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WPT REGIONAL CIRCUIT FEATURES SHANNON SHORR AND ALLY PRESCOTT.  With 23 players remaining Shorr and Prescott are two of the shorter stacks returning at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino Texas Hold em poker in Florida.  They along with Harrison Gimbel will have tough hills to climb to win the first place prize of over 381k.  289 entries plopped down at least 5k apiece to battle for WPT glory.  At least 5k apiece?  Tried to slip that by you, but you were too quick.  Yes, it was a two day 1, re-entry format.  You bust on day1a you can buy in and try again on day 1b.  Takes a whole new bankroll and poker strategy  to play.

The chipleader is Raj Vorha with 1.34 million.  The Gulf Coasters we have are tracking Gimbel (15th 193k), Shorr (17th 182k) and Prescott (19th 126k) got a lot of work to do, but can take comfort in the fact, the rest of the field is closer to them than they are to the chip leader with second in chips under 800k.

NAPLES FLORIDA MAN ABOUT TO "WIN BIG JACKPOT" ARRESTED:  At the Naples Fort Myers Greyhound track police pulled from the table one Mr. Nicholas Cosmo (not to be confused with Cosmo Kramer another erratic and boisterous disturbance).  Charged with disturbing the peace, Cosmo claimed he was being loud because he was about to win a jackpot and that's why security pulled him from the table and asked him to cash in his chips.  Hmmmm.

CALL HIM TIM MILES, TK, OR TIMKRANK BUT ALSO CALL HIM FTOPS WINNER.  TK took down a final table that included Annette Obrestad (also pictured), "foldimo" (nice name), Matt Berkey, and Sam lola.  TK won 184k for first in event #33 NL Hold'em Rebuy at one of our favorite online poker rooms Full Tilt. 

Doc Sands finished in 14th place.  Nice job, TK!  This has been a good year for him especially on Full TIlt as this is his second big online win in the last couple of months. 

Are we missing any gulf coasters' online scores?  Email wildbill to keep us in the loop if you've taken down a tournament and we didn't know your handle was a friend of ours.




HOW MUCH IS A MAIN EVENT BRACELET WORTH?  Right now 56.7k.  Peter Eastegate charity auction to beneefit UNICEF originally listed the bracelet at 16k and it has since been upped to 56.7k.  Want to big on the 168 grams of 18 karats white gold, with over 290 diamonds?  Go to eBay or just click this link.  Warning it's pre-owned.

HARRAHS CANCELS IPO:  The owners of the WSOP, and New Orleans' biggest casino and poker room, canceled their IPO with a statement on Friday.  Market conditions were cited as the primary concern.  Harrahs, highly leveraged in debt, were to ask for $15 to $17 a share to raise half billion dollars in capital.  They were fearful the market conditions, of people not wanting to buy debt-burdened companies, would make their asking price embarrassingly too high. 

Rumors persist that Harrahs is continuing to try and sell the Rio, home of the WSOP since it moved from Binions, and might move the tournament to their Caesars or Planet Hollywood property.  No word if Harrahs will try an IPO  again soon or if it's shelved for the long term.  

MICROSOFT X-BOX 360 OFFERING POKER IN AUSTRALIA:  The new Full House Poker featuring Avatar Superstars is a "massively multiplayer" title.  It garners a "G" rated for very mild content.  Interesting...



RUSS HAMILTON SIGHTING:  Perhaps accustomed to a softer game then most people play, Ol Russ has sought out the greener pastures of Florida and has been sighted at Gulfstream Park.  2 + 2ers discuss what they'd say to Russ if they saw him in person.  As everybody is a He-Man on the other side of the Internet, surely all their suggestions would actually happen.  Some are quite funny though. 

Don't know who Russ Hamilton is?  He's a former Main Event champion that robbed the players on UB blind.  Actually, not blind at all as he could see their hole cards.  He's also that guy in the black and white photo.  Before you go for the obvious fat joke, that year the winner got his weight in silver so it paid to hit the buffets.


JASON MERCIER AND MICHAEL BINGER MAKE NAPT FINAL 19:  They played down to 19 yesterday and online Mercier finished third in chips with 2.15 million.  Binger is just behind with 2.025 million.  With less chips is Matt Affleck.  Those three could also be called most likely to give a suckout, most likely to casually discuss the sucking of so called "weak" force, and most likely to take a brutal, brutal suck out.  Christopher DeMaci who you may know by a different name at your favorite online poker room leads with 3.78 million.


PETER EASTGATE AUCTIONS WSOP BRACELET, EASTGATE FACE NOT INCLUDED:  Remember when TJ Cloutier's bracelet ended up on ebay?  Think Eastgate's retirement has gone south?  Actually he's donating the proceeds are going to Unicef.


*Don't accuse us of spoiling this because it's been broadcast .   And we did wait for the broadcast before we posted the results even though we knew already.  


CONGRATS TO JONATHAN DUHAMEL:  Duhamel's title entitles the kid who speaks like a James Bond villain to get mobbed by Canadians in Canadians jerseys and to win roughly 9 million dollars.  He got a lot of big hands, according to the telecast, and didn't slip up.  Telling how strong he played AK in some spots and how he disposed of it preflop after the Grinder three-bet him in another spot.  He had some wide swings as did the entire leaderboard, but rallied to take down the title.

