1.1.21 through 12.31.22

Head over to our FACEBOOK to enter the social media contests to win a seat to the $750,000 Guaranteed Event 1 and to the Main Event (one of the best $1200 structures you've ever seen). Adam Nash and all the familiar faces at the Beau Rivage are working with Paul Dutsch and his friendly road crew.  They have put together a loaded schedule.

Highlights include:
Event 1 Double Bag Bonus with $750,000 Guarantee
(1/5 - 1/8) $400

Event 4 Triple Stack Myster Bounty 100k Guarantee
(1/9) $400

Event 6 Six Max Black Chip Bounty
(1/10) $500

Event 8 50k Guarantee Freezeout
(1/12) $1200

Event 9 Main Event with $500,000 Guarantee
(1/13 - 1/16) $1200


Mack Khan got the big end of a five way ICM chop.  Pictured above: (l to r) Mitch Bombet in red, Mack Khan, Lucas Tae, Elias Fariaus, and Mike McBarron.  Final ten also included Logan Hewett, Bruce Shamback, Speed Frank, Matt Brewer and Josh Emory. The Main Event smashed the 100k Guarantee with 318 players and $159,000 in the prize pool. Notables who cashed included: Kenneth Mason, Brandon Guillory, Roy Henry, Edwin Daniel, Wyatt Boothe, Derek Normand, Jeremy Moore and Alec Wilson in the top twenty. Janet Fitzgerald, BJ McBrayer, Chuck Brady, Robbie Matthews, Philip Longtin, and Joe Taylor also cashed.

1 Mohammed Khan Bossier City LA 32164 12 Brandon Guillory Opelousas LA 1988 23 Janet Fitzgerald West Palm Beach FL 1113
2 Michael McBarron Forney TX 26106 13 Roy Henry Many LA 1988 26 Billy Jack McBrayer Tuscaloosa AL 1113
3 Lucas Tae Wesley Chapel FL 17710 14 Edwin Daniel Nashville AR 1590 27 Sathese Francis Mesquite TX 1113
4 Mitchell Bombet Baton Rouge LA 16991 15 Wyatt Booth Ferriday LA 1590 28 Charles Brady Norwood LA 1113
5 Elias Fanous Tyler TX 16015 16 Frank Kirkpatrick Memphis TN 1590 29 Philip Longtin Lockesburg AR 1113
6 Logan Hewett Basile LA 6837 17 Jerry Green Glenwood AR 1590 30 John Springer Scurry TX 1113
7 Bruce Schambach Tyler TX 5247 18 Derek Normand Lake Charles LA 1590 31 Robert Matthews Baton Rouge LA 1113
8 Speed Frank Shreveport LA 3975 19 Jeremy Moore Conway AR 1272 32 David "Joey" Taylor Tyler TX 1113
9 Joshua Emory Bossier City LA 3021 20 Alec Wilson Pensacola FL 1272 33 Richard Blake Tyler TX 1113
10 Joseph Brewer Lawrenceburg, TN 2226 21 William Snellings Bossier City LA 1113
11 Kenneth Mason LaVergne TN 1988 22 Jodie Menard Opelousas LA 1113



Events three, four, five and six featured Lonny Weitzel as the big stack in three tournaments and just off the top of the chop in the fourth. The Texarkana player and GCP Senior of the year did a three way deal in the Media Bounty, won the Seniors outright, chopped the Working Man's thirteen ways and eleven ways in the Texas Stack. No chop, a small chop and a giant chop all with the same result of Lonny on top.

In the Texas stack only three other players won more with Judy Leblanc getting the honor of winning it. Weitzel won $1569, $4512, $4923, and $3529 after all the wheeling and dealing. Zach Blythe of Bossier City in the Sizzler top the only tournament with results below Lonny didn't get a piece of the chop.

Complete Results below:
1 Zachary Blythe Bossier City LA 3268 1 Lonny Weitzel Texarkana TX 1569 1 Lonny Weitzel Texarkana TX 4,512.00
2 Gabriel Despit Shreveport LA 3268 2 Robert Henderson Madison, MS 1569 2 Timothy Gilliam Celeste TX 3,379.00
3 David Ross Corpus Christi TX 3268 3 Bryan Chaler Bossier City LA 1568 3 Speed Frank Shreveport LA 2,878.00
4 Robert Donald Brandon MS 3268 4 Cody Jones Dardenelle AR 603 4 Karl Chesser Woodstock AL 2,465.00
5 John Kelley White Oak TX 3268 5 Philip Longtin Lockesburg AR 480 5 Donna Lynn Dallas TX 2,422.00
6 Laurence Dilday Bryant AR 3268 6 Gary Burks Gladewater TX 369 6 Robert Wilson Hot Springs Village AR 2,295.00
7 Marnard Hill Shreveport LA 3266 7 Aubrey Hullaby Shreveport LA 302 7 Eric Geller New Orleans LA 1,020.00
8 Justin Osborne Monroe LA 750 8 Sue Smith Cibolo TX 235 8 Janet Fitzgerald West Palm Beach FL 816.00
9 Thomas Grisham Shreveport LA 688 9 Edwin Daniel Nashville AR 613.00
10 Logan Hoover Shreveport LA 688
1 Judy Leblanc New Iberia LA 5746 10 William Svellings Bossier City LA 4923 19 Jimmy Humphries Jefferson TX 689
2 Mark Lodygowski Houston TX 5746 11 Jamell Fielding Henderson TX 4923 20 Adam Campbell Shreveport LA 689
3 Lamar Clack Shreveport LA 5746 12 Scott Gordon Brownsboso TX 1205 21 Lorne McClard Keithville LA 689
4 Lonny Weitzel Texarkana TX 4923 13 Dennis Baker Haughton LA 1033 22 Bryan Purtle Ashdown AR 551
5 Thurmand Boothe Ferriday LA 4923 14 Chester Wilson Hughes Spring TX 1033 23 Chester Dilday West Monroe LA 551
6 Jodie Menard Opelousas LA 4923 15 Willie Ngo Texarkana AR 1033 24 Mark Armstrong Atlanta TX 551
7 Lucas Tae Wesley Chapel FL 4923 16 Ricky McColley DelRay Beach FL 861 25 Michael Mellino Bastrop LA 551
8 Brandon Guillory Opelousas LA 4923 17 Ragan Madden Shreveport LA 861 26 Wyatt Boothe Ferriday LA 551
9 Trinh Vu Houston TX 4923 18 Dacoda Salter Urania LA 861 27 Douglas Gerda Hurst TX 551
1 Lonny Weitzel Texarkana TX 3529 8 Antonio Timmins Texarkana TX 3529 15 Gary Burks Gladewater TX 500
2 Javier Seynos Shreveport LA 3529 9 Jaymie Virtusio Pensacola FL 3529 16 Charles Brady Norwood LA 500
3 Bonnie Weitzel Texarkana TX 3529 10 Tai Cao Lafayette LA 3529 17 Dennis Jones Monroe LA 500
4 David Isbell Kaufman TX 3529 11 Jimmie Baswell Bossier City LA 3529 18 Laurence Dilday Bryant AR 500
5 Jerry Roten Minden LA 3529 12 Cody Jorgerson Hawkins TX 3528 19 Charles Homes Logansport LA 500
6 Cameron Parikh Bossier City LA 3529 13 Edwin Daniel Nashville AR 3528 20 William Prescott Longview TX 500
7 Lam Nuynh Bossier City LA 3529 14 David "Joey" Taylor Tyler TX 625 21 Justin Osborne Monroe LA 500



Lap K Ng of New Orleans was the big stack in a six way chop in the Mystery Bounty. Shawn Dugas, Alec Wilson, Jerry Roten, Travis Lusby and Jaymie Virtusio also were in the chop. Each player won $2479.  Bonnie Weitzel finished eighth just outside the split.

In the Monster Jodie Menard of Opelousas, LA was the big stack when it got divvied up seven ways. Lap Ng also got a piece of the $3643 for each player.

In the ladies Leatha Palculict (left) got a little more after a deal with Ring Winner Morgan McBrayer.
1 Lap k NG  New Orleans LA 2,479.00 1 Jodie Menard Opelousas LA 3,643 1 Leatha Palculict ElDorado Ar 2233
2 Shawn Dugas Youngsville LA 2,479.00 2 Jonathan McNulty Dallas Tx 3,643 2 Morgan McBrayer Tuscaloosa AL 2040
3 Alec Wilson Pensacola FL 2,479.00 3 Lap K NG New Orleans LA 3,643 3 Srey Tong Jacksonville TX 1716
4 Jerry Roten Minden LA 2,478.00 4 Jordan Gordan Pineville LA 3,643 4 Elanie Vasser Shreveport LA 1563
5 Travis Lusby Walker LA 2,478.00 5 Alan Hughes Austin TX 3,643 5 Heidi Greene Shreveport LA 1290
6 Jaymie Virtusio Pensacola FL 2,478.00 6 Elias Fanous Tyler TX 3,643 6 Karen Buerki Marietta GA 1156
7 Dominic Butler   850.00 7 Stephen Hart Silsby TX 3,643
8 Bonnie Weitzel Texarkana TX 649.00 8 Mark Holmes Covington LA 1,131
9 Thomas Grisham Shreveport LA 280.00 9 Judy LeBlanc New Iberia LA 848
10 Roy Henry Many LA 800


Bruce Shamback of Tyler, TX made a three way deal with Jaymie Virtusio of Pensacola and Jason Nguyen of Texarkana, TX with each winning $18,838. Chris Canan, Wyatt Boothe, Thavisak Saycocie, Dom Carollo, Joe Simmons and Paul McCormack rounded out the final table. Teddy Conner who would later jet off to the Venetian to win a Bounty just missed this final table finishing tenth.

