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SPORTS CEOS AND THEIR GAMBLINGS.  UFC Owner Dana White reportedly owes the Bellagio over a million dollars.  It's okay to tap-out, Dana.  Hopefully Dana played better than Chuck Lidell (pictured with a pair) did in his WSOP Main Event appearance/advertise-ment for UFC. 

Chelsea soccer club, one of the richest sports franchise in the world, is owned by Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich, and he successfully sued for libel against an Italian newspaper who wrongly claimed he lost a yacht in a poker game (... oh...  so Dana, remember we said reportedly... don't sue us sue we saw it here).  Roman stated the allegations "which included relationship difficulties arising from gambling online, had caused him 'distress and embarrassment.'"  We know it wasn't the gambling online that caused him distress because...

AS WE MENTIONED ON FACEBOOK, SCIENTISTS CITE ONLINE POKER AS A STRESS RELIEVER.  If by stress, they mean cash, it can certainly do that.  Online Poker as a stress reliever?  If by removing stress they mean only until you smash your laptop to micro-micro chips when you get bad beat-ed, it can do that.  If by stress reliever they mean when you are winning, certainly.  This isn't from Nature magazine and how knows who funded it, but if you want to read the study go here.

WHEEEEEE, WE UPDATED OUR BLOGS PAGE.  If you are a poker blogger from the Gulf Coast and want to join our network, let us know and we'll get the link up.  Go here to check out many of the blogs from our region.  Email Wild Bill if you want your blog linked up there.  Be ready with a picture and a profile paragraph (don't make us write one for you).

EVEREST POKER SUING THE WORLD SERIES.  Apparently, the WSOP removed the Everest logo from their French telecasts breaking their contract (alleges Everest).  The WSOP blamed their affiliate and said they'd control them, and then didn't (again alleges Everest). You might remember seeing the Everest logo on the tables at the World Series, maybe even thought about playing on the site, only to discover it's not offered to American players.  Its largest source of revenue?  France.  Curious what on the felt advertising goes for?  When they signed the contract for three years (one year remaining) it was for $22.5 million total.  Does that make it by square inch the most expensive billboard in the world?  Read the Sun Sentinel for more.



JEFF MADSEN MOVING TO ISRAEL?  The former poker wunderkind has a prop bet that he must move to Israel until the world series.  He stands to win 50k.  It also states he can't use a cell phone or contact any of his friends while over there.  No news if he must wear a wig and a cap.  Despite tweeting this on April 1, it appears to be authentic, unlike Monkey's declaration he was quitting poker, Wild Bill's announcement he had found Planet Lovetron, the Tiltin' Texan's stated fondness for Carolina Barbeque, or the news that Obama was to play in the World Series of Poker this year.

FULL TILT ON FULL TILT?  A grand jury in Manhattan could bring indictments to the famous poker players behind Full Tilt.  This includes Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson also known by their poker aliases The Professor and Jesus.  Allegations include money laundering.  Two key witnesses are alluded to...  if you will remember, recently Full Tilt was sued unsuccessfully in separate cases by two former employees.  Speculation abounds that they may be the ones helping the feds.  Just that, speculation, for now. 

IRISH OPEN A WRAP.  Instead of show girls carrying the cash out did three leprechauns come out with a pot of gold?  We don't know.  We suspect not.  We also suspect other Irish stereotypes were not played up.  Course a leprechaun is not really a stereotype.   There are short people everywhere, except in Ireland they live at the end or rainbows, have pots of gold, and drinking problems.   Anyway, James Mitchell took down the tournament and 600,000 quid.  Our favorite poker site's blog had one of its qualifiers go deep again with Chipleider85 going out 14th.  Four other players cashed.



GCPers UPDATE.  Monkey goes one for one in his first tournament in St. Louis.  12th place for a tidy little cash to start off the trip.  He reports g
reat things at Harrahs there, sounds like they are putting together an incredible event.  Read his blog for more.  And don't forget to get the Poker Monkey rate when booking your stay in St. Louis. 

Thanks to Ross Leitz reporting on our facebook page Brandon Jarrett's hot online streak is continuing with a 10th place last night in Full Tilt's 50/50.  Ross has a great blog at The Nuts.

Also, Dan Walsh made three final tables in a row at the Spring Break Classic (9th, multi-way chop, and one outright first place).  Congrats guys!   We really appreciate ya'll keeping us abreast of Gulf Coasters success on that page.  Keep it coming.  If you aren't a friend yet, become one. 

