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 BEN SAXTON is writing a poker book based on the Gulf Coast scene.  Here is an archive of interviews and features of poker players from all over but with a spotlight mostly on our locals.


 PLAYER N scribes tales of grifters, sleaze balls, and beautiful card sharks all hustling on the Coast.


World famous New Orleans candy apples and signature desserts.  Around the corner from Harrahs NOLA. Order yours online right now!


Last Sunday every month.  Next: February 23rd,
High Noon, $600, 20k ss.

And, single table $140 sit 'n goes and 11 am $200 Saturday tournament.


4445 Veterans BLVD, Metaire, LA

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Tracking down our winner for the contest. However, we can annouce the lucky celebrity bounties have been drawn and they will be there November 13th. 

They are BJ McBrayer (pictured bottom) and Judge Leo Boothe (pictured top).  BJ is from just up the road in Tuscaloosa.  Both winners have had big scores at Pearl River in the past.  Not sure anybody rocks the GCP In The Money chain better then the Judge either.

We will reveal the other bounties in the next day or so. Some of them were also nominated. Good to know we were on the right track.

Thanks for the suggestions if we could make all the nominees bounties we would have.


Contests must go on though, our second social media contest is a little more complex, has a bigger prize but requires a bigger effort.

Go to our Facebook page, like the page, like the post, and share the post on your feed (make sure your settings are on public so we can see that you shared and give you credit for an entry).

That's one entry earned for the drawing.

Earn another by going to @GCPNet on twitter finding the tweet, liking it and retweeting it.

Want to earn 10 more entries? Want to earn another 10 entries? Since nobody has taken us up on this yet you'd have a HUGE edge in the drawing.

We are also going to do something extra for everybody that participates.

What do you have do?

Take a 5 to 10 second clip in a well lit area with a white background mimicing this gif.  Preferably HD video.

Then post it on our Twitter feed under the contest tweet... get 10 entries. Go to Facebook do the same and you'll have 20 total for one video.

You have to consent to us possibly using it in our Pearl River video. Be creative and have fun. It's relatively quick and easy to do.  Everybody that does it will get something and you will have a great chance at $600 seat too.

Tomorrow, we will draw two names from the nominations that were submitted on Facebook and contact those players about being celebrity bounties. After we get two who are attending the event we will release the names of all the featured bounties.

That means if you don't see somebody nominated who should be... go to our FACEBOOK page and nominate. For example, we don't think anybody has nominated Hiep Doan (pictured) yet.  He'd be a good one.  While you are there read Paul Dutsch's trip report about how Pearl River Resorts is handling poker in the year of Covid.

Also, everybody who followed the directions correctly will be entered into a drawing to win a $250 seat to the opening event. We will also draw that before the end of the week.  Still (a little) time to get in.

-THEN, our next social media contest will start immediately after this one ends.  We will be giving away a Main Event Pearl River seat.

-If you played poker within the last couple of years at Pearl River, be on the look out for a flier with room discounts and a code to book your stay November 12 - 22.

We've just got ours so it should arrive any day now.

-Finally, we are posting the structures to the events today. You will find them linked off the banner ad up above. The schedule is also posted there for your convienence.  10/14/20

After going semi-viral with a video shared by Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy, Ben Mintz has a new gig. The video shows Mintz relishing an Ole Miss win vs. Kentucky.  That instigated a phone call between Portnoy and Mintz.

Portnoy obviously recognized the talent we've long known and Ben Mintz is now the newest member of Barstool sports. Thrilled for him.

So... about our podcast. To be determined.  Details to come.

That was fast. Teased it this morning and very soon actually meant tomorrow!  Yes, that's right games will now by six handed.

Great thing about 6 Handed? Bad Beat Jackpot eligible. 212k split among 6 of you. Juicy. That would be 106k to the bad beat loser, 53k to the winner and then four players get a table share splitting the other 53k evenly. That's like a million dollars each.

EDIT: Math was off. Told it's more like $13,250 a piece. Still...  yum!


Live tournament poker series are back in the region starting with Pearl River Resorts November 12th through the 22nd.

Want to win a BagWow seat?  Forgot what a BagWow event is?   Scroll down to video below for refresher.

Earn eligible entries to the random draw by doing ALL of the following:

Entry 1: Go to our FACEBOOK page: Like the page, share the post with that pic, and comment which local player you think should be a celebrity bounty.

Entry 2: Go to TWITTER: follow @GCPNet, like the tweet with that pic, retweet and comment which player you think should be a celebrity bounty at that event.

Pics encouraged for your nominations.

Winners will also receive a free hotel room the night of their day one play.

-Caesars Entertainment to buy William Hill. Go to CNBC.com.

-In the wake of Fedor Kruse cheating scandal, GG Poker upgrades their detection measures and catches 40 more accounts. PokerNews has the details.

-Speaking of cheats here are some of online poker's biggest ever.

-Types of poker on the Silver Screen. Go to Age of Nerd.  Irish poker sounds fun.

-Muskan Sethi trailblazing Indian female poker player profile.  Pictured above.

HARRAHS: Not official yet, but sounds like they will moving to six handed VERY soon. Also rumors of a once a week live tournament coming back. Stay tuned to this space we'll have more ASAP.

BEAU RIVAGE: Beau Rivage has started six handed poker today. Not only are they spreading cash games but also daily morning tournaments capped at 50 players.

PEARL RIVER: Satellites for Pearl River Resort's November 12 - 22nd tournament will be starting very soon. We'll have details once they are finalized. Hearing players in different locales are organizing their own satties. Contact us if you know of one nearby or are looking to join one.

GCP: Very soon we will drop our first podcast with a big time partner. Excited about it.

5TH STREET SOCIAL CLUB: The Baton Rouge card room has a new address check out their facebook page for more details.

-Lena Evans of Poker League of Nations to host fundraiser for Biden-Harris campaign.

-A bleak portrayal of daily poker tournaments in Las Vegas due to Covid-19 and trestrictions in place.

-Local poker pro Tim Burt forced to change online screen name "Trump 2024" because it's suddenly offensive.

 Cardschat News has the details.

Tim pictured at the Beau Rivage.

Link above is now valid for the Pearl River Poker Open Fall 2020 Schedule.  Click SCHEDULE if you don't want to scroll.


-BagWow! is back.

Want a refresher on the BagWow?  (Remember the dates are a year off but you'll get the idea...)

The BagWow! format dominates the opening weekend.  This year it features a 100k Guarantee on a $250 buy-in. 5 Flights (Thursday 6 pm, Friday noon and 6pm, and Saturday 11am and 5pm).

Also, 1k bonus if you bag twice and a 3k bonus if you bag thri... three times.

-A 5 seats ADDED (!!!) Mega Sunday (11/15) at 2pm to get in the $600 Main Event the following weekend.  Probably the best live tournament poker deal in the South.

-Multiple 20k Guarantees

-Rookies event (11/21). Got a friend with less then 10k in Hendo Mob results and wants to try Live Poker this is the event for him.

-$600 100k Guarantee Main Event. Three flights: Friday 4 pm, Saturday 11am and 5 pm.


Todd Pollack bested Jonathan Wisbey heads up to take it down. Over five flights of action there were 10 Auto-Qualifiers (AQ) and eight at large qualifiers to the Main Event Finale. Interesting to note the very last at large qualifer won the entire event. Todd Pollack is pictured next to Men the Master. Congrats to Todd.


1 Todd Pollack 2485.93 (CHAMPION! pictured)
2 Jonathan Wisbey 1546.8
3 Alex Dmytraczenko 939.13
4 Michael Fontenot 552.43


1 Jonathan Wisbey 1964.25 (AQ)
2 Charles Bombet 1964.25 (AQ)
3 Mary Ellen Roy 1099.98
4 Ryan Pinell 785.70
5 Jeff Hayles 628.56
6 Steve Martiny 471.42
7 Jeff Densen 392.85
8 Steve Bierman 314.28
9 Hugo Deinken 235.71


1 Rob Georato 2346.88 (AQ)
2 JP Nolan 1320.12 (AQ)
3 Steve Martiny 1026.76
4 Todd Pollack 733.40
5 Michael Seiman 586.72
6 Jarred Hendry 440.04
7 Alex Dmytrackzenko 366.70
8 Bill Phillips 293.36
9 Jeff Hayles 220.02


1 John Cressend 2135.57 (AQ)
2 Sue Murphy 1381.84 (AQ)
3 John Marcello 942.17
4 Jonathan Wisbey 628.11
5 Ryan Pinell 502.49
6 Brian Waystack 376.87
7 Justin Bracy 314.06


1 Saleem Dellawalla 2374.56 (AQ)
2 Jason Anderson 1536.48 (AQ)
3 Steve Meyers 1047.60
4 Tim Sanderson 698.40
5 BJ McBrayer 558.72
6 Alex Dmytraczenko 419.04
7 Bill Phillips 349.20


1 John Durio 2025.22 (AQ) (pictured middle)
2 Steve Martiny 1265.77 (AQ)
3 Michael Fontenot 810.09
4 Rob Georato 506.31
5 Ryan Pinell 455.68


1 Ryan Pinell 785.7 502.49 455.68 1743.87 (pictured bottom)
2 Mary Ellen Roy 1099.98 1099.98
3 Steve Meyers 1047.6 1047.60
4 John Marcello 942.17 942.17
5 Jeff Hayles 628.56 220.02 848.58
6 Michael Fontenot 810.9 810.90
7 Alex Dmytraczenko 366.7 419.04 785.74
8 Todd Pollack 733.4 733.40
9 Tim Sanderson 698.4 698.40
10 Bill Phillips 293.36 348 641.36
11 Michael Seiman 586.72 586.72
12 BJ McBrayer 558.72 558.72
13 Jarred Hendry 440.04 440.04
14 Jeff Densen 392.85 392.85
15 Brian Waystack 376.87 376.87
16 Steve Bierman 314.28 314.28
17 Justin Bracy 314.06 314.06
18 Hugo Deinken 235.71 235.71


October 1, 10am. 6 Max with masks AND Plexiglass. Very possible it will be 7 handed soon.

We are super happy for Henry Garrison and the staff at the Beau to get things up and running again.

Possibly small daily tournaments to follow... soon.