The opening event of the series blew past the 100k Guarantee with 558 players. Lots of notables in the field cashed the event including Danny Doucet, Jeff Kester, JW Carter, Wesley Pipes, Bradley Garner, Edwin Daniel, Dennis Jones, JP Kolb, Chester Dilday, John Jacob, Ron Palculict, Lucas Tae, and Laurence Dilday.
1 Bruce Shambach Tyler TX 18838 20 Bradley Garner Natchez MS 1080 39 Chester Dilday West Monroe LA 534
2 Jaymie Virtusio Pensacola FL 18838 21 Edwin Daniel Nashville AR 1080 40 Justin Joiner Tatum TX 534
3 Jason Nguyen Texarkana TX 18838 22 Trevor Aslin Texarkana TX 953 41 Byron Lowe Brandon MS 534
4 Chris Canan Slidell LA 8894 23 Lonny Weitzel Texarkana TX 953 42 Denise Howard Marshall TX 534
5 Wyatt Boothe Ferriday LA 6734 24 David "Joey" Taylor Tyler TX 953 43 John Jacob Texarkana TX 534
6 Thavisak Saycocie Dallas TX 5083 25 Brandon Guillory Opelousas LA 826 44 Richard Ammerman Tuscaloosa AL 534
7 Dominic Carollo New Orleans LA 3939 26 Zachary Blythe Bossier City LA 826 45 Robert Greene Haughton LA 534
8 Joe Simmons Rodessa LA 3177 27 Bobby Barbier Natchitoches LA 826 46 Daniell Lewis Bossier City LA 534
9 Paul McCormack Little Rock AR 2224 28 Jerry Roten Minden LA 736 47 Stephen Kozlowski Bossier City LA 496
10 Teddy Conner Metairie LA 1970 29 Thurmand Boothe Ferriday LA 736 48 Davis Dunn Shreveport LA 496
11 James Thurman Blevins AR 1970 30 Jeffrey Winborne West Monroe LA 736 49 Maynard Hill Shreveport LA 496
12 Danny Doucet Sunset LA 1970 31 Dennis Jones West Monroe LA 673 50 Ron Palculict ElDorado AR 496
13 Bryan Glass Flint TX 1589 32 Robert Veazey Carencro LA 673 51 Bonnie Weitzel Texarkana TX 496
14 Philip Longtin Lockesburg AR 1589 33 Donna Heard Jacksonville AR 673 52 John Duffey Tyler TX 496
15 Jeff Kester Marshall TX 1589 34 Ryan Ainsworth Nacogdoches TX 584 53 Cedric Jones Hope AR 496
16 Dominic Castellano Mabank TX 1207 35 JP Kolb Youngsville LA 584 54 Brian Wassam Bossier City LA 496
17 Katherine Bowen Gladewater TX 1207 36 Logan Hoover Shreveport LA 584 55 Lucas Tae Wesley Chapel FL 477
18 JW Carter Jackson MS 1207 37 Hubert Allen Shreveport LA 534 56 Michael Patterson Marshall TX 477
19 Wesley Pipes Monroe LA 1080 38 Mary Fowler Magnolia AR 534 57 Laurence Dilday Bryant AR 477

We are a month away. Excited to be partnering with Ballys Shreveport and Southern Poker to bring you this event.
This schedule has a little bit of everything. Some of our favorite Poker Gras events and some of our Pearl River structures.
Going to be a lot of fun.


Event 1: $300 Double and Triple Bag Bonuses 5 flights. 100k Guaranteed.
Event 4: 50k Texas (starting) Stack. 50k Guaranteed.
Event 5: 9 to 5. Multi-Flight tournament after work hours
Event 10: Main Event $600 Three Flights. 100k Guaranteed.
Event 11: Rookies Event.


We got a few different ways to get you in on the cheap. Working on some room deals for everybody (DM our FACEBOOK account for info) and of course we are giving away seats in our social media contests.

Social Media Contests:

Currently two open with more to come. Go to @GCPNet on Twitter or Instagram AND our Facebook page to earn an entry by liking, sharing and commenting.

Black Friday Satellite:

Not sure there will be a better Black Friday deal than winning a seat to the Texas Stack AND the Main Event.


Charles Bartlett (l) won over $44k for first place in the 100k guaranteed tournament. 454 players played the Main event and Bartlett played it out beating Chris Dupuy (r) heads up. Thanks to Easton Oreman for the pics.

Dupuy won $38k for second. Alex Dmytraczenko of Baton Rouge earned a smidge under 30k for third.

Harvey "Rusty" Smith won almost $18k for fourth. Derek Normand earned $13k for fifth place. The remainder of the final table saw Kevin Cooper win just under 10k for sixth, Captain Ronnie Hope pocketed 7.7k for seventh, Jerry Monroe 5.9k for eighth and Johanthan Wisbey win 4.5k for 9th.

Hyunsuk Hong won 4.5k for 10th. Chad Conard, Piyush Mittal, Christopher Cochran, Henry George, Don Atkins, Charlene Smith, Jerald Dyrek and Matt Higgins made the final two tables.

Notables also in the money: Robert Veazey, John Cressend, Chris Read, Donovan Dean, Randy Gordon, Gerald Stogner, Teddy Conner, Allan Farber, Mark Davis, Sley Sanchez, and Tim Sanderson.

Former winner Mihail Karasoulis, Juan Valence, Shannon Spry, Morton Davis, Kenny Schatten, Kevin Oakes, Chris Hight, Ronnie Blanchard, and Brandon Adams also cashed..


Juan Valence prevented Chuck Brady from winning his second Poker Gras trophy of this series (a feat he accomplished last series) by outchipping Brady when a chop was discussed. Ben Polcer, Davon Hayes, Nick Prejeant, Wild Bill Phillips, Chris Sumrall, Dustin Harrelson and Joseph Latapie completed the final table. Also cashing: JOhn Cressend, David Lewis, Frank Folinio, Ben "The Destroyer" Mintz, Kris Kent and Brandon Adams also made the money.


Charsles Alexander prevailed in the mystery bounty event beating John Cressend heads up for the title. Alexander won almost $4.4k for first with Cresend winning $2.7k for second.

Hailin Luo finished third winning almost $1.8k. Eric Vogel won over $1.2k for fourth. John Durio, Ronnie Hope, James Burke and Chris Read also cashed.


Daniel Pelegrin (pictured l) of Georgia matched Charles Brady's 1st and 2nd place finishes in the Poker Gras series by winning the Swag Event after an icm chop. Alan Leffel, Matt White and Robert Pierce (with yet another cash), also divvied up the loot. Chad Melerine and Jason "J-Bird" Bergeron cashed before the chop.


Linda Keenan, Birol Lermi and Daniel Fagan survived the field to earn a piece of the 10% prize. The two short stacks split the other share giving Nick Young and Edward Copain a return on their buy-in.


Nick Graphia (pictured r) overcame a large chip disadvantage to win the title vs. Russell Koch. Graphia won over 20k for first with Koch taking over 12k for second. Matt White finished third with Teddy Conner (4th), Kevin Oakes (5th) and Randy Gordon (6th) also in the money.


Travis Lusby won over $3.3k for first in the one night event. Geri Bowen and John Keefe finished in second and third after a three way deal. Steve Martiny, Dom Carollow, Juan Valence, Sherry Pluskota, Thomas Teachworth and Valentino Ambrosio also cashed.

BRADY 2 FOR 2 IN 2 FOR 2s:

Charles Brady won the first event in the series and also prevailed in the last event. He matched his previous feat of winning two Poker Gras tournaments with a score just under 5k. Bert Hammant made the heads up deal that gave Charles the trophy. Dan Fagan, cashed again in third. Dilsad Meraler was the last woman standing finishing 4th. Wild Bill Phillips, Chris Read, Ronnie Blanchard, and Ian Yergeau also cashed.


Event One of Poker Gras came down to Charles "Bulldog" Brady pipping Nick Rodrique for the 30k up top. Brady quietly hid in the background until he sprung up for a late run. The event featured 547 players making the prize pool over 130k.

Nick Rodrique winning 19k for second was one of many locals who dominated the field. Frank Bocage, 13k for third; Alex Wood, 10k for fourth; JP Kolb, 7.4k for fifth; and Chris Dupuy, 5.6k for sixth, were part of a final table that all had short commutes from South Louisiana to their day two stacks.

Robert Dinger, 7th, Curtis Terry, 8th, and Myles Terry, 9th, also hailed from Louisiana.

Familiar names like Robert Pierce, Rebekah Crosby, Hiep Doan, Kevin Oakes, Jaymie Virtusio, Nekoda Foster, Corey Harrison, Chris Sumrall, Victor Holcombe, Brandon Gill, Teddy Conner, Todd Skinner, Clinton Boynes, and PJ Horrigan were a part of the 56 players that cashed


Bryan Lujano won the top prize after the final ten players in the Rookies event chopped. His big stack earned him $2,174 while the other nine all added $1700 to their Hendon Mob totals. Those nine: Frederick Miller, Zachary Hogan, Travis Lusby, Robert Lasws, Long Nguyen, Alec Tull, Matthew Thomas, Brandon Adams, and Raymond Glasser.
Also cashing: Rock Grundmann, Dom Carollo, Richard Lienhop, Quinn Frenzel and Christian Robbins. This was the second biggest Rookies event ever hosted by GCP (the creators of the Rookies event) and if not for a lack of space it wouldn't have set the record.


Our ladies champion Judy Leblanc from our recent Pearl River event got first place in the Turbo event after an even chop. Familiar ground for her with fellow ladies Marilyn Charmaine and Davon Hayes also chopping with bigger stacks. Houth Houn, Kenneth Pickering and Shannon Collongues also in the split.


