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EVENT 10, BRAWL WON BY BRAWLY IN $340 LIMIT HOLD'EM:  You should recognize the face if you play on the Coast and take in some cash games at the Beau.  One of the better dealers now can say he is one of the better guys that sits down to play Texas Hold'em poker and use a large trophy as a chip-protector should he want to.  Michael Brawley, originally of Missouri, and a big fan of Duke Basketball, did just what his beloved Blue Devils did last year.  He took it down.  He's a a guy that clearly doesn't need bwin poker school Brawley won 6.39k by winning more hands than opponents like Larry Welker of Praireville, LA (6th, 1k), Carol Farley of Ocean Springs, MS (8th $710) and Justin Carey of Metairie, LA ($533).

EVENT 9, LIPPERT WINS 28k:  Adam Lippert of Brooklyn, NY won the $230 No Limit Hold'em with Re-entry tournament, beating 199 other players.  At the final table Lippert outlasted a couple of big local names, Mark Rose (a recent Main Event champion at the Beau), and Eskimo Clark. 

Eskimo Clark has been making his presence felt and tearing up this series of tournaments seeming to cashing in every other event.  Brian Bass of Pensacola, FL took down 5th for 5.2k.    Rose bagged 3,5k for 7th, and Eskimo Clark 1.7k for 9th.  BJ McBrayer also added another cash to his resume. 



KAI LANDRY WINS EVENT 8 AND AUTOMATIC MEMBERSHIP TO AARP:  Feeling like he had aged 20 years in a previous tournament when the dealers were forced to "wash" the deck almost every hand, and probably wondering why some players weren't forced to wash between levels, Landry played with his aged peers and took down the Seven Card Stud 8/ob tournament. 

Landry made a deal with local notable Baron Whipple, the second place finisher, who he had a sizable chip lead on because Landry had an early-bird special to catch.  The once (and future?) GCP blogger also dispatched Captain Tom Franklin (4th 1.7k), Sal Mortillaro (Metairie, LA 7th $989),and Johnny Livingston of Selma, AL (8th $792) enroute to the title.

 BEUCHE-WHACKED:  Legendary local cash game grinder, Joe Beuche, came up just short of his first title.  The Houma, LA native, who also sublets in the Harrahs parking garage, pocketed 7.2k for third place in Event 7 $340 No Limit Hold'em.  The illusive Beuche is rarely pictured but we nabbed this shot of him a couple of years back (two other GCP bloggers(?) also in the shot, your guess who Joe B is). 

Sean Williams of Dallas won $24k for first place.  John Alredge of Guatier, MS finished 6th for 4k.  Michael Husar of Metairie, LA clawed his way to the final table finishing 9th to win 1.6k. Carwash king Michael Schneider and motel magnate Mohammed Moeini also cashed in the tournament.



MERLE BOURGEOIS CHOPS HARRAHS WEEKLY WEDNESDAY TOURNAMENT:  Bourgeois and one of the co-owners of GCP joined several others in an even chop.  Bourgeois is adjusting to a new schedule of 14 days on a rig and 7 days off and struggling to make time for poker.  Lucky for him, he found time this week.  Congrats Merle! 

While at Harrahs we learned there is also chatter of a weekly Saturday tournament, a $10,000 freeroll for the players that log the most time on the felt, and other promotions.  As they come to us, we will pass them on.


ACADIANA SERIES OF POKER IS COMING:  January 28th, Lafayette, LA in the CajunDome to benefit the United Way.  Click the banner on the right column to take you directly to the site registry.  If you haven't received our emails about the tournament sign up for our email list right now.  Email this guy.



MONEYMAKER IS BACK:  Probably the strongest critics of Chris Moneymaker are the Internet kids.  It's fitting he's making headlines in their biggest tournament of the year.  Mike Matasow once told an opponent the kiddies' pool is down the street but a lot of old pros are finding out they would rather not swim in that pool.  The PCA is the new kiddies pool and you better bring your A game if you want to have success.

At the PCA, in the Bahamas, where young online qualifiers descend on the Atlantis resort like a Star Wars clone army (a series of movies many of these kids still needed an adult to get them into), Moneymaker was one of 1560 entrants.  Right now there are only 22 left and Moneymaker is second in chips. 

Even as he hopes to make redemption the story line of the tournament a girl by the name of Ana Marquez is first in chips.  She's seeking to win the most money ever by a woman in an MTT (Annie Duke's Tournament of Champions was a sit 'n go).  Mike Sowers is keeping pace fifth in chips.

Even if Moneymaker were to hit the implode button, he would still cash for at least 75k.  That would be his third largest cash behind the 2.5 million he won in WSOP championship and the 200k he won, in his second cash, the 2004 WPT Shooting Star tournament.  Last April he bagged 35k in Monte Carlo which he's guaranteed to out-earn.  Top four places at the PCA all pay one million or more.  If he were to win the PCA, he'd nearly match his 2004 WSOP title take with another 2.3 million.  That would bump him all the way up to about Hoyt Corkins on the all time live tournament earnings list around 45th with about 5.2 million.

SPEAKING OF HOYT:  Corkins cashed in the PCA Main Event too.  Corkings made the money along with Dwyte Pilgrim, Super High Roller Eugene Katchalov, Bertrand Grospellier, Marcel Luske, Ted Lawson, Michal Binger, JP Kelly and Faraz Jaka, Hoyt Corkins spoke with Pokernews about his time at the PCA and heading to the Beau Rivage for the Southern Poker Championship.  Click the link to read more.



EVENT 5, ALEX TASSIN THIRD:   Luke Priour (pictured above) of Austing, TX won the event and the 31k and bragging rights to go with it.  Joe Greene (what is this 70s Sports Icons Week at the Beau) of Panama City, Florida finished 2nd for 17k.  Alex Tassin of Houma finished third for 9.4k.  Thomas Doussan of Metairie 6th for 4,7k.  Frank Alpandinar of Baton Rouge 7th for 3.7k. 

EVENT 6, RYAN LENAGHAN JUST SHORT AGAIN:   Joe Poole of Loris, SC won the Pot Limit Omaha tournament prevailing over Ryan Lenaghan, (pictured to the right) of New Orleans.  Lenaghan took a break from playing at his favorite online poker room.  Joe won 12k and Ryan 6.4k.



EVENT THREE, YANKEE THESE NUTS:   Ron "Don't You Dare Call Me Don" Mattingly took down the event and pocketed 34k for his trouble.  Seen here holding the world in his hands, Mattingly, finally won the big one. Doug Cox won 7k for 5th.  Deanna Laurence of Bossier City won 3.5k for 8th.  John Durio of New Orleans 2.2k for 9th.  George Bronstein and BJ McBrayer also cashed outside the final table.

EVENT FOUR, KAI LANDRY GAGS:  'Despite the presence of noted bracelet winner Eskimo Clark and the desire to give him some breathing room in every pot, Roland Israelashvili of New York prevailed in the 340 Limit Seven Card Stud.  Kai Landry came to the final table as the chip leader but didn't make the top four to cash.   We have a feeling... spoiler alert... you haven't heard the last of Kai at these old man events.

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