JOHN RACENER FINISHES SECOND:  Racener really grew on us listening to his guest spots on Podcasts and his generally even keel throughout the Main Event.  Racener won 5.5 million for the runner up spot.  It was hard not to pull for the Florida kid when he got heads up despite his massive chip disadvantage.  Course online poker phenom Joe Cheong, and John Dolan, and the good for poker Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi (5th 2.3 million) were also compelling rooting interests.  Btw, we root for anybody that friends us on facebook... so make us feel loved and friend us and we'll root for you too (within reason we probably won't pull for Charles Manson in his prison poker league even if he "like"s us). 

Seemed like Dolan (6th 1.7 million)  kept finding himself in bad spots, few of his own doing, and made the correct decisions and it just wasn't his night.  Cheong (3rd for 4.1 million) and Duhamel were both fighting for the title and using their chips to spar but it felt like Duhamel ran a little better when it counted.  Lots of bravery on display and some sicko turn and river cards.  Highly entertaining final table. 



CONGRATS TO TRAVIS LUTES THE IP MAIN EVENT CHAMPION:  Lutes along with the Casino champion (tbd? but also listed as Travis Lutes) qualifies for the National Championship freeroll at the end of the season.  Lutes also won a little over 95k.  We think the Casino Champion honor goes to third place Main Event finisher Bobbie Talbot (42k) who is second on the local leaderboard (behind Lutes).  Talbot is from Hernando, MS. 

Aaron Brant and Will "Our favorite Monkey" Souther were passed by the top three finishers in the Main Event on the local leaderboard in the Casino Champion race.  That also includes second place finisher (good for 58k) Farid Nasserazad.  Nazzerazad of Atlanta ended up third in the series points leaderboard behind Lutes and Talbot.  Talbot jumped him on the strength of his earlier performances. 

Souther finished 12th for 7k.  Dan Walsh took a couple of harrowing back to back beats to just miss the money.  Yair Alon of Panama City, FL finished 5th for 23k.  Robert Gunter of Salem, AL 6th for 17k.  John Holley of Destin, FL grabbed 8.7k for 9th.  Two more Alabama boys Robert Harris (15th for 5.8k) and David Barrow of Guntersville (16th for 4.8k) came up just short of the final table.  Congrats also to Mike Flowers of Baton Rouge who cashed in the  23rd spot.

SCOTTY CLARK AND WILL SOUTHER STILL IN THE THICK OF THINGS:  Both players are near the top of the standings for the at-large bids for the National Championship freeroll.  They stand 5th and 7th out of 36 spots.  Speaking of Scotty he has some great coverage of the Main Event on his blog, but beware of spoilers.  Check it out here.



IP LEADERBOARD:  Quick correction Monkey did not qualify for National Championship (free roll) only players who win the Main Event or the Regional Championship auto qualify.  Top 36 nationally qualify too (which right now includes two GCP bloggers Scotty Clark and Monkey), and for some analysis of that process go here.  GCP blogger Shannon Shorr has already qualified by making the final table of a regional championship. 

Locally, Monkey is in contention for the Casino Champion (or the best points earner at a Circuit stop) at the IP.  Here's the leader-board for that, with all the ring winners currently tied for first.  Tiebreaker is earnings so:

Name Pts Rings Cashes Earn
Aaron Brant 50 1 1 $19,585
Rob Quin 50 1 1 $18,722
William Souther 50 1 1 $6,583
Justin Gates 37.5 0 1 $12,102
Daniel Seiver 37.5 0 1 $11,567
Brettt Alello 37.5 0 1 $4,068
Jeff bell 30 0 1 $8,781
David Nicholson 30 0 1 $8,357
Robert West 30 0 1 $2,698
Willey Lee 27.5 0 1 $6,479
Greg Harkinson 27.5 0 1 $6,150
Wendall Sally 27.5 0 1 $1,190

*You'll notice they haven't updated to include the HORSE event won by...

TIM BURT A MACHINE IN MISSISSIPPI WITH HORSE POWER TO SPARE:  We were pulling hard for Scotty Clark and the MississippiMachine (pictured) Tim Burt as he's better known at his favorite online poker room.  When it got down to three players in the HORSE Championship,  Scotty seized the chip lead for a moment but ended up out third.  Burt took the title, the ring, and the 7.7k for first.  Scott won 2.9k for third and Gulfport's Kirk Flom cashed in seventh.  Congrats guys.  Burt winnings have him edging out Monkey in the third spot when they update the standings.

GENE D A NIGHTLY EVENT:  GCP's own GeneD cashed in another nightly going back to back.  Congrats to Gene for another top 10 finish.   Michael Flowers of Baton Rouge, grabbed 2k for second.  Tim Burt fresh off his title also squeaked in a min-cash. 