Theo Verut's second Poker Gras cash was the best one finishing first in the Deep Stack. Steven Daigle, Prissy Giroir, Edward Staples, Mohammad Dastoori, and Jonathan Wisbey also made the money.


Louis Azemar of Lafayette, LA won the Over 40 tournament. Daniel Pelegrin of Georgia had to settle for second place--this time. Ryan Sutherland, Captain Ronnie Hope, Henry "Skip" Gill, Peter Konolige, Christopher Hudson, South African Sunil Devachander, and Trent Marcelle complete the final table. Andrew Becker, Barton Tullier and Hiep Doan also made the money.


Donovan Dean now posseses four Gulf Coast Poker trophies and more importantly pocketed his biggest GCP score with the win at the Milly in Philly. He withstood an epic heads up match with Jacob Perkins to earn over $85k. Perkins made over $50k for second place.
Two time circuit ring winner Elliot Howze made just under 40k for third. The loquacious

Youssef Aly made $28.6k for fourth. Dylan Lemery who seems to be a staple deep in these tournaments won $21.7k for fifth. Rob Georato of Naples, Florida visited to pick up almost $16.5k for sixth.

Nathan Willis, Larry Barger, and the beloved Carl Masters rounded out the final table.

Tiffany Keathley placed 10th and earned the honor last woman standing. She gave a good run in this event. The second to last table included Kenny Schatten, Danny Doucet, Alexius Gooch, Irene Carey, Charles Brady and two of our Canadian friends Stuart Kerridge and Alex Close. Just short of that Judge Leo Boothe, Chad Marsh, Freddie Ardoin, Andrew Brinkley and Maurice Hawkins.

1 Donovan Dean Rainsville, AL 85497 31 Matthew Blanchard Houma, LA 1953 61 David Moses Asheville, NC 1302
2 Jacob Perkins AL 51559 32 Peter Gurney Fort Walton Beach, FL 1953 62 Timothy Swinford Ardmore, TN 1302
3 Elliot Howze LA 38192 33 Michael Olasin High Point, NC 1953 63 Mitchell McCaleb Canton, MS 1302
4 Youssef Aly Pine Grove, LA 28644 34 Hamid Izadi Marietta, GA 1693 64 Trace Henderson Laurel, MS 1215
5 Dylan Lemery Ootelwah,TN 21700 35 Wyatt Boothe Ferriday, LA 1693 65 Ricky Sherrill Calico Rock, AR 1215
6 Robert Georato Naples, FL 16492 36 Derek Normand Lake Charles, LA 1693 66 Jacob Long Greenwood, MS 1215
7 Nathan Willis Florence, AL 12586 37 Grant Ellis Canada 1519 67 Brian Walsingham Atlanta, GA 1215
8 Larry Barger Ohatchee, AL 9982 38 Raymond Walton Cartersville, GA 1519 68 Nicholas Shanks   1215
9 Carl Masters Clarksville, TN 8029 39 Gregory Rabalais Lafayette, LA 1519 69 Anthony Askey Manassas, VA 1215
10 Tiffany Keathley Conway, AR 6467 40 Thomas Franklin Gulfport, MS 1519 70 Terry Simpson Meridian, MS 1215
11 Kenneth Schatten Atlanta, GA 6467 41 Walker Miskelly Tupelo, MS 1519 71 Levi Carden Flomaton, AL 1215
12 Daniel Doucet Lafayette, LA 6467 42 Robert Barca Montgomery, AL 1519 72 Christoper Barger Tuscaloosa, AL 1215
13 Stuart Kerridge Canada 5251 43 Robert Heard Truman, AR 1519 73 Sanh Vuong Memphis, TN 1128
14 Chad Hamilton Whitsett, NC 5251 44 Derrick Cutler Marietta, GA 1519 74 Kimberly Kilroy Canda 1128
15 Alan Close Canada 5251 45 Jay Bishop Jackson, MS 1519 75 Roy Henry Many, LA 1128
16 Alexius Gooch Nashville, TN 4123 46 Dustin Stewart Biloxi, MS 1389 76 Robert Ostler San Diego, CA 1128
17 Irene Carey Vallejo, CA 4123 47 Victor Adams Canada 1389 77 Joe Hebert Metairie, LA 1128
18 Charles Brady Norwood, LA 4123 48 Christopher Holske Mansfield, MA 1389 78 Lucas Tae St. Charles, MO 1128
19 Thurmand Boothe Ferriday, LA 3602 49 David Peterson Maryville, TN 1389 79 Nathan Proctor Atlanta, GA 1128
20 Matthew Yates Poplarville, MS 3602 50 Cody Stanford Tupelo, MS 1389 80 Donald Colleti Poplarville, MS 1128
21 Chad Marsh Starkville, MS 3602 51 Clifford Matthews Odenville, AL 1389 81 Michael Wommack Eatonton, GA 1128
22 Freddie Ardoin Lafayette, LA 3038 52 Chris Davis Birmingham, AL 1389 82 John Gorsuch Woodbridge, VA 1042
23 Andrew Brinkley Atlanta, GA 3038 53 Jay Hyman Freidman Memphis, TN 1389 83 Richard Ammerman   1042
24 Maurice Hawkins West Palm Beach, FL 3038 54 Stanislav Angelov Chicago, IL 1389 84 Allen Kessler Las Vegas, NV 1,042
25 James Stampley Richland, MS 2604 55 Alan Downey Birmingham, AL 1302 85 Jake Henderson   1042
26 Russell Boyette Brandon, MS 2604 56 James Craft Brandon, MS 1302 86 BJ McBrayer Tuscaloosa, AL 1,042
27 Ronald Sharp Hohenwald, TN 2604 57 Matthew Higgins Rossville, GA 1302 87 Cody Pritchard   1042
28 Jonathan Huston Corbin, KY 2257 58 Jonathan Jackson Fort Payne, AL 1302 88 James Schaeffer Birmingham, AL 1,042
29 Hyunsuk Hong Montgomery, AL 2257 59 Nicholas Prejeant Covington, LA 1302 89 Michael Mestey Lawrenceville, GA 1042
30 Preston McEwen Earth 2257 60 Richard Connart   1302 90 David Hayes Clinton, MS 1,042



See you Thursday for Poker Gras at Harrahs, New Orleans. Event will be in their brand new Poker Room next to the equally brand new and impressive Sports Book. It's going to be another fun one and you will have the chance to win a Mardi Gras colored GCP trophy.

In December 8 - 18th we will be in Shreveport at Bally's for our Holiday event. Win a green and red GCP logo trophy!

Possibly we might squeeze in one more event in the region in November. Look for this space for more details.

Also, don't forget to visit our friends at the Tunica Horseshoe for their series with RunGood after Poker Gras finishes.


Sean Sinclair has been visiting Pearl River and playing in tournaments since almost the very beginning. He had yet to win but that changed on Monday as he won one of our more prestigious events. The $1100 Old School Freezeout presented you only one opportunity to compile chips and he made the most of it.

1 Sean Sinclair Mobile, AL 20010
2 Russell Boyette Brandon, MS 17160
3 Bradley Gardner Jackson, MS 8850
4 Derrick Cutler Marietta, GA 5900
5 BJ McBrayer Tuscaloosa, AL 4130
6 William Stanford Tupelo, MS 2950

Russell Boyette, a two time trophy winner, placed second after a deal was struck. Sinclair won over $20k and Boyette over $17k. Bradley Gardner placed third winning just under $9k. Derrick Cutler won one our social media contests to freeroll the seat and pocketed $5900. We don't have a running count but feels like people have turned our social media contests into something like $100k in winnings so far.

We got some Poker Gras contests going right now (see our Facebook page) so don't pass them up. The last two paid places included BJ McBrayer and Cody Stanford. Walker Miskelly took a bad one on the bubble to just miss cashing.


John Rogers of Gadsden, Alabama ran pure on the final table to win over $33k. Another record number of entrants for this event. Alan Close of Canada (they are cashing everything) won 20k for second.

Jonathan Jackson of Fort Payne, AL finished third for $14.5k. Alec Wilson (fourth $10.6k) and Irene Carey (fifth 8k) also went deep. Alan Downey, Grant Ellis, William Toliver, and Michael Womack rounded out the final table.

1 John Rogers Gadsden, AL 33,337 18 Ronald Sharp Hohenwald, TN 1498 35 Robert Veazey Lafayette, LA 749
2 Alan Close Canada 20,601 19 Brian Henry Pearl, MS 1348 36 Nick Young Brandon, MS 749
3 Jonathan Jackson Fort Payne, AL 14,533 20 Christopher Cochran Ringold, GA 1348 37 Billy Baxley FL 674
4 Alec Wilson Pensacola, FL 10,638 21 Guang Cui Atlanta, GA 1348 38 Richard Clayton Chattanooga, TN 674
5 Irene Carey Vallejo, CA 8,091 22 Stephen Hastings Houma, LA 1199 39 Keith Canterbury Tuscaloosa, AL 674
6 William Toliver   6,143 23 Patrick Lacy Canada 1199 40 Gregory Rabalais Lafayette, LA 674
7 Grant Ellis Canada 4645 24 Justin Barnes Atlanta, GA 1199 41 Jonathan Huston Corbin, KY 674
8 Alan Downey Piedmont Springs, AL 3746 25 Johnny Nabors   1124 42 Danny Miles Moundville, AL 674
9 Michael Womack Beebe, AR 2622 26 Nicholas Prejeant Mandeville, LA 1124 43 Damon Tucker Forest, MS 674
10 DJ McJenkin Tuscaloosa, AL 2397 27 Thomas Franklin Gulfport, MS 1124 44 Jonathan Wisbey New Orleans, LA 674
11 Fred Ardoin Lake Charles, LA 2397 28 James Robertson Tuscaloosa, AL 974 45 Jeffrey Keppinger Dacula, GA 674
12 Roongsak Griffeth Columbus, GA 2397 29 Stanley Williams Carrolton, GA 974 46 Matthew Johnson Symrna, TN 599
13 Robert Henderson Madison, MS 1948 30 Timothy Sanderson New Orleans, LA 974 47 Terry Simpson Meridian, MS 599
14 George Smith Meridian, MS 1948 31 JW Carter Jackson, MS 899 48 Horace Louie AL 599
15 Cody Pritchard   1948 32 Lisa Weaver Tuscaloosa, AL 899 49 James Dowen JR White Hall, AR 599
16 William Stanley Tusaloosa, AL 1498 33 Charles Brady JR Norwood, LA 899 50 Daniel Doucet Lafayette, LA 599
17 Walker Miskelly Tupelo, MS 1498 34 Derek Normand Lake Charles, LA 749


Clay Henry (pictured) took the title after a deal was made with Ralph Robinson, Roger Sheaves, David Hamilton, Michael Miller, and bounty champion Gary Holt.

