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GULFCOASTERS BACK IN THE GREASE TODAY FOR DAY 2B:  TK Miles sits at 80k...Jacob "Nocko" Naquin with 65k...Fish is sitting on 24k...and Cobra Kai is also sitting with Fish with over 50 bbs at 27k...long way to go guys...DO WORK!!!!

CONDOLENCES TO THE FAMILY OF JESSIE "BROTHERNLAW" COLE   Its with a sad heart that GCP has to post another memorial as we lost a another poker player in Jessie Cole. Jessie has been playing poker in the area for some time dating back to when there was a "Bar Tournament" every night of the week somewhere in South Louisiana...those were the days. Jessie was the brother n law of long time player James Arceneaux who called him that...and the nickname "Brothernlaw" just kind of stuck to Jessie. We are keeping his family and friends in our prayers...R.I.P "Brothernlaw"...you will be missed!!!!



LAFAYETTE, LA's OWN ERIC CLOUTIER POSSIBLY A CHIP LEADER AFTER DAY TWO (A).   It's not quite over, three hands until that point, but allegedly Cloutier is stacked with 384,000.  For his sake let's hope they aren't adding an extra zero again.

GREG "FBT" MUELLER CONTINUES SUMMER TO REMEMBER AND UP WITH THE CHIP LEADERS.  Andy Black, Mike Sexton (who didn't miss the sign up despite what was reported yesterday), and Sorel Mizzi among the leaders too.   Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson, Thor Hansen, also are running like God.  No word on how Zeus Brunson, Budha Bubkiss, Quetzalcoatl Villegez, and Hercules Zmed are fairing. 

LOOKING FOR A BATON ROUGE POKER BLOG?  Look no farther than Sofa King We Todd Did, poker rants from Baton Rouge.  Follow this link to do so.

BAD BEAT JACKPOT OVER 231K AT HARRAHS NEW ORLEANS.  Growing by the minute.  If only it were easy to get quads cracked.  If only it were easy to get quads.



"SORRY, SORRY"  WSOP COMMISH TELLS PLAYERS THAT CAN'T BUY INTO MAIN EVENT.  Day One D was overbooked.  Hundreds of players couldn't buy in, including TJ Cloutier, Mike Sexton, and Brandon Adams.  Whoops!  After meager sales the first two days Day One C and One D had more than the Rio could hold.  It's a nightmare.  Read more here.

JENA DELK ADVANCES TO DAY TWO.  Congrats Jena!  Read here blog for updates.  Several other Gulf Coasters have survived and advanced.  We'll get some more info up here soon.

ERIC CLOUTIER CHIP-LEADING EXPOSED AS FRAUD.  The Lafayette native who has been in the spot light recently for some alleged bad reasons was at one point reported as a chip leader with 150k.  Turns out he only had 15k.  So where did 135k go?  Shoddy bookkeeping?  If anything, it's at least ironic.

JASON ALEXANDER NOT TAKING CALLS FROM THE JERK STORE.  The Seinfeld actor and Celebrity Poker champion has amassed some chips and is one of the early leaders.  Read George Costanza poker stuff here.

VIRGE IS TAKING PROP BETS.  Take a gander at the Lonely Road and Full Tilt Forum if you feel like giving him some action.  Also, if you are looking for some sports bets or poker bets take another gander here



PHIL HELLMUTH FINALLY ARRIVES...WITHOUT HIS CHARIOT:  It seems that him cruising in on a Ancient Roman Chariot were nixed, probably because of insurance reasons (Racecar Episode). He did show up in Grandiose style though being carried in by a pack of roman soldiers. Did anyone think that was NOT what he was going to be dressed as... since every UB ad in the past 6 months had an Ancient Rome theme

GULFCOASTERS FIRING THEIR BULLETS TODAY: Looks like there will be numerous Gulfcoasters "gettin in the grease" today which include the triple threat of Darryl "DFish" Fish, who is battling "BoostedJ" at his 1st table, Tim "TK" Miles and Tyler Smith...Jacob "Nocko" Naquin is playin today also...Kai "Cobra Kai" Landry will be playin tomorrow....GL GUYS!!!!!!!!....DO WORK!!!!




