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 STARS HAS MAJOR SOFTWARE "GLITCH" AND CANCELS EVERY MTT TOURNEY ON THE SITE...IN MID-STREAM. Talk about "Software Glitches"...how about your playing deep in a MTT with over 1000 people in it...1st place is over 3k...your in for $25.00 and sitting in 11th place with 32 people left....and Shazzam...Stars crashes.

That's what happened to a friend of GCP Monday night. He's been there for close to 6 hours and cruising right along...and all of a sudden the tournament freezes with a "Tournament Paused" message????? after a few minutes, our hero starts looking at other MTT's ...they all are paused. Then a message comes on saying they are on a "5 Minute Break"...and then a message saying "Tournament Cancelled".

Our hero did receive an email paying him by what the chip stacks were but.... WTF???. I feel they should have paid everyone first place money...its not like they can't afford it. Hopefully, we will get a copy of the said email...stay tuned.



SORRY FOLKS WE HAD A SMALL SOFTWARE GLITCH.  Or, we could be honest and admit is was user error on one our parts (look left), and we lost some of our content from the last couple of days but we'll have it back up here in no time.  Honesty is the best policy?  Bah.  It was a software glitch.

HARRAHS NOW IN FAVOR OF ONLINE GAMBLING BILL.  For a while the brick and mortar casinos (as well as the NFL---for reasons only Roger Goodell knows) were anti-online gambling, but Harrahs is now backing the bill to be introduced by Barney Frank today.   Remember that guy they hired away from party poker, that they kind of denied hiring?  Yeah.  It's all adding up now.  Expect to see a WSOP poker site mixing it up with Full Tilt and 'Stars if this legislation gets passed.

Bloomberg, not just the mayor of New York, has the details here.  You want to try some online poker?  Do you too like to live dangerously?  Hmmm...  In Europe and other civilized parts of the world sites like this are completely legal.  Get with the program Congress.

BEFRIEND US ON FACEBOOK.  Make us feel loved and wanted.  Embarrass GCP NET (our facebook entity) with old high school pictures of the website, when the website tried drinking for the first time and vomited 1s and 0s all night.  Or shower us with photos from your trip to visit your long lost cousins in Kentucky.    We are probably going to set up some live updates for the New Orleans circuit event. 


NEW ORLEANS NATIVE MATT " MATTG1983" GRAHAM TAKES 5TH: The recent UB signee keeps burning it up in the poker world with a 5th place finish in the WSOP Main Event at Caesars Palace in Vegas for a cool 56k. He went up against several known pros, and came in behind Men the Master (3rd)...Grinder (2nd)... and the eventual winner ZeeJustin Bonomo. I heard Matt's roommate Fish (See pic below in previous update) flew down for Jazz Fest this weekend...Maybe they both will come down for the New Orleans event starting next week.


SHANNON SHORR BLOGS ABOUT THE WPT.  Glad to see a good guy get a taste of the big time.  Shorr's thoughts: 

My finish was worth $408,550. I guess going into the final table it would be hard not to sign for a 5th place finish given that I was so short. I'll recap the final table in this entry, and I'll try to put together a recap of my entire WPT Championship later this week.

Read the rest here...

DARRYLL "DFISH" FISH WINS 81K.  The Coast's own "Fish" overcame a more than 3 to 1 chip deficit to win the big money.  On the final hand his pocket 10s held up against "losebigpots" pocket 8s.  Read Pokernews' write up here.

ITS BRUNSON!  Doyle tells Joan Rivers that his last name is Brunson.  And his apologies for not calling back 40 years ago.  Read his blog here.

ANTONIUS UP 160k in DURRRR CHALLENGE.  They are about 25% done.  While DURRRR has won more hands Antonius has won more money.  Patrik won almost 75k in their last session.  Pokerkingblog has the details here.


THE BIG STORY WE ARE OBSESSED WITH THIS WEEK IS SWINE FLU:  We wish it was Ali Larter in the movie Obsessed?  Which apparently is a bad rip-off of Fatal Attraction.  What's that got to do do with poker?  USA Today called the detective poker-faced.  Was that Lady GaGa's definition or the standard one? 