Each player won about $5880.

Also, cashing: Greg Rabalais, Curtis Terry, VIctor Adams, James Foster, Julie Walker, Terry Simpson, Stephen Hastings, Anthony Ezman, Dennis Jones, Arlene Berghold and James McCauley.

The seniors set a new record for number of entrants (like many of the events this series).

1 Roy Henry Many, LA 5879 8 James Bay   1454 15 James McCauley Dumas, AR 848
2 Ralph Robinson Stone Mountain, GA 5879 9 Victor Adams Canada 970 16 Dennis Jones West Monroe, LA 848
3 Roger Sheaves Nashville, TN 5879 10 Gregory Rabalais Lafayette, LA 848 17 Anthony Ezman Coastesville, IN 848
4 David Hamilton Lonsdale AR 5879 11 Julie Walker Oklahoma City, OK 848 18 Steven Nethery Vestavit, AL 848
5 Michael Miller Birmingham, AL 5878 12 Curtis Terry Metairie, LA 848 19 Stephen Hastings Houma, LA 485
6 Gary Holt AL 5878 13 Rickie Taylor   848 20 Robert Smith Seminole, FL 485
7 James Foster Calera, AL 1697 14 Terry Simpson Meridian, MS 848 21 Stephen Coachys   243
22 Arlene Berghold Norhtport, AL 243


Bryan Loch and Ryan Pirman chopped this event heads up winning over $4100 each. Derek (D-Rid) Ridley's bid to win this tournament twice ended with a fifth place finish. Also, cashing former Milly in Philly trophy winner Sabrathia Smith.

1 Bryan Loch Houston, TX 4154 7 Jeffrey Dickey   773 13 James Chapman Ardmore, OK 338
2 Ryan Pirman Pearl, MS 4154 8 Kenneth Williams Birmingham, AL 580 14 Sabrathia Smith Mabelton, GA 338
3 Byron Williams Greer, SC 2318 9 Shelby Donald   386 15 Brian Waldrop   338
4 Matthew Smith Nashville, TN 1691 10 Andrew Banks Pembroke Pines, FL 338 16 William Houlk   338
5 Derek Ridley Thibodaux, LA 1256 11 Bobby Seay   338 17 Pamela Horton   338
6 David Mitchell Taft, TN 966 12 Leann Moore Pelham, AL 338 18 Jason Slayton Cave Spring, GA 338

Brandon Terry tore through the final two tables on day two on his way to a $52k first place. Terry battled Jefferson Morrill heads up but it didn't last long. On the final hand the lead changed hands on every street with Terry rivering a flush to best Morrill's straight.
Morrill earned over $32k for second. Long time Pearl River attendee Dustin Stewart finished third for $23k.

John Gorsuch, Andrew Barfield, Dylan Lemery, Gavin Munroe and Anthony Askey rounded out the final table.

The unluckiest player on the day was Preston McEwen who stone bubbled this event only to stone bubble the yet to be completed Super Stack later in the day. Go to our FACEBOOK page for updates on that later today.

1 Brandon Terry Las Vegas, NV 52163 6 Dylan Lemery Chattanooga, TN 9315 11 Matthew Johnson Smyrna, TN 3726
2 Jefferson Morrill Nashville, TN 32603 7 Gavin Munroe Ocean Springs, MS 7452 12 Sokchheka Pho Memphis, TN 3726
3 Dustin Stewart Biloxi, MS 23288 8 Anthony Askey Tampa, FL 5589 13 Marshall White Boone, NC 3726
4 John Gorsuch Okechobee, FL 16767 9 Jeffrey Copeland St. Louis, MPO 3726 14 Walker Miskelly Tupelo, MS 3726
5 Andrew Barfield Ocean Springs, MS 13041 10 Michael Mestey Cumming, GA 3726 15 William Stanford Tupelo, MS 3726

Humpday 50k

The event concluded with a chop between some Pearl River regulars. Terry Simpson of Meridian continued the trend of locals winning trophies as he finished the chipleader. William Thomson, Dallas Pirman, David Chocheles, Anthony Ezman and Teddy Conner all got about $7120 in the deal.

Peter Gurney, Derrick Cutler, Danny Doucet, Nathan Procotor, Joshua Dean, Danny Baxley, Nathan Proctor, Matt Blanchard and Kevin Grinder all cashed as well.


17 bagged with 15 making the money on day two. We posted chip counts over on our Facebook page.  Go to FACEBOOK to view and all the other up to the minute content from this series.

It's a good time to play poker in the South.

The GCP Tour picks up the pace:

Now: Until September 19 Milly in Philly at Pearl River Resorts 350k Guarantee Main Event ($600 buy-in) and $1100 Old School Freezeout still to play.
Soon: September 22 - October 2nd Poker Gras at Harrahs, NOLA. Also GCP Awards Ceremony (schedule below).
In a Bit: December 8 - 18 Holiday Hold'em returns to Shreveport at Bally's. Schedule and details coming soon.  Partnering with Southern Poker.

Next year:

GCP Tour Championship March 8 (Details to come but money add event only players who have previously made a GCP final table are eligible to play).
Milly in Philly March 9 - 20

More to Come?

Also, check out RunGood in October hosted by our friends at Horseshoe Tunica.
Rumors of a tournament at the Beau Rivage in January are exciting. Return of the Million Dollar Heater?


Andrew Donabedian (right) of Las Vegas bested Chico Pho heads up to win the PLO title. Chico keeps on coming in second at Pearl River.
Good news is Levi Carden (who also cashed) had a similar run of final tables and no trophies until last series. That followed up a win at Poker Gras for Levi.

Maybe Chico can win one of these last events and grab a different color trophy in NOLA (Sept. 22 - Oct. 2nd). Jaden Burns, Jason Simon, Kenneth Mason, David McKim, and Horace Louie also made the money.


Gary Holt (upper left) had the most bounties and pulled the best bounties (4k worth of prizes) after the tournament ended with a four way chop. Holt with the most chips earned the trophy.

Also in the deal Mickel Boren, Hiep Doan and Billy Baxley. Each won $4418. Thuy Djedjos went out just before the deal and won almost 2k for fifth. The Canadians again made their presence known with three cashing this event too.

Bounty PLO
1 Gary Holt   $4,418 12 John Philak Canada 501 1 Andrew Donabedian Las Vegas, NV 7291
2 Mickel Boren New Orleans, LA $4,418 13 Donna Reid Meridian, MS 501 2 Sokchheka Pho Memphis, TN 4505
3 Hiep Doan New Orleans, LA $4,418 14 Roy Westover Marietta, GA 501 3 Jaden Burns Cottondale, AL 3003
4 Billy Baxley FL $4,418 15 Michael Christopher Chattanooga, TN 501 4 Jason Simon Ofallon, MO 1931
5 Thuy Djedjos Jackson, MS $1,860 16 John Gorsuch Woodbridge, VA 501 5 Kenneth Mason Jr Laverge, TN 1502
6 Raymond Young Panama City, FL 1288 17 Christopher Maxson Fort Payne, AL 501 6 David McKIm Jr Las Vegas, TN 1287
7 Nancy Ezman Groveland, IN 1002 18 Joe Mahan Huntsville, AL 501 7 Horace Louie AL 1073
8 Stuart Kerridge Canada 859 19 Stanley Avery Vance, AL 286 8 Joseph Carden Flomaton, AL 858
9 Lucas Tae St. Charles, MO 572 20 Jonathan Kotula Las Vegas, NV 286        
10 Jack Sims West Harrison, IN 501 21 Kevin Grinder Linden, TN 286
11 Bill Kontaratos Canada 501


Seven way ICM chop early in the morning in the BIG MONSTER stack. Larry Barker of Alabama got the biggest share with almost 10k in the pocket. Joshua Dean also received over 19k. Good to see Jesse Lott, David McJenkin, Thongla Nanthalansy, Jeremy Moore and David Hamilton in the split.

Curtis Terry of Metairie and Karen Stutts the last woman standing missed the chop but made the final table.

Quite a diversity in hometowns in this tournament. Five Canandians cashed it. Also, Alabama, Georgia, Tennesse, Virginia, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Florida, Nevada, and New Mexico--looks like our United States of GCP T-Shirt was not inclusive enough.