DAVID HALPERN, NEW ORLEANS ATTORNEY, SETTLES FOR WINNING  BRACELET.  Halpern couldn't find a cash game he wanted to play, so took a shot in a tournament.  He bested another GCP notable Allie Prescott, Chad Brown and well known tournament director Matt Savage.  William Kohler was the last to fall in heads up action, which netted Halpern 159k.  Halpern, earlier cashed at this years WSOP (23rd in Event 5 Pot Limit Omaha).  He took a flier on the 1,500 seven card stud eight or better event and won it.

DAVID BACH SURVIVES MARATHON FINAL TABLE AND WINS HORSE CHAMPIONSHIP.  John Hanson comes in second.  On Euro-heaters Lunkin and Wahlbeck couldn't make history with a victory.  Erik123 went out third.  The poker media is calling him EuroDurrrr, but Erik was first so we'll abstain.  

Clown prince of poker Eric Seidel killed but his comedy met an early exit.  Take our word for it there was a lot of guffaws and har-har-hars before he hit the rail. Hanson won $789,199 for second while David Bach got fitted for the gaudy bracelet, got to lift the Chip Reese trophy and pocketed $1,276,802.  Bach is the first person to win the 50k Horse event without a big name. 



GUS HANSEN HORSE FINAL TABLE BUBBLE BOY.  For those level one thinkers, that also means the Horse final table is set.  There are several story of the year possibilities left to go with 40k winner Vitaly Lunkin still alive, "Final Tables In His Sleep" Ville Wahlbeck (with a possibility for player of the year), and poker's clown prince Eric Seidel joking his way to a possible Chip Reese trophy.  Read here for more.

LOOKING FOR PIECE OF THE MAIN EVENT?  Several bloggers on GCP are selling shares of themselves.  Right now Kai may have the best pitch.  If you are interested in getting a piece of anybody contact them through the comments on their blogs.

JACKSONVILLE LOADS UP A CRATE OF SHARKS TO SEND TO THE WORLD SERIES.  They are ready to head to the Main Event.  Grandmothers, teamsters, unemployed, mail inserters good luck to all of you.  Jacksonville.com has the details.

NORMAN CHAD GETS BACKED FOR POKER TOURNAMENT, PLAYS, AND TELLS 543 DIVORCE JOKES.  Wonder if he's a parent of multiples.  To see how he fared in a 10k buy-in event Chad's blog is here.

EXCALIBUR SLAYS COMPUTER TABLE DRAGONS.  The automated poker room is dead.  Pokertek can't be happy with the news.  Players who wanted to take their online fun to the casinos can't be happy either.  People who like to play with their chips rejoice. 

Players who can't operate a VCR much less a newfangled computer poker table still can't operate their VCRs and don't even get them started on the  whatever those damgummed mirrored discs are called.


PHIL HELLMUTH'S FEEL GOOD FATHER'S DAY STORY.  USA Today had a feature straight from the Poker Brat's new book.  Interesting to note, Phil doesn't want his son to go broke should he take up the game.  Read the story here.



GREG FBT MUELLER CONTINUES MULTIPLES WORLD SERIES SUCCESS.  Not multiples as in parents with multiple kids per pregnancy like Jon and Kate Plus Eight (incidentally multiples have a high divorce rate) but multiple bracelet winners per World Series.  FBT bagged his second.  Recently, Jeff Lisandro who looks like a bagman nicked his third.  Phil Ivy and Brock Parker also have two this year.  Most people are saying the repeats refute it's all luck argument.

PPA POKER PETITION UP TO ALMOST 200,000 SIGNATURES.  Good news.  Bad news is several sites buying sigs by offering free rolls.  Do a little digging at your favorite online habitat and you too may qualify.  Story here

GIDDY UP.  Happy poker-ers Vitaly Lunkin (hoping to do a big buy-in double after winning the 40k event), Ville Wahlbeck (crushing 10k and bigger buy-in events), Gush Hansen, Huck Seed and Erik Seidel are some of the big names still on the saddle.  The final table is almost set with Erik Sagstrom and David Bach 1-2 in chips. 