1 Jonathan Wisbey 2607.36
2 Charlette Smith 1466.64
3 Alex Dmytraczenko 1140.72
4 Hugo Deinken 814.80
5 Mike Seiman 651.84
6 John Cressend 488.88
7 Steve Martiny 407.40
8 Justin Sternberg 325.92
9 Steve Meyers 244.44

Wisbey won ANOTHER (!) bracelet and even more impressively won the Points event the same after beating Wild Bill heads up.


BJ McBrayer wrapped up the Points Event after a dominating series. Jonathan Wisbey's late run-good/play-good got him all the way up to second place.

295.38 BJ McBrayer
233.75 Jonathan Wisbey
228.38 Ryan Pinell
200.38 Michael Seiman
195.00 Bill Phillips
185.63 Rob Georato
181.88 Tim Sanderson
168.38 Brian Waystack
167.88 John Cressend
165.63 Steve Bierman

Tired of throwing your laptops against the wall after yet another bad beat? Bored with seeing quads three times a session in your opponent's hands at showdown? Too much work to find a VPN in Checksaflopias? Are your live reads wasted on timing tells that mean nothing because your opponent is doing three things at once?

Pearl River Resorts has good news for you. This November 12th through the 22th, Pearl River will be hosting a tournament series in Philadelphia, MS.  There is talk of some impressive guarantees to go with it.

A lot of the info will be determined as we get closer in the interest of safety. Worst case six handed, maybe eight handed, maybe nine; we don't know yet.  What we do know is there will be tournament poker!

Sounds like masks will be mandatory and there will be lots of chip and room sanitizing. Tables will be spaced out in that amazing and gigantic room. Stay tuned to here for more details.

Results from some of the final bracelet events with just two left to play including the Main Event.  Highlights: John Cressend wins his third.  Sley Sanchez adds to his jewelry collection and Chris Canan does too.


1 Sley Sanchez 931.2 (pictured)
2 Steve Bierman 931.2
3 BJ McBrayer 521.47
4 Kristy Wagner 372.48
5 PJ Horrigan 297.98
6 Brian Waystack 223.49
7 Justin Sternberg 186.24
8 Marilyn Charmaine 148.99
9 Eric Wilkinson 111.74


1 John Cressend 569.32
2 Chris Canan 569.32
3 Jeff Hayles 569.32
4 Brian Fontana 240.56
5 Tim Sanderson 192.45
6 Dom Carollo 144.34
7 Jonathan Wiseby 120.28


1 David Chocheles 613.43 (pictured)
2 Dom Carollo 396.92
3 Brian Fontana 270.63
4 Mickel Brien 180.42
5 Steve Bierman 144.34
6 Jonathan Wiseby 108.25
7 Tara Snow 90.21


1 Chris Canan 465.6
2 Sley Sanchez 465.6
3 Chris Bourgeois 465.6
4 Ryan Pinell 218.25
5 Justin Bracy 174.60
6 Hugo Deinken 130.95
7 Frank Florino 109.13
8 Jonathan Wiseby 87.30
9 Pat McNamara 65.48


BJ has the top spot wrapped up but it's a slog for the remainder of the top five pay slots.

Main Event and a ton more points this weekend.

266.38 BJ McBrayer
189.38 Ryan Pinell
174.75 Jonathan Wisbey
158.38 Michael Seiman
157.00 Bill Phillips
150.88 Tim Sanderson
141.63 Rob Georato
139.38 Brian Waystack
138.13 Becky Campbell (pictured)
137.63 Steve Bierman
137.00 Don Dove
135.50 Chris Canan
135.38 Brian Fontana
132.75 David Chocheles
128.88 John Cressend
128.38 Chris Davis
126.38 Corey Harrison
126.00 Dom Carollo
120.75 Michael Fontenot
117.25 Sley Sanchez
113.25 Hugo Deinken
111.00 Jeff Hayles
109.25 Jeff Densen
104.63 Ronald Tremblay
101.00 Kearns Julien


To be honest we knew Poker Hall of Famer Mike Sexton played a huge role in growing poker as the voice of the WPT during the boom, but we had no idea the true impact and legacy he left behind.

After he passed, social media was flooded with pictures of Sexton smiling broadly with his arm around poker players of all levels and fullfilling an Ambassador of poker role like no other. Same genuine grin in every one.  Everybody had a slightly different memory but always a positive story of their time spent with him.

The outpouring of emotion at his loss is a testament to who he was and how many people he was able to touch. On a personal level, Sexton's approval of a well played hand, still resonates years later as the highest compliment received in this game for one of us at GCP.  For him to give that so warmly is just one of millions of small but meaningful gestures. 

He leaves us as an acommplished player on the felt (over 6 million in earnings), maybe the signature voice of the game, a consumate gentleman and a pro's pro.  The world is a little bit darker in his absence.


We have the following details from the man himself, poker room mananger, Chase Haydel (pictured right).

Live poker returns to New Orleans Friday SEPTEMBER 4th, Noon !!! 

Yes, days away. That happened quickly.

Play will be five handed. Masks are mandatory.

Hours of operation:
 Sunday through Thursday Noon - Midnight.
 Friday, Saturday Noon - 2 am.

Told they will be rolling out lots of great promotions in the coming weeks.

An insider also revealed there may be no better time ever then now to earn Diamond status via Caesars Rewards.  Diamond in a day as they say.


The New York Times digs in to how the culture of poker, even online poker, now requires a suitcase during the pandemic.


Looks very interesting. Customizable Poker clubs. Hmmmm...


The Washingtonian reveals a Louisiana connection to two of the biggest online crushers ever. Great read.


Details on a charity poker tournament gone virtual to raise needs for Special Needs children.


Double Bracelets for John and John.  John Cressend and Jonathan Wiseby both won two bracelets since the last update.  PJ Horrigan and Piyush Mittal won their firsts and BJ McBrayer won again.


1 Piyush Mittal 671.50 (pictured with Prissy Giroir)
2 Alton Mince 671.50
3 Don Dove 671.50
4 Tara Snow 314.77
5 Tim Sanderson 251.81
6 Bj McBrayer 188.86
7 Tom Darce 157.38
8 Jeff Densen 125.91
9 Nick Brown 94.43


1 Jonathan Wiseby 996.00
2 BJ McBrayer 500.00
3 Jeff Hayles 176.00
4 Rebecca Campbell 176.00
5 Chris Davis
6 John Marcello
7 Bill Phillips
8 Mike Seiman


1 John Cressend 902.1 (pictured)
2 Mike Fontenot 902.1
3 BJ McBrayer 505.18
4 Tom Darce 360.84
5 Chris Bourgeois 288.67
6 David Chocheles 216.50
7 Easton Oreman 180.42
8 Kris Kent 144.34
9 Steve Martiny 108.25


1 PJ Horrigan 1229.18
2 Josh Castenado 1229.18
3 David Chocheles 1229.18
4 Brian Fontana 576.18
5 Ronald Tremblay 460.94
6 Ed Mancini 345.71
7 Chris Davis 288.09
8 Brian Waystack 230.47
9 Chris Canan 172.85


1 BJ McBrayer 521.47
2 Sley Sanchez 293.33
3 Mike Fontenot 228.14
4 Mike Seiman 162.96
5 Tim Sanderson 130.37
6 Eric Wilkinson 97.78
7 David Chocheles 81.48
8 Scott Weinberg 65.18
9 Ryan Pinell 48.89


1 John Cressend 1138.13
2 Eric Shoats 1138.13
3 Charles Bombet 1138.13
4 Ryan Pinell 533.50
5 Tim Sanderson 426.80
6 Tara Snow 320.10
7 Tom Darce 266.75
8 Brian Waystack 213.40
9 Rebecca Campbell 160.05

BIG 80:

1 Jonathan Wiseby 1002.59 (pictured in the tank vs. Todd Skinner)
2 Brian Fontana 648.74
3 BJ McBrayer 442.32
4 Mike Seiman 294.88
5 Jeff Densen 235.90
6 Bill Phillips 176.93
7 Kris Kent 147.44


BJ McBrayer's consistency makes it all but certain he'll win the points championship.  The drama will be for the top five paid spots.

Total Points

197.13 BJ McBrayer
139.13 Ryan Pinell
128.50 Jonathan Wisbey
127.13 Michael Seiman
117.75 Bill Phillips

108.63 Tim Sanderson (doubles through Mike Monaghan)
104.13 Becky Campbell
103.75 Don Dove
102.38 Brian Fontana
101.88 Corey Harrison
99.63 Rob Georato
98.13 Brian Waystack
96.88 Chris Davis
93.13 John Cressend
90.50 Dom Carollo
89.00 Michael Fontenot
88.13 Ronald Tremblay
86.50 David Chocheles
85.25 Chris Canan
84.38 Nick Brown
78.75 Hugo Deinken


It appears a settlement may happen in the Mike Postle cheating scandal law suit. With 88 plaintiffs it could be a bit as they all have to mull it over.  We understand a large number of them, maybe ~56, have to accept the terms for the deal to happen.

It also appears that all they are going to get is the rake back. Wonder if that will cover the attorney fees?


With players jumping into new variations of poker during the Pandemic Short Deck or 6+ Hold'em has been played quite a bit.

PokerNews has some tips.


Been a while since we've had the pleasure of experiencing many of these unpleasurable foibles of our table mates. Here's how to counter them
at CardsChat.


The former high stakes pro has not been seen since July 13th. Loads of stories of Yukon Brad getting indebted to other players.  He once quiped a session used to be "Up a Ferrari, down a Ferrari" and then that became up or down a dented Honda Civic. Many fear the worst for him.


The WPT has remained their championship trophy for Poker Hall of Famer Mike Sexton. More on how they honored their most notable commentator here.

Some more bracelet winners. Rob Georato wins two bracelets. Dom Carollo, Laurie Gordon, and Pat McNamara win their first.

