to play under.  In a span of 48 hours he won tournaments on Party Poker, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker.  Pocket Fives' "Triple Crown" is to win tournaments on three different sites.  This guy asserts he grinded free rolls for a year until he won $3 and then turned that $3 into $3,000 and that $3,000 into $30,000.  He's never looked back.  It's like a male version of Anette Obrestad.  For more go here.

DOYLE MAKES THE CASE FOR THE HALL OF FAME NOMINATIONS:  Check out his blog, he offers an insiders take on who he thinks merits inclusion.  Seems he rates Jennifer Harman a lot higher than everybody else.  His shortlist is Erik Seidel and either Greenstein or Ivey.  Hard to argue with Doyle on this one.



JOHN JUANDA DOES NOT WIN EPT LONDON:  David Vamplew does.  Vamplew at one point was all-in versus Juanda in heads up play.  Junada held a Broadway straight and Vamplew had a flush draw with one card to come.  It came and so did he.  Vamplew later had Juanda all-in to win.  Vamplew won £900k.  Juanda won £545k and is now fifth all time on the career live tournament winnings list with over 11.3 million.  November Niner John Dolan and Kevin Eyster cashed.  Shannon Shorr bubbled.

FULL TILT CHANGES THE WAY IT AWARDS RAKEBACK.  It also releases a new Full Tilt Black Card system.  Pokerati does a fine job of explaining it here.  

DURRRR CHALLENGE RETURNS WITH PROMISE OF MORE TO COME:  Durrrr cut into Dan JungleMan12 Cates lead in a brief 582 hand session by 1400.  Cates is still up by a huge number with the bulk of the challenge still to be played.  Cates and Durrrr have also been multi-tabling heads up with Isildur1 recently.

STALLING IS ANGLING OR IS IT?  Recently a WCOOP Event at Pokerstars was the epicenter of a debate amongst name pros about proper behavior in a tournament.  One player, kirbynator, was burning up his timebank in a discipline he basically opted not to play, Limit Triple Draw 2 - 7.  With Daniel Negreanu at his table things got heated the live pro saw his actions as a transparent anglesoot.  Debates on the forums ranged from what's wrong with using your timebank the way you want to suggestions that knowing you are going to fold but maxing out your time is an angleshoot in any tournament (especially on the bubble).  There is no question that kirbyanator's actions were legal but were they ethical or shady. 



JAMES BORD TO THE END:  There is a new WSOP-E champion, a man who starts off the day in perpetual ennui... No?  Okay, if only second place Fabrizio Baldassari had won.  We know a few baldass-aris.  No, again?  Yeah.  Alright,  two whiffs... we'll play it straight from here on out, Roland De Wolfe finished 4th, and Dan Fleyshman (Victory Poker CEO) 7th.  Native son James Bord won 830 pounds which is a lot of dollars.  The other guys won not as much but still more in American dollars than in English pounds. 

LIV BOEREE SIGNS WITH POKER STARS:  The girl has almost 2 million in tournament winnings.  She also can box.  She's a pretty face, has a brilliant poker mind, and is somebody you will probably see a lot of in the near future and she'd be a great representative for any online poker room.

SOME GOOD STUFF FROM THE BLOGGERS:  Thanks to Scotty Clark for the shout-out and a good quick read on Heptinstall's blog about rising star Dwyte Pilgrim. 


Event #6 September 22, 2010
$200 + $25 No Limit Hold Em
$10,000 Guaranteed
Players: 68 Pool: $13,600

1. Eusebio Hernandez $4,352
2. Chris Gamboa $2,584
3. Stephen Buttieri $1,768
4. Hung Nguyen $1,224
5. Douglas Justus $884
6. Matthew Stroud $748
7. Leslie Conn $680
8. Winston Bloodworth $544
9. Ada Lang $476
10. Phuoc Ton $340

Event #7 September 23, 2010
$300 + $35 Pot Limit Omaha
Players: 26 Pool: $7,800

1. William Benton $3,120
2. Patrick Bell $2,340
3. Robert Schwen Jr. $1,560
4. Christopher Gamboa $780

Event #8 September 24, 2010
$300 + $35 No Limit Hold Em
$15,000 Guaranteed
Players: 69 Pool: $20,700

1. Jody Boren $6,624
2. William Benton Jr. $3,933
3. Jacob Seale $2,691
4. Patrick Holmes $1,863
5. Stephen Buttieri $1,345
6. Clint Whitman $1,138
7. Daniel Carroll $1,035
8. Eric Mata $828
9. Jerry Stroope $724
10. Long Nguyen $517

Event #9 September 25, 2010
$500 + $40 No Limit Hold Em
Louisiana Fall Poker Classic
Players: 67 Pool: $33,500

1. Jeremy Tinsley $10,720
2. Kinsey Pitts $6,365
3. Eric Yates $4,355
4. Soren Jensen $3,015
5. Ada Lang $2,177
6. Ronnie Lamb $1,842
7. Stephen Shugart $1,675
8. Jacob Phillips $1,340
9. Quynh Ho $1,172
10. Joe Zauala $837

Event #10 September 26, 2010
$100 + $20 No Limit Hold Em
$5,000 Guaranteed
Players: 55 Pool: $5,500

1. Daryl Huff $1,760
2. Leslie Eitel $1,045
3. James MacManus $715
4. Bryan Poole $495
5. Gail Centanni $357
6. Edward Smith $302
7. Thanhlu Quachi $275
8. Ryan Cappello $220
9. Michael Lenander $192
10. Loi Danh $137



PHIL IVEY DOING DOUBLE DUTY AS ONLINE PLAYER RaiseOnce AND AS PHIL IVEY?  Rumors abound that Phil Ivey went deep in the WCOOP in his super-covert online alter ego RaiseOnce while he was trying to final table the WSOP-Europe Main Event.  Besides looking like he hadn't slept in days in the live event, Ivey's online poker stats are startling close to RaiseOnce's in VPIP/PFR, 3bets, 4bets and defense of the big blind.  RaiseOnce defends it 70% of the time as does Phil Ivey, the only nosebleed player to do so at such a high rate.  Anybody else thinking about defending your big blind more often, and that position doesn't matter if you are Phil Ivey or RaiseOnce?