And thanks to Plazer (?) for letting us know about interview on Pokerpages featuring Pensacola's finest and our blogger Jonathan Little.  Also, congrats again to the GCP bloggers Honest Player AND Southpaw Rounder for their cashes at the Spring Break tournament...


Event 1: 1st Chris Conrad, Tallahassee, FL 32k plus Main Event Seat.  2nd Will Barton, Baton Rouge, LA, 17k.  5th BJ McBrayer (pictured) Tuscaloosa, AL.  8th Bert Lander, Biloxi, MS 2,9k.  9th Barron Whipple, Houma, LA 1.9k.

Event 2:  1st Mohammed Moeini, Gulf Port, MS 15k.  2nd Paul H. Hall Mobile, AL 8.3k, 5th Jerry Giroir Lafayette, LA 2.7k.  6th and 7th both from Ocean Springs, MS (you guys car pool over) Jerry Stumbo and Joel Watts 2.2k and 1.8k. 

Event 3:   High Heel Ladies Event 1-3, Davon Hayes, Marrero, LA 3.5k, Karen Fielder, Pensacola, FL 1.8k, Lindsey Spence Baton Rouge, LA 1.1k.  8th Debbra Cooper, Bash, LA and 9th, Sheryl Page, D'Iberville, MS.

Event 4:  1st John Coflin, Fort Pierce, FL 11.8k, 4th John Pearson, Moss Point, MS 2.8k, 5th Daniel Herrington (Ection Dan), Livingston, LA 2.1k, 7th Todd Coale, Biloxi, MS 1.4k.  Also congrats to Rodney Stiebing, David Bourg, and BJ McBrayer for cashing.

Event 5:  Brian Fontana Slidell, LA 3.7k.

BWIN IN IRELAND  Tired of all these local knuckleheads cashing?  Maybe you need to get away to the old world.  How about Ireland it's lovely in the spring.  Well, Team bwin has landed.  The Emerald Isle is host to the Irish Open and 50 players from the online poker site will be there.  King_Dirk and ChipLieder85 will be in the mix with a lot of results under their belt.  Check out bwin’s poker blog  for more. 



FREE COACHING?  Most of us need it, usually free is no good but this time it is.  This isn't an April Fools joke, no for free coaching go to Jonathan Little's site
during this promotion.

ISILDUR1 TO DEBUT IN LIVE POKER.  Tony G is staking him, and the Swede may or may not be wearing a mask, but he'll be joining a British Poker TV show.  No word yet if he is Brian Hastings, Durrrrr, Sam Grizzle, or Viktor Blom.  No word if this is in fact a practical joke.  Other players on the table are rumored to be Tony G himself, Luke Schwartz, Phil Laak, Jennifer Tilly.

CHATROULETTE TO OPEN POKER ROOM.  Yes, the two biggest crazes of the 2000s, a live social media site,and poker are merging together.  Compete against pantless opponents and try to get a read on the pervert's tells but you probably won't see his eyes.  Limpers will be punished  in this game.  Okay, it's not Chatroulette but it might end up being just that, especially as its just play money right now over at FacePokerLive.com




JONATHAN LITTLE SIGNS WITH VICTORY POKER.  The latest poker star to join a stable of players that includes Antonio Esfandiari, Andrew Robl, Paul Wasicka and Lee Markholt.  Congrats to Jon on his new deal.   Read here for more.

BIZARRO WORLD, BLACKJACK PRO LOSES HIS SHIRT AT ONLINE POKER.  Usually the bucket and the leak are reversed but not for Josh Axelrad.  He made a bundle counting cards and then fed it to the online masses.  Read bloomberg for more.

POKERSTARS AND FULLTILT TO DEBUT NEW TV SHOWS WHICH ARE BASICALLY THE SAME.  The also sound suspiciously like Poker After Dark.  In both shows five pros will be joined by an amateur whose buy-in is paid for by the respective sites.  Full Tilt's show will be called "Poker Lounge" and Pokerstars show will be called "The Big Game."  Pokerstars is more High Stakes poker with their player given 100k to put on the line against the Pokerstars pros including Daniel Negreanu. 

The fish gets to keep anything over 100k that he wins.  If he loses on the session the remainder goes back to Stars.  That should drive some action.  Full Tilt's is a sit 'n go, probably with an accelerated structure and each player puts up 20k winner take all.

Technically, Pokerstars introduced their show first, if that sort of thing matters to you. 



GEORGE COSTANZA'S ACTOR AND INSPIRATION BOTH BAD POKER PLAYERS.  Hollywood has a secret poker club and Larry David was an agonizing slow caller (slow roller too?), Jason Alexander an epic loser, and it also has been host to both Captain Kirks.  Read The Wrap for more.