1 Larry Barker Ohatchee, AL 19,976 21 Chester Dilday West Monroe, LA 1344 41 George Fralic Mobile, AL 664
2 Joshua Dean Lawrenceville, GA $19,083 22 Hiep Doan New Orleans, LA 1186 42 Starr Vladez Albuquerque, NM 664
3 Jesse Lott Selmer, TN $14,028 23 Carl Masters Clarksville, TN 1186 43 Jefferson Morrill Franklin, TN 664
4 David McJenkin Tuscaoloosa, AL 12746 24 Nicholas Burnett Miami Beach, FL 1186 44 Surjit Chawla Madison, MS 664
5 Thongla Nanthalansy Dardanelle, AR 11896 25 Steven Synder   1028 45 Edward Smith III Suwanee, GA 664
6 Jeremy Moore Conway, AR 11752 26 Kenneth Schatten Atlanta, GA 1028 46 Barry Kruger Canada 617
7 David Hamilton Lonsdale, AR 11519 27 David Johnson Navarre, FL 1028 47 Patrick Lacy Canada 617
8 Curtis Terry Metairie, LA 3954 28 John Gorsuch Woodbridge, VA 917 48 Jonathan Kotula Las Vegas, NV 617
9 Karen Stutts   2768 29 Lee Thibodaux Thibodaux, LA 917 49 Frances Ey Miramar Beach, FL 617
10 Frederick Ryman Auxvasse, MO 2452 30 Jerry Giroir Lafayette, LA 917 50 Jon Clement Mineral Bluff, GA 617
11 Tracy Allen Louisville, KY 2452 31 Stanley Williams Carrollton, GA 838 51 Tim Burden Rochester, KY 617
12 Jeffrey Copeland St. Louis, MO 2452 32 Grant Ellis Canada 838 52 Richard Figiel Canada 617
13 Errol Eagan Wilmer, AL 1977 33 Jeremy Letson Tupelo, MS 838 53 David Champion Murfreesboro, TN 617
14 Lucas Tae St. Charles, MO 1977 34 Sokchheka Pho Memphis, TN 728 54 Deanna Johnson Alpharetta, GA 617
15 Matthew Johnson Smyrna, TN 1977 35 Judy Leblanc New Iberia, LA 728 55 Jeremy Eyer Gulfport, MS 601
16 Brian Henry Pearl, MS 1503 36 Lee Craft Athens, AL 728 56 Linda Boney Tunica, MS 601
17 David Aker Kennesaw, GA 1503 37 Jo Cain Memphis, TN 664 57 Kevin Grinder Linden, TN 601
18 William Green GA 1503 38 Jacob Dalton Henagar, AL 664 58 Joe Hebert Metairie, LA 601
19 Taylor Aguillard Eunice, LA 1344 39 Terry Simpson Meridian, MS 664 59 Kenneth Christopher Irvington, AL 601
20 Bill Kontaratos Canada 1344 40 Thomas Williams Madison, MS 664


This tournament has grown and grown. This time we had a record $88,310 to first place on a $350 buy-in. It's fitting on a record setting night in both the opener and the Sizzler that two players who been to Pearl River Resorts for years won first place with no chop.

Jay Bishop (blue shirt), always fun, always engaging won Event 1 after beating Ryan Gerstenberg in heads up play. This was Ryan's first live tournament but certainly wasn't Jay's first rodeo. Ryan played great on a loaded final table winning over $51k. Alec Wilson followed up his recent online win with a third place for almost $40k. Multi-ring winners Rob Georato (4th 30k) and Jery Monroe (7th 13k) couldn't quite get to the top of the podium this time.

Russell Boyette finished 5th for 22k.  The pride of Leeds, AL Gregory Gough won over $17k for 6th. Matt Johnson and Pat Lacy rounded out the final table.

1 Jay Bishop Pearl, MS $88,310 56 Robert Barca Pike Road, AL $1,311 111 Chris Canan Slidell, LA 857
2 Ryan Gerstenberg Hoover, AL $51,199 57 Dustin Stewart Biloxi, MS $1,311 112 Dale Gleneck Ft. Walton Beach, FL 857
3 Alec Wilson Memphis, TN $39,250 58 Eric Little Rome, GA $1,311 113 Kenneth Wiliams Birmingham, AL 857
4 Rob Georato Naples, FL $30,073 59 James McCauley Dumas, AR $1,311 114 Richard Blankenship Adger, AL 857
5 Russell Boyette Brandon, MS $22,863 60 Bradley Garner Madison, MS $1,311 115 James Thurman Blevins, AR 857
6 Gregory Gough Leeds, AL $17,616 61 Kenneth Christopher Theodore, AL $1,311 116 Robert Donald Brandon, MS 857
7 Jerry Monroe Columbus, GA $13,733 62 Derek Ridley Thibodaux, LA $1,311 117 Terry Griffith Magnolia, MS 857
8 Thurmand Boothe Ferriday, LA $10,809 63 Jesse Greer Michie, TN $1,311 118 Michael Sessions Mobile, AL 807
9 Matthew Johnson Smryna, GA $8,641 64 Edward Smith Suwanee, GA $1,210 119 Danny Baxley Cottondale, FL 807
10 Patrick Lacy Canada $6,958 65 Jeffrey McCarter Smithville, TN $1,210 120 David Hayes Clinton, MS 807
11 Latricia Gill Rockmart, GA $6,958 66 Mark Brown Hernando, MS $1,210 121 Fredrick McLam Jasper, GA 807
12 Charles Johnson Atlanta, GA $6,958 67 Cody Stanford Tupleo, MS $1,210 122 Johnny Ogle Cartersville, GA 807
13 Sanh Vuong Cordova, MS $5,647 68 Brandon Gill Baton Rouge, LA $1,210 123 Jeremy McKissick Wilmer, AL 807
14 Wesley Jones Dardanelle, AR $5,647 69 Thomas Williams Madison, MS $1,210 124 Brian Henry Pearl, MS 807
15 David Aker Atlanta, GA $5,647 70 Jaymie Virtusio Pensacola, FL $1,210 125 John Finnan Metairie, LA 807
16 Albert Disante Bossier City, LA $4,639 71 Donald Taddia Memphis, TN $1,210 126 John Teague Falkville, AL 807
17 Rogen Chhabra Madison, MS $4,639 72 Hiep Doan New Orleans, LA $1,210 127 Barry Kruger Canada 807
18 Kevin Comeens Double Springs, AL $4,639 73 Terry Dover Gattman, MS 1110 128 Timothy Sanderson New Orleans, LA 807
19 Aaron James Waynesboro, MS $3,883 74 Robert Heard Truman, AR 1110 129 Richard Ward Houma, LA 807
20 Daniel Robertshaw Brandon, MS $3,883 75 Nicholas Bowmen Pensacola, FL 1110 130 Stanley Williams Carrollton, GA 807
21 Jason Pratt Birmingham, AL $3,883 76 Malcolm Davenport Birmingham, AL 1110 131 David McKim Gordonsville, TN 807
22 Blake Whittington Cleveland, TN $3,278 77 Damon Tucker Forest, MS 1110 132 Frank Wyvville Oxford, AL 807
23 Alexius Gooch Madison, TN $3,278 78 Daniel Bonet Stone Mountain, GA 1110 133 Charles Brady Norwood, LA 807
24 Donald Webster Birmingham, AL $3,278 79 Joshua Turner St. Louis, MS 1110 134 Angela Sayers Deatsville, AL 807
25 Yousef Saleh Meridian, MS $2,773 80 Kevin Oakes Childersburg, AL 1110 135 Stanislav Angelov Chicago, IL 807
26 Clifford Matthews Odenville, AL $2,773 81 Larry Barger Coaling, AL 1110 136 Jeremy Letson Tupelo, MS 807
27 Chad Marsh Starville, MS $2,773 82 Luther Tran Bayou La Batre, AL 958 137 Justin Kelly Mathison, MS 807
28 Taylor Crutchfield Helena, AL $2,369 83 Wesley Pipes Monroe, LA 958 138 James Kizer Collierville, TN 807
29 Preston McEwen Earth, Sol $2,369 84 Jeremy Eyer Gulfport, MS 958 139 David Hobson Birmingham, AL 807
30 Jacob Perkins Tuscaloosa AL $2,369 85 Ronnie Pittman Milton, FL 958 140 Jeremy Gautreaux Baton Rouge, LA 807
31 Bryan Glasscock Lookout Mountain, GA $2,067 86 Bryant Grady Birmingham, AL 958 141 Jefferson Morrill Nashville, TN 807
32 Walker Miskelly Tupelo, MS $2,067 87 Joe Saleh Meridian, MS 958 142 Justin Hunt Tuscaloosa AL 807
33 Stephen Dodd Rome, GA $2,067 88 James Craft Brandon, MS 958 143 Gerald Stogner Kokomo, MS 807
34 Ralph Reid Meridian, MS $1,815 89 Ronald Morga Robinsonville, MS 958 144 Melissa Smith Lake St. Louis, MO 807
35 Jason Simon Ofallon, MO $1,815 90 Jacob Long Butt Pucker, MS 958 145 Chris Lawson Greenville, TX 756
36 Larry Cochran Hattiesburg, MS $1,815 91 Grant Ellis Canada 958 146 Byron Lowe Brandon, MS 756
37 Alex Popwell Montgomery, AL $1,613 92 Nickolaus Young Madison, MS 958 147 Andrew McVey   756
38 Brandon Terry Las Vegas, NV $1,613 93 James Dowen White Hall, MS 958 148 William Akins Columbia, TN 756
39 Jonathan Wisbey New Orleans, LA $1,613 94 Brendan Shiller Las Vegas, NV 958 149 Thongla Nanthalasy Russellville, AR 756
40 George Challita Metairie, LA $1,613 95 Frank Harrington Manchester, NH 958 150 Gates Harris West Poin 756
41 Robert Parnell Florence, AL $1,613 96 Vernon Langston Fort Payne, AL 958 151 Joshua Warner Memphis, TN 756
42 Michael Mestey Cumming, GA $1,613 97 Jeffrey Hewitt Atlanta, GA 958 152 Brandon Sheehan Pelhma, AL 756
43 Herman Stewart Slocomb, AL $1,613 98 Janet McCarter Smithville, TN 958 153 Shirley Lews Hollis Center, MS 756
44 Robert Warren Shreveport, LA $1,613 99 Chad Bell Clearwater, FL 958 154 Eric Davis Northport, AL 756
45 Edwin Daniel Nashville, AR $1,613 100 Thomas Raspberry Dora, AL 857 155 Dennis Hatcher Marietta, GA 756
46 Hamid Izadi Marietta, GA $1,462 101 Corey Harrison Birmingham, AL 857 156 Jerry Roten Minden, LA 756
47 Stephen Greene Panama City, FL $1,462 102 Sokccheka Pho Memphis, TN 857 157 Trace Henderson Laurel, MS 756
48 Derek Warriner Brandon, MS $1,462 103 Joseph Carden Flomaton, AL 857 158 Bruce Ey Miramar Beach, FL 756
49 Ricky Donaldson Tuscaloosa AL $1,462 104 Jeffry Copeland St. Louis, MS 857 159 JW Carter Jackson, MS 756
50 Roy C. Henry Many, LA $1,462 105 Lynda Howe Bell Buckle, TN 857 160 Dylan Lemery Chattanooga, TN 756
51 Collin Grubaugh Sante Fe, NM $1,462 106 Patsy Henry Bierfeld, AL 857 161 Alison Kelly Madison, MS 756
52 Lucas Tae St. Charles, MO $1,462 107 Leslie Copeland St. Louis, MS 857 162 Robert Ash Rome, GA 756
53 Paul Howe Bell Buckle, TN $1,462 108 Joshua Dean Atlanta, GA 857 163 Anthony Brodhead Birmingham, AL 756
54 Albert Hammer Tuscaloosa AL $1,462 109 Durand Bass Aubun, AL 857 164 James Schaeffer Birmingham, AL 756
55 Hyunsuk Hong Montgomery, AL $1,311 110 Simon Philip Pensacola, FL 857 165 Lebert Grinan Miami, FL 756