1 Dom Carollo 713.13 (frontline Covid fighter pictured in respirator)
2 Don Dove 713.13
3 Jeff Hayles 399.35
4 Brian Fontana 285.25
5 Dave Gordon 228.20
6 Ryan Pinell 171.15
7 Mike Seiman 142.63
8 Bill Phillips 114.10
9 Chad Tobler 85.58

1 Pat McNamara 1032.08
1 Chris Canan 1032.08
3 Tim Sanderson 552.90
4 BJ McBrayer 368.60
5 Alex Dmytraczenko 294.88
6 Michael Fontenot 221.16
7 Ronald Tremblay 184.30

1 Rob Georato 2669.44
2 BJ McBrayer 1501.56
3 Corey Harrison 1167.88
4 Bill Phillips 834.20
5 Jerry Giroir 667.36
6 Steve Meyers 500.52
7 Alex Dmytraczenko 417.10
8 PJ Horrigan 333.68
9 Don Dove 250.26


1 Laurie Gordon 720.13 (pictured with her husband Dave)
2 Corey Harrison 405.07
3 Kristy Wagner 315.06
4 Rebecca Campbell 225.04
5 Jeff Densen 180.03
6 BJ McBrayer 135.02
7 David Rabalais 112.52
8 Katie Pansano 90.02
9 Pat McNamara 67.51

1 Rob Georato 968.45
2 Ronald Tremblay 544.75
3 Don Dove 423.70
4 Jerry Giroir 302.64
5 Eric Wilkinson 242.11
6 Bill Phillips 181.58
7 Pete Strong 151.32
8 Justin Sternberg 121.06
9 Steve Bierman 90.79

BJ McBrayer has put some distance between himself and Ryan Pinell. A lot players in contention.

121.38 BJ McBrayer
103.38 Ryan Pinell
87.00 Corey Harrison
75.63 Bill Phillips
73.38 Michael Seiman
67.50 Hugo Deinken
66.88 Chris Davis
66.75 Jonathan Wisbey
65.88 Brian Fontana
61.00 Don Dove
57.50 Michael Fontenot
57.13 Nick Brown
55.00 Ronald Tremblay
54.88 Easton Oreman (pictured)
54.38 Becky Campbell
53.88 Tim Sanderson
50.75 Dom Carollo
47.75 Chris Canan
46.25 Steve Bierman
44.75 Rob Georato


Ron McMillen, a 70 year old Iowan, played his first online tournament and won it. No big deal, right?
Considering he took a flight to Vegas to play in the WSOP online, beat over a thousand players, and won a WSOP bracelet in the six-max event... kind of a big deal. His celebration video a critical hand late in the tournament was one of the most shared early during the event.

That's great but we are partial to this celebration video:

Maybe it's because we are pretty sure we hear New Orleanian Joe Hebert giggling in the background, and 8 time ring winner Michael Lech is almost universally well liked and respected. His victory is deserving of his dance.


The grudge match has been agreed to, with retiree Doug Polk coming out for one last fight. Only Daniel Negreanu could get him back in the ring.

The terms $200-$400 Hold'em. The battlefield... online. Vegas has Polk as a favorite. The throwdown will happen sometime after the WSOP online wraps up.

Cardplayer has some of their best tweets at one another.


Some locals have gotten together to play their own WSOP series with bracelet events three times a week mirroring the WSOP online event they are blocked from playing.  Here are the early results we've received:


1 Mike Seiman 578
2 Corey Harrison 374.00
3 Rebecca Campbell 255.00
4 Jonathan Wiseby 170.00
5 Hugo Deinken 136.00
6 Tim Sanderson 102.00
7 BJ McBrayer 85.00

1 Bill Phillips 1286.22
2 Mike Fontenot 832.26
3 Hugo Deinken 567.45
4 Ryan Pinell 378.30
5 Marilyn Charmaine 302.64
6 BJ McBrayer 226.98
7 JP Nolan 189.15

1 JP Nolan 448.14
2 Brian Fontana 448.14
3 Ryan Pinell 240.08
4 Scott Weinberg 160.05
5 Jason Anderson 128.04
6 Nick Brown 96.03
7 Rebecca Campbell 80.03

1 Corey Harrison 2421.12 (pictured)
2 Easton Oreman 1361.88
3 Mark Winkler 1059.24
4 Ryan Pinell 756.60
5 Eric Vogel 605.28
6 BJ McBrayer 453.96
7 Chris Davis 378.30
8 John Marcello 302.64
9 Dave Gordon 226.98


1 BJ McBrayer 1070.23
2 Easton Oreman 1070.23
3 Dom Carollo 1000
4 Nick Brown 442.32
5 Mary Ellen Roy 353.86
6 Chris Canan 265.39
7 Tim Sanderson 221.16


61.75 BJ McBrayer (pictured)
61.75 Ryan Pinell
38.00 Michael Fontenot
36.75 Jonathan Wisbey
36.75 Michael Seiman
36.50 Easton Oreman
35.75 Nick Brown
35.75 Bill Phillips
35.50 Brian Fontana
32.75 Corey Harrison
32.50 Hugo Deinken
32.00 Piyush Mittal
30.00 John Cressend
29.00 John Marcello
27.50 JP Nolan
27.50 Tim Sanderson
23.00 Becky Campbell
21.75 David Chocheles
21.00 Chris Canan
20.50 Steve Bierman
20.25 Kearns Julien
20.25 Marilyn Charmaine

This years WSOP event will be held online and massive debates have been raging about everything shady in Online poker.  "Ghosting" which they claim they can combat (we would love to hear how they will combat one player at the computer and 3 standing over the players shoulder). Another worry is multiple IP addresses being played in house and hotels. We want to point you to the link from our friends over at Pokernews.com for all the latest...and we will cut and paste some of the highlights below:

Go to Pokernews and search: Everything You Need to Know to Compete for a 2020 WSOP.com Online Bracelet

Create an Account & Verify Identity
Once you've downloaded WSOP.com, you will need to register for an account (create a username and password).

To do so, you will need to enter a telephone number with area code.
They will also need your social security number to verify your identity.

The WSOP's Danielle Barille told PokerNews: "All players go through a verification process.

"In the event a player does not pass the verification, if they are domestic, they will be required to upload a copy of their current driver's license, a current (no more than 90 days old) utility bill verifying the registered address. A copy of the patron's Social Security card may also be required."

If perchance you don't have such information, you will not be approved for a real money account and will instead need to upload further documentation for the verification process. Instructions will be emailed to you.

For international players, you will be required to upload a copy of your passport and current (no more than 90 days old) utility bill verifying your address in your registered country.

If you run into any issues during the registration process the WSOP.com support team can be reached 24/7 at 1-866-745-2385 or via email at support@wsop.com.

The WSOP.com geo-location system uses your computer's Wi-Fi signal, together with other detected Wi-Fi networks (such as your cell phone), to determine your physical location.

In order to successfully geo-locate, Wi-Fi must be enabled on your device.

However, you don't actually need to be connected to the Internet using Wi-Fi, just make sure you're able to see Wi-Fi networks from your computer.

Connecting from a Hotel
One issue players frequently experience is trying to log onto WSOP.com via a shared internet IP address, such as players staying at the same house or hotel. In such cases, you may get the following error message:

"Sorry, you are not permitted to join this tournament. Another member, with an identical IP address, is already playing at this tournament."

Barille told PokerNews this shouldn't be an issue for Nevada players: "Nevada regulators have approved the whitelisting of Caesars hotel property IPs for the WSOP (Online) Bracelet Events from July 1-July 31.

"We are still waiting for approval from New Jersey regulators to approve New Jersey Caesars properties. Players attempting to play from the same physical residential address will not be able to play MTTs, SNGs, or cash games as state regulations prohibit multiple accounts playing on the same IP address.”

For other hotels, players have found a simple workaround. Instead of logging in while connected to the shared internet, instead create a hotspot using your cellphone.

Connect to the hotspot and log in via that connection.

Once connected, you can then jump onto the regular/shared internet and play with no problems. The hiccup only applies during the log-in portion.

Addressing Multi-accounting & Ghosting Concerns
When asked about player concerns regarding multi-accounting and ghosting, Barille responded: "WSOP.com is fully regulated and licensed in Nevada and New Jersey to highest international standards.

"We have a sophisticated risk and fraud model to detect fraudulent player behavior. The software detects VPN's and similar scripts. WSOP.COM has run dozens of online bracelet events without incident."

What If I Win a Bracelet?
The winner of each bracelet event will be contacted by a WSOP representative within 48 hours of the completion of the tournament.

There will be a weekly virtual bracelet ceremony and press conference, and physical WSOP gold bracelets will be mailed to your registered address on file on WSOP.com.



Friends and grinders in RedStick you now have a live poker option again. The Fifth Street Social Club opens Friday night (6/5) and will offer games and card games including Poker.  But this isn't Gulf Coast Cribbage so we'll focus on the poker.

Opened by long term Baton Rouge card fans and good people, Fifth Stree Social Club will have 3 dedicated no rake cash tables. They will spread No Limit Hold'em, Limit, and PLO all with a $12 an hour seat rental.

We recommend you make smart decisions in deciding whether to play live poker or not right now. You should take every precaution you deem to necessary to play.  For their part they will do a chip exchange and table cleanup every two hours.  Tempartures will be checked at the door, masks are encouraged and provided, and it will be 8 handed on new large tables.

Friday nights feature a 1k freeroll with $20 Rebuy and $40 Add on. Sunday 1pm $100 Deepstack freezeout.

Hours: Friday 6pm to 4am, Saturday 4pm to 4am, and Sunday noon to 9pm

$20 Daily Membership. Must be 21 and have a valid state ID.

Here's their facebook page with more info:  https://www.facebook.com/Fifth-Street-Social-Club-103096921428341/

Ronald Tremblay continued to final table everything. Bill Phillips tried to match Rob Georato's back to back ring wins but came up just short against Singh Chawla. Todd Tregre outdid them both. Playing and winning two final tables at the same time (the Main Event and the Ron Held Ring Event) AND then capped it off by winning the final tournament of the series.  No shocker he won the points total by a land slide. Chris Read and Rob Georato finished second and third overall.  Jeff Sager and Sley Sanchez joined Wild Bill as mixed game victors. To the victors go the rings.