BRAZIL COMEBACK COST GAMBLER $50,000.  The U.S. soccer team's odds of winning the Confederation Cup were so astronomical after their opening two losses a couple of bookmakers removed them from action.  One bettor found a taker and plopped $50 on the U.S.  with odds at 999-1. 

After a couple of miracles to get to the final and 2-0 opening lead he was probably spending his money.  And then Brazil came back to win.  In poker terms:  the bettor held 9s8s.  The house As5s.  Flop came 4s10sQs  Turn Js.  River Ks.  Almost a Fifty-Thousandnaire, sports gambling story here.  Sports gambling information here




Fish is primed to possibly bring home the bracelet as he is well in range even though some sicko has 2.2 million as the CL. Play will continue today. We are not sure if the Final Table will be on ESPN 360 or not. Fish still has a lot of work to do as he needs to fade the likes of Eugene Todd "Bro", Isaac Haxton, Kirill Gerasimov and JC Alverado.

This will be Fish's 7th cash in this years WSOP, and we don't know of anybody else that has that many. He was tied at 5 cashes thru event #31 with the likes of Brock Parker, David Baker, Fabrice Soulier and Tony Cousineau.

The cards will be in the air at 2pm Vegas time. It would be nice to bring another bracelet into the household as Fish is roommates with MattG (Below update). From all of us GCPers out here sweating you buddy...DO WORK SON!!!!!!!


New Orleans Native and LSU student Bobby Toye is doing well out in vegas with a cash in the WSOP...and 2 cashes at the Venetian Deep Stack. Bobby's Stats below...GL Bobby!!!!

Deep Stack Extravaganza
No Limit Hold'em 27th $1,983 Jun 14, 2009
Deep Stack Extravaganza
No Limit Hold'em 15th $3,194 Jun 7, 2009
40th World Series of Poker 2009

Event #9 - WSOP No Limit Hold'em Six Handed 50th $5,616


ALL OF GCP WANT TO WISH MONKEY AND SQUIRREL A VERY HAPPY AND LOVING MARRIAGE. Now we just needs some chimps to round out the family...CONGRATS GUYS!!!!






New Orleans native and UB pro Matt "Mattg1983" Graham gets some more wrist hardware in the 10kPLO World Championship in Event #40. He was heads up with another bracelet winner going for number 2 in 2009... Vitaly Lunkin...and he also had to fade the likes of Josh Arieh, Nenad Medic and Barry Greenstein on the final day.

 Lunkin has the most prized bracelet of them all though as he won the 40k this year. I got a text from one of Matt's buddys when it happened saying, "MattG just won another bracelet...in a game he doesn't even play"...now that pretty strong. Hopefully, this wont be his last one of 2009, Now we need some other Gulf Coasters to bring home some "Bling".



JONATHAN LITTLE ADDED TO THE FOLD.  We are adding a few more new bloggers in the coming weeks, and while they won't all have the credentials of this guy they should bring even more variety to the site.

But first things first, we'd like to welcome Jonathan Little to the fold.  Unless you've lived under a rock, you'll know he's one of the coast's most decorated players.  He's but 24 and already amassed over 4 million dollars in winnings.  The Pensacola born poker pro's young success already includes a WPT Player of the Year award.  If you've had the travel channel the last couple of years and you watch poker on TV then you've seen him on a final table or two.  Check out his sites www.jonathanlittle.net, sngicons.com. and  www.FloatTheTurn.com

Did you get the clues...  I mean we basically told you in our last post who it was.  "LITTLE tease" yeah, we pretty much spelled it out "any JUSTICE" his old handle is Fiery Justice ring any bells?.



DURRR CHALLENGE NOT OVER!  Tom "Durrr" Dwan had a monster session to recapture the challenge lead.  Maya Geller Antonius (pictured) recently revealed back problems and an illness have kept Patrick at home and missing most of the WSOP.  That's good news for Durrrr who has been picking on the sickly Scandi and logging a lot of hours in the challenge.