BET THE HOUSE.  Never thought I'd want to read a book by film critic Richard Roeper.  But "Bet the House" follows him for 30 days on a gambling binge, betting and partaking in 30 different types of gambling (including poker), for a grand or more each day.  For  a surprisingly interesting excerpt go here.



SUPER HEATER ALERT!!!!!!: Yeeeaaaaaaaaaa...Its amazing how some people can just make it look so easy. They log on to play some MTTs one month...clown around with the petty poker minions trying to make a name for themselves...and they ship 9 (nine) tournaments in a month. Well...lets not forget to mention the 3 or 4 second places in that same month...throw in a few thirds...or that he just shipped another one last night that has not hit Pocket5's yet.

Ben "The Destroyer" Mintz has been quietly destroying the online MTT's lately. Lets see...since Feb 27th ...16 Final Tables...he ships 9 of them...and banks over $40k. Like we said..."Some People" just make it look so easy.

THE CHEMIST SHIPS ANOTHER:  Speaking of making it look easy (Yawn)...our favorite killer Cajun cozies up to his computer...probably cracks his knuckles in  a pre-tourney ritual...maybe gets his favorite energy drink...and sits down and ships the 150k Guaranteed on UB last week for a cool $46k.

...and you guys think this game is HARD  LOL!!!!



TERREBONE PARISH ORGANIZING POKER RUN FOR FALLEN POLICE OFFICER.   The run hopes to raise thousands for officer Timothy Bergeron's family members.  Details:  Saturday at 9 a.m. at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 3252 La. 56, Chauvin.  The Houma Today has more details here.

CARLOS MORTENSEN OWNS THE WPT.  Unlike another Main Event champion who recently went fetal as he struck out yet again at a WPT final table, 'Los just wins.  With the victory he and Gus Hansen are tied for most WPT wins with three.  He also surpassed Daniel Negreanu in the all time WPT money winnings.

He didn't receive a trophy for either achievement but he did win just short of 400k for first place at the Hollywood Poker Open.  He's also pretty good at chip-stacking.  Interestingly enough Hollywood has moved to Lawrenceberg Indiana.  Mortensen, at 37, has now won just of 10 million in live tournaments

TRYING TO BUY VOTES.  Vote early and vote often, and if you vote for me, I'll pay you later.  What politician hasn't run that campaign?  Tom Schneider the 2007 WSOP player of the year is trying the second half of that.  Everybody that votes for him and only him gets an equal share of half of what he wins if he's voted into Harrahs new Tournament of Champions.  Pokerati had the scoop.

THE ACCUMULATOR.  Sounds like an Arnold Schwarznegger movie about poker?  Or maybe about accumulating debt as Governor.  The adult movie version can use the same name but just be pronounced different.  Actually, The Accumulator is poker related.  In Australia's Crown Casino, home of the Aussie Millions and now Joe Hachem's Deep Stack Series they've unveiled the Accumulator. 

In this deep stack tournament there are two starting days.  Players can chose either day to start.  Players that survive day 1A will be allowed to play day 1B as well.  Here's wher things start to accumulate.  On day 1B they get a whole new stack.  Any chips that they win are added together for day 2.  From that point on it's just standard accumulating.



BLOGGER UPDATE:  You'll notice Shannon Shorr has been added to our columns.  We are proud to link to him and consider him one of the top players on the Coast.  He's already achieved big things with over 3 million dollars in winnings and will continue to do so.  His informative homepage is www.shannonshorr.com

Blogger Brandon Jarrett has been running good again.  He's added to his impressive online cashes in the past two weeks with these results:

1st - $30 Rebuy PLO ($4K)
1st - 28K GTD ($6,000)
1st - 35K GTD ($8,000)
3rd - $20 Rebuy 6Max (2,000)

7 Final Tables in March so far, and 12 in Feb., plus a 4th in a 25k this week.  He promises an update soon on his blog.

TYLER SMITH IS IN THIRD PLACE AND DWYTE PILGRIM IS STILL ON FIRE.  Pilgrim is playing poker and the rest of us are playing some other game.  Pilgrim is the chip leader at the WPT Hollywood Open after Day 2.  Tyler is in third in search of his third WPT final table.  Jason Mercier and Hoyt Corkins have been bounced.  Brian Hawkins is still in the thick of things 26th in chips.  Seems like being the coverboy of Gulf Coast Poker Magazine was good luck for Smith.  Who will be the cover-boy of issue two?