Alright you got us, a slow news day indeed, back to swine flu... Already sporting events and very public engagements have been canceled.  Anybody ever get a case of casino flu?  If this gets worse what will this do to the Harrahs Circuit event.  Can't think of a worse petri dish than the unwashed chips and cards flung on their tables daily.  That's a grim thought.  Let's just admire Ali Larter instead.  She may be the cure for Swine Flu.

CELEBRITY APPRENTICE UPDATE:  Brandi Roderick is a nazi too?  If Annie Duke is Hitler and she's her follower she must be a nazi also right?  Brandi is pictured with her nazi cohort Annie Duke on either side of Melissa Rivers (below).  We believe that is Joan Rivers on the lower left or it could be the face of Swine Flu. 

Joan Rivers went on a tear this week.  She also upped the ante on her insults of Annie first calling out 666 as her sign, and then ripping poker players and the game in general.  Watch the explosive board room finale on DINE ON THE WHALES.

HARVARD SAYS ONLINE GAMBLING ADDICTION IS OVERBLOWN.  Apparently they've done a study following gambler's activity and most people are fairly moderate in the rate the gamble.  They actually tracked real gamblers  instead of just taking their word for it.;  Read more here.


YEVGENIY TIMOSHENKO SNAPS OF THE WPT CHAMPIONSHIP:  Nothing like hitting your 1 (one) outer to propel you to the WPT Championship. Must be nice "shooting the moon" on National TV being a 97% dog...and getting there. I wonder if he was standing up screaming at the dealer, "ONE TIME BABY...ONE TIME!!!"    ...I guess we will see when it airs.  Shannon went out 5th and Scotty 6th.  So much for our storylines.

BAYOU POKER CLASSIC: Word got out that Monkey was able to get a copy of the structure for the Bayou Poker Classic. We have got several emails asking us if we have it, and would we post it up. You can click on either link below to download the docs.

NL STRUCTURE:  We think its better then the last event where Juicey was forced to use it even though there was overwhelming complaints. He fought the good fight for us though.

BAYOU POKER CHALLENGE SCHEDULE:  Keep in mind that this is still preliminary as we have already been told that some of these events may have morphed some since this has been circulating.



YEVGENIY TIMOSHENKO CHIP LEADER.  Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier is also alive and continuing his incredible hot streak.  Elky has 5,955,000, Nguyen 3,725,000, Shorr is the short stack with 1,130,000,  Timoshenko has 13,300,000.  Christian Harder with 7,425,000 and Ran Azor with 2,525,000 complete the final table.  Shorr's final table appearance may be brief with blinds and antes at 15,000/60,000/120,000.

Go here for Cardplayer's interview with Shannon while there were just 9 playing for the 6 final table spots.

YOU BET YOUR LIFE.  Doyle bet his life without a disease.  He just wants to beat old age.  That's not a bet.  This guy got a cancer death sentence, bet on himself and is still living.  Read here for more.


SCOTTY NGUYEN GOING FOR THE TRIPLE CROWN.  Sure the World Poker Open, The SuperBowl of Poker, the NBC Heads-Up Championship, the Trump Taj Mahal U.S. Open and other tournaments come and go but right now, the three most important tournaments are arguably the WPT World Championship (25k buy-in), the WSOP Horse Championship (50k buy-in), and the WSOP Main Event.  Two men have won two out of three: Carlos Mortenson (Main Event and WPT) and Scotty Nguyen (Main Event and Horse).

Thing is... Scotty is in first place of the WPT Championship with 10 players remaining.  Gavin Griffin and Pokerstars would tell you the triple crown is an entirely different thing but you'd be hard pressed to say winning a bracelet in the WSOP, and tournaments in the EPT and WPT is as impressive as winning their championships.

Sure Phil Hellmuth has won a ton of bracelets (or eleven) but Scotty is about to climb a mountain-top nobody else has even gotten within walking distance.  Factor in his recent DEEP main event run and Scotty is putting together a good few years in the biggest live tournaments in the world.   Course in that main event he went out right around this level despite being the one time chip-leader so anything can still happen.   

SHANNON SHORR WINS HE GETS AN NBC INVITE?  He only has to beat 9 other people.  At this moment he's 5th in chips.  We had an internal debate on GCP about this editorial with most thinking our writer was wrong (read here).  Maybe... he wasn't.