In the Sizzler, Robert Donald (pictured with Jay Bishop above) beat David Champion Heads up to win $17k. Champion earned over $10k for second.

Judy Leblanc (pictured upper right) battled it out with Starr Valdez to win the ladies event. Fittingly, the critical hand in the ladies even involved pocket queens to help Judy overcome a large chip disadvantage. Familiar names Jennifer Germany, Patsy Henry, Arlene Berghold, Lanita Baxley, Chris Read and Brenda Eskridge all cashed.

1 Robert Donald Brandon, MS 17263 16 Richard Ward Houma, LA 888 1 Judy Leblanc New Iberia, LA $3,794
2 David Champion Murfreesboro, TN 10514 17 Harvey Smith JR Houma, LA 888 2 Starr Valdez Albuquerque, NM 2296
3 John Gorsuch Woodbridge, VA 7637 18 Raymond Parks Fairhope, AL 888 3 Jennifer Germany McDonough, GA 1498
4 Donald Colleti Poplarville, MS 5896 19 Thomas Land Lebanon, IN 710 4 Patsy Henry Brierfield, AL 998
5 Hugh Fowler Calhoun, GA 4262 20 Jaden Burns Cottondale, AL 710 5 Arlene Berghold Northport, AL 699
6 Jesse Lottt Selmer, TN 3197 21 Nick Young Madison, MS 710 6 Lanita Baxley   499
7 Walker Miskelly Tupelo, MS 2486 22 Wayne Mathis   568 7 Chris Read Atlanta, GA 100
8 Rebekah Crosby Covington, LA 1954 23 Lebert Grinan Miami, FL 568 8 Brenda Eskridge Rome, GA 100
9 Jaymie Virtusio Pensacola, FL 1421 24 Anthony Askey Manassas, VA 568
10 Chester Dilday West Monroe, LA 1243 25 Albert Booke Oxford, AL 533
11 Donald Kelly Hollywood, FL 1243 26 Richard Figiel Canada 533
12 Lawrence Highfield Atlanta, GA 1243 27 Hiep Doan New Orleans, LA 533
13 Johnny Ogle JR White, GA 1066 28 Jeffrey Keppinger Dacula, GA 462
14 Jason Eskridge Shannon, GA 1066 29 Chris Lawson Livingston, TX 462
15 Bill Kontaratos Canada 1066 30 Preston McEwen Earth, Sol 462



Matt Higgins entered the final table of the $600 No Limit Hold'em Event 1 at the WPT Hard Rock Tampa with only 4.6m in chips. After they bagged at seven players he had improved to 15.1m good for second in chips.

Four player eliminations later on the next day a chop was agreed to with Higgins earning more than $200k for second. Adam Quinmby won $240k and the trophy. Ashely Spring too $150k for third.


In Shreveport, the Bally's Bash brought a tournament series to that casino for the first time. Charles Brady took the most money in an event one chop and then got a big share of the chop in the 100k guarantee.

Both events smashed the guarantees.  Ed Daniel was in on both chops with Chuck Brady. But he one upped Brady by earning a double bag bonus for both tournaments. GCP's Bill Phillips made the chop in event one after bagging chip lead and busted 16th in the Main after bagging fifth in chips.

We overheard Brady talking to some industry guys about his Grandfather "Bulldog," who taught him poker and had a presence in Northwest Louisiana years ago. They had heard stories about the man, and we thought it fitting his grandson take over the moniker.  Charles aka Chuck aka Bulldog plays poker just like a Bulldog, determined, scrappy,and with a bite that backs up his bark. He did his grandfateher rpoud.  We hope to have complete results soon.


We saw event 4 at the WSOP-C Tulsa featured two players we know fairly well. Derrick Sonnier of New Iberia won $7.4k for third place. Brandon Robinson of Blytheville, AR finished fifth for a little over $4k. Well done boys!

Other familiar names cashing and winning during the series: Mike Cordell, Dan Lowery, Jared Ingles, Thongla Nanthalansy, and Greg Jennings.

-Shannon Hamblen won Event #2 for $120k. Chico Pho of Memphis third for $44k. Lakisha Slaughter won $8k for 13th. 2,726 entrants with a prize pool just under 900k.

-Irene Carey (pictured top) finished second to Christopher Reaves in Event 3. Irene won $25k with Superman earning $41k.

-Preston McEwen (pictured bottom left of JW Carter) won $27k for fourth place in Event 9. Marsahll White $6k for 10th. Lisa Farmer $6k for 12th. Dee Banks, Donovan Dean, and Stanislav Angelov also in the money on the final three tables.

-Michael Esquivel won $29k for first place in event 10. Curtis Terry of Metairie finished 15th for $1800.

-Bobbi Bailey of Mobile won $5.9k finishing second in the Ladies Event to Donna Phillips of NC.

-In the Main Event David Moses went out 8th for $47k. Michael Lech 11th for $30k.

-Josh Dean of Buford, GA won $18k for second. His heads up opponent Russell Brooks of Atlanta won over $30k for first in Event 13. Walker Miskelly and Lonny Weitzel finished in the money and in the top 20.

-Alexius Gooch of Madison, TN placed 7th in Event 14 winning over $5.5k. Matt Stuff secured first place winning over $35k.

-In the High Roller, Max Young won 100k for first. Marshall White earned $31k for fourth and Matt Higgins over $22k for fifth. Stephen Nusrallah, Levi Carden and BJ McBrayer also cashed making the final two tables.

-Eric Rivkin won the final event for $28k. Jessie Bryant place second winning over $17k. Also cashing Matt Higgins (again, seems he's primed to snap off a big one), Eric Salazar, Hamid Izadi, Kenneth Schattan, and Ronnie Day also cashed.

Regular who's who of other players cashing the series including: David Champion, Jeffrey Hewitt, Brandon Newsome, Aaron Hernandez, Jeff Keppinger, Donovan Dean, Robert Hankins,Ray Langston, Daniel Calway-Fagen, Cody Stanford, Karl Chesser, Luther Tran, Stanley Williams, and Carl Masters.


Poker misses out on Moneymaker-esque name branding of a lifetime. With CBS Sports taking over the coverage of the WSOP, we will not see Espen on ESPN any time soon.

Yes, a player named Espen Jorstad won the $10,000,000 first place prize. The Norwegian bested Aussie Adrian Attenbourgo in heads up play. Attenborough had to settle for six million but no bracelet.

David Diaz of Memphis just missed the final table winning 525k for 13th. Mack Khan of Bossier City won 262k for 28th. Andrew Barfield (seen in GCP patch upper right) won $53k for 172.  Lots of GCP gear on the CBS telecast.

Others cashing Will Souther marked his return to the WSOP with a 562nd place finish. Ebony Kenny, David Marcoullier, Shannon Shorr, GCP's Bill Phillips, Josh Payne, Gavin Munroe, and Tom Franklin also cashed.


Cody Stanford is taking his shot in Vegas. In the 25k Highroller he took two successive beats to bust to Dario Sammartino. Cody won his first round match with Phil Galfond and then beat Max Kruse.

Had his hands held vs. Sammartino Cody would have been in the Elite Eight and in the money. Sammartino finished third winning 193k. Dan Smith won his first bracelet and half a million dollars.  Cody also jumped in a 50k high roller too.

Phil Galfond discusses his first round matchup with Cody around the 16:16 mark of this video.