FOUR CRIMINAL GENIUSES IN BERLIN CASINO HEIST NABBED.  Deftly eluding capture for little more than a week, these masterminds who attempted a robbery in broad daylight brandishing machetes couldn't trip over their own feet quick enough.  With names such as Jihad, the four men of Turkish and Arabic origins are now all in custody. 

For about a week they had 1/4 million dollars but little time to to spend it, and now they are looking at a long time in prison to think about what they could have spent it on, if they got away,  Crime doesn't pay, kiddies.  Steal from your opponents not from the casinos, and by steal from your opponents we mean their blinds antes, and chip-stacks, not from their wallets.  And now you know, and knowing is half the battle.



LOUISIANA STATE POKER CHAMPIONSHIP SCHEDULED   FOR NEXT MONTH: Finally...a Casino in Louisiana has stepped up to the plate and "Bull by the Horns"...or should we say "The Crawfish by the Claws"...and scheduled a Louisiana State Poker Championship. The Isle of Capri in Lake Charles will hold a mini poker series with 6 events starting on 4/19/10. The main event is a 2 day event for 4/24-25/10. Be sure to get there early as it looks like every single event will be "Capped" at 150 runners which will include on PLO tourney...with the Main Event being capped at 130. GCP.net is working with Matt Dodd, the tourney director, on getting more clarification on this cap...and what it may mean to the turn-out. Stay tuned...

LOCAL BATON ROUGE POKER PLAYER SNAGS A 5 DIGIT SCORE:  Bryan "MaravichLSU" Lanoix takes home 2nd place earlier in the month in a 24k Guarantee on FTP. It was a $69.00 buy-in and Bryan made a nice score of $16,500. Look for Bryan in upcoming issues of Gulf Coast Poker Magazine ...in the "Online Zone"

THE 2ND EDITION OF GULF COAST POKER MAGAZINE IS GOING TO PRINT NEXT WEEK: We will be distributing the magazines next week...so look for the them at your favorite poker room or Casino...Deadline for advertisers if Tuesday...3/23/10



BECAUSE WE ARE BAD JOURNALISTS (WELL WE KNOW THAT), OR LINK DUMPERS OR WHATEVER WE ARE, WE MISSED MCLEAN KARR'S GULF COAST CONNECTION.  Karr the winner of the Bay101 Shooting Stars Main Event, the one where Hellmuth hugged the floor after his elimination, has some ties to the Gulf Coast.  Thanks to Monkey for pointing out that Karr, who used to be in the Air Force, was stationed in Columbus, MS for pilot training circa 2005.  And thanks to Dan Walsh (on our facebook page) for pointing out Tony G's pokernews article on Phil Hellmuth's antics.  Also, Jonathan Little's latest blog deals with the Bay101 as well.  Scan left.

Karr won over 875k for first place.  This despite the day before only having 30k in chips.  This is by far Karr's biggest score giving him just under 1 million dollars in lifetime winnings.  One of his previous bigger scores was at the 2009 Winter Bayou Challenge where he won second in a prelim event.  Karr outlasted a stout final table to achieve Bay101 immortality.

SHOUT OUT TO KENNY MILAM After blogger DaRock made a comeback to the blogger sphere to tout the excellence of local player Kenny Milam, we figured we'd give the man his due.  We've profiled Kenny in the past but for some reason have yet to add him to our Who's Who though it's obvious he deserves to be there. 

On our next update Kenny and a couple of others will go up on the wall. Monkey has also long touted Kenny's abilities as being Who's Who worthy, so Darrell isn't alone in his admiration.  Kenny email Wild Bill when you get a chance so we can get some background details from you.  And a reminder anybody else that feels they should be on the Who's Who or know somebody else shoot Wild Bill an email as well.

THE NUTS BLOG IS A GOOD READ.  No, he's not our latesst much ballyhooed blogger which we will add before the end of the week, but Ross is a good read with some deep thoughts and a contributor to our facebook page.  Also, we will probably be adding him and a couple others to the blogroll should they accept.  Read his thoughts on the dangers of online gaming in a world of hackers.

SAD STORY HERE.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the people that were injured and killed in this car accident at a local casino.  Houma Today has the story.



WHOS'S THE BLOGGER?  Come on, it's obviouss right?  Surely you've figured it out by now  It's only a matter of time til we get his blog up here and make it even more obvious.  By the way, when this person accepted he couldn't have been more gracious.  Truly a gentleman (oops another clue).