Durrrr dropped 250k even further behind Patrick Antonius, in a recent session, before going on a heater.  Dwan finished the day up $370k.  Nearly every late pot went Durrrr's way in the 910 hand session.  To follow things up Durrrr waxed Patrick yet again the next day to surge into a $726,546 lead overall.  Almost one month into the challenge, they have played a little over 40%  of the 50,000 hands they agreed to play. 

NEW BLOGGER THIS WEEKEND.  Little tease for you:  he's from the Gulf Coast and is probably one of the best young pros out there.  Should we give you a clue?  If there was any justice in this word we would, but maybe we won't.  Look for him in the next couple of days .

Also, I advise you to take a gander at Kai Landry's new post on his sexy poker blog to the right:  YOU'RE ENTERING A WORLD OF PAIN, very well written, as usual and some great pics too. 

POKERSTARS TAKES IT IN THE GUT.  Stars is hardest hit by the asset freeze and Tilt and Cake Poker have benefited a bit by the company's slow response time probably created by their huge player base.  Tilt quickly found new processors and Cake was apparently unaffected.  As a result both increased traffic by 3%.  Stars lost 7% of their traffic.   For more information go here.

STARS TITTERING AND TWITTERING.  The Sun Sentinel has a story on the top twitters at this years WSOP and a little information about poker players being, well not early adopters, maybe timely adopters, of the format, that is great way of keeping up with chip-counts in tournaments.  Read more from Nick Sortal, here.

YOUR SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES WITH ONLINE SITES.  Still a possibility?  For a lot of them it now requires final tabling the Main Event, even better if you have a chip stack.  Since that's like hitting the powerball, Pokernews has some other tips to get you a sponsorship including a little hyping of their ChipMeUp backing feature.  Read the story here.

FACEBOOK POKER ADDRESSING THE ATTEMPTS TO MONETIZE IT.  The free texas hold'em games on the site have inspired some intrepid to profit off the game and users may be skirting US Gaming law.    Basically, winners of the game are selling their virtual (and worthless chips) for real money.  Course with the vagueness of UIGAE federal laws this is an extreme example of people covering their asses over a far more derivative application of the standards.  Besides playing poker online is legal, right?  To read more go here. Oh yeah, if you are on Facebook and haven't friended us yet, do so, we are GCP NET.



GREG 'FBT' MUELLER BESTS CHAD BROWN AND DANIEL ALAEI  TO WIN THE 10k WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP LIMIT HOLD'EM EVENT.  Full Blown Tilt managed to control himself long enough to win 460k.  A former hockey player Greg won on a day the Stanley Cup visited the WSOP.  Pokerati is reporting the Cup was inspiration for FBT's victory after two previous second place finishes in his bracelet quest.  The Stanley Cup is pictured below with Hayden Panettiere who obviously doesn't watch Christmas movies on TBS.


Chad Brown, who after a couple of stellar years, was known just for marrying Vanessa Ruosso this year but made himself relevant again by taking third.  Likely it is back to being a dual income couple again.  Alaei who just won a bracelet almost matched Ivey's and Brock Parker's two wins this year but came short in 5th place.

NHL WSOP MEET, PUBLIC YAWNS.  That's why Lord Stanley's Cup was visiting. In a story completely passed over by the mainstream media, for obvious reasons, we wonder who benefits?  Who gets the bump?  Sure it's kind of cool that the World Series of Poker welcomed the NHL to the RIO in a series of photo ops and cross promotion but it's kinda like two trees falling into each other in a forest and nobody hears it.  Complete nonevent or in other terms would be kind of like Vanilla Ice doing a duet with MC Hammer this year.

In the photo above Kristen Bell spots a piece of Hayden Panettiere's tongue.  Meanwhile, if that dude is her boyfriend it proves the theory no matter how beautiful or "hot" the girl some dude is bored of her.  Neither of these Stanley Cup photos is at the WSOP.  It might have merited some media attention if Hayden or Bell were there with the trophy but they weren't.  Unfortunately, it was Gary Bettman, who is almost as riveting an interview as Patrick Antonius, and a trophy which is basically a glorified punch bowl.  What's next the MLS visits the WSOP?