1 Chris Canan 1501.39
2 Dan Rush 1300.00
3 Tara Snow 750.38
4 Nick Brown 500.25
5 Todd Tregre 400.20
6 Ronald Tremblay 300.15
7 Brian Waystack 250.13


1 Jeff Sager 393.75
2 Ronald Tremblay 393.75
3 John Cressend 157.50
4 Anthony Bellao 105.00


1 Sley Sanchez 280.00
2 John Cressend 175.00
3 Rob Georato 105.00
4 Stephen Trainer 70.00
5 Bradley Aldrich 70.00


1 Todd Tregre 2900.00 18.00
2 Chris Read 2071.60 16.00
3 David Chocheles 2071.60 14.00
4 David Mendez 1100.50 12.00
5 Sley Sanchez 880.40 10.00
6 John Marcelo 660.30 8.00
7 John Cressend 550.25 6.00
8 Jeff Hayles 440.20 4.00
9 Don Dove 330.15 2.00


We were forunate to be joined by many of Ron's family and friends in this event.  We were pulling hard for one of them to win and just missed out on his wife final tabling his event.

1 Todd Tregre 555.52 8.00
2 Eric Shoats 333.31 7.00
3 Singh Chawla 238.08 6.00
4 Kearns Julien 158.72 5.00
5 Nancy Steph 129.98 4.00
6 John Cressend 95.23 3.00
7 Rob Georato 79.36 2.00


1 Wild Bill Phillips 326.16 5.00
2 Jonathan Wiseby 217.44 4.00
3 Charlene Smith 108.72 3.00
4 David Chocheles 72.80 2.00


1 Singh Chawla 514.50
2 Wild Bill Phillips 308.70
3 Mike Durbin 220.50
4 Mary Roy 147.00
5 Nick Brown 117.60
6 PJ Horrigan 88.20
7 Justin Bracy 73.20


1 Todd Tregre 499.72
2 Ronald Tremblay 499.72
3 PJ Horrigan 499.72
4 Charlette Smith 211.15
5 Kearns Julien 168.92
6 Jerry Giroir 126.69
7 Corey Harrison 105.58


Overall, Chris Canan's win in the High Roller valuted him into first place for the Player of the Pandemic. Then Baton Rouge's Todd Tregre's weekend to remember not only locked up the the points title but puts him in first for our club overall.  Here's the top 20:

60.5 Todd Tregre
40 Chris Read
39.5 Rob Georato
31.5 Sley Sanchez
31 David Mendez
30 Jeff Hayles
30 John Cressend
29.5 Corey Harrison
29.5 Chris Canan
27 David Chocheles
26.5 Ronald Tremblay
25.5 Michael Durbin
24.5 Scott Weinberg
23.5 Bill Phillips
22.5 Eric Shoats 
21 Piyush Mittal
20.5 Nick Brown
19.5 Jeff Sager
19.5 Mary Ellen Roy
19 Chris Baudean
19 Tim Sanderson

-New Orleans convention center and Gambling Board chair forced out via a little known legislative action. Of note the senator who exercized her right to oppose a registered voter in her district from appointment is the same senator who violated a self-imposed casino ban for gambling.  Perhaps, retribution for the summons she was issued for violating her ban leaking out?  Advocate.

-Still upset about Anthony Daivs leaving NOLA?  Blame poker.

-"$300 bet?  I'd watch two monkeys (...) for $300."  Michael Jordan poker stories.  Cards Chat.

-Phil "The Heel" Mickelson cheated his brother out of his life savings in a poker game...  Okay, he was seven and it was bucket of pennies.

-Online Poker Booming.  Who'd thunk?  Marketwatch.

-Florida live poker is back.  Si gambling.

-He never said Welcome to the Jungle.  Jungleman secretly plays on rich guy's account to fleece other rich guys.  He apologizes so all should be forgiven right?  Also interesting, Deadspin is still a functioning website?

-Five Underdogs who made great runs at poker final tables.  Calvin Ayre.

More ring winners and results below. 

Highlights:  Rob Georato denies Jeff Hayles attempt to win two rings then wins a second the next night to move up to first in the points race.  Chris Read and Prissy Giroir batled heads ups to be the second female ring winner with Chris coming out on top.  John Price won his first ring via the heads up bracket.


1 Chris Read 544.68
2 Prissy Giroir 544.68 (pictured)
3 Vincent Hoang 277.68
4 Eric Wilkinson 213.60
5 Piyush Mittal 170.86
6 Mary Ellen Roy 128.16
7 Dom Carollo 106.80
8 Ronald Tremblay 85.44
9 Dan Rush 64.08


1 John Price 505.20 (pictured)
2 Sley Sanchez 300.00
3 Prissy Giroir 195.00
3 John Cressend 195.00


1 Rob Georato 471.84
2 John Gibbons 265.41
3 David Mendez 176.94
4 Marilyn Charmaine 132.71
5 Kristy Wagner 117.96
6 Chris Baudean 88.47
7 Chris Canan 73.73
8 Nancy DeCuers 58.98
9 Corey Harrison44.24
10 Drew Howell 44.24


1 Rob Georato 1078.91
2 Jeff Hayles 606.89
3 Corey Harrison 404.59
4 Scott Weinberg 303.44
5 Eric Shoats 269.73
6 Todd Tregre 202.30
7 Joe Meteye 168.58
8 Eric Wilkinson 134.86
9 Jeff Sager 101.15
10 Tara Snow 101.15

Rob Georato 26.00
Corey Harrison 21.00
Jeff Hayles 20.50
Scott Weinberg 19.50
Chris Baudean 19.00
Chris Read 18.00
Todd Tegre 16.00
Piyush Mittal 15.50
Prissy Grioir 14.50
Chris Canan 14.50

This past weekend the PP-C event kicked off. The following placed in the early ring events.


1 Chris Baudean (pictured right) 578.20
2 Katie Pansano 578.20
3 Mike Durbin 277.54
4 Scott Weinberg 208.15
5 Ian Crozier 185.02
6 Todd Tegre 138.77
7 Brian Fontana 115.64
8 Hugo Deinken 92.51
9 Andy Kim 69.38
10 Chris Bourgeois 69.38


1 Tim Sanderson 1146.64
2 Jerry Giroir 711.98
3 Piyush Mittal 508.56
4 Eric Shoats 339.04
5 Geri Bowen 271.23
6 David Chocheles 203.42
7 Dominic Carollo 169.52
8 Chris Canan 40.00


1 Jeff Hayles 582.96
2 Rebecca Campbell 349.78
3 Chris Canan 249.84
4 Corey Harrison 166.56
5 Chris Read 133.25
6 Easton Oreman 99.94
7 Katie Pansano (pictured below) 83.28


1 Nancy Decuers 202.50
2 Rob Georato 135.00
3 Davon Hayes 67.50
4 Dan Rush 45.00

Katie Pansano 13.00
Chris Baudean 11.50
Michael Durbin 11.00
Tim Sanderson 10.00
Scott Wienberg 9.50
Jeff Hayles 8.50
Ian Crozier 8.00
Jerry Giroir 8.00
Chris Canan 8.00
Piyush Mittal 8.00



Chris Read, now of Georgia, but forever a Louisiana girl received enough nominations to be considered to play for the Women's Day Poker Pass.  Then the panel judged her impact on poker to be significant enough that she will get a chance to play eight other women for a Platinum Pass on PokerStars.  The final will take place before next year's PSPC. 

Other nominees include Jan Fisher, Austin player Terry Hatcher, and Alexis Sterner a player and nurse from Orlando. From playing with Chris we know those other ladies will have to play their "A" game to beat her.


At this point Simi Mittal ,who is also busy studying for med school finals, leads for Female Player of the Quarantine.  Simi's recent positive results also her have in the hunt for the overall P.O.Q.  She's recently won an event the same night Charlene Smith triumphed in another tournament making it at true ladies night.


Brandon Creel won the Redstick Grindrs April Madness Heads up tournament beating Cliff Decoteau in the finals of the 40 entry tournament.

Creel earned $900 for first Decoteau $600 for second. GCP Senior of the Year Robbie Matthews and Donovan Brack both won $350 for making the semi finals of $65 buy-in tournament.

Also cashing, Scott Gill, Brian Hill, David Hebert and Kelly Wall who qualified into the event as #1 seeds by winning a seeding tournament.


In the Harradise league Eric Wilkinson won his third event since the inception. He's jumped back ahead of Jeff Densen for P.O.Q. While the Player of the Quarantine might not win anything but bragging rights it's good to see locals winning.

Densen, pictured, keeps grinding out results though so even if he can't match Wilkinson in wins he's right there with winnings.  Definitely a two man race right now.

Those in a pack behind the leaders include: Jeff Sager, David Chocheles and Chris Canan (with multiple wins himself).  All thre seem to be deep in everything they play.

Top newcomer? Chris Baudean jumped in for one tournament on Saturday and chopped it outright.


Seems to be a fair amount of live/online games right now utilizing google hangouts and Zoom right now. There are some old online poker tells that still work, like bet timing, and some new crossover tells that work only on the google hangouts or zoom meeting functions. It's a bit of a combo.  Cardschat gives away some of the giveaways you are giving away right now.


Greg Raymer tells you when you are underadjusting for the bounty or overadjusting for it. Short answer the deeper you get the less it means. Go to Cardplayer for all of it.


This was shared in our Facebook Group and it's the sad tale of some retirees getting together to play poker.  All got sick and three dead so far. Be safe out there people. This is a hidden killer preying on our most vulnerable, still.


Marvin Karlins, a poker player and pyschologist, offers his take on why a WSOP in 2020 could have similar deadly results.


Feeling blue because you don't have one and probably can't win one this year?  This might make you feel better. These guys don't have one either: Christop Volgelsang, Sam Trickett, Isaac Haxton, Jason Koon, Dan Smith and Steve O'Dwyer. CardPlayer has the story of the best to never win at the WSOP.


PartyPoker's online tournament results are up on PokerNews and you know what you won't see? Americans. Lots of young international crushers but zero Americans in the latest events. What about Jason Koon? He's a canuck.


It took a while to get going, but Pennsylvania is now full stream ahead with online poker. One pandemic later and a boom has ensued.

New Jersey online poker, predictably, is also soaring.

EBONY PREVAILS: Ebony Kenney (pictured) prevailed in a massive ACR charity poker tournament to raise money for Feeding America.It was her and two celebrities Andy Milonakis and Kevin Pollak at the end. She won first, Pollak second, and Milonakis third. 65 players bought in and the event featured huge stars like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Adam Sandler, Tobey Maguire, John Krasinski, Jason Bateman, Cheryl Hines and John Hamm. More then $1.2 million went to the charity with 10k from each player going to help people in need.