"After unknown action, Yevgeniy Timoshenko moves all-in preflop with 102 of hearts.  Jennifer Harman calls all in with a short stack showing AA."  (WPT Blog) Harman went out in 11th place. 

BTW WE ARE KEEPING THE BLUE THROUGH THE WEEKEND.  Who cares if Earth Day's color is green.  There is more water on earth than there are Irish people.  Who cares if that last sentence doesn't make sense.  Oh and those Harrahs structures we promised.  Give us another day or so.


HAPPY EARTH DAY.  In honor of Earth Day we hugged the planet.  And made some things blue.  And ignored the smugness of Prius owners.  Happy Earth Day Earth you are our favorite planet to live on.

CRAIGSLIST KILLER A CALL STATION AT FOXWOODS.  Early reports have him deep in gambling debt and killing to fund it.  Not the first time, we've heard this tale.  More details from Gambling911 about poker-degen related crime here.  2+2ers speculate, if he is one of theirs, here. 

Apparently, in high school he bequeathed his "poker-playing skills to Andy Finley, so he won't lose his dad's house."  Andy Finley had no comment on whether or not giving back Markoff's poker skills could have averted the crime spree.  Likely, a bad, bad story for poker.

Markoff was arrested speeding toward Foxwoods with a suitcase full of $1000.  Wonder if he was carrying it in quarters.  Strange he needed a suitcase for $1000. 

SHANNON SHORR HAS WON THE BATTLE OF THE SS BLOGGERS AT THE WPT.  Other alliterative SS names with blogs, Shaniac, and Steve Sung (blog alleged but too lazy to use google search function on this very site) have been bounced.  Sung made the money for 40k.  Sung busted out just before Phil Ivy and just after Boris Becker. 

With 28 players left Shannon Shorr who is angling for an invite to next year's NBC Heads-Up championship is just over the average chip count.  Scotty Nguyen, Freddy Deeb, Jeff Madsen, Nenad Medic, Jennifer Harman, David Grey, and Chris Ferguson are some notables with chips at the time of this posting. 

For the younger readers Eugene Katchalov (who is first with 4 million in chips), Steve Billirakis, Blake Cahail and Jeff Madsen are still alive.  In related news Jeff Madsen is still alive and covers all demographics.



JOAN RIVERS APOLOGIZES FOR HITLER COMMENT.  Yesterday, perhaps red-faced from comparing Duke to the Fuhrer, Rivers via Twitter retracted her insult.  She thought it was a little too harsh to Hitler.  Yes, you read that right (see Gambling 911).  Now Duke is even angrier about it...  see her interview on the front page of Wicked Chops (from the WPT site).  Though, you'd have to think this time Rivers was clearly joking.  Duke also addresses the BJ remark.  While at Wicked Chops see Layne Flack at his finest.  Only need to watch five seconds of that clip.

TOM BRADY'S WIFE WINS A MILLION BETTING ON SOCCER.  She bets on Milan.  Fortunately for Tommie, she doesn't have eyes for David Beckham, she bets on Inter Milan not AC Milan (Beckham's current team).  Bundchen as you may or not know, or care about is Brazilian and they know their soccer.  How long until she's starts handicapping the NiFfLe?  Once she starts how long until it turns into a segment on Fox Football?  I predict when her looks fail her and she and Brady are enjoying retirement.  Looks failing her probably will be round about 60. 

OR.. maybe a redux of the Wayne Gretsky scandal?  Maybe his wife was betting on hockey?  If you want to bet soccer, which is so easy apparently even a supermodel can do it start sports betting now.  It's not a leak.  Really it isn't.

NEW ORLEANS OWN FRED BERGER TOP 6 OF WPT MONEY LEADERS AT END OF DAY 2!   Get em' Fred!  Steve Sung leads the alliterative SS's with 529k.    Shannon Shorr is in the thick of things with 275k.  Boris Boom-Boom Becker is right behind with 250k.  Matt Graham was near the top of the leader board early but has fallen below chip average to 167k. 

Shaniac and Stewart Scott (not the guy with the funky eyes from ESPN) are also still alive in the SS battle.  Scott Seiver not so lucky.  Jonathan Little is also on the rail, but Waco kid Jarred Hamby is still alive.


ANNIE DUKE IS MODERN DAY HITLER.  At least that's what Joan Rivers kind of thinks.  Wild Bill's wrap up is up.  Look left.