KEITH EZYKOWICH CASHES IN $1500 HORSE EVENT.  Friend of GCP.NET and Monkey's roommate in Vegas, Keith placed 55th in the huge field.  You'll remember Keith recently won the $300 Pot Limit Omaha High/Low Tournament at the circuit event in New Orleans.  Keith excels at all disciplines of poker having also final tabled a Seven Card Stud event (N.O. circuit event 07) and cashed at the IP Classic in No Limit Hold 'Em.   It's no surprise the multiple games in Horse were conquered by Keith.



BOYD CALLS THE ORACLE A WELCHER.  Dutch Boyd who's real name is (ironically) Russ, has been accused of welching on $400,000 owed to players on his now defunct Pokerspot online poker site. Russ has also been dragged through the mud in regards to his alleged involvement in a domain name scandal (his alleged email is pretty epic).  However, Dutch is happy to call out Roy "The Oracle" Winston for an alleged prop bet that The Oracle didn't make good on.  Anyway, it's still a pretty good read no matter how you feel about Russ Hamilton...  sorry Russ Boyd.

POY STANDINGS.   Updated standings and some analysis at Bet & Win Poker.  Ville Wahlbeck, Phil Ivey, and Brock Parker 1,2, and 3.  Negreanu in the thick of things despite not having won a bracelet.

JC TRAN WINS BRACELET.  Tran wins his second career WSOP bracelet in the $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha event. 

SILKY ELKY ELUDES DONKS.  Bertand "Elky" Grospellier running hot in $1,500 No Limit Hold 'Em event.  He's the chipleader, now up to $445,000, with Roland De Wolfe and Jared Hamby (Waco kid) with plenty of chips.  2095 Entrants down to 124 players.

LISANDRO GOING AFTER SECOND BRACELET.  Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy is the leader with Lisandro right behind in the 5k Pot Limit Omaha event.  Isaac Baron (not Haxton or the red jacketed bartender on our favorite cruise ship), Devilfish Ulliot, Tex Barch, and Hot Corkins are some of the 130 players left (out of 363 runners).



CHAN CAN'T.  Johnny Chan doesn't win 11th bracelet.  We could just rerun that headline after every event, but this is in reference to the heads up tournament he went deep in.  Seems like every time we talk about a name pro going deep, (but not named Phil Ivey and merely named as opposed to those anonymous professionals), they bust out shortly thereafter.

We were going to do an update about Shannon Shorr and Bryan Micon crushing a $1500 buy-in and we double check and they are both busted.  So now all we have to do is think about it.  We don't even have to post it.  It's almost like only one guy gets to win these things.  Still, congrats to Shorr and Micron who made it to 5th and 4th of a HORSE Event.  They seem to be from opposite sides of the spectrum maybe there is a buddy flick in there.  Speaking of movies...

COSTA RICA ONLINE GAMBLING FLICK TO STAR LEONARDO DiCAPRIO.  The guys who wrote Rounders are turning their sights to the online... sites.  Expect veiled references to the Absolute(ly Cheating You) Poker Scandal.  We can see the pitch now,  Blow meets Magic the Gathering meets the Firm meets Shade meets bad sequel of your choice that's not technically a sequel but we all know it is... ie Charles in Charge.  Speaking of sequels why not just get Matt Damon and Ed Norton and make it an honest to goodness sequel.


Here's our pitch:  Worm worms his way into a online site's strip mall in Costa Rica's offices, where he coincidentally is hiding out after trying to tap into hole camera feeds.  He is about to get....  To read the rest head over to DINE ON THE WHALES.

SUGGESTIONS FOR WHO'S WHO?  Darryll Fish and Jason Mercier will be on the next update.  Mercier has a blog here.  Wonder if we can get Fish to come on board at GCP to share his thoughts as he tries to make it in Vegas.  Any other suggestions?  As always email:  Wild Bill.  