MURRAH MULLS OVER CORNONA: Davy Murrah, and many others, think person Corona virus was spreading on the Gulf Coast poker scene as early as January. Davy returned to his blog to post his thoughts here.

MORE ABOUT MOLLY'S GAME: Need a book to read? This one sounds like a winner. Houston Curtis' book Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist gives some more background on the famous L.A. game chronicled in the movie Molly's Game. Pretty riveting story about a poker cheat who teamed up with Toby Maguire to kick the game off. NY Post.

CASINOS ASK FOR HANDOUTS: Despite a recent filing by the Stones casino in the Postle cheating case where it suggest casinos have no duty to protect their customers, casinos think the government has a duty to protect them. With so many friends of ours in the industry and the hope that the money goes to payroll we are rooting for it to happen but still rings a little hollow.  A little bit like the Cruise Industry dodging US taxes by being based in other countries but still asking Americans to bail them out.


After 25,000 hands, where mid-way he publically considered quiting the challenge and paid fines to delay the restart, Phil Galfond has bested VeniVidi1993 in the most epic online Heads-Up challenge ever.

Despite the slightest big of controversy over whether kneeling the football to close out the game (folding everything) was in the spirit of the event Galfond prevailed. Phil won a pivitol late hand (see tweet below:  apparently he needed the river as his opponent held a Full House) which would give him the room later to fold away the last 73 hands and end up 7 big blinds at the completion of the challenge. For those following the action closely they knew over the last day, even before the late hand, it could have gone either way. VeniVidi1993 had multiple close chances to win one more pot to close it out and fold to a victory himself, but couldn't quite get over the hump.

The terms of the bet meant Galfond won a 100k (Euros) side bet by being ahead 1,472 (Euros) as the challenge completed. Galfond created the challenge to bring attention to his site Run It Once Poker and that's just what the final day did with over 23,000 viewers on Twitch watching it play out.

Why was it SO epic? Even with the late swings that could have resolved the bet either way in the 100-200 PLO match, Galfond began the challenge losing almost every session and found himself down nearly a million Euros. He took a several week break (not the decade long break Durrr has taken v. Jungleman) and paid out thousands in penalties. Many people were outspoken critics of Galfond, including Luke Schwartz who said the game had past him by.  Then he came back to his computer, and then he slowly and steadily climbed back into contention.

His first lead did not come until almost 90% of the challenge had finished. The two battled back and fourth culminating in the 39th and final session Sunday. With the end in sight both players wanted to extend a lead just far enough to fold to a victory. After a short break late in the day, with Galfond down 30k, and VeniVidi1993 only needing to win 6k more to wrap it up, Farrah Galfond tweeted it was almost over.

Who says sports drama has disappeared during the quarantine? Galfond hit the aggression just as VeniVidi started to play passive to protect his lead. Then the decisive hand above: a cooler that would prove to cost the anonymous player almost everything.

Galfond plans six more challenges with five of them being PLO vs. Brandon Adams, Bill Perkins and his Thirst Lounge streamers, Chance Kornuth, Dan Cates and "Action Freak." Luke Schwartz in a 1k 2k 8-Game challenge with a sidebet and Hand requirement TBD will wrap it up.


Congrats to Eric Wilkinson who has gone two for two in the Harrahdise Weeklys online poker tournaments. He chopped the Ron Held Memorial tournament on Saturday. Jeff Densen has also started hot with a first place and a second place.

Piyush Mittal chopped one tournament heads up with Wilkinson after he and his wife Simi made the final table. Players have been using video chats to maintain a little bit of normalcy from their weekly games.  It's not quite the games at their favorite downtown casino but certainly passes the time during the lock down.


Our thoughts are with the family of one of the classiest guys to ever sit at the felt. Ron Held won his first  WSOP-C ring in 2019 and at the time we couldn't have been happier for a lover of the game. Well known in New Orleans and Metaire in the bar games and weekly tournaments Ron always wore a smile. Personally, he's long been one of the biggest supporters/readers of our site and always wished the best for us. He read the updates so he could always congratulate all the tournament grinders he knew when they'd come home from a score. One of the players that made poker in the south a real community. We will cherish a couple of car rides we shared to tournament venues and think fondly of his always gracious and generous chops for friends at the end of tournaments. You never like losing a pot but somehow with Ron it just felt different. Always happy to see him succeed even at your own expense. He's just that kind of guy. So we were very sad to receive this text this am:

"Ron "Coach" Held has been in the hospital battling Covit 19 for about 10 days now with bilateral pneumonia. He was on ventilator for the last 8 or 9 days but took a turn for the worst this morning and had a massive non-operable brain bleed probably due to lack of oxygen. The family just made the decision to remove the ventilator. Please pass the news on to the group and ask for their prayers. God Bless and keep your family safe."

We are told he will come off the ventilator today. Our deepest sympathies and condolences to his family.


Unfortunately, we know of too many other Gulf Coast players and dealers who have come down with this, though most seem to be recovering. A few are battling hard right now and our thoughts are of course with them. One player shared his thoughts and experiences battling Covid19 anonymously with us and we posted them on Wild Bill's DINE ON THE WHALES blog.  A lot of good tips if you or a family member have it or if think you might have it on how to protect yourself and your family.

This is a brutal illness and sadly we'll likely lose more friends from the felt in the coming days and weeks. We urge everybody to make smart choices and opt to take actions that will protect our most vulnerable.


In the last couple of days the WSOP officially postponed the May circuit event at Harrahs NOLA.  We will keep everybody updated when things are finalized if and when it changes status.


In case you have been living in a "bubble"...well...hopefully you all are living in a bubble with social distancing...the Pearl River Poker Open has been cancelled amid the Covid-19 breakout. You can read the letter here at the link but everyone who won a main event seat in a satellite will be paid out in cash. All Gulfcoastpoker.net online promotions will be carried forward into the next event. We want to also thank Neal/Paul/Heather and crew for running the first few events under intense sterilization...Tables/Chips Sterilized...table distancing...etc

Read official Letter HERE:

As an added bonus until we can fade the sickness...here are 2 recordings done with Ben Mintz (Click on Ben's name to get to his twitter page) who will be MCing the Gulfcoastpoker Podcast in 2020...with Site Co-Owner "Wild" Bill Phillips and friend of GCP Chris "Loose Canan" Canan (pic) recorded at Frozen Piroque's in Bossier City during the Holiday 400 Poker series in December

Click for Wild Bill recording link

Click for Loose Canan recording link                           

We urge everyone...Social Distancing...Hunker Down...please wash your hands as much as possible...and continue to bath in hand sanitizer as much as you can ...be safe out there!!!



Todd Cowan, already 4k richer from accomplishing the triple bag bonus, made a heads up deal with Mike Monaghan in the 150k Guarantee re-entry. As we understand it, eight players chopped for 9k each, leaving a little over 10k to play for and that was split between the two. Cowan had the chiplead and gets credit for first place.  With his bonus added to the total he won a little over 18k.

Mike "Golden" Mo(O)naghan (who seems to win everything at Pearl River nickname inspired by Ben Mintz comment on facebook) added to his many trips to cage with another great score.  Roughly 14k to Mike after an even chop. Two of the good guys in poker, great to see for both of them. We tend to say "good guy in poker a lot with these updates, but it's true we are lucky in our region as there are a lot of good people to pull for--who are also pretty good at poker.

Looks like Mike parlayed his brand new GCP hoodie to his deep run. No surprise as per usual that schwag ran hot. DM us on Facebook if you'd like one ($50 for L or below and $55 for XL or bigger).  You'll notice they paid out thousands in an overlay.  Monday has a 20K Guarantee that they are also honoring it's a $350 buy-in Deep Stack.  Final results will be posted below as soon as we get them.



After Flight D, we had 213 more entrants with 24 players bagging. Todd Cowan and Trace Henderson being the first to find three bags.  Stephen Greene and Huey Hulin won a bonus for a double bag. Also, the free dinner buffet looks like it went over well.  Still looks like there will be a big overlay but people are firing.  Getting that bonus bag money.

Terrance Evans, Birmingham, AL, Table 16 Seat 7; 328k
James McCauley, n/a; 283k
Walker Miskelly, Tupelo, MS Table 15 Seat 2; 213k
Clint Carney, Philadelphia, MS Table 22 Seat 8; 209k
Michael Talley, Tuscaoloosa, AL Table 19 Seat 7; 188k
Bryan Clark, Pensacola, FL Table 22 Seat 4; 178k
Joseph Carden, Flomaton, AL Table 22 Seat 3; 173k
Matt South, Florence, AL Table 18 Seat 7; 165k
Danny Miles, Tuscaloosa, AL Table 19 Seat 9; 142k
Lee Watson, Douglasville, GA Table 22 Seat 4; 127k
Jacob Perkins, Tuscaloosa, AL Table 17 Seat 1; 116k
Benny Morgan, Pell City, AL Table 22 Seat 1; 107k
Todd White, Stone Mountain, GA Table 22 Seat 7; 96k
Noah Waits, Douglasville, GA Table 16 Seat 1; 94k
Daniel Bonet, Stone Mountain, GA Table 19 Seat 8; 80k
Trace Henderson, Gulfport, MS Table 15 Seat 9; 53k**
Jonathan Hemmingway, Dacula, GA Table 18 Seat 9: 47k
Stephen Greene, Panama City, FL Table 18 Seat 8; 41k*
Todd Cowan, Covington, LA, Table 22 Seat 2; 44k**
Sean Small, n/a; 34k
Corey Harrison, NOLA; 33k
Ronnie Hope, Central, LA Table 22 Seat 3; 32k
Stanley Williams, Carrollton, GA Table 22 Seat 9; 32k
Huey Hulin, St. Martinville, LA Table 17 Seat 7; 27k*
Colin Land, Chattanooga, TN Table 18 Seat 4; 26k


Chris Canan is flight C's chipleader and second only to Damon Tucker overall.  The last flight yesterday provided no new double or triple baggers from Flight C. Fourteen bagged with a shot of adding bonus prizes and a bigger bag on Saturday.