Josh Arieh of Alpharetta, GA won over 600k for third place. Chad Eveslage of Indiana finished first winning 1.4million.


Metairie's Sean Legendre back to what he does best cashing WSOP online events. He finished 23rd in the No Limit Hold'em Big $500 to go with a top 200 finish in the $600 buy in Event 11 Deepstack.
Those were his 31st and 32nd WSOP cashes.


Trey Brabham formerly of Mccomb, MS won over 24k for his 11th place finish in Event 11's Deepstack event.


David Mason of Gainesville, GA won $4,820 June 2 in $200 buyin for 1st place. 122 players. He then won $9,364 in the June 6 $200 Daily Deepstack again for first place!

Gerald Stogner, Kokomo, MS won $5216 June 5 in $400 buy-in for 4th place (pictured in 9 seat). 216 entrants. Bill Akins (pictured in 7 seat) of Columbia, TN $2,225 for 7th place. Frank Covich of Murfreesboro (just missed the pic), TN $1,187 for 10th place.

Allan Farber, Metairie, LA won $9,841, June 3 in $400 buyin for 1st place. 110 players. Peggy Joyner of Brookhaven, GA third for $4,202. Don Crabtree of Mount Juliet, TN 5th for $2,219.

Peggy Jordan 5th for $3,248 in $250 buy-in June 4th.

Jeff Godchaux, Lafayette, LA won $1,248 June 2 in $250 buyin for 7th place. 202 players.


We have basically funded three players' Main Event including the number 1 WPT ranked player Mark Davis. If you would like to get a sweat of their main event. Email Wild Bill now for details.



Let's talk about Mark Davis' 2022. January 6th, at our Milly in Philly, he binked a 55k score finishing second in our opener. That was his biggest cash ever. Then he min cashed our Main Event, min cashed the Tunica Main Event and then hit for 8th place for almost 19k in the $400 re-entry at Cherokee.

Followed that up with his new biggest score a 334k for his win in the Cherokee Main Event. He min cashed our opener in the March Milly in Philly then won our High Roller for 26k. Video here. Might as well head to Seminole Hard Rock in April and make the final table second in chips. WPT paused for a month to film the final table in Vegas this week. Meanwhile, Mark min cashed the next main at Cherokee and then...

He headed to Vegas to take on Andrew Barfield, Viet Vo, and the WPT GOAT Darren Elias (four titles) with over one million dollars to first. Yeah, that record 334k win didn't last long as Mark hit for seven figures beating Darren Elias after four hours of heads up play.

All told in 2022 Mark has won over 1.444 million dollars. Guess, what he's fourth in the world for GPOY points right now AND you have a chance to sweat his WSOP Main Event. Details for that below but first...

Congrats to Andrew Barfield (pictured left) who "only" hit for 280k in the same WPT event. One of the bigger scores this year in the South and Andrew doesn't even get top billing. The 280k lick is Andrew's biggest win ever (previously he won 110k for first at a Beau Rivage event). Andrew also just missed the final table in our May Main Event at Pearl River. Viet Vo of Houston won 370k for fourth on his third WPT final table in the last two years.

So, is there a player on a bigger heater than Mark Davis right now? Probably not. Mark has done some very cool things in this rich vein of form including a very generous topping off of David Hendrix's GoFundMe fund. So Atom Bomb (pictured at his most recent final table) will get to play in Las Vegas and live out his dream. Thanks to Mark and EVERYBODY that donated.

Mark also is a big supporter of the Minions. What's the Minions?

Will Souther created the Monkey's Minions a few years ago. He recognized there were a lot of deserving poker players that maybe couldn't risk 10k off their bankroll to play the WSOP Main Event and unlike him did not have the network to raise those funds. So Will created the Minions as a chance to give more poker players a shot at playing the Main Event.

Will's network of investors raised money to put an ever growing team of players in the Main Event. After no Minions last year, the team is back. Shares are $200 a piece (no limit) and investors have an opportunity to get an a sweat of every player in the Minions.
This year GCP's Wild Bill has taken on running the Minions and Mark Davis reached out. Mark said he's loved the concept and would be willing to play as a Minion to maybe drum up investors to create more slots for other players. Time is running short to be a Minion but plenty of time to get a piece of Mark's Main Event as an investor in the Minions.

Reach out to Bill via email, Twitter or Facebook DMs (can do it through GCP's facebook page too) to if you'd like to invest. He will fill you in on how everything works and link you to the profiles of the players nominated or applying to be Minions this year.



In the early hours of the morning Maurice Hawkins prevailed winning over 46k after a 5 way chop. Stanislav Angelov and Charles Johnson both won over 41k for second and third. Luther Tran took home over 35k for fourth and Marshall White over 31k for fifth. Clay Henry busted a good bit earlier in the night winning over 14k for sixth. Rusell Sartin of Slidell, Gordon Hardy of Pensacola, and Daniel Calway-Fagen of Nashville rounded out the final nine. A slew of big names littered the final five tables in the event accounting for an absurd amount of rings, bracelets, and trophies.

1 Maurice Hawkins 46597 27 Adam Cotant 2002 53 Jerry Giroir 1201
2 Stanislav Angelov 41013 28 Cody Stanford 2002 54 Stephen Cleghorn 1201
3 Charles Johnson 41013 29 Terry Simpson 2002 55 Howell Cochran 1165
4 Luther Tran 35243 30 Damon Tucker 2002 56 Sley Sanchez 1165
5 Marshall White 31487 31 Prissy Giroir 1674 57 Stefan Cvetkovski 1165
6 Clay Henry 14196 32 Justin Allen 1674 58 Andrew Brinkley 1165
7 Russell Sartin 10920 33 Matthew Johnson 1674 59 Stanley Williams 1165
8 Gordon Hardy 8736 34 Clifford Matthews 1529 60 Stephen Dodd 1165
9 Daniel Calway-Fagen 6370 35 Matthew Clarkson 1529 61 Matthew Ferguson 1165
10 Bill Atkins 5606 36 Dylan Lemery 1529 62 Irene Carey 1165
11 Derek Normand 5606 37 Levi Carden 1347 63 Lucas Hillman 1165
12 Andrew Barfield 5606 38 Richard Sinclair 1347 64 Roger McCandless 1056
13 Nabil Abdulrahman 4550 39 Mike Monaghan 1347 65 Lakisha Slaughter 1056
14 Sherwin Samuel 4550 40 Timothey Medley 1347 66 Dung Anh Tran 1056
15 David Huwe 4550 41 Shane Maxwell 1347 67 Jessica Roberts 1056
16 Jason Greeson 3458 42 Sanh Wong 1347 68 Timothy Lenox 1056
17 Walker Miskelly 3458 43 Hebert Baker 1347 69 Tai Cao 1056
18 Micahel Cordell 3458 44 Sokchheka Pho 1347 70 Kenny Schatten 1056
19 Jeremy Gaubert 3094 45 Chase Turner 1347 71 David Martin 1056
20 Cody Manning 3094 46 Jaime Strickland 1201 72 John Song 1056
21 Michael Owens JR 2657 47 Peter Gurney 1201 73 Sean Smalls 983
22 William Brock 2657 48 Leo Boothe 1201 74 Michael Price 983
23 Robert Matthews III 2657 49 William Hendrix 1201 75 David Bradshaw 983
24 Donovan Dean 2293 50 Robert Veazey 1201 76 Cody Alan Cunningham 983
25 Joe Hebert 2293 51 BJ McBrayer 1201 77 Derek Warriner 983
26 Leann Moore 2002 52 Bryant Grady 1201


To determine who had the better series between Donovan Dean and Stanislav Angelov is to split hairs. Donovan beat Stanislav heads up to win his second GCP trophy of the series (in the two biggest buy-ins) in the High Roller. Dean won 38k and Stanislav almost 23k. Dean also won the $1100 Freezeout and made the final few tables of the Main. While, Stanislav chopped the Main Event, won the opener AND triple bagged it (a first for the re-entry winner). Either way both players had tremendous series.

Side note Greg Urbanski got the call on his drive home that his second best guess in the Social Media contest earned him a free seat in the high roller. He turned around and made over 8k. Shannon Spry, one of our new friends from Canada, won a seat in a drawing and made almost 6k for 7th. We should probably add up just how much our social media contest free seats have won people. At least two players have won events outright and multiple have made the final table. Lot of opportunity to win for those that take advantage of it.  Karl Chesser the chipleader in the Survivor also pictured.

High Roller Survivor Rookie
1 Donovan Dean 38169   1 Karl Chesser 1280 1 Regis Jenkins 4463
2 Stanislav Angelov 22903   2 Jerry Giroir 1280 2 Cornelius Jackson II 2678
3 Sean Small 16443   3 David Gregg 1280 3 Brandy Redder 1934
4 Adam Cotant 10571   4 Eric Stoehr 1280 4 Jessica Roberts 1339
5 Greg Urbanski 8222   5 Salvador Villaluz 1280 5 Casy Wilcher 1042
6 Justin Allen 7047   6 Kenneth Schatten 1280 6 Forrest Wofford 893
7 Shannon Spry 5873   7 John Farmer 744
8 Ralph Robinson 4698   8 Kirby Henshaw 595
9 Johnathon Price 3542 9 Derek Ridley 298
11 Alexius Gooch 298 10 June Massengale 298
12 David Gregg 298 11 Alexius Gooch 298
12 David Gregg 298


We were able to stream each of the 100k+ Guarantee event final tables. Think we improved with each of those final tables. Credit to Don Dove for his hard work on making it happen. Hopefully, we will be able to steam future Pearl River Events as we think players and families enjoyed.
Go to Blue Chip Media Productions for all those streams.