Also, on the same note, we are sorting out some prospective new bloggers.  If you have any suggestions or are interested hit the same email address.  We should let everybody know in a couple of weeks or so, so if we haven't gotten back to you yet, we will.



PHIL IVEY PROP BET MADNESS CONTINUES AFTER HE WINS ANOTHER BRACELET.  Rumor has it Ivey (pictured with a gaggle of Greenstein's exes?) let a lot of his fellow pros out of their prop bets for bracelet number six by rolling it over into higher stakes if he were to win another bracelet this WSOP.  He just did.  Some sites suggested Ivey raked in over 12 million for his first bracelet if he hadn't rolled it over--one can only guess how much his seventh bracelet earned him.  One thing is certain the Craps pit bosses will have to up their limits soon in a lot of casinos. 

KAI CASHES AND OTHER TEAM GCP NEWS IN VEGAS.  Kai Landry gets on the board with his first WSOP cash in the shootout event.  Monkey blogs about late night swims with Liv Boeree (possibly pictured at right, okay that's probably not her even if google images sez it is) and trying to talk Jen Harman into going to Sapphire at THE POKER MONKEY.  Jena gives a trip report that touts the cash game and disappointment in the donkaments.  Read it in JENA'S POKER DIARY  and see BJ Nemeth's photos of Liv (for real) and Jena here.  Also Southpaw Rounder and the Honest Player have been there the past week, we look forward to their stories.

JOHNNY CHAN IS TWO HEADS UP MATCHES AWAY FROM BRACELET 11.  The 10k Heads Up World Championship offers a first place prize of 625k.  Dustin Woolf and John Duthie are two of the more---albeit marginally---well known names also alive.

HUNGRY LIKE DE WOLFE.  Roland De Wolfe bested Bret Richie and Scott Clement in the 5k PLO Hi-Low split 8 or or Better to add to his pack of awards.  EPT title?  Check.  WPT title?  Check.  WSOP bracelet?  Check.   Gavin Griffin is the only other player to accomplish this feat.  Unfortunately no confirmation if Roland was sporting internet sensation Wolf T-Shirt.  Though, there is heavy speculation merely having a wolfy name got him the bracelet.  You don't need a lobo name to play pot limit omaha to learn how  try online omaha poker.

VEGAS SUN SHINES LIGHT ON CASH FREEZE.  Toxic assets move over, the poker economy is all about frozen assets.  The Sun goes in depth into the plight of players funds getting coolered here.



DARRYL "DFISH" FISH CONTINUES ON A MASSIVE HEATER IN 2009 Fish is currently at 260k in chips several hours into Day 2 in event 24. he came into Day 2 as one of the top chip leaders, and is primed to make a run at the Final Table. This would make Fish's 5th WSOP cash...so far. Fish's 2009 heater consist of the following live events:

40th World Series of Poker 2009
Event #20 - WSOP Pot Limit Hold'em 41st $3,983 Jun 9, 2009

40th World Series of Poker 2009
Event #15 - WSOP No Limit Hold'em 25th $21,026 Jun 6, 2009

40th World Series of Poker 2009
Event #4 - WSOP No Limit Hold'em 369th $2,434 Jun 3, 2009

40th World Series of Poker 2009
Event #9 - WSOP No Limit Hold'em Six Handed 72nd $4,062 Jun 3, 2009

California State Poker Championships
No Limit Hold'em Championship 8th $28,251 May 22, 2009

Southern Poker Championship / WPT Event Season 7
Event #12 - No Limit Hold'em 19th $3,676 Jan 10, 2009

LOCAL BAYOU BOY JEREMY "THECHEMIST83' GAUBERT SNAPS OFF ANOTHER SWEET ONLINE SCORE:  Jeremy picks up a cool 26k for 1st place in the Absolute Poker $100k Guarantee $500+30
that had 194 entrants - $100,000 paid out to 27 spots. It may look like there was an overlay, but the $30.00 juice  to AP actually made AP a little cash. When hes not killing the tournament circuit live and online, you can find Jeremy backing many online regulars at his backing site you can visit HERE
. If you have some decent cashes...fill out the form and you never know...you may wind up in the mtt-backing stable.



