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IT'S BEEN A GOOD YEAR OF SUNDAYS FOR TK:  Tim "TimKrank" Miles was at it again.   Different site, same result.  TK who has been blowing up  poker online, including Full Tilt on Sundays got a big result on PokerStars yesterday.  in the PokerStars $109+R NL Hold'em ($300k Guaranteed) TK made another final table and another 5 digit score.  Miles pocket 12.2k for seventh place. 

JOHN DOLAN DOING DOUBLE DAMAGE:  Under the screen name JRD312, John Dolan finished 11th in PokeStars Sunday 2nd chance.  He made 2.5k.  The Full Tilt sponsored pro was also busy on his home site finishing 6th for 18.3k in the Full Tilt Sunday Brawl.  He's come quite a distance since he first started playing online Sit and go poker tournaments. Erica Schoenberg (pictured, because why not) and Allen Cunningham also cashed in that event.

MCKLEAN KARR GETS SOME FACETIME ON A SCOOTER:  In the PokerNews series, the Sunday Grind, one time Gulf Coast resident McLean Karr, showed what his Sunday playing online poker during the PCA is like.  He shares the video with Victor Ramdin and Faraz Jaka.  He's got a broken foot but dodges the question how he broke it.  We are guesing it's from living dangerously as he does say he drives his scooter at Rabbit, Rabbit speed.  Go here to watch the video.




BEN "THE DESTROYER" MAKES MINTZ MEAT OF ALL BUT ONE:  Ben Mintz of New Orleans, LA chopped the $550 Event one with Carl McGowan.  Terms of the chop awarded first place to McGowan (pictured), a Pearson, GA native.  Mark Wild of Biloxi finished fourth for just under 10k.  Kenny Milam was back in the money finishing 7th for 5.6k.  Ryan Cox of New Orleans, 10th.  Also in the money were Rodney Shows of Hattiesburg and Robert Quinn of Metairie.  Joseph Erwin, Raymond Bonavida, and Brandon Guillory, added to the Louisiana logjam at the tail end of the "In The Money" finishers.

TIMMMMMMBURT FINISHES 7th IN EVENT TWO:  It was Timber! for Tim Burt in the $340 Limit Omaha 8 or Better.  After nine made the money, Burt, a Grenada, MS local went out in seventh.  No word yet if he asked the cage to fork over his crumbs.  Anthony Bellao of New Orelans finished 5th.  Todd Burrows of Friendswood, TX finished first for 11k.



TWENTY DAYS AND COUNTING TO THE ACADIANA SERIES OF POKER:  Yes, that means you need to get up off your custom online poker playing Lazy Boys and go play an event for a good cause. January 28th at the Cajun Dome, many of us will be there to help the United Way in Lafayette raise money.  The tournament is a fast structure with big payouts.  Be willing to get it all in with anything... as your opponents certainly will.  Go here to register and buy-in. 




-Viktor Blum is Isildur1.  As much mystery in that one as there was in who got shot... in the Who Shot J.R. Ewing cliffhanger.  Think about it.

-GCPers atwitter.  UPDATED: Bad news for Shannon Shorr, and Jonathan Little in the Main Event.  See their twitter feeds with the gory news in the column on the right.  Jason Mercier still alive.

-Eugene Catchalot Katchalov catches a lot of hands.  Katchalov won the 2011 PCA Super High Rollers event for 1.5 million.  Buy-in was a measley 100k.  Nick Schulman and Humberto Brenes also tasted the money by finishing 4th and 5th. 

-Daniel Negreanu's second translates to first.   Negreanu finished second in that same Super High Rollers event (interesting name for a poker event for a lot of young internet players in the Bahamas...  Super High Roller...  just saying)  and now has passed Phil Ivey again for first all time in Live tournament winnings.  Negreanu got it all in with pocket fives to the fours of Catchalot.  Turn brought the set for Katchalove and cost Negreanu half a million.  Yes, he still pocketed one million for the tournament.  Seen here in Jamaica garb.



COGAN'S TRADE, A "POKER" MOVIE STARING BRAD PITT, TO BEGIN FILMING IN NEW ORLEANS IN MARCH:  Thought the genre was dead and then comes news about Rounders 2 and now this.  Other stars rumored to be involved include Casey Affleck, who is not bad-beated Matt Affleck's less successful brother, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Bill Murray, Mark Ruffalo, and Sam Rockwell.  The plot is centered on the George Higgins novel about a "professional enforcer who investigates a heist that takes place during a high stakes poker game under protection of the mob."

At any moment, we expect the producers to be firing us an email (now readily available in our Contact Us section) to ask for a guided tour of just such games in New Orleans and to help with filming locations, hand selections, how to spot a rigged poker game etc.  Okay, we don't expect that but we are available for just such consultation for a nominal fee.  And we know capable realistic poker playing extras.  No word yet if Brad Pitt is playing the role of Patrik Antonius.