SS AT THE WPT.  Day 1A of the WPT has finished and battle of the SS poker bloggers, Shane Schlager is 11th in chips. His counterpart SS, Shannon Shorr, is doing well on Day 1B  Sam Stein is still alive too.  Does he have a blog? 

Other players of note, Jonathan Little is sitting on 97,600, Johnny Chan is second in chips with 291k and online pro Shaun Deeb is 4th with almost 270k.  Andy Bloch, in anticipation of his cameo on Celebrity Apprentice is at 208k.

BORIS BLITZES DAY TWO.  Boris Becker, rumored to be a pro poker player, was near the top of the leader before his pocket Van Brauns were bested by Justin Smith's pocket 10s.  And no, we don't think all Germans all Nazis.  Just the Gingers (j/k  Boom-Boom).



We are going to go ahead and show some "love" to Ken Lambert/Johnny G. and their poker teams over at the Beau and post up their recent poker promos...maybe we can get some love back in return. The Beau is running 2 (two) new poker promos that rolled out on Tea Party day...I mean Tax day...4/15/09.

MVP: The first one is called the MVP promo for grinders where 20 of the finest gulfcoast grinders will be awarded 20k based on hour played. My understanding is that there are multiple sessions where you can suck up some FREE cabbage for just grinding the cash games...you can read the official flyer here...MVP Promo

SUPER STACK FREEROLL For the players that play the donkaments...they have a point system set up where you can earn points to play in a 10k freeroll. There are multiple sessions here as well which translates into multiple freerolls...again you can read the official flyer here...Super Stack Freerolls

Please be sure to tell Johnny/Ken and the rest of the poker crew at he Beau that you saw it here...on gulfcoastpoker.net


THE ANSWER IS YOU CAN'T GAMBLE HERE.  Apparently, Allen Iverson likes to gamble, apparently he loses a good bit, and apparently he's a bad loser.  After throwing too many cards at dealers and other players he's been banned from Detroit's casinos.   Chris Paul and Tony Parker are nothing but gentlemen when spotted at a poker table.  Coincidence or not that the Detroit Pistons have also decided to muck the Answer.  Read the Detroit News here.

EPT WILL HOST THEIR OWN ANTE UP FOR AFRICA EVENT.  The event has featured stars such as Ben Affleck, Adam Sandler, Matt Damon, Ray Romano, Pokeraffishinados: Don Cheadle and Shannon Elizabeth.   It's a 4K (Euros) buy-in event.  No word if real celebrities will be there.  Maybe George from SeinfeldFor more information go to Cardplayer.


SPEAKING OF DON CHEADLE WATCH HIM BATTLE THE BEST SUNDAY.  NBC will air the next installment of the Heads Up Poker Championship on Sunday.  Sorry we didn't give you a heads up for last week's episode.


MATT GRAHAM, NEW ORLEANS NATIVE, SIGNS WITH ULTIMATE BET.  Congrats on the sponsorship... but Matt, you might want to look up Russ Hamilton or google superuser scandal.  Read the news at Pokerpages.

ANNIE DUKE CATFIGHTS WITH EVERY FEMALE BODY.  There isn't a female left that hasn't felt her wrath.   In the latest installment of Celebrity Apprentice update by Wild Bill at DINE ON THE WHALESOne of the girls who takes Annie to task is Ivanka Trump (pictured).

FLORIDA HOUSE OFFERS VERY POKER FRIENDLY LEGISLATION.  The senate version of the bill isn't quite as nice but let's stick to the good.  Upping maximum bets and buy-ins is a good start for Florida and that's what they are considering.   As always, contact your local Congressman.

SINCE IT'S AN ULTIMATE BET THEMED DAY HAVE TO LOOK AT PHILLY'S BLOG.  Guy name drops Tony Parker and Eva Longoria (no need for last names for him) like a wannabe.  Nobody here would do that would they?  Anyway, read Phil's Blog here.  Did we mention Celebrity Apprentice teases a Hellmuth appearance to work against Annie Duke?  Well, if he's there next week, we'll let you know.


KAI LANDRY's LATEST BLOG POST IS UP:  Cobra Kai unleashes his venom here.  Enjoy but bring a sense of humor.