JEFFREY LISANDRO WHO DID IN FACT PAY HIS ANTES WINS BRACELET.  Lisandro wins the 1.5k Seven Card Stud event.  This is Lisandro's second bracelet and his second in stud.  His Heads up opponent Rod Pardey was seeking his third in stud but came up just short.  Nick Frangos finished in third and John Juanda fifth.  Jason Mercier notched another cash, so did Dutch Boyd, Miami John Cernuto, and blast from the past Sam Grizzle..

LOOKING FOR STARS?  The 10k World Championship of Omaha Hi/LO 8 or Better is loaded with poker names.  Annie Duke is near the top of the leader board.  Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, and Daniel Negreanu are in the thick of things hoping to get to the money and add a final table to their stats.  At this writing 7 away from the money.

JONATHAN LITTLE'S NEW SITE.  One of the Gulf Coast's best players, Little with almost 4 million in live winnings, has revamped his web presence. Thumbs up on the format.  Check it out here.  Plenty of time for Little to dispense some fiery justice and take down a bracelet this year.

FISH CASHES AGAIN.  No not Freddie Ellis, but Darryll Fish who won 21k in the 5k No Limit Hold 'em Tournament.  Monkey's pal Christian 'Da_Professional' Iacobellis took 9th for 66k.    Thomas "Thunder" Keller and Mike Sowers went out in 3rd and 4th.

DARIO MINIERI MARRIED?  There is a rumor, and a picture or two, floating around Facebook and the forums that seems to at least put him and his "bride" at a chapel.  The rumor is the nuptials took place at a Vegas landmark Britney Spears style.  Even worse some suggest he's known his new wife less than a week.  If true, congrats to Dario, (pictured with past girlfriend Isabelle Mercier--Dario is wearing the scarf).    




BRUNSONS DON'T WIN BRACELET Nor Allie Prescott (monkey blogs about it in his latest post).  Ville Wahlbeck took it down for 492k (his second final table of the week).  David Chiu finished second.  Mark Gregorich 4th, Huck Seed 5th, Todd Brunson 8th, Doyle 15th.

PHIL IVEY'S PROP BETS WERE $12 MILLION?  BJ Nemeth on Tao of Poker is reporting that here (see Saturday, June 06 entry). 

LEE WATKINSON GRIPES ABOUT A LOOPHOLE.   Registered, unregister, reregister, what's the meaning of this?  Read here.

NEGREANU PLACES SECOND.  Brock Parker overcame a huge chip disadvantage and carried his momentum to a win.  Lots of turn cards paid him off and frustrated Negreanu. 



ACTUALLY THE ARE ON BREAK,BUT IN ABOUT 10 MINUTES THEY'LL BE BACK.  Follow the live action here.  Yes you can watch it:  live video.



JASON MERCIER ON VIDEO.  Like the Ivey video before him, we've got video of Mercier right before he crushed his final table and captured his bracelet.  The Fort Lauderdale youngster seems just as calm, cool and collected as Ivey did.  That's a good thing.  Course Mercier probably didn't win as much in his bracelets prop bets.

By the way, on Poker Road Radio they said Ivey in his very next event was trying to double his wagers that he'd win another bracelet this year.  As Joe Seebok said, "Just take a moment to enjoy this one."  To watch the Poker Road Ivey video and the Pokernews Mercier video head to DINE ON THE WHALES.

THE EARLY WSOP.  More video:  Amarillo Slim came up with the idea of the freezeout?  Johnny Moss, maybe a fish?  Pokernews has all that and more.  Watch an interesting nine minutes of history here.

PHIL HELLMUTH WILL NOT WIN HIS NEXT BRACELET IN 2K EVENT.   Late last night he called all in with pocket sixes.  The small blind pushed with J10, Phil the big blind liked the flop as it came Q37.  Jim Geary in the small blind liked the K hitting the turn and giving him 8 more outs.  He hit one when an A fell on the river giving him a runner, runner pot, a speech from Phil and the elimination of a dangerous opponent.