Saturday will need to be a big day as at this point we are looking at almost 90k in overlay. Think some folks misunderstood our social media post yesterday where we projected similar going into C. To be clear, we are not projecting an over 90k overlay--we are looking at an over 90k overlay right now with two more flights to play. That said an overlay, a huge one, is very much in play.

Chris Canan, New Orleans, LA 225k  Table 16 Seat 2
Thomas Williams, Madison, MS 208k  Table 19 Seat 5
Keith Gamble, Greensboro, AL 170k Table 19 Seat 4
Justin Kelley, Mathison, MS 158k  Table 17 Seat 5
Cody Stanford, Tupelo, MS 144k  Table 21 Seat 4
Justin Saulters, Florence, MS 134k  Table 16 Seat 5
Nick Young, Pearl, MS 124k  Table 22 Seat 8
Huey Hulin St. Martinville, LA 112k  Table 19 Seat 6
Brian Henry, Pearl, MS 95k  Table 15 Seat 5
Russell Boyette, Brandon, MS 96k  Table 21 Seat 6
Robert Donald, Brandon, MS 61k Table 17 Seat 8
Dexter Burns, Pinson, AL 48k  Table 21 Seat 3
Thomas Pullens, Picayune, MS 42k  Table 15 Seat 8
Stephen Greene, Panama City, FL 24k  Table 16 Seat 8

Also, we missed Paul Leggett of Rockmart, GA who bagged 154k, Table 19 Seat 2, in Flight B yesterday.

Little late with this recap, doing prep for our own event in Pearl River, but wanted congrats to some of the better players in the region for their recent run good. First off, Cody Stanford had himself a week to remember winning the points championship in style. He won 41k for first place in the Main Event after beating his bud Walker Miskelly heads-up. Walker won 26k for second.

Also, at the final Table Chase Turner (who finished second to legend Chris Moneymaker in an earlier event) who managed to win 30k for fifth. How did fifth win more than second?  They set aside money to first and did ICM deal five handed. Out just before the deal Jacob Corda who won 9.8k.

Earlier in the week John Holley won a deepstack event for 12k and Cody won the PLO event for 6k. Richard Hughes and Blake Jones won the other two events. RunGood also announced they have postponed their Horseshoe Bossier event.

Poker players we've seen you grossly skip out the bathroom with out hand washing. Worst of all most you who do... probably don't do it right.  Scrub those fingertips (the "Turkish Twist" surgeons use) and your thumbs.  Here's a video on how to do it right.



After two flights of action five players are eligible for the double bag bonus.  Brandon Robinson, Todd Cowan, Chester Dilday, Prissy Giroir and Trace Henderson all added another bag of chips.  Three players; Brandon, Chester, and Prissy increased their best bag.

We have a new overall chipleader as Damon Tucker bagged 233k for the flight.  Vernell Hoskins bagged 211k tying him with Flight A's chipleader Matt Silva.

As Saturday nears there is still the potential for almost 100k in overlay.

Chip counts:

Damon Tucker, Forest, MS 233k  Table 19 Seat 3
Vernell Hoksins, Jackson, MS 211k  Table 22 Seat 2
JW Carter, Jackson, MS 172k  Table 17 Seat 6
Jerry Stumbo, Ocean Springs, MS 150k  Table 21 Seat 2
Gavin Munroe, Montgomery, AL 110k Table 22 Seat 5
Chester Dilday, West Monroe, LA 105k*  Table 17 Seat 4
Brandon Robinson, Blytheville, AR 103k* Table 16 Seat 3
Robert Donald, Brandon, MS 90k  Table 15 Seat 1
Prissy Giroir, Lafayette, LA 83k*  Table 15 Seat 4
Trace Henderson, Gulfport, MS 63k Table 22 Seat 1
Angela Sayers, Deatsville, AL 60k  Table 21 Seat 5
Colin Land, Chattanooga, TN 59k  Table 19 Seat 1
Todd Cowan, Covington, LA 57k  Table 16 Seat 4


Every player that bagged last night is one step closer to reaping the benefits of the BagWow! format in the 5 flight opener.  Bag Twice earn an extra 1k cash or $850 Main Event seat plus $350 Monster seat ($1200 in buyins), bag thrice earn another 3k cash. We are on pace for a substantial overlay.

Chipleader is Matt Silva from Charlotte, NC who is the only player above 200k. Both Prissy and Jerry Giroir found bags too.

Don't forget free breakfast and dinner buffets today and tomorrow. Lots of hand sanitizer, washing of rails and sterilization of felt every break. Not to mention ample space in between tables.

Matt Silva, Charlotte, NC 211k  Table 21 Seat 1
Todd Cowan, Covington, LA 196k  Table 22 Seat 6
Trace Henderson, Gulfport, MS 187k Table 17 Seat 3
Ronnie Scott, Byram, MS 145k  Table 16 Seat 6
Chester Dilday, West Monroe, LA 103k  Table 17 Seat 1
Alton Peterson, Canton, MS 96k Table 16 Seat 1
Brandon Robinson, Blytheville, AR 88k  Table 22 Seat 9
Prissy Giroir, Lafayette, LA 59k  Table 21 Seat 7
Jerry Giroir, Lafayatte, LA 45k  Table 15 Seat 3
Curtis Picard, Slidell, LA 40k  Table 15 Seat 7

So too starts, our much ballyhooed (whatever that means) podcast.  Our first guest Neal Atkinson gives the skinny on all the good stuff happening at Pearl River Resorts during the tournament.  It includes $340,000 in guarantees, two $150,000 guarantees (with a near $20k overlay on the Main Event last year), and tournaments everyday from March 12th through the 22nd.

Listen here to episode one and huge thanks to Ben Mintz, Louisiana sports radio legend for partnering up to host this podcast.

Epidsode One:  Neal Atkinson

If you've listened you'll know Neal pulled out all of the stops including free buffets, with a tournament receipt, on the weekends for breakfast AND dinner in the tournament area.  You want March Madness? You might not find a better room to watch. The new tournament Poker Salon will be lined with giant screen TVs with all the action, and of course they have in game betting with their Sportsbook App. We got a chance to test the room, the app and the set-up during their Super Bowl party and it's going to be pretty sweet.

As for fun things to do in Pearl River: don't forget Tuesday night is Music night with TD extradonaire Paul Dutsch. Dealers and players will be getting on the mic at the local steak house.  Also, bring your clubs their Dancing Rabbit golf course has been called the Augusta you can actually play and will have a lot of open tee times during this week.  It's quite possibly the perfect spring getaway.



Alright today commences the BIG ONE, as Pearl River Resorts is giving away one $850 Main Event seat to a loyal GCP reader. This one is a little different than our standard contests. The winner will be the player that correctly guesses the number of entrants in the $150k Guarantee opener.  If multiple people guess the correct number we will randomly draw from only them to determine a winner. If nobody gets its exact... this is important... we will randomly draw from all eligible entries. Closet does not win!

To earn an entry go to our FACEBOOK Page, Find the Big One post which goes up shortly, like our page, like the post, and share the post (make sure your settings are on public so we can see you shared it). To earn a second entry AND this is the important one guess the total number of players in the comments for this year's BagWow opening event.

Also, earn a third entry by following our TWITTER account, liking and retweeting the Big One tweet. Earn a fourth entry by guessing there too. That means you can guess a total TWICE and in the event of a random draw, if nobody guesses, it exactly have up to four entries.  *Some of you took advantage of the bonus entry we offered last week to have five total.

Okay... what to guess? Some hints: There is a $150k Guarantee and FIVE flights. If you bag twice they give you an extra 1k. If you bag... thrice... another 3k for a total of 4k in bonuses.  Last Spring there were 826 entrants with Duane Fontenot and Judge Leo Boothe chopping it for over 23k each. The opener this past fall had 844 players and David Haynes won 27k for first.


This event will also have free buffets (for a tournament receipt holder) in the morning and the evening both weekends. The Buffet is in the new super spacious tournament poker salon.


Also, in the tournament poker salon will be wall to wall giant screens for all your sports needs (Pearl River has ahandy betting app for all your sports betting needs). Maybe one day those screens will also feature a movie being filmed locally. Not too long ago we reported on an upcoming movie the Card Counter. Turns out it's filming on the coast at the IP right now. Lots of regional players flocked over to the casino to be extras in the movie.

Think they get $100 a day, perhaps some background camera time, and a chance to play with the stars. One undercover player sent us this pic from a cash game with Oscar Isaacs. Willem Defoe and Tiffany Hadish are also stars. Here's WLOX piece on the story:


There's a lot that goes into being a successful poker player. Diet, exercize, and sleeping right are three aspects perhaps overlooked by many. Getting good Zs might be the most important. Calvin Arye has a decent article on how to get the best night's rest.

It is with a heavy heart we have to report this, as our thoughts at GCP, and in the local poker community, are with one of our founders Gene D whose mother Caroline Dudek passed suddenly last weekend at 75.

We are keeping in our prayers the Dudek family including her husband, five children, twelve grandchildren and one great grand child. Services are Friday in Houma, LA.

We got all the results from the Horsehoe Bossier City's Mardi Gras series.


Out of 306 entrants in the Main, 37 players made the money splitting up the $91,800 prize pool. Seven at the final table chopped it up for $9803 each including: Michael Faterkowsi; James Misenheimer, Gabriel Daspit, Roy Henry; Jeremy Read; Matthew Carpenter and Andrew Dosser. Zachary Moody, Brian Hemphill and Eric Raus also made the final table. Familiar names Chester Dilday, Shawn Calvit, Seth Foster, Lonny Weitzel, Greg Rabalais, and Adam Racca made the money.


After a chop Cammie Allen took most of the money with $2200. The WPA event had 82 Ladies compete. Jennifer Palmer got the second biggest piece $1200. Seven players got $943 each including: Jariya Watkins; Kristi Roberrts; Lanell Dykes; Erin Cox; Morgan Urbansky; Leslie Urbansky and Carolyn Taylor. Laura Curry cashed but did not make the chop.


Jason Schoot won first place for over 2k in the 114 player $160 Bounty event. Also in the money: Lonny Weitzel (pictured); Laurence Dilday; Wesley Pipes; and Chester Dilday.