PHIL HELLMUTH INVOKES FETAL POSITION SULK.  Not seen since Toto Leonidas felled the Giant from Wisco in a poorly lit poker tournament at the Taj Mahal, Hellmuth who came into the WPT final table with zero WPT wins and 2nd in chips was first one out.  Clearly Phl Hellmuth could not overcome his O'fer.  Grabbing carpet insured Hellmuth would get a little more TV time but that was small consolation to the self-proclaimed best player in the world.  Mclean Karr took down the title.

DURRRR UP 2 MILLION in DURRRR CHALLENGE.  66 per cent of the hands have been completed.  Poker King has the details right here.



WE ARE ADDING A NEW BLOGGER WHO YOU MIGHT HAVE HEARD OF...  Some clues, this person has won between one dollar and five million dollars on the live tournament poker circuit.  Okay, it's more than one dollar, and more than a million dollars, too, more than two or three million as well.  She/he is a student of the game, narrowly missed winning a WSOP bracelet, and is one of the best players from the Gulf States.  SSorry we can't say any more.  We'll have the reveal later this week, and some more Gulf Coast bloggers to come.

ARGH! FACEBOOK.  They pulled our old page with our 700+ friends including all those big name poker players (real accounts and fake accounts).  All those contacts are gone into the ether that makes up facebook, and we'd search for them but ether makes us drowsy.  Please friend us or become a fan of us or do whatever it is that facebook requires of you to express a moderate interest in a poker content website.   Scroll down and look in either "Columns" column where we have added some facebook widgets and twitter widgets.   We will be toying with all that in the near future.  Probably to do live updates of GCPers in upcoming tournaments.  

JONATHAN LITTLE IS DOWN TO THE FINAL 27 AT THE BAY101 MAIN EVENT.  In the money and sharing tables with a Brat and a Toilet (Phil Hellmuth and Faraz Jaka).  Also, did an interview with worldpokertour.com.  You could have watched him play at bay101live.com, tune in today when they play down to the final six and his table might be featured.  Hellmuth is sitting in the catbird seat with 550k.  Hasan Habib, Nick Shulman, the aforementioned Toilet (so named because of all the flushes he catches) Faraz Jaka, Chau Giang, Miami Jon Cernuto, and Scotty Nguyen are all in the thick of things.  WPT officials have to be tantalized by the possible final table.  Go here for chip counts.

CONGRATS TO THE MAN KNOWN AS SPIDER.  This Harrahs poker room regular, and friend of Gulf Coast Poker.NET has been on fire in the weekly tournament.  Today was his fourth or fifth chop out of six tournaments.  Guy is on fire.  Great job spider!

Speaking of Harrahs, there are three more Saturday Showdown tournaments at the big H.  $300 + $40 buy-ins, March 20, April 3, and April 17, starting at 11 am.  Blind levels are 40 minutes and players start with $8,000 in tournament chips. 



CONGRATS TO POKER MONKEY FOR TWO FIRST PLACES IN RENO.  Reno may or may not be known for cops in biker shorts, being a short drive from beautiful Lake Tahoe, but now they got a Monkey infestation nightly.  Will Souther has the details, read his blog for his latest updates.

THE EPT GETS ROBBED.  Videos everywhere, none show too much, but you can feel the panic.  Police called the four masked men amateurs and some have suggested they were wearing the same clothes players earlier that day were clad in.  Here's an account. You interested in how professionals do a robbery go to Jersey, nobody on film, no alarms tripped, and rigging that must be straight out of Mission Impossible.  Interesting to note that most early reports had the robbers getting away with the entire pot in the Main Event.

CELEBRITY APPRENTICE IS BACK AND SO IS ANNIE DUKE.  You know she went heads up with Joan Rivers and got slow-rolled by Donald Trump in last years edition of CA, but this year there are no pro poker players despite rumors of Hellmuth and Negreanu itching to play.  Meanwhile, Duke has gone back to being a poker player and got heads up with another famed runner-up (you might remember him on  a grainy TV with hat askew in the crosshairs of Johnny Chan) in the NBC National Heads Up Poker Tournament.  We won't spoil who won but we will say many don't like her... Whoops.




NEW DRESS CODES COMING TO POKER ROOMS.  Following the New Orleans bar The Republic's lead poker rooms across the country are now barring ugly, and once trendy clothes. 

If you can't make out the picture it says If It's On The Jersey Shore It's Not Coming Through The Door.  No Affliction.  No Ed Hardy.  No Christian Audigier.  No Exceptions.  Okay, so we lied no poker rooms have adopted this policy and while that might make playing harder on your eyes it certainly won't keep the fish out, either.

