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GCP BLOGGER AND TWITTER-ER SHANNON SHORR HEADLINES FINAL TABLE:  Shorr seeks his first WPT title.  He previously made the Texas Hold em poker final table of the WPT Championship but went out fifth.  Five is an ominous number for Shorr at the WPT.  Not only is fifth his highest finish he'll be fifth in chips when the action starts this afternoon.   At one point he had taken the chip lead yesterday and then Five came into play again.  He lost most of his stack on a huge three way hand.  Shorr raised to 25k, Allen Carter called, and Patrick Mahoney reraised to 92k.  Flop came out A42, two hearts,  Mahoney led out for 175k, Shorr shoved for 1.1 million and Carter called.  Mahoney got out of the way whispering to Leif Force he folded AK.

Shorr showed 55 while Carter revealed 22 for bottom set.  Shorr was drawing to two fives and four threes and none came.  In a flash, he dropped from chipleader to the short stack but some how survived the bubble and moved up a spot or two.

Allen Carter won this event two years ago, so he knows what to do with the chips he won from Shorr.  He's a close second in chips to Alexander Kuzmin.  Carter, a Texan, has 1.928 million and Kuzmin pips him with 1.969 million.  Ryan Hughes came into the day as the chipleader but slipped below the million he started with finishing at 840k.  Another local we are pulling for, Leif Force (pictured), out of Florida sits at 676k good for fourth place.  As mentioned, Shorr's stack is fifth best at 663k.  The little stack is Pat Mahoney at 394k.

MCBRAYER FINAL TABLE BUBBLE BOY:  A day prior, it was David Diaz who bubbled the money, then yesterday another friend of GCP, BJ McBrayer had to feel the sting of being one away.  While the TV table beckoned, and almost happened, we hope the 67k he won will help tide the Tuscaloosa native over.  Martin Zentner of New Orleans, also left earlier than he would have liked, which is true of any player any time he plays play poker tournaments and that doesn't finish first.  Zentner went out 12th and won 24.8k.

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SHANNON SHORR, BJ MCBRAYER, MARTIN ZENTNER, MARK ROSE, LEIF FORCE, ROBERT KELLER, HOYT CORKINS STILL ALIVE AFTER DAY THREE:  The bubble burst yesterday and unfortunately David "Lefty" Diaz was the last to go home empty handed.  Tough break Lefty.

Lefty joined Jonathan Little, Jason Mercier, Kenny Milam, Rusty Moorer, Gavin Smith, and Nick Schulman,  on the rail without a paycheck.  Bert Ladner (23rd) got to the money but had to settle for a min-cash along with Lee (22nd) Markholt (22nd) and Yuval Bronstein (21st) of 18.8k.  Ryan Hughes the only player over a million.

UPDATED: CORKINS, ROSE, AND CHAD BROWN EARLY DAY 4 DEPARTEES:  Corkins (above) finished 19th for 18.8k, Rose one spot higher on the pay scale and in the rakings; 18th for 20.8k.  Brown finished 16th for 20.8k.  McBrayer sitting just under 300k, Leif Force on life support at 110k, and Zentner right there with him in chips and in danger.  Shannon Shorr is sitting on the average for the final table at 535k.



GCP BLOGGERS LITTLE AND SHORR SURVIVE TO DAY THREE:  Jonathan Little had to handle two bad beats, the elimination of his father and running Kings into Aces.  After suffering through one of the worst days in recent memory, Little doubled up late and will have a puncher's chance later today.  Shorr is in a safer spot sitting on 146k. 

Plenty of locals still alive among the 67 returning:  Zdenek Cicala of Ocean Springs, MS has 105k, Rusty Moorer of Crestview, FL 161k, Rober Keller of Gulf Shores, AL also 161k, Martin Zentner of New Orleans, 158k, Mark Rose of FL 92k, Leif Force, Tallahassee, FL 56k, Bert Ladner of Biloxi (pictured), 66k, BJ McBrayer of Tuscaloosa 34k, Danny Doucet of Lafayette, 76k, Brian Caspolich of New Orleans, 69k, Kenny Milam of Laplace 36k, and Jason Mercier also survived.  He doesn't have many chips but is always dangerous.  (His blog is now linked on our BLOGS page along with fellow newcomer Brandon Adams and these guys below).