TEXAS DOLLY MIGHT WIN HIS NEXT BRACELET IN THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MIXED EVENT.  18 players remain with Doyle (pictured in the Cowboy hat... and by the way, is this what the inside of Doyle's Room looks like?) in the top 10 of chips.  Huck Seed is the chip leader with 645k, ALLIE PRESCOT is in between the Brunsons which is a good thing as far as chip counts go and a bad thing in the backseat of a Ford Fiesta on a cross country road trip.  Todd Brunson has 374.5k worth of chips in 5th.  Allie 357k at 6th, and ol' Doyle 335k in 9th.    Michael Binger is on fumes in 16th with 132k in chips.

TRYING TO WITHDRAW MONEY FROM POKERSTARS OR FULL TILT?   Pokerati says it may not be so easy any more.  Problems in transferring money have finally hit the big U.S. Sites.   Read Dan M's story here.



JASON MERCIER ON FIRE.  This Gulf Coaster, and Fort Lauderdale kid (23), has already won one bracelet this year and is currently going deep in a 2k No Limit Hold'Em event.  He won his bracelet in the 1.5k PLO event.  We'll get this guy up on the who's who as soon as we can.  UPDATE:  BUSTO

TYLER SMITH IN THE MONEY.  Tyler, like Mercier, is deep in the 2k No Limit Hold'em Event.  At this writing there are 68 players left.  Smith at 154k is just behind Hellmuth at 202k, and Mercier at 222k.  UPDATE:  SMITH BUSTO TOO.  The chipleader is Peter Rho with 403k.  Tom McEnvoy, giddy with his little red corvette, his Captain Tom Franklin beard, and outlasting collaborator TJ Cloutier is hanging around with the short stack but in the money.  Franklin and Cloutier both just busted in the money.  A pat on the back for both old timers.

MANNY MINAYA FINISHES 6TH IN EVENT 9.  Minaya is from Tampa, Bay Florida.  He joins fellow Floridian Jaime Rosen in the money.  Rosen ended up 16th, and pocketed a little over 10k in the Event 10 PLHE/O tournament.   

GO BIG RED.  Cornel Cipan is at the final table of event 10.  Once the chip leader he's now the short stack.  Cimpan, is from League City Texas, you'll remember him winning the WPT Tournament in February for almost 1.7 million.   Another monster from a Gulf Coast state who'll be on the who's who soon enough.

THE POKER MONKEY CASHES AGAIN.  We know Will was disappointed with the way his Venetian tournament ended but one day, some day, the luck ITM will go his way and not the guys that are destined for his donkey barn.  Keep your head up Monkey!



PHIL IVEY WINS BRACELET.  The Event 8 $2,500 NL 2-7 Lowball concluded with Ivey besting John Monette three and half hours after they started playing heads-up.  Ivey (pictured multi-tabling) pocketed 96k and a 2009 bracelet; his sixth.  Even better it's rumored he also wins about 3 million in prop bets.  This is a great result for a player who cut his teeth playing live poker but is now more known for craps rolls and online play.  Wild Bill has a video from Poker Road of Ivey right before the final table.  And maybe even better, video of the scooter race between Doyle Brunson and Amarillo Slim.  Yes, you read that right.  Scooter race between Brunson and Slim.

WANNA LEARN HOW TO PLAY PLO?  This game is sweeping the world, tired of two hole cards?  Double them!  If you don't know what we are talking about and think it's a game that's got something to do with Yassar Arafat, you'd be wrong and you need some online omaha poker tips.  Go get 'em here. 

STEVE SUNG WINS BRACELET.  Saw a little bit of this final table over on Bluff's website.  Sung got short and poured on the aggression to best Dan Heimiller and others.

MARK WILDS AND DARRYLL FISH CASH.  Two Gulf Coasters go deep in the Six Handed No Limit Hold'em Event 9.  Both won a little over 4k.  Wilds' (pictured) catalogue of cashing just got incrementally longer.  We think this is Wilds 15h WSOP cash.  Fish also cashed in event 4 and these are his first WSOP cashes.  We expect many more from the talented youngster from Cape Coral, FL.

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