BELLAGIO ROBBED AGAIN!  Okay, if this blog is to believed, they didn't get robbed but a player got robbed of slightly less than the 1.5 million taken from  Bellagio at gun point recenly.  This guy didn't even see the thief.  He got up from the table and his stack was gone.  All told $430 to the bad.  If it is true makes you a little uneasy about leaving you stack unattended next time you are at the casino.  You'd hope they ran a tighter ship than this.  No word yet if the two incidents were connected. 

OT:  IT TOOK A COUPLE OF YEARS FOR RED SOX FANS TO BECOME ANNOYING:  Basically, when they became the evil empire light.  Still, hard to dislike them unless you are a Yankees fan.  But everybody hates a winner and it seems it took even less time for the haters to come out in force after the Saints victory in the Superbowl last year.  This guy really seems to have his head up his ass.



FLORIDA'S GAMBLING INDUSTRY CAN THANK POKER FOR SAVING IT AND IF THEY ARE SMART THEY'LL EXPAND THAT RELATIONSHIP.  Lots of stories out there on the internet giving weight to this Time Magazine piece.  It can best be summed up by this quote "But there's an added reason the Seminole Hard Rock complex is drawing such a horde of gamers these days:  poker.  Really high-stakes poker."  We all know that several Gulf Coast located pros have relocated to Florida to chase the deep pockets and action in the poker venues there.  Yes, because of new laws upping the buy-ins and upping the action poker is going through a Sunshine State mini-boom.

Seems so many people are flocking to Florida it's saving dogtracks and Jai-Alai venues.  Yes, people other than on the opening montage of Miami Vice actually play Jai-Alai, but soon that many be the only archive of the sport.  Miami is undergoing a bit of a gambling revolution.

The Jai-Alai stands used to pack in 10k worth of fans and now can only muster 100 semi-interested spectators.  It's like the Buy-ins on the high-stakes poker tables only in the inverse.  This Miami Herald piece talks about how a once proud sport is reduced to offering poker to save their venue.  

It's not just Jai-Alai that has turned to poker for a save, it's dog tracks too.  The Sarasota Kennel Club's card room One-Eyed Jacks has figured out a way to get customers in, and while they are playing poker take a wager or two on the races too (  Seems like the smart thing to do would be to line up the poker room, like a luxury box, right over the race track and allow wagers to be made from the table.  Also, put the dealer's back to the track but allow the players to sit in a semi-circle like a black jack table.  The games can pause as the races fly-by.   Sounds desperate but it may the tracks' and jai-alai venues' only hope. 

PHIL HELLMUTH AND ANNIE DUKE WILL LAND SOMEWERE:  Pokerbat had some suggestions in his blog, but missed a key one that's gathering steam in the rumor mills. is going to become a force on the internets just as soon as legislation allows it.  Its muscle will make it a pretty big online poker player.  Either Pokerstars anticipated that with the development of all their Poker Circuits or fueled a realization in WSOP to go digging in the fertile soil of online poker, either way will be a competitor in American markets sooner than later, Tournament legend Phil Hellmuth seems like a natural fit to spearhead the new consortium.  With more advertising might than UB, WSOP would have Hellmuth front in center in ads on just about every poker telecast.  Annie Duke who is naturally a good foil for Hellmuth (though she's shaken the good-girl image a while ago) could come along for the ride.

GERARD BUTLER FILMS AD AS ULTIMATE DUDE:  PLAYS POKER AND GOOD WITH WOMEN, 2+2 AGREES AND WORLD WILL TOO, SOON:  Yes, take heart online players who are still looking to friend your first girl on facebook, playing poker is part of what makes you the ultimate dude.  So says L'Oreal hydra-energetic anti-fatigue moisterizer ad.  Oh, it's an ad for a dude-moisterizer.  Nevermind.  Go here to learn more.



SHANNON "BLUFFFORRENT" SHORR 7TH IN UB $200K GTD:  Shorr pocketed nearly 7k for seventh place in the online poker tournament.  First was chopped between Eric "SHEETSWORLD" Haber and Jonas "N)1TK" Lennartsson.  Shorr has also updated his blog with an interesting year in review.  And we have twitter now, scroll down the column to the right.  Shorr is one of many local players featured on twitter.