JASON MERCIER COMES IN THIRD IN HIGH ROLLER EVENT AT LA POKER CLASSIC.  Scott Siever picked up the win, his second big cash in two weeks, after winning 100k for the most bounties at the NAPT Venentian event.  Siever won 425k for first, Daniel Alae 222k, and Floridian Mercier won 141k.  Lee Markholt, Tom Veddes, and Will Molson rounded out the final table.

THEY FINALLY GOT AROUND TO PLAYING THE WPT CELEBRITY FINAL TABLE.  Leron Washington, a ClubWPT online poker qualifier, took down the event.  Sean Urban finished second and Trishelle Canatella came in third.  Trishelle pockets 20k.  Leron wins 100k.

POKERSTARS RELEASES TWEAKS TO THEIR SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP OF ONLINE POKER (SCOOP).  The good people at Stars listened to some criticism and went back and reworked the schedule.  Some improvements.  For Stars mea cuple of sorts go here.



NEW GULF COAST RESIDENT AT CENTER OF ONLINE POKER MONEY TRANSFER SCANDAL.  He lives in Florida but he's a German.  Pokerati has the story of Micahel Olaf Shuett using payment processors and online poker accounts to shift money is circumspect ways.  They also have video of the guy showing off his winnings or his earnings or his ill gotten gains.  At first this looked like it was bad for online poker, now it looks bad but not quite as bad, as this guy sounds more like a con-artist using online poker as a tool to be a con-artist.  Meaning he's not in trouble for playing poker online but for using online poker in shady fashion.

SPEAKING OF GULF COASTERS NATIVE LOUISIANA TRISHELLE CANATELLA WALKS OFF THE SET OF POKER2NITE.  She later comes back but not after making fun of Joe Seebok's beard.  Co-host Scott Hough asks if she'd prefer if they did the interview in a hot tub.  You can see the outtake at Wicked Chops.  You can see the episode, probably without the outtake, on Versus tonight at some time.  You may or may not have that channel probably your program guide on your tv will probably tell.  If you do it's probably buried between other channels, you don't know you have, like Better Homes and Gardens and MTV5.   Her celebrity final table, which will be televised finishes today.

SPEAKING OF SEEBOK, HE'LL SOON HAVE SOME UGLY INK ON HIS SKIN.  We have been slow to mention the prop bet between Seebok, Gavin Smith, and Jeff Madsen but basically they decided the one that outlasted the other two in the WPT LA Poker Classic Main Event wouldn't have to get a tattoo.  The guy that lasted second longest would have to get a tattoo of the face of the guy that lasted longest.  And the guy that lasted third longest would have to get both the other guys faces.  Seebok therefore how lasted least longest will now add the mugs of Jeff Madsen and Gavin Smith in ink to his body.  Jeff Madsen lasted second longest and will be, at a minimum, one of two people in the world with Gavin Smith's face tattooed to his skin. 

SPEAKING OF THE LAPT, A UNITED NATIONS MEETING BROKE OUT, ANDRAS KOROKNAI IS THE CHIP LEADER AT THE MAIN EVENT.  Don't recognize his name?  How about Raymond Dolan in second place?  Nope, okay how about Tri Huynh in third?  Doesn't ring a bell, okay Gevork Kasasbyan in fourth (Gevork in fourth is not to be confused with Mork from Ork)?  Nope?  Okay, Jean-Claude Moussa in fifth?  Not doing anything for you?  Michael Kamran rounding out the final table in sixth?  Never heard of him.  Us either.  We had to make sure the results weren't confused with speakers at the U.N.  They weren't.

Okay.. Steve Sung busted out in 8th, you probably should have heard of him, but if not Carlos Mortensen, one of the best WPTers ever, went out in 9th after entering the day as the chip leader.   Johnny Chan went out 12th and Annie Duke 19th.  I'm sure Vince and Mike are glad the only name pros are gone and they'll have the easy pronunciations that final table offers above.




DURRRR WINS A MILLION IN 24 HOURS.  The life of a balla...  Tom Dwan crushed Full Tilt recently with Brian Townsend shipping him nearly half of his winnings.  Dwan who was down seven million from Jan. 09 to Nov. 09 has won three million of that back since then.  With Isildur1 back on the scene, the guy that took a lot of Durrrr's winnings, you know he's itching to go after some of that new cash. 

Meanwhile Brian Townsend is running bad since Durrrr started running good.  He's over 3 million down in the same time period.  Cole South is up about the same amount Townsend is down since January 1.  Patrik Antonius continues to chase Durrrr in their challenge and is spewing money elsewhere down over 2 million. 