DIKSHIT'S STRATEGY TO HIDE GAMBLERS FROM THE U.S.  Interesting story about PartyGaming's attempts to hide their American clients from the U.S. Government.  This article sounds like they went above and beyond what the other companies are doing and gives a little insight into why they recently settled with the U.S. government. 

Still doesn't explain why Dikshit, personally paid off the U.S. more than his company did but it does show that PartyGaming had more to answer for than k.

DURRRR CHALLENGE UPDATE.  Over 10,000 hands have been played between Tom Dwan and Patrick Antonious.  That's 20% of the 50,000 hands in the challenge, that math is for our feel based players.  Poker-king has the details here.


SPRING BREAK POKER CLASSIC MAIN EVENT CHAMPION WILLIAM SINEATH... Sineath is from Valdosta, GA.  Dan Walsh took 7th for 14.5k, Mark Eddleman came in 5th for 20k, Leo Boothe of  Ferriday, LA pocketed 23k for 4th, David Diaz of Bartlett, TN won 34k for 3rd, Nicholas Vita of Walls, MS 55k for 2nd. 

OTHER CHAMPIONS AND RESULTS:  Mark Eddleman bested a loaded final table that included Mark Wilds (6th) and Rodney Shows (2nd) in the 1k No Limit Hold 'Em Event 14. 

Will Souther came in 5th in the 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo 8 or better.  Walter Worsham of Augusta, GA took first for a little over 2k.

Eric Kaplan of Biloxi, MS won Event 15 No Limit Hold 'Em.  He pocketed 9k for his efforts.  He bested Kee Ng (8th, 1k) of Wego, LA, Bradley Sanders (5th 1.8k) of Baton Rouge, and Nekoda Foster (2nd 4.9k) of Florence, MS.  this is Kaplan's 7th cash and his first 1st place finish.

Travis Smith of Mount Hermon, LA won 32k for first place in the $500 buy-in Event 12.  It was a table chock full of Gulf Coasters.  Charles Ritchie (Pensacola, FL 2nd 17.8k), Brian Delatte (Terrytown, LA 3rd 9.8k),  Thomas Culberson (New Orleans 4th 7,8k) "Lake" Garner (Hattiesburg, MS 5th 5.8k), William Cunningham (Conroe, TX 6th 5k), Bryan Lanoix (Baton Rouge, LA 7th 4k), and Ed Bridges (Spanish Fort, AL 8th 3k).

DIDN'T GET A CHANCE TO SCRATCH YOUR ITCHY PALM BY PLAYING A POKER TOURNAMENT THIS WEEK?  Time to head online and play poker tournaments there.  Yes, there is no better online poker tournament to play than the online poker tournaments that are playing right now.  Play poker tournaments... right now, I mean it, right this very minute you can play.  Go here, and I won't mention an online poker tournament again.  That didn't count.


SPRING BREAK MAIN EVENT FINAL TABLE SET... Kind of... With a restart today there are 11 left.  10 get paid.  Dan Walsh and Mark Eddelman (pictured) have made the last 10. 

Mark has been on fire since November 08.   He's amassed four final tables, already got one victory this Classic, and killing it all over the coast with cashes at the WSOP Circuit in New Orleans, the Beau Rivage WPT (Jan 09), Tunica WSOP (Feb 09), Council bluffs, and the Cherokee Casino.  Mark is breaking out in a big way.

BUSY BLOGGERS AND SITE NEWS.  We'll put up more details as they come about the main event.  We'll also get Mark onto our Who's Who page in the next set of updates.  But now for some site news.  First our bloggers have been busy.

Monkey's main event chronicle is here: THE POKER MONKEYThe Honest player, Gene D and Reid also update their blogs with Beau results.

Kai Landry promises to makes his triumphant and venomous return, and we will get him a slot on the sides when he does. Also, Jena Delk will be joining Kai there too, but for now her blog is here.  Look for them on the columns roster soon.

Poker coach Virge may need a life coach as he puts chips before chicks:  THE LONELY ROADAnd the  Southpaw Rounder is going to Vegas and has a seat in the WSOP.

GCP GEAR:  We are excited as our new logo should be done soon and we can actually get some gear that we've long been promising.  Thanks to the Honest Player for introducing us to Byron who has a great concept and a cool idea.  Hoping to debut the stuff by the New Orleans event.  Incidentally, Monkey forwarded us the structure and we'll get it posted this weekend.