180 EVENT:

Nolan Timon took home $8150 of the $32,480 prize pool. He survived a field of 232 players to get there. In that good money: Ronald Paledict (2nd $5156), Seth Foster (3rd $3542), Thomas Skeeles (4th $2619), Herman Johnson (5th $1968), Wesley Pipes (6th $1502), and Chester Wilson (7th $1162). Also cashing: Gary Burks, Laurence Dilday, Lonny Weitzel, and Jeff Kester.


Congrats to Victor Holcombe (pictured right) who may run better in our contests then anyone won the first Social Media contest for Pearl River (March 12th through the 22nd) we ran on Facebook and Twitter.

Course it helps to follow directions and always enter!  Victor you may remember parlayed a free seat he won in a previous contest into our Poker Gras Main Event. He played the Bag the Schwag flight won some Maker's Mark schwag for knocking out a player, and then final tabled the Main Event.

He runs good.

The people that didn't quite win this time but were drawn in case Victor can't make it? Two other previous winners: Paul Groseclose (backup #1) and Hugo Eduardo (backup #2) who have both won seats to Pearl River previously.

We will be starting our next contest tomorrow on
FACEBOOK and TWITTER.   Not to mention, we currently have one that will run all the way up to the Pearl River Main Event where you earn extra entries for each Pearl River satellite receipt you post.

Please make sure you follow the directions to insure you entry is eligible for the random drawing AND make your settings on your SHARE public so we can see you entered.


Chris Read, a former Louisiana native, came back to take in some parades.  After hearing of the satellite at Harrahs she figured why not take a break and play some poker.  She had an eventful weekend, weathered some run bad with some big pairs getting cracked, and then pulled out a victory in the Road to Vegas Satty.

Also, getting a big share of the loot: locals Pat McNamara and My Nguyen. Congrats to all three!

They are running these at High Noon the last Sunday of every month until the Main Event. March 29th is the next one and they'll start running sit 'n goes soon!



Generally, any time poker is portrayed in a good light, like this piece by the SFGate about a guy on a bachelor party who hopped into a tournament and made a deep run while in Vegas--it's a net positive for poker.  Now, you have to hold your nose and ignore all the mistakes in reporting the action... but at heart the writer gets the tale right.  So what, if he calls it a 500k minimum payout (probably a 500k guarantee) and calls his 25k starting stack a 25k buy-in.  Nonetheless, a fun tale and interesting ICM dilemma the rookie didn't even know to think about at the end.


Calvin Aryre.com ranked the top seven twitter follows and eh... Some of these top seven actually post and are good follows, but a couple of them, while big names, rarely do. We are going to ask our Facebook Group the best follows on Twitter and see if we can get some better results.  Our Facebook group?  Yes, we have a private Facebook group with content provided by readers that's neither on this page or on our Facebook page.  Yes it's confusing there is both a Facebook Page (you likely follow) and group you've yet to join.  Don Dove and Justin Bracy are the MVPs for all the linkage and stories they put up there.  Btw, Don would be on my shortlist of Twitter follows. If you want more poker content join that group right... now!


Bloomberg.com suggests that the markets can weather even an epic pandemic, or rather, endemic Covid-19. What's this got to do with Poker? Some of our favorite twitter follows who are smart Poker Players/enthusiasts (Bill Perkins) are tweeting a lot about Corona Virus possibilities.


We have word from Pearl River that Singh Chawla (pictured right) has already won two main event seats for the 150k Guarantee.  Well done, sir.

He's definitley taking advantage of a great deal. We can't say for sure that the third iteration had an overlay but the first two Sunday satellites with two seats guaranteed had small ones.  They are running these every Sunday up to our event their March 12th. 

It's definitely worth the drive to Pearl River but you better be prepared to beat Singh as he's looking to make it three in a row Sunday.


Also Sunday, at Harrahs NOLA is a $600 buy-in satellite paying the winners 10k cash. You can use it for a WSOP Main Event seat or for a summer bankroll or for a used car. It's sweet green cash.

Event starts at noon. If you want to get in and out fairly easily and duck the parade traffic we recommend the secret route behind the convention center. Google map it.

Expecting a good crowd for this event. 

Want to get in on the cheap? 

Saturday after the $200 11 am event closes registration around ~12:20 they will be running $140 sit 'n goes (two winners of $600 cash) to parlay your way into Sunday.  The Saturday event has had prize pools over 10k since they bumped it up to $200.  Well worth it.

Sunday they'll start sit 'n goes at 10 to 10:30 am.


At the MGM National Harbor resort, during the East Coast Poker tour, Joel Doney took down a $400 buy-in 193 person field, that surpassed the 50k guarantee.

Joel, a Harrahs NOLA reg,  won over 16k for first.

This is Joel's first Hendon Mob eligible victory. He also cashed in the opener as he finished 77th in the 1812 entrant 500k guarantee field. Joel also final tabled a third event which has yet to post.  Congrats bud!


With tournaments everywhere these days the WSOP-C as it often does has two events going concurrently.

At the Rio in Las Vegas, former Gulf Coaster Kristen Deardorff cashed 7th in Event #2 for just under 3k on the $400 Buy-in.  Congrats to Kristen.  Meanwhile in Florida even more Gulf Coasters found the cashier's cage...


AJ Kelsall of Tampa, FL finished runner up in the $2200 buy-in event at the Seminole Hard rock in Tampa. Eric Salazar (3rd 38k), Hamid Izadi (8th 8.8k), and John Dollinger also cashed.

PLO 8:

Philip Hui of San Antonio fell to David Prociak of Florida in heads up action. Prociak won over 51k and Hui over 31k. TK Miles finished fifth for 11.6k. Leif Force, Allen Kessler, Cord Garcia, Blake Barousse, and Dee Banks all cashed.


Joe Hebert of Metairie finished 9th in the $400 buy-in. He won a little over 6.8k. Charles Johnson of Norcross, GA, Nate Bandy of TN, Bradly Gagola of Tallahassee, Robbier Beck of Houston, and Chris Read of Sugar Hill, GA, cashed.


Last Sunday of Every Month:
Next one is February 23rd,
High Noon, $600, 20k ss


As mentioned last week previewing the new season of survivor many players shared a poker connection. Little did we know how much that would play a role in the first episode. Chad Holloway has a great write-up of the storylines over at PokerNews and the full episode of Poker Night in America where the alledged alliance was formed.

Want to make a bet on this season?
MSN has an article on the current odds with Yul Kwon the organizer of the anti-poker alliance as the favorite.


We aren't saying there is a 50k Guarantee multi-flight tournament headed your way the last weekend of March... but we also aren't saying there isn't.  Possibly a BagWow! format.  BagWow you ask? Go


Recently read there will now be two player of the year awards. One for everything and one for everything $1500 and under. Price points vary from $500 to a $250k high roller but most events seem to be $1500 and under. The next tier of events is 10k and includes an online tournament for the first time at that price point.
Complete schedule


As Pearl River surges higher with rainfall our thoughts our with our friends in central Mississippi and any who are facing flooing conditions. 


Boston Rob (should we call him Pensacola Rob now... he's been a staple on the gulf coast for quite a while now) and one or two other poker playing aficionados return for a clash of champions (including Tyson Apostle behind him in the pic above). The parallels to tournament poker with the set-up of Survivor's reality game show are many.

It mimics the capriousness of elimination, the randomness and uneven distribution of assets (cards to idols/other players folly etc), skill of interpretating partial infomation, people reading, boldness to make a move or a bluff, rewards the patience of players who time their all or nothing moves, and punishes those who don't. Not to mention all the money is up top with a $2 million prize this year to first. These are some of the best to ever play, and this season should showcase some great game play and bluffs in buffs. Go here for more on getting the right cast.


Phil Galfond is down almost a million Euros in his Galfond challenge. Venividi1993 has pounded him over 15 sessions and Phil is pondering quiting the challenge.

As Phil pointed out later on twitter in heads up PLO even a bad player would win at a higher rate during a normal distribution of cards. He credits his opponent for playing well but run-bad has to be an element of the distortion of results. That or whoever wrote the program for his site left a backdoor in and Phil's getting superused. (No evidence of that other then him getting pummeled). For more go


Couple of ongoing events represent a great chance to get in on the cheap and parlay a small entry fee into something YUGE!

-Harrahs NOLA next $600 10k to the winner event is Sunday, Febuary 22rd at High Noon. 10k bundles to the winners?  Their's your WSOP Main Event seat right there.  Also, single table sit n' goes to get into the event $140 a player (two seats to winners) will be starting today.

-A couple of social media contests are active on our
FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages. Like, share, comment to win seats into the $150k Guarantee at Pearl River. Pay attention to the bonus for the new one which runs up to the event. Take a picture of your receipt for any of the Sunday satellites at Pearl River (schedule two posts below) to earn an extra entry to the drawing. Those sunday events have been a small overlay on the first two iterations.

Corona Virus on your mind? It's not here yet, but if you are thinking ahead... PokerNews has a piece on how to play live poker and minimize your risk of catching the virus: Here.

What about the WSOP 2020? They've issued a statement also at

Macau, the biggest gaming center in the world is shut-down. When the casinos close you should pay attention. On the heels of the Asian Poker League's cancellations,
Triton Poker is also cancelling a tournament because of the Novel Corona Virus in South Korea.

The Norovirus outbreak at
L'Auberge Lake Charles (thanks to Larry Douglas and Don Dove for the heads up) is a warning to players to take appropriate measures including hand cleaning with hot water to dodge the winter viruses.

Supposedly, Chinese in crisis like storing money on the old cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. The
bull market Bitcoin is enjoying is evidence that theory is either true, or enough people buy into it, that you might want to pick up some more crypto.

What to do if you get quarantined?

Don't forget you can also use Bitcoin to play
online poker.

What else, watch a movie?  There's one being made taglined as "The World Series of Poker meets Abu Ghraib," that will star Tiffany Haddis, Willem Dafoe and Oscar Isaac. Nothing viral about this one although curiously, the working title is "The Card Counter," which isn't very Poker-y and a lot more BlackJack-y. Vanity Fair has the story

More about the plot
here which involves the protagonist, William Tell (Isaac), deciding to win the World Series of Poker to help with his other cause.

Let's, here's some great news and some awesome entertainment for locked-ins.  New
High Stakes Poker coming to PokerGo.