SOREL MIZZI WINS BLUFF PLAYER OF THE YEAR:  Congrats to Mizzi but what we are interested in is how friends of GCP and Gulf Coasters fared this year.  Dwyte Pilgrim and Gulf Coaster Jason Mercier cracked the top ten.  Joe Cheong and fellow November Niner Michael Mizrachi were 11th and 13th respectively.  Gulf Coaster McLean Karr finished in 18th one ahead of WSOP Main Event Champion Jonathan Duhamel.  John Racener 23rd, Allen Kessler 24th, Frank Kassela 27th, Mike Beasley 40th, Justin Young 42nd, GCP Blogger Jonathan Little 44th, Vanessa Rousso 56th, Hoyt Corkins 57th, Kevin Eyster 62nd, Harrison Gimbel 69th,  Robert Mizrachi 74th, John Dolan 83rd, Gabe Costner 161st, and Jared Ingles 228th.

UB MISSING?  Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke did not finish in the top 250 this year.  They are coincidentally also absent from the rolls over at UB.  No word on where either of them will wind up or what drove the decisions to part ways with the company.  Likely one of the has a lot of options and possibly both do.   Speaking of updated blogs, PokerBat weighs in on the UB leavings down there on the right.  So does Scotty Clark down there on the left.  Both good reads.  Also, updates from most of our bloggers, especially on the right. 

ACADIANA SERIES OF POKER REMINDER:  We are going to beat this like a dead horse or a drum or both, a dead horse that is a drum. As you should know by now our favorite charity event is upcoming this January 28th at the Cajun Dome in Lafayette, LA.  Tournament starts at 6 pm.  You can pre-register early.  It's a great cause and they give out big checks, T-shirts and goodies.  We've sent out one emails already with some of the details.  If you'd like to opt in to our email list do so here.



IT'S A SEASON OF GIVING:  Why not make plans to play a little poker to benefit the United Way, January 28, 2010.  Gulf Coasters right after the Beau Rivage's big January event, there is a little tournament in Lafayette, LA which has paid up to $10,000 to first.  We are talking about the Acadiana Series of Poker, of course.  We've done it the last couple of years and it's a great cause with a great chance to win some real cash.  Look for our email blasts with more information in the weeks to come.  We'll add their logo to our columns section until then.  Pictured is former GCP Blogger Dave "SpiceRack" Spicer and his giant Happy Gilmore third place check from '09.


-Wicked Chops has some Holiday Blessings in the form of pics their kast few Wicked Chops Girls of the Year here.  If you are grinding at your favorite online poker room their images may be a welcome reprieve.  If that's not your thing you can always google image search Patrick Antonius.

-PokerNews is reviewing the top 10 stories of '10.  Number ten includes the mentions of guys like Will "Monkey" Souther, Shannon Shorr, and Captain Tom Franklin.

-Official World Series of Poker Dates announced.  Of course we are going to redirect you to the  On a related tangent, ever seen the SNL skit "Wassup Wit Dat?"  It's just itching to be made into a pseudo-poker Youtube video, maybe Phil "Dancing With the Stars" Hellmuth's head should be superimposed on a the guy doing the running man in a tracksuit in the background.  



JONATHAN LITTLE ON THE MONEY BUBBLE IN AC:  The World Series of Poker Circuit 10k Regional Championship in AC has another Gulf Coaster doing damage.  Congrats to Little who is just under 100k in chips with 27 left.  Top 15 get paid.  The final table all make the National Championship freeroll at the end of the season.  Hopefully, Jonathan can join his friend Shannon Shorr, who has already qualified, by making at least 9th place. 

He's got a small hill to climb as Chris Bell is the leader at 434k.  Little is 19th in chips.  Dave Sands, Andy Frankenberger, Dan Kelly, Beth Shak, Christian Harder, Brett Richey, Eugene Katchalov, and Todd Terry are all still alive.  Sorel Mizzi is second shortest with 53k and Lee Childs is in by his fingernails with 2.8k.

MONKEY GETS OUT OF AC WITH ONE LAST CASH AND FINAL TABLE:  He finished 8th in a $230 buy-in and was eliminated only hours before his cab was to depart.  Not quite the top three he was hoping for, but still good to end on an uptick.  He's also been busy logging on to play online poker in his downtime with mixed results.  Good job Monkey.



GO AHEAD AND MARK A SPOT ON YOUR CALENDAR RIGHT NOW FOR THE ACADIANA SERIES OF POKER JANUARY 28, 2010.  We know a lot of you will be at the Beau Rivage, but that wraps up just before this, so you have no excuse. 

Don't miss this opportunity to lend your support to the United Way in Lafayette, LA at the Cajun Dome.  It's also a chance to win a nice chunk of change in a poker tournament.

This is another year of us supporting the event and we hope to have a huge turnout of our readers.  Last year first place was paid $8,000 and this year it should be even higher.  Their goal is to have 500 players.  There are is always a goodie bag, t-shirts and extras for those that come.

Look for an email blast with more details and a reminder to come.  Not on our list?  Email wildbill to get on it.