LOOKING TO GAMBLE ON THE MADNESS?  Ty Lawson of UNC got some casino time before the national semi-finals at the casinos in Michigan, and left a little richer.  Apparently, Coach Roy Williams has to roll bad on the craps table if his team is to win on the hard-court.  Seems like the Heels are the gamblers even if many are calling them a safe bet. 

SCOOP ON POKERSTARS A SUCCESS.  Forget the small numbers at Foxwoods or the relatively small turnout at the Beau.  There's still a lot of money in circulation on the virtual felt.  Read here for high turnout at the online tournament details. 

POKER POTENTIAL:  Nat Arem has a great post detailing what he thinks are the characteristics a successful poker player must embody.  He doesn't mention smart but we have a feeling that doesn't need to be stated... we have that feeling because we are smart.  Nat is found here.




EVENT 1: Clint Schafer came out of the box with a win in the first event for a cool 30k. Looks like he has his own webpage now at www.clintschafer.net. Although he is from Baton Rouge, "LOUISIANA"...not Baton Rouge, Los Angeles. I am assuming that his page was built by Europeans...not Cajuns. Congrats Clint!!!!  Other Gulf Coast Notables...John Riola (7k) and Eric Sievers (5k) got 4th and 5th respectfully.

EVENT 2: Jacob Markowitz of Biloxi gets 2nd for over 10k...Joe Hebert of Metarie got 6th for close to 3k..  GCP's own Will "Poker Monkey" Souther takes home over 2k for 7th...Baton Rouge's Raoul Robert takes home a little over 1k for 9th.

EVENT 5: Baton Rouge's Do Choung takes 2nd place for over 6k...Jimmy Daniel of P'cola takes home over 2k for 5th.

EVENT 6: Mark Wilds wins (See Below)...Baton Rouge's Lars Carlsen picks up $600 for 9th.

EVENT 7: Soheil Pourmhr from Kaplan, La wins the Omaha H/L for over 6k...Tommy Lashley of Carencro, La gets $844 for 7th...Eric Kaplan of Biloxi gets 8th for $675...Greg Dennis from Mobile, Al brings up the rear with $506.

Dr. Del Walker of Houma, La also cashed in the 7th event taking 6th for over 1k.

Dr. Del also made the final table in the 9th event (Half NLHE/Half PLO) with Baton Rouge's own David Weinstein. I happen to be sweating David when Dr. Del walked away from the table at 2nd in chips with 6 people remaining...with 3 short stacks...to go home because he had an important wedding to go to. I tried to get prop action that he would get 3rd place until he told the table he would agree to "Any Chop...at any Time"

2009 5 STAR WORLD POKER CLASSIC (04/03/09)

JONATHAN "FIERYJUSTICE" LITTLE SNAPS OFF THE FIRST EVENT  Jonathan Little of P'cola Florida picks up another 1st place live finish pocketing over 27k. It was a "Spade Club" event so their werent any other notables in the money.


RESULTS?  Where are they?  On two levels, not much to report from the GCP bloggers.  Wild Bill tells you why he's a donkey, Reid G and Monkey have one final table each under their belt.  What about the rest of the world... the guys actually putting up results? 

Well, we've been too busy playing to get them up here but they are coming.  We saw Mark Wilds won another event.  Another one...  this guy's good.  So he gets the front page picture.

The Beau hasn't sent us the pdfs or the spreadsheets of their winners but GeneD has a stack of the hard copies he's going to get up on the site maybe this weekend.  So, we'll fill ya'll in on all the locals making a splash then.

Anybody got any updates before then feel free to email Wild Bill.

SPRING BREAK?  We need some shot girls with whistles and bottles of Tequila, Cancun Style.  The Beau should embrace the Spring Break aspect of the tournament.  Let's get some college kids in here, maybe put some radio advertising on the Panama City airwaves and/or shuttle some folks in with a few buy-ins to their name with the promise of a wet t-shirt contest and some photos of the Rounders girls to entice them to play.  Numbers are down?  Let's make it a day trip for the entire student body population of the SEC who are a couple of hours away.  Just a thought.