SOME OTHER NOTABLE CASHES:  Also big ups to Jackson Niolet of Gulf Port for finishing second in the $235 Horse event.  Congrats also to Guy Turner of Mobile who got a cash on the 30th in the $235 buy-in.  He joined Linda Fredericks of Baton Rouge, Michael Clary of Mandeville, Medric Lemenager of Denham Springs, and Hank Merqist of Lafayette, in turning a profit on the event.



MONKEY WINS SECOND IP TOURNAMENT:  Winning the Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better tournament gave Monkey his first Circuit ring and an invite to the million dollar freeroll to take place at the start of next years World Series (edit no it didn't).  It also added 6.5k to his bankroll and bragging rights as the guy having the best series at the IP. 

Brett Alello of Baton Rouge couldn't overcome his chip deficit in heads up play but won 4k for his trouble.  Robert West of Abbeville, AL won 2.6k for third and Wendell Salley of Mobile 1.9k for fourth.  Yong Chen and John Demarco both of Ocean Springs finished 5th and 6th for 1.4k and 1.1k.  Barry Levy of Brooklyn, NY won 966 for finishing 7th and played spoiler to keeping it an all local affair.

GENE D CASHES AGAIN:  GCP blogger and co-owner GeneD played great poker in the $235 buy-in 4 pm tournament to take 5th place and $1.3k.  Bruce Soileau of Lafayette took second for $3.4k, Carol Farley of Ocean Springs (and self named Pokergoodess) finished 10th for $386 with local fedora legend Bertel Ladner of Biloxi right behind in 11th also for $386.

THE GERM TAKES OUT THE FIELD:  Ron Germany, not to be confused with Ron Burgundy, from Covington, GA won the nightly for 3.5k.    James McCardle of Hattiesburg, MS (4th $1.1k), Fred Gooodson of Biloxi (5th $874), Kenny Milam of LaPlace (9th for $322), and Michael Hare of Tallahassee, FL (11th $261) also were in the thick of things.

THEODORE GARNER OF BILOXI ALSO WINS A $235:  Garner's tournament had 120 other players and paid him 6.3k for first.  Should we mention it was a senior event?  Okay it was, and it was also a Mississippi affair as David Kennedy of Olive Branch and Larry Williamson of Brookhaven finished two-three.  Kennedy won a touch under 4k and Williamson a hair under 3k.  Congrats to Debra Wilburn from Vidor, TX for 5th (1.5k) and Charles Morris of Harahan, LA for 4th (2k). 

TOM MARCHESE BIG CHEESE AT FOXWOODS WPT:  Jason Mercier and Hoyt Corkins were the first two players eliminated as they played down to the final table.  Sorel Mizzi comiserated with Besnik Ziba for going out 7th and 8th on the TV table bubble.



MONKEY WINS ANOTHER ONE AT THE IP:  This time it's a nightly for a touch under 4k.  Well done, Is at another final table right now.  Go get 'em Will.  Congrats also to friend of GCP Matt Stroud for taking down the mega along with Wild Bill and six others.

FIRST NOONER BRACELET EVENT AT IP TAKEN BY AARON BRANT:  the Mobile native pocketed almost 20k for first place in the 345 buy-in Texas No Limit Hold'em Event.  He outlasted Justin Gates of Praireville, LA (12k), Willey Lee of Perkinston, MS (6.4k for 4th), Byron Hiqueros of New Orleans (3.7k for 6th), Bobby Mayfield of Lafitte, LA (2..8k for 7th), John Durio of New Orleans (1.7k for 9th), Daniel Brown of Biloxi (1.45k for 11th), Michael Clary of Mandeville, LA (12th 1.45k), friend of GCP Craig Gullung of Marrero, LA (PICTURED, 13th 1.1k), Gary Holcomb of Mandeville, LA (14th 1.1k), Herbie Crook of Pascagoula, MS (15th 1.1k), Thomas Ballow of Denham Springs, LA (16th a hair under 1k), 

ROB QUIN OF METAIRIE WINS 2ND RING EVENT:  The 56 year old land surveyor outlasted the other 269 runners to win 187k.  Theodore Garner won the seniors event by staying alive longer than the others more details tomorrow.

HOYT CORKINS AND JASON MERCIER ARE STILL ALIVE IN WPT EVENT:  They've both made the money but are under the chi average with 12 of 242 returning to play down to the TV table final six.  Sorel Mizzi, Tom Marchese (chipleader), and Besnik Ziba are still alive.  We once drinked a soda called Besnik Ziba in the former Yugoslavia.



SHANNON SHORR SURGES:  At one point he claimed the chip lead but he'll enter Day 3 as third in chips at the final table.  Brandon Adams is in the nine spot.  Shorr has just under 1 million in chips while Adams has 155k and the distinction of being the short-stack.  The final table will be televised on Versus network, and they got a good one. 

The chipleader is Gabe Patgorski who is over two million in chips.  Dave "Doc" Sands, Curt Kohlberg and Bernard Lee are also on the final table.  Blinds are 8k/16k and 2k antes so Adams is just under 10 BBs.  Shorr meanwhile has a lot of play. 

Here's the first of two Gulf Coast related Cardplayer videos (go here for more), with this one featuring Shannon: