Contrary to his sanctimonious public statements, Phil Ivey’s meritless lawsuit is about helping just one player – himself. In an effort to further enrich himself at the expense of others, Mr. Ivey appears to have timed his lawsuit to thwart pending deals with several parties that would put money back in players’ pockets. In fact, Mr. Ivey has been invited -- and has declined -- to take actions that could assist the company in these efforts, including paying back a large sum of money he owes the site. Tiltware doubts Mr. Ivey’s frivolous and self-serving lawsuit will ever get to court. But if it does, the company looks forward to presenting facts demonstrating that Mr. Ivey is putting his own narrow financial interests ahead of the players he professes to help.

JAMES BORD AND JOHN JUANDA CAME TO WORDS AT THE WSOP:  What's been reported as a heated debate between the two was really just Bord calling Juanda all kinds of nasty names because Juanda showed up with a Full Tilt badge on day one of the 25k Heads up Tournament.  Bord and Juanda had to be separated.  This is oldish news but it's another chink in the armor of the public face of Full Tilt and might have helped spur Tiltware's quick response to Ivey's law-suit.  Tao of Poker reported:  "Benjo also overheard Bord refer to Juanda as a "disgrace" and "fake." Oh, and how can I forget about my favorite insult when Bord called Juanda a "thieving prick."  Go to Tao right here for the rest of the best account of the incident and all it's particulars.

THEY ARE PLAYING THE WORLD SERIES TOO, NOT JUST SCREAMING AND SUING:  However, in the 25k Heads-up match the attention was again on Full Tilt players.  In the sweet sixteen arguably the best match-up was the last one with Gus Hansen and Tom "Durrrr" Dwan both patchless Full Tilt players.  Hansen beat Dwan after a long duel when his K9 held against Dwan's Q10 short-stack preflop shove.  Hansen is in the round of eight with guys like Yevgeniy Timoshenko, Eric Froehlich and Matt Marafioti.  Hansen was last seen winning the 10k WSOP-E heads up championship.  Meanwhile in the 1500 Omaha Hi-Low Split 8 or better Barry Greenstein, Jimmy Fricke, and Humberto Brenes were all near the top ten in chips after day one and moved on as the field lost 715 out of 925 entrants.

GOT VERSUS?  THE WSOP-C RELEASES TELECAST AND IT'S COMING SOON (TONIGHT!) TO A NON-BASIC CABLE TELEVISION NEAR YOU:  Starting tonight and each Thursday throughout June VERSUS will air two one-hour episodes throughout June.  The five nights of programming will feature the regional championships in this order:  June 2nd, Eastern (Harrah's Atlantic City); June 9th, Midwest (Horseshoe Hammond Chicago); June 16th, Western (Harrah's Rincon); June 23rd, Southern (Harrah's New Orleans) and culminate with the June 30th National Championship Free roll from Caesar's Palace Las Vegas.