FLORIDA GIRL, VANESSA RUOSSO 25/1 TO WIN NBC POKER HEADS UP CHAMPIONSHIP.  Last year's winner Huck Seed and never won it Phil Ivey 10/1 (the co-favorites).  Chris Ferguson who is 12/1 (considering he's made three final tables he probably should be the favorite).  Phil Hellmuth, the first year's winner, and his little buddy Tom Dwan, his other little buddy Daniel Negreanu and his big nordic buddy Patrik Antonius come in at 16/1.  Gus Hansen, John Juanda, and Allen Cunningham are 20/1. 

David Williams (?), Andy Bloch, Annette Obrestad, Dario Minieri, Bertrand Grospellier, Paul Wasicka, Sam Farha are all with Vanessa 25/1 odds.  Besides the celebrities and the online qualifiers prop bettor Gavin Smith has the most unfavorable odds at 80/1.  Dennis Phillips and Annie Duke 66/1.   Darvin Moon is in a huge group at 50/1 including some great values like Brock Parker and Greg Mueller.  Chris Moneymaker, Doyle Brunson, Joe Hachem and Jerry Yang (?) are also 50/1.

As far as betting goes, not that we advocate sports betting, but we don't frown on it either, taking a flier on Gavin Smith and Brock Parker seem to be the best value in the bunch.  Jason Mercier, a gulf coast state resident, is offering a good price at 40/1, too.   



HOYT CORKINS IS SECOND BEST AT NAPT HIGH ROLLER EVENT.  25k Buy-in.  5k to a bounty on each player's head and 20k to the prize pool.  Weird event that started with 7 tables of 7 players.  Each table played down to a winner in a shoot out format.  Then the seven winners battled it out.  Each player won 75k for winning their first table plus 5k x the number of eliminations.  Corkins won 100k (that's 5 knockouts for you math whizzes).

First place at the final table won 455k which Hoyt just missed out on.  There was also a prize for the player with most bounties (100k) and though Hoyt had a chance to win it, Scott Siever took that prize.  The final table was won by Ashton Griffin.  It also featured Faraz Jaka, Peter Eastgate, Brett Richey, and Joe Cassidy. 

POKER2NITE SHOW MOVES TO VERSUS NETWORK.  Yes, it's UB's news show that basically is a 30 minute infomercial for their website (FullTilt's is Poker After Dark and Face the Ace and Pokerstars does the gig with Negreanu), but it is also a primetime show with the odds and ends of tournament poker.  Now, if you can just find the Versus network on your dial you might be able to watch it.

IOC TO RECOGNIZE POKER AS A GAME OF SKILL.  If they decide to make it an Olympic sport I hope they mandate players must wear speedskating outfits and not sleep for three days prior to competition.  The International Mind Sports Association (not to be confused with the girlfriend and wives group International Mind Games Association) will add the International Poker Federation as a member.  That means the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has to recognize poker as a game of skill like chess and bridge.  The International Man of Mystery could not be reached for comment.  Speaking of Olympics the Sit 'N Go Winter Decathalon wrapped up over at bwin.  Here are the online poker results.



TIM "TK" MILES HAS A GOOD RUN IN THE SUNDAY MAJORS FOR 2/21/10: No stranger to GCP.net...Tim "TK" Miles makes a sweet run in several of the Sunday Majors last Sunday with a nice score in 2 of the biggest tourneys running. TK was "neck and neck" with several other Gulf Coasters in the Sunday 500...and he finished 17th in the latest FTOPS Main Event. He finished the day with over 40k in prize money which also included a small score in the Daily 80 Grand also. His 2 biggest scores are below:

$500 buy-in     FTOPS Main Event on     FullTiltPoker     02/21/2010, 17 place for      $11,290.00

$530 buy-in,    Sunday 500 [$500,000 guaranteed]     PokerStars. 02/21/2010    6 place for      $29,137.50

MIKE "RUSOSTREET" CARUSO SNAPS OFF THE SUNDAY 500: Mike "Rusostreet" Caruso was one of the Gulf Coast players that TK was running with in the Sunday 500. Rusostreet was able to take this one down for a cool $126,000...another nice score for the online madman who puts in mucho volume on the virtual felt. Nice score Mike!!!

CHRIS "BRSAVAGE" SAVAGE TAKES 21ST IN THE SUNDAY 500: Hailing from Baton Rouge Louisiana (Actually Denham Springs)...Chris Savage was the 3rd Gulf Coaster making a run in this same tournament. Brsavage is also an accomplished online player as well. You can read more about him in a pocketfives interview back in 2005 at this link BRSAVAGE INTERVIEW
. Nice job Chris !!!!