MIRAMAX TO MAKE ROUNDERS SEQUEL:  Confirmation from industry insiders say Miramax and the Weinstein Company will make a number of sequels that we are excited about:  Bad Santa 2 Check, Rounders 2 Check, Swingers 2, Shakespeare in Love 2 Check... uh...  yeah, you know for the ladies.  FirstShowing.NET has the details.

MATT WAXMAN WAXES AC:  The young Parkland, Florida pro just went over the $1 Million mark in lifetime winnings.  He took down the WSOP Atlantic City Circuit Event, his fifth WSOP cash on the year.  Better known as an online poker player, his handle is BigStackBBQ, Waxman recently won the FTOPS XIII Main Event and is having a great year.  We'll see him in the WSOP National Championship.

BANDIT STEALS OVER A MILLION IN CHIPS BUT PROBABLY CAN NEVER GET RID OF THEM:  Guy walks into a casino with his motorcycle helmet on, brandishing a handgun (aside, is a gun the only thing you can brandish, you never hear of a guy brandishing a carrot or a kitten), strode up to a craps table and swiped over 1.5 million in big chips, but...  probably will never be able to cash them in.   You've probably heard about this, but here's an interesting article on why the casino didn't open fire on him, and why he'll probably never be able to unload his loot over on Yahoo.

OBAMA NOT A BLUFFER:  What do you want as a President, tight aggressive, NIT, LAG, passive?  We ask that question on our facebook page, click the badge to the right to visit, and to "like us."  If you want to know how the current guy does, The Daily Beast details Obama's poker skills here.  Whether you like the guy or not fairly, interesting read.

HARRY REID ONLINE POKER BILL DEAD DUCK DURING LAME DUCK SESSION:  Good news, bad news kind of thing.  Andrew Feldman at ESPN offers his take here.  Sounds like things are back to status quo.

COUPLE OTHER TIDBITS:  GeneD continues to play well and chops the nightly at the Beau Rivage.  Also congrats to Mike "Yardjob" Prestenback, a Friend of GCP, for chopping the last nightly at the Harrahs Winter Classic.  Great job guys.



GOLD STRIKE WINTER CLASSIC MAIN EVENT RESULTS:  We have some Gulf Coasters making a splash in the Main Event.  Though, we didn't have any results to report of locals cashing in any of the prelims, nice to see everybody waiting until the Main to pocket some loot.  

Thanks to Brian Heptinstall for the heads up:

  Name:     Hometown:   Prize:
1st Terry Coleman   Muscle Shoals, AL $55,698
2nd Timothy Scooros Daytona, FL   $30,718
3rd Ryan Enis   Corinth, MS   $16,878
4th Roland Bell   Hernando, MS   $13,502
5th Alfred Theriac   Shreveport, LA   $10,127
6th Travis Eller   Cookeville, TN   $8,439
7th Dale Hinson   Byhalia, MS   $6,751
8th David Rylander   Colliersville, TN   $5,063
9th Andy Alina   Hernando, MS   $3,376
10th Mark Fleddermann St. Louis, MO   $2,363
11th Dina Rylander   Collierville, TN   $2,363
12th Ross Rehrig   Franklin, TN   $2,363
13th Daniel Shelbo   Bethlehem, PA   $2,025
14th Chad Branton   Cartersville, GA $2,025
15th Martin Warren   Rolla, MO   $2,025
16th Larry White   Braxton, MS   $1,688
17th Jeff Reuter   Jackson, TN   $1,688
18th Travis Blackwell Greer, SC   $1,688



SOME MORE CONGRATS TO LOCALS GOING DEEP AT THE BAYOU POKER CHALLENGE:  That's Tyler Smith with the customary Alligator head above, figured we had to have his winner's shot on here.  Congrats again to Tyler, and also to poker locals Michael Dufrechon (16th), Owen Bradley (13th), and Jeff Wyatt (10th) for cashing in the Main Event.

ABBE GARFINKEL WINS THE LADIES EVENT:  Congrats to Abbe and to local Trish Marks who place 4th.  Nobody showed up in drag this time, or at least none were detected.

DAVID "LEFTY" DIAZ WINS OVER 82K:  Diaz finished second in the $400k Isle Guarantee in Pompano Park.  That's another solid score from a former Biloxi native.  Congrats Lefty, by coming in second you made more than your buddy Tyler when he came in first.  Sometimes second is sweeter.

MONKEY WINS A NIGHTLY IN ATLANTIC CITY:  Word is, the tournament got shipped it to the colonel.  Congrats to Monkey!

WILD BILL SOLICITING OPINIONS:  Over on his blog he's taking thoughts on a poker hand.  He's already got a number of responses from bloggers, locals, and some well known pros.  He will put them together in a tidy little blog post or two in the next week or so.  If you want to weigh in, feel free to do so in the comments section over on DINE ON THE WHALES.  Surprising that you can take a fairly standard hand and have a lot of divergence on what you should do.

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