NEW BLOGGER COMING.  Jena Delk who did well in the last main event at the Beau, see Who's Who for details, will be added to site soon as well.  Soon as we take a break from playing on focus on updating.  We are glad to add a lady's perspective to the game.  If you are interested in blogging, feel free to email Wild Bill and we'll get you the hook up.

WANNA GO TO VENICE?   Bwin poker is still hosting qualifiers for their sponsored WPT stop in Venice.  Never been to Italy, the only canals you know are the ones that bordered by a highway in New Orleans?  Go see a city that floats year round.  Fore details visit http://www.bwinpokerblog.com/.


CELEBRITY APPRENTICE UPDATE.  Wild Bill breaks it down on Dine on the Whales.  Annie Duke stays under the radar and Dennis Rodman pounds the cocktails like they are going out of style.

TOURNAMENT CONFUSION THIS SATURDAY AT THE BEAU.  Is it a $340 buy-in or $550 buy-in? The Beau's site said $340.  Cardplayer says $550.  The guy on the phone at the poker room said.. $550.  We're going with $550.

HUCK SEED A MILER?  Doyle Brunson one too?  Read some more crazy Huck prop bets on Doyle's blog here.


CLINT SHAFER WINS EVENT 1 AT THE BEAU.  Congrats to Eric Sievers for another great showing and a final table to boot.  More details to come.

GOLD IS TEAM PLAYER.  I thought you had top top.  I had top top.  Gold's team ACED takes first place in Team Poker event.  Read more here.

GREG RAYMER GIVING ADVICE.  Fossilman himself is launching another virtual poker training site.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  ProPlayLive is the latest way to learn from the pros.  You want bracelets?  This site has a ton of them.

NEW EMBOSSED CARDS MAKE THEIR DEBUT.   Easier to shuffle and last longer.  Plus the cards don't stick together.  Wonder when Playboy will go embossed?  Read more here.


NO LIMIT POKER IN FLORIDA?  The Sun Sentinel looks at the new gambling proposal before the Florida Senate.  The focus is on two words "No Limit."  Read more here.

WANT SOME STOCK TIPS?  This guy looks at it through a poker perspective.  Why not?  Read here.  If we were to use an analogy of poker to the stock market we'd compare it to a 3-6 table at the Beau during a Hurricane.

TEAM POKER?  Not kicking a guy under the table, but real, legal team poker.  Dream Team Poker has sold out their first event.  Play starts Saturday March 28th.  Now, you friends might actually care about your bad beat story.  Of course you tilt off all your chips you got some 'splaining to do.  For details on playing poker as a team game, go here.  Sounds fun, when do we get to try it out on the coast?  Wonder if Wild Bill would be the Christian Laettner of the Dream Team or Charles Barkley?  Hmmmm.

TEXAS POKER PLAYERS WANT TO PAY TAXES.  Well, we knew those Texans are quick to part with a buck, at least when they roll into Coushatta, why not give some to the government too.  Actually they want to pay taxes if and only if they can play poker legally.   Read the Dallas News Story here.


POKER FACE SONG BY LADY GAGA SOARS TO NUMBER 1 ON SOME CHART.  Lady Gaga's ode to "bluffin' with her muffin" will finally give some positive press to poker.   Or just a ton of gay men. 

MATH IS IDIOTIC.  Barry Greenstein recently on High Stakes Poker gave a shout out to his internet fans by repeating his son Joe Seebok's phrase "Math is Idiotic."  Danica McKeller, formerly Winnie on the Wonder Years, and now a rich math chick penning books on math such as Math Doesn't Suck might beg to differ.

 If you want a lesson on pot odds she'd be a great teacher and probably a lock to be a future Celebrity Apprentice contestant. Speaking of which...

ANNIE DUKE IS STILL ON CELEBRITY APPRENTICE SELLING WEDDING DRESSES.  Danica McKeller was just married so could have bought one.  Kathy Liebert as mentioned yesterday probably not.  Somehow we missed the show and didn't TiVO it. 

However, Annie blogs and blogs and blogs and blogs about the last episoder.  She's a "trouper," 

Want to read it?  Go here but fair warning you might want to pop an Adderol before trying her version of War and Peace.   It's titled "Changing Gears" which we are sure is a poker analogy but the recap of the show is longer than the show itself so we never made it in far enough for Annie to tie it all together.

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