GUS HANSEN HAS MORE TO DONATE ONLINE:  The Great Dane won his bracelet, finally.  Double meaning there as it's his first bracelet ever, and play in the Heads-Up high roller tournament was suspended so the two finalists could play in the Main Event.  Nobody is happier than Hansen except for maybe the guys he plays online. 

DE WOLFE FINAL TABLES WSOP-E MAIN EVENT:   Victory Poker CEO Dan Fleyshman is the chip leader and Britain's great hope Roland De Wolfe has a ton of chips as the Main Event has it's final nine players.  Bord... James Bord is also in the thick of things. 


09.26.10 UPDATED


It seems that is was a very emotional win, and we are not sure whether our Poker Monkey is still there in AC. He had blogged that he had a "rooting interest" of "The Duke" (the nickname we have for him...although it looks like he has a ton of them). We are sure you will see something on Monk's blog if he was there. They say Pilgrim may have even shed a tear or two...we don't know. Pilgrim has been a mainstay on the circuit down here on the Gulf Coast and has many friends in the community. He also takes over the POY race with the win...which was a little over $730,000...niiiiiccccceeeee. Again...Congrats from GCP.

LOCAL FAVORITE AND NOVEMBER NINER JOHN DOLAN IN TOP 10 IN CHIPS AT WSOP-EUROPE: Here are the chip counts with "Alabama Boy"...Hoyt Corkins also in top 10...along with McLean Karr

1 James Mitchell — 190,000
2 Andrew Pantling — 183,000
3 Nicolas Levi — 183,000
4 John Dolan — 175,000
5 Darren Woods — 161,000
6 James Keys — 160,000
7 Phil Ivey — 160,000
8 McLean Karr — 160,000
9 Hoyt Corkins — 150,000
10 Steven van Zadelhoff — 146,000

ONLINE LOCALS CONTINUE TO TAKE THE CHEESE:  The top spot on P5's in Mississippi is held by "ActionJunky"...and he has 24 scores in Sept and over $50,000. In one 3 day stretch he scored a 3rd...4th...7th...9th...and 6th. 5 Final Tables in 3 on fire.

The Chemist still is killing it also having a great Sept with around 12 scores to stay on top of Louisiana...The Destroyer still rocking 2nd...Quatersack sitting at a solid 2nd place in Mississippi behind AJ above.



APP CROWNS SEASON ONE CHAMPION:  Acadiana Poker Players just anointed Dustin Norris their inaugural season's champion.  The APP League had 20 scheduled games with players earning points for the Championship Final table.  The top nine point-getters at the end of the season battled it out for the crown with Dustin taking home the plaque and the title.  We'll have a little more on the APP in our next magazine.

MATT GRAHAM INTERVIEW:  Speaking of Poker Clubs, one of the biggest, the Chicago Poker Club has an interview with multi-bracelet holder and former New Orleanian Matt Graham.  Go here for the video.

KEVIN EYSTER MADE IT TO THE ROUND OF EIGHT IN THE 10K HIGH ROLLER WSOP-E TOURNAMET:  Former Louisianan Eyster won 47k getting eliminated in the quarterfinals at the same stage as Daniel Negreanu and Huck Seed.  Currently, Gus Hansen is playing for first and the nearly 300k that goes with it.  McLean Karr made it to the round of sixteen.


Congrats to friend of GCP Matt Stroud for cashing in back to back events (5 and 6).  We have results for the first five here:

Event #1 September 17, 2010
$75 + $15 No Limit Hold Em
$3,000 Guaranteed
Players: 71 Pool: $5,325

1. William Johnson III $1,704
2. Danny Nguyen $1,011
3. Donald Ripley $692
4. Jacob Clark $479
5. Steve Buttieri $346
6. Robert Croft $292
7. Anthony Mosley $266
8. Darrell Hollis $213
9. Edward Morris $186
10. George Joseph $133

Event #2 September 18, 2010
$75 + $15 No Limit Hold Em
Ladies Event
Players: 35 Pool: $2,625

1. Ruth “Ruthless” Hall $918
2. Daphne Turner $656
3. Lacie Smith $525
4. Cindy Sinclair $341
5. Candace Armstrong $183

Event #3 September 19, 2010
$100 + $20 No Limit Hold Em
$5,000 Guaranteed
Players: 82 Pool: $8,200

1. Patrick Shipper $2,624
2. Mark Pratt $1,558
3. Thomas Jones $1,066
4. Pauline MacDonald $738
5. Paul Laird $533
6. Frederick Turner $451
7. Victor Matthews $410
8. Luis Garcia $328
9. Koby Wong $287
10. Richard McDonald $205

Event #4 September 20, 2010
$100 + $20 No Limit Hold Em
Shoot Out
Players: 30 Pool: $3,000

1. Stephen Shugart $990
2. Thomas Jones $720
3. Matthew Terral $600
4. Gerry Trahan $420
5. Anthony Mosley $270

Event #5 September 21, 2010
$200 + $25 ½ No Limit Hold Em ½ Pot Limit Omaha
Players: 30 Pool: $6,000

1. David Shaw $2,100
2. Kenneth Proffitti $1,500
3. Paul Laird $1,200
4. Stephen Schornstein $780
5. Matthew Stroud $420

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