NEW BLOGGERS:  We are proud to welcome two new players to the fold.  Jeremy "thechemist83" Gaubert has joined team GCP.  Gaubert is highly regarded as one of the better online players period.  He's not too bad live, either, with a World Poker Open title on his resume.

Unfortunately, at the SPC he did not run as good as fellow GCPers Little or Shorr and was eliminated on Day Two.  We've also bumped Baton Rouge's only poker blogger to our front page.  Welcome aboard Sofa King!  You can find them by scrolling down in our columns columns. 

---We'll have a more thorough update soon enough.  Lots of locals that gave the 10k a shot, so more coverage on their bust-outs and the tournament as the week progresses.


-Some fresh updates from the Beau that we missed...


EVENT 20,  CARDPLAYER BARRY SHULMAN BESTED BJ MCBRAYER AND THE FIELD.  Publisher Barry Shulman stopped by Biloxi on his way back to Vegas and took a title with him.  271 players bought into the $340 No Limit Hold'Em poker event giving Shulman 23.6k for first.  Larry Turner of Charlotte placed for 12.6k.  BJ McBrayer (pictured right) won 7k for third.  Chris Champagne of Baton Rouge, managed to not bubble finishing 5th for 4.7k.

Luke Priour of Austin, TX who's tight with GCP blogger Austin Martin continued his fine series with a 10th place finish.  GCP blogger Will "Poker Monkey" Souther and Houma rounder Baron Whipple min-cashed.

EVENT 22,  CZECH-MATE ON WOOLRIDGE.  Biloxi native Brandon Woolridge out flopped Zdenek Cicala of the Czech Republic in heads up play but an Ace on the turn reversed things and it was game over for Wooridge when the river come up empty.  Cicala won 19.4k for first, Woolrridge 10.7k for second.  Ethan Smith of Gulfport, MS also couldn't beat the Eastern European going out in third for 5.9k.  Josh Palmer of Daphne, AL finished fourth for 4.7k.  The $340 No Limit Hold'em event attracted 203 players.

EVENT 19, CHAN CAN.  Panama City native Ben Chan beat James Miller of Auburn, AL and neighbor Joe Greene of Panama City to win the $550 No Limit Hold'em/Pot Limit Omaha Event.  Chan won 18k for first, Miller 9.5k for second and Greene 6k for third.  Anthony Bellao (below) of New Orleans finished fourth for 4k. 

Tim Burt, of Grenada, MS grabbed 3.5k for fifth.  Dustin Wertz of New Orleans, finished 6th for 3k.  Brad Peterson of Gautier, MS finished 9th for 1.5k.

EVENT 23:  WALLY CHAMBERS TIES FOR THIRD IN HEADS UP TOURNAMENT.  Chambers won 3.7k for his elimination i the semi-finals of the Heads-up event.  Mark Stephen Edwards of Longwood, FL beat Jeremy Bynum in the finals.  Edwards won 11.7k for first, Bynum 6.8k for second.  Arthur Young also won 3.7k for tying for third.

EVENT 21:  WINNER SHY.  The horse event featured cashes by Chris Sheffield of Pensacola, FL and Stewart Carpenter of Walls, MS. 



EVENT 24, WILDS, EYSTER, FRANKLIN AND GAUBERT COME UP SHORT:  The final 18 of the 1050 event featured a slew of the region's best players.  Louisiana boasted two youngsters who got their start online:  The Chemist and 1$ickDe$ea$e better known as Jeremey Gaubert and Kevin Eyster.  Representing Mississippi were two old(er) hands who have made a living cashing in live events.  Unfortunately, neither the old guard or the new could take it down.

Jeremy Gaubert (pictured) went out 17th for a min cash.  Captain Tom Franklin also got bounced too early leaving 10th for 1.8k.  Kevin Eyster of Lafayette, LA 9th for 2.6k.  Mark Wilds of Biloxi finished 7th for 5.2k.  David Nicholson of Biloxi, MS and Chad Burns of Houston TX finished 5th and 6th for 7.9k and 6.5k respectively.  Mike Shafer of Detroit, MI won first place and 43k.    