DAVEY "SOUTHPAWROUNDER" BOURG GOES "3 FOR 3": GCP's own SouthPawRounder (AKA Davey16) makes a nice score in 3 tournaments also on Sunday ...with one of the them being 17th in the "Nightly Hundred Grand" on Stars for over $1k. Good job SPR!!!!!



ABSOLUTE SPOKESMODEL OR POKER PRO/REALITY TV STAR/LOUISIANA NATIVE TRISHELLE CANATELLA GOES DEEP.  Trishelle who recently was named an Absolute Poker Pro played like a Superuser at the WPT Celebrity Event as it at the final table.  Her claim to fame involves being one of the first members of "a set" on reality TV.  She picked up the gambling bug when on the Real World Las Vegas.  In the WPT event, she outlasted poker players like Jeff Madsen, Liv Boeree, Tiffany Michelle, Roy "The Oracle" Winston, Phil Laak, Prahlad Friedman.  She also made it past the celebrity set that included G.I.Joe star Marlon Wayans, Child's Play 3 diva Jennifer Tilly, Heff's running or should we say Walker mate Jerry Buss, Silver Spoons sidekick Alfonso Ribeiro, Natural Pregnancy and Labor video star Ricki Lake.

2010 NATIONAL HEADS-UP POKER CHAMPIONSHIP FIELD RELEASED.  No Shannon Shorr (who probably had a better claim last year despite making his TV debut this past year), no Jonathan Little, no Hoyt Corkins, and no Layne Flack (he had an episode at the pre-party last year).  The field does include Sam Farha, Gabe Kaplan, Jerry Yang, Darvin Moon, Dennis Phillips, Kara Scott, Let it Ride diva Jennifer Tilly, and Annie Duke.  Looking for locals to pull for is somewhat hard but quasi-Gulf Coasters include Vanessa Ruosso, Jason Mercier, and Chris Moneymaker.







JEREMY "THE CHEMIST" GAUBERT SITS BACK ATOP THE LOUISIANA POCKETFIVES RANKINGS: After dropping to number 2 for several weeks on the P5's rankings...The Chemist storms back to the number 1 spot after posting a solid score in the the "Sunday 500" ...Sunday Major. The Chemist took down 2nd place in the $530.00 buy-in with a nice take home of over $66k. The "Bayou Boy" continues to burn up the online scene ...way to go Jeremy!!!!

TYLER "TYDEAN" SMITH ALSO HAS A BIG SUNDAY: Tydean also brigs home a nice score last Sunday with 3 cashes for a total of over $2200. Two of his scores were in FTOPS events #8 and #9...and the other one was in the "Sunday Warm-Up" on Stars. His stats for 2/14/10 are below:

FullTiltPoker FTOPS Event #9 - 126th- $ 1,024.00
FullTiltPoker FTOPS Event #8 - 471th- $ 262.77
PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up - 100th- $ 1,002.54

NICE JOB TYLER!!!!!!!!!!!




ISILDUR1 LORD OF THE RING GAMES RETURNS.  Nobody knows who the guy is, they suspect he's a Swede, underage, and he can win a lot of money in a short amount of time.  He's back and he's doing it again.  He's already won enough to buy Poker.org (see below).  To read a little more head over to Gambling911.

POKER OLYMPIAN WINS BRONZE.  JR Celski, the next Apollo Ohno took a Bronze as Ohno collected silver in the 1500 meter short track speed skating event.  Celski has a great back story and is an admitted poker junkie.  Read more here.

POCKET ACES BEHIND THE NUMBERS.  Some interesting facts regarding the rockets, a hand that beats the other nine players if all stay in until the end almost 31% of the time.  Doesn't sound great huh?  Read more from mysanantonio.com.

OLD SCHOOL v. NEW SCHOOL.  Daniel Negreanu doesn't care who's teaching he's always learning.  He calls out one fellow pro who he thinks is never adapting.  Clue:  PH.  A good read on the changing state of poker and how guys like TJ Cloutier once were on the mountain top but now are pawning WSOP bracelets.  Read it here.

PHIL LAAK GOES BACK TO BACK TO BACK.  After Doyle Brunson backed out, presumably because of his dental surgery Laak got the call up for Premier League Poker.  Then he won three heats in a row.  What's Premier League Poker?  It's a televised event run by Party Poker that will never be on American TV and features Vanessa Rousso, JC Tran, Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Luke Schwartz and Yevgeniy Timoshenko.  Read Pokernews for more.  Phil Laak started the hoodie up, Unabomber look seen in pic to left.

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