Josh Turner (pictured above left) returned to the South to capture first place in the live streamed final table of the  Super Stack event.Damon Tucker fought bravely through the final table to finish second for $16,850. Michael Cheeks of Waynesboro finished third for over $12k. David McKim (fourth, $8,849) pipped the last standing woman Susan Murphey (fifth, $6667). Joe Hebert (6th, $5,091), Stanislav Angelov (7th, $4000), and Jason Greeson (8th, $3031) were the first three to bust on the stream. The exits of William Akins and Prissy Giroir came too fast for the stream going out 8th and 9th respectively. 
Super Stack
1 Josh Turner 27,577 16 Dennis Self 1333 31 Nabil Abdul Rahman 727
2 Damon Tucker 16,850 17 Walter Jackson 1333 32 Carl Masters 727
3 Michael Cheeks 12,001 18 Kris Kent 1333 33 Dylan Lemery 727
4 David McKim Jr 8,849 19 Luther Tran 1091 34 Russell Boyette 606
5 Susan Murphey  6,667 20 Clifford Matthews 1091 35 Chad Melerine 606
6 Joe Hebert 5,091 21 William Thomas 1091 36 Matthew Ferguson 606
7 Stanislav Angleov 4000 22 Philip Whittington 970 37 Kenneth Christopher 546
8 Jason Greeson 3031 23 Bryan Loch 970 38 David Huwe 546
9 William Akins 2425 24 Kenneth Steele 970 39 David Gregg 546
10 Priscilla Giroir 1940 25 Kevin Grinder 909 40 Maurice Hawkins 546
11 Raymond Parks 1940 26 James Heath III 909 41 Dana Garris 546
12 Micheal Mathis 1940 27 Nicolas Connart 909 42 Edward Staples 546
13 Charles Bounds 1576 28 Hamid Izadi 788 43 Stephen Cleghorn 546
14 Karl Chesser 1576 29 Emelita Lancaster 788 44 Huey Hulin 546
15 Kenneth Mason JR 1576 30 Konstantin Suvorkin 788 45 Scott Mauer 546


Jerry Giroir (pictured above riight) won his second GCP trophy after coming to a deal with William "Jeter" Brock. Both players made over $7600. James Mitchell busted third winning $4200. John Sinnot, Grant Hart, Ernest Wiliams, Donald Colleti, and Greg Rabalais made up the rest of the final table.


Regis Jenkins prevailed putting him another $4463 away from not qualifying for the Rookies event. To compete all players must have less than $25k in Hendon Mob earnings. Cornelius Jackson made $2678 for second. Derek Ridley who has won this event before made the final table. Brandy Redder and Jessica Roberts were the highest placing females in third and fourth.

Rookies Seniors
1 Regis Jenkins 4463 1 Jerry Giroir 7644 9 Greg Rabalais 672
2 Cornelius Jackson II 2678 2 William "Jeter" Brock 7644 10 Charles Bell 672
3 Brandy Redder 1934 3 James Mitchell Jr 4200 11 Timothy Medley 672
4 Jessica Roberts 1339 4 John Sinnot II 3024 12 Eric Geller 672
5 Casy Wilcher 1042 5 Grant Hart 2352 13 Shannon Hamblen 672
6 Forrest Wofford 893 6 Ernest Wiliams 1680 14 Stanley Williams 672
7 John Farmer 744 7 Donald Colleti 1344 15 Robert Veazey 672
8 Kirby Henshaw 595 8 Ronald Womack 1008
9 Derek Ridley 298
10 June Massengale 298
11 Alexius Gooch 298
12 David Gregg 298


A loaded field, as per usual, finished with Donovan Dean beating Irene Carey (pictured above left) in heads up play. Carey called Dean's shove with Ace Queen only to see Dean's Ace King. A queen high flop gave the illusion just for a second that Carey had caught up. Nope because a Jack and Ten came with it.  Dan Calway battled all day and finished third. Charlene Smith won over 6k for fourth. James Heath, Dustin Stewart, Derek Normand and Kenny Schatten rounded out the final in the money players. Kenneth Mason made the unofficial final table but bubbled the money.


Randall "Indian" Smith (pictured above left) prevailed in the Big Monster Stack streamed final table. After a three way chop with David Cook and Derek Normand, Indian earned the trophy as the chip leader but each got over 16k. Kenneth Mason who just seems to final table everything here the last two series finished fourth for $7615 and Richard Porter fifth for $5737. Jerome Hall Jr. carefully picked his spots and laddered into sixth place winning $4381. Kenny Schatten another player going deep in everything like Skip Gill in March won $3442 for seventh. Carl Masters and sentimental favorite David Hendrix each got $2608 for eigth and ninth place. Ron Hubka was unlucky to miss the stream busted 10th.

If you'd like to watch the replay go here:

Other notables to cash: Frank Wyville, Irene Carey, Matt Blanchard, David Dunlap, CLay Henry, Jody Millsaps, Matt Bowen, Derek Ridley, Austin Reilly, Marshall White and Jo Cain.


Few players have made as many final tables as Levi Carden (pictured above right) at Pearl River Resorts yet many of them with less won the one thing that eluded Levi until Tuesday. Levi earned his first GCP/PRR trophy and $4,522 in cash to go with the prizes he won in the mystery bounties. Eric Stoehr finished second but was the champion bounty hunter winning four of the five best prizes ($1500 seat, $600 Main Event seat, and two $400 seats) as well as slew of cash bounties. Another long term GCP supporter Karl Chesser won just under 2k for third dancing his way from the bounties to the cashier cage. Also at the final table John Littich, Patrick Lacy, Fred Ryman, Ronald Duckworth, Kenneth Mason and Kevin Grinder. Stanley Williams, Larry Little and James Robinson also cashed.


Joe Hebert fell in heads up play to Donald Williamson (pictured above left) of Atlanta. Donald earned over 13k and Hebert over 8k. Greg Rabalais won $5500 for third. Robert Logan, Marshall WHite, Joshua Heinze, Bryan Loch and CHristopher Lassinger rouned out the final 9.

Big Monster Stack
1 Randall "Indian" Smith 16,187 10 Ronald Hubka 1669 19 Edward Staples 939
2 David Cook $16,187 11 David Dunlap 1669 20 Derek Ridley 939
3 Derek Normand $16,187 12 Matthew Blanchard 1669 21 Austin Reilly 939
4 Kenneth Mason 7615 13 Frank Wyville 1356 22 Khua Bui 834
5 Richard Porter 5737 14 Irene Carey 1356 23 Nelson Solar 834
6 Jerome Hall Jr 4381 15 Jody Millsaps 1356 24 Joshua Fanguy 834
7 Kenneth Schatten 3442 16 Priscilla Giroir 1147 25 Bryant Grady 782
8 Carl Masters 2608 17 Clay Henry 1147 26 Marshall White 782
9 David Hendrix 2068 18 Matthew Bowen 1147 27 Jo Cain 782
28 Tyler Burger 678
Freezeout Celeb Mystery Bounty Celeb Mystery Bounty
1 Donovan Dean 22440 1 Levi Carden $4,522 7 Ronald Duckworth 754
2 Irene Carey 13860 2 Eric Stoehr $2,713 8 Kenneth Mason JR 603
3 Dan Calway 9240 3 Karl Chesser $1,959 9 Kevin Grinder 301
4 Charlene Smith 6210 4 John Littich $1,356 10 Stanely Williams 301
5 James Heath 4830 5 Patrick Lacy $1,055 11 Larry Little 301
6 Dustin Stewart 4140 6 Frederick Ryman 904 12 James Robinson 301
7 Derek Normand 3450
8 Kenneth Schatten 2760
Monster Stack
1 Donald Williamson 13000 8 Bryan Loch 1500 15 Matthew Ferguson 875
2 Joseph Hebert 8000 9 Christopher Lassinger 1000 16 Clinton Bordelon 875
3 Greg Rabalais 5500 10 Robert Matthews 875 17 Matt Chaney 875
4 Robert Logan 4375 11 Scott Weiss 875 18 Shannon Spry 875
5 Marshall White 3250 12 Johnathan Cain 875 19 Clinton Teal 500
6 Joshua Heinze 2250 13 Anthony Hargrove 875 20 Thurman Boothe 500
7 Hamid Izadi 1750 14 David Hendrix 875 21 Jason Greeson 500


For the first time in the history of the BagWow! multi-flight opener a player bagged three times then won first place. Stanislav after a chop added $54,608 to the $1500 High Roller seat and $3,000 bonus he won for bagging three times. Only Angelov, Kenneth Christopher and Jaymie Virtusio bagged three times in the event.

Angelov was the only player to do it in the first three flights. Which is interesting because a tweak that has been discussed to the format for September would put him in a good spot for that too. We will have full details if any format changes are made. David Lee, our man from Memphis, finished second pocketing $41,500 for his weekend's efforts. John Song won over $38k for third. Also a the final table: Bryne Wilson, fourth, won over 20k; Yousef Saleh, 5th, won over $15k; Lee Thibodaux, 6th, won over $11k; Brandon Gill, 7th, won over $9k; David Huwe, 8th, won over $7k; Karl Chesser, 9th, won almost 6k, and David Champion finished 10th for just under 5k.

This was the first final table we've streamed and though we had some hiccups we are glad we got to bring it to you.

Follow this link to rewatch the broadcast:  (corrected)

Full Results below:

1 Stanislav Angelov $54,608 41 Jerry Giroir $1,103 81 Luther Tran 736
2 David Lee $41,500 42 Frederick McClam $1,103 82 Wesley Lasher 669
3 John Song $38,485 43 Huey Hulin $1,103 83 Amber Douglas 669
4 Bryne Wilson $20,426 44 