EVENT 25:  BRAD PETERSON TAKES FIRST AFTER PLO CHOP:  The Gautier, MS native agreed to a six way chop that gave him first place.  He, Michael "Carwash" Schneider of Covington, GA and Allyn Shulman were three notables in the split.  Brent Carter, Brian McKain and Dave Callaghan also split it up.  Gene Timberlake of Houston, TX finished 7th for 1.9k

EVENT 26:  BRADY BEST:  This is the time of year another Brady seems to make news and win tournaments (as people have started to call the NFL playoffs), but as Tom was making his exit from the play-offs Matt Brady of Haverton, PA was taking down a tournament of his own.  He won 57k for first place in the 1580 No Limit Hold'em tournament.  GCP blogger, Jonathan Little, cashed for 12k in fourth. 

EVENT 27:  OLD MCDONALD HAD A BOAT:  Ocean Springs, MS rouder George McDonald won the $340 No Limit Hold'em Event for 16k.  Stan Crawford also of Ocean Springs, took 2nd for almost 9k.  Michael Husar was by the payout cage again winning 2.4k for 6th. 



ONLINE GRIND REWIND:  John Dolan went deep in another Full Tilt event this past Sunday... and it's become a weekly thing for him to cash in an online poker tournament.  Meanwhile, Bazeman (pictured) chopped the Sunday Second Chance over on Pokerstars for 35k.  He beat 1326 entrants to  make it to a three way first place chop.  Congrats to both players.

ACADIANA SERIES OF POKER IS ALMOST HERE:  In just two Fridays the Cajun Dome in Lafayette, LA becomes the poker dome.  Come out and play for a good cause, the United Way, and try to take down one of those huge cardboard checks.  First place in years past has been 10k.  Click here for more details and to register right now.

LUCKY IN KENTUCKY:  Just a shout-out to site in Kentucky with similar goals as ours.  They are a local site dedicated to service their group of players.  If you are headed to Kentucky, one stop place to find out where you can get lucky.  That didn't come out right but you know what we mean.  Everything Poker in Kentucky in one place right here.

IMAGEMASTERS AND TOURNAMENT MASTERS:  Just another shout-out to the stellar photography of Eric Harkins over at ImageMasters.  He took all the great winners shots we got from the Beau.  He and Brian Heptinstall, along with all the Beau staff, have been working thankless hours and doing a terrific job.  Really have been enjoying the twitter updates that Brian puts up and appear in our right hand column (with a little scrolling down) very easy to sweat final tables.  The pictures are always first rate.

 The tournament staff as usual are also logging the extra long hours so kudos to Johnny Grooms, Eric Comer, Shaun (Four Aces) Johnston, Kurt and everybody at the Beau Rivage (including the dealers and cocktail servers) for pulling off a great event.  Nice structures too!



EVENT 17:  GOOD GOLLY MISS HOLLY.  Holly Raba of Fort Lauderdale Florida took down one of the more interesting Ladies final tables we've seen in a while.  Raba won 7k for first place.  Our facebook buddy Kerri Dorsey, who likes to play online poker of Gautier, MS was there and finished third for 2.44k.  Good job Kerri!  (Speaking of facebook, are you our facebook buddy too?  You should be.  Click "like" on one of our facebook widgets on this page and make us feel better about our selves). 

Congrats also to Julie Dawson of Daphne, AL (2nd for 3.8k) and Theresa Gex of Baton Rouge who finished 4th for 1.6k.  Janet Clark of Gulf Breeze 5th for 1.4k.  Congrats to another buddy in the business, Gretchen Holzhauser of New Orleans who proved not only does she know the game but she can play it by finishing 6th for 1.22k.  In 7th place Rita Little of Pensacola, FL.  Wonder if she's any relation to our blogger over there in the left hand column.  Maybe it's time we sign Rita up to do some blogging of her own.

EVENT 18:  TERRY LAKE GARNER IS OLD?  The guy doesn't look like a senior citizen in person (or in that picture or in that suit), but the Hattiesburg, MS native took down the Seniors event.  He made another 23k to spend on senior items like a car with a big bumper. 

EVENT 13:  WILEY WILDS WINS AGAIN:  Mark WIlds, of Biloxi, MS played seven hours of heads up poker, a contest one of the owners of GCP got to watch a bit of after completing the seven pm tournament.  Fred Sigur of Chalmette, LA was the unlucky second place finisher who made almost 30k on the day. 

Bob Harrison of Gulf Shores, AL finished 8th for 4.8k and Danny Doucet of Lafayette, LA 3.2k for 9th.  Captain Tom Franklin and Bruce Little also cashed in the 1k Event. 

--And also congrats to Charles Chan of Panama City for his 4th place finish for 3.1k in the Limit Omaha 8 or better tournament.

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