Pearl River announces their two seat guarantee Main Event Satellites starting Super Bowl Sunday for their 150k Guarantee Main Event.
Last fall most (all?) of their satties had an overlay and the Main Event had a ~$20k overlay. Hard to beat free money. 

Go to the thread on our FACEBOOK page for the structure and more info.

It's a busy calendar locally even without a series until March (Pearl River's Poker Open 12th through 22nd).

The Beau Rivage features their Monthly 50k Guarantees and Little Monsters.

Harrahs, NOLA, has started their Monthly 10k Satellite with a $600 Buy-in and 20k Starting Stack.  Also, they've bumped up their Saturday Tournament to a 12k starting stack and $200 buy-in featuring much bigger prize pools.  It's grown every week since making the change.

Horseshoe Bossier City is doing a Mardi Gras tournament series coming up soon as well as their regular weekly events.

Thanks for the heads up from one of our readers and sorry for the miss when we first relayed this result. Nice hit in Event 4 for Broussard, Louisiana's Adam Racca who pocketed over 10k for his second place finish. Well done Adam.

EVENT 5: This six handed event went to Bryan Salerno of Little Rock. He won overr 18k beating Todd Osborne heads up. Also cashing: Edward Chevallier of Many, LA; Mike Sanders; Kip Jones of Denham Springs, LA; and Josh Palmer.

EVENT 6: Tim Burt just missed another ring in yet another non NLHE event as he placed second to Grant Hart of Conway, AR in PLO. Hart won 11k for first and Tim a hair under 7k for second. Damjan Radanov won 4.7k for third. Also cashing Jamie Kizer; JP Kolb, and John Holley.

EVENT 7: Walker Miskelly, pictured after winning the King of last Spring's Pearl River Event, won his first ring in Event 7's Monster Stack. More satisfying, likely, was the $43k payday. Another Pearl River Regular Thuy Djedos of Brand, MS won over 6k for 7th place.

Justin Gates continue his torrid streak cashing going out one spot ahead of Kip Jones, and two in front of Birmingham's Chase Turner. Also cashing: Matthew South; Hamid Izadi; Cody Stanford; JP Kolb; Austin Reilly; Steve McClusky; James Taylor; Josh Williams; Trent Bennett; and John Gilbert.

EVENT 8: The $600 Hold'em event won by Sam Washburn of Arkansas for over 28k featured a final table of Matthew South (4th 9k) and Blake Barousse (8th 3k). Holiday Hold'em Main Event winner Rex Smith finished 11th. Jeremy Eyer, Chris Lane and Rodney Boswell also cashed.

EVENT 9: Tim Burt (6th $2400) and Austin Reilly ($1.4k) final tabled the $250 one day event. Stephen Nusrallah, Mack Ham, Mike Sanders and Krishna Kota also cashed.

EVENT 10: Main Event end of Day(s) 1. Chris Miller with over 500k bagged the biggest stack. 79 out of the 491 total will restart today. Stephan Nusrallah not too far behind with 387k. Johnny Landreth, Ben Thomas, TK Miles, Sean Small and Greg Jennings in the top 20 with over 300k each.

Walker Miskelly bagged 269k joined by Yousef Saleh, Warren Sheaves, Chris Davis and Kyle Cartwright in the over 200k club. Marshall White, Blake Barousse, Mack Ham, Blake Whittington, Hamid Izadi and BJ McBrayer all bagged over 100k. Chad Chisolm, Tood Osborne, Cody Stanford, Tim Burt, Jacob Corda, and Matt Higgins also return.


Blake Whittington a GCP Award winner for being the most consistent tournament player in the region won another ring in Event #2. He bested Andrew Brinkley heads up for just under 20k. The 28 year old has won six total rings and three at Tunica.  He finally received his trophy after some missed connections and promptly won again.

Matt South of Florence, AL (8th) and Sean Small (6th) also made the final table. Philip Walsh cashed the event continuing his recent hot streak.

Michael Lech, the Arkansas pro, won his eighth ring in the re-entry event for a 53k score. Lech received nominations for the GCP Awards as well. Michael Monaghan of Jackson finished 10th for a little over 4k. Others in the money include: Joe Hebert of Metaire (17th); Byron Tipton (20th); Chris Lane (23rd); JW Carter; Cody Stanford; Rusell Boyette; Ray Curran; Tim Burt; Justin Donato; and Michael Pelt.


EVENT 1: Matt South just missed another final table along with David Lee of Memphis in Event One finishing 12th and 13th. Also cashing that event: Teresa Lammie; Denise Pratt; and Donnie Phan.

SENIORS: Barry Schultz and Jo Caine cashed in the 403 entry 80k prize pool.

EVENT 4: Yousef Saleh (GCP Player of the Year), 7th, and Justin Gates, 8th (Baton Rouge), made the final table of the $400 one day event.

Here's the schedule for the remainder of the event.

For those who have missed it, Harrahs New Orleans has changed their Saturday tournament to a $200 buy-in. This tweak ups the prize pool and lowering the juice percentage wise. This past weekend three players chopped for $1900 a piece not bad for a few hours work. They also made sure to increase the starting stack to 12k.

Also, they have announced a monthly $600 Sunday tournament. It will essentially be the last Sunday of the month in the run up to the World Series of Poker Main Event. In February it's the second to last because of Mardi Gras. Every time $10k (after taxes) is reached in the prize pool they will award the cash equivalent of a WSOP Main Event seat.

First one takes place Sunday, January 26th at High Noon. Right now they are running sit n goes awarding two winners the $600 buy-in to the Sunday event. More of those to come.

Our opening social media seat giveaway is still going on! if you want a shot at a Pearl River $150k Guarantee opener seat: like, share, and comment to get an entry on our FACEBOOK page. Do the same via  @GCPNet on TWITTER in the to double your chances at winning.

Pearl River starts March 12th and runs through the 22nd. Schedule on the post on Facebook. Last fall there was a near 20k overlay in the Main Event. And credit to Pearl River they want to grow the event, so the first thing they did was lock in another double 150k guarantee series.  You want a piece of that free money?  Go ahead and book your rooms now.


Congratulations to our man Joe. The Metairie player had a week to remember after getting the lion's share in the chop (74k) of the high roller. Hebert split it up with Corey Harrison, Dee Banks, and Josh Palmer who each earned over 40k.

Mike Horchoff (pictured) returned from out west to bag as Day one chipleader and won over 13k for seventh place. Rarely is there a high stakes final table at the Beau without Moe Moeini and this was no different with the local winning $7700 for ninth. Another regular at their cashier is Jeremy Gaubert of Baton Rouge who won $6367 for 10th. Also cashing for that amount: David Williams of Hoover, AL and Don Rolfe of Ocean Springs in 11th and 12th respectively.

Big Phil Treaudo of NOLA won ~ $5700 for fifteenth. Ray McIntosh of Slidell earned almost $4700 for sixteenth.

Others in the money included: Philip Walsh, Luther Tran, Johnny Landreth, Justin Allen, Steven Rash, Ed Sebesta, and Randy Kennedy.

Joe won or chopped for the most in three events last week. In the $300 8 Max event he earned $8607. Also cashing Terry Moore, Curtis Terry, Kyle Barnette and Don Rolfe. Scroll (way) down for details on Joe's 12k win in Event #2.


Al Dapkus fo Georgia won the smaller of the two Little Monster events (#15) for $4700. Matt Sirchia of Pensacola, FL (2nd $4371), Rebekah Crosby of Covington, LA (3rd $3888), Justin Gates (Baton Rouge), Piyush Mittal (pictured to the left) and Kyle Barnett of NOLA made the final table.

Justin Gates also chopped the larger of the Little Monsters (event 13). He split it three ways with Robert Beck of Slidell and Nick Langsford of Kenner. Each earned just under $6900. In on the chop for just a little less (5k) Jason Durson of Gulfport (5k) and Marvin Durden of Atlanta.

Others in the money included: Simon Philip; Mark Ryan; Louis Lee; Huey Hulin; Guy Turner; and John Dubard.

Joe Hebert's hat trick (see above and below) along with Corey Harrison's deep run in the high rollers were only the tip of the iceberg.  Add in Metaire's Nick Langsford chop in the bigger Little Monster (see above) and it was a week of dominance.  Here's more:


Doug Gamble earned almost $1800 for second place in the final $300 event of the series. Well done Doug.


Randy Gordon (pictured) of Metairie won $4800 and bested a final table that included fellow NOLA reg Peace Marvel (2nd for $2800), Bryne Wilson (3rd $2800), William Anderson of Madison, MS (4th); James Sharp of Slidell, LA; and Randy Marker of Ocean Springs. Pensacola's Rachel Tullier and Brandon Valera also cashed.


Another Metairie/NOLA based player took down a Beau event tournament. John Cressend of Metaire, LA split it evenly with James Payne of Carrier, MS each earning over $8300. Owen Bradley of NOLA, Vincent Phan of Folsom, LA, Reese Vines of Pensacola and Justin Kelly of Mathiston, MS all made the final table. ALso in the money Felton Breaux of New Iberia and George McDonald of Ocean Springs.


NOLA can't quite claim Mississippi's Joe Saleh but he's been on an arguably even bigger tear since coming to town during Poker Gras to pick up his 2019 GCP Player of the Year trophy.  Joe Saleh won the Monster Stack earning over 23k in a chop with Trey Walton of Georgia (22k), Terry Moore of Mobile (21k) and Joel Watts of Ocean Springs (17k). Also cashing; Ben Thomas; Mark Berrigan (Tallahassee); Gavin Munroe; Joel Doney; Bryne Wilson; Greg Radais (Lafayette); Kai Landry; Steve Bierman; Trace Henderson; Curtis Terry and Matt South.

Stephen Green of Panama City, and also the Horseshoe Bossier TD, chopped 6 ways in the Seniors event for 10k. Always nice to see a good guy in the winner's circle. Bobby Moore of Pearl River, MS got the biggest share with $14.5k. Also earning 10k Mark Ryan and Deric Williams of Louisiana. Others in the money included: Ron Franco; Alton Bullock; Judge Leo Boothe; James Payne; Felix Lagasse and Richard Roach.

Also, Congrats to Chris Mays (pictured second from the left) who cashed a couple of times in Choctaw. Chris chopped one of our Holiday Hold'em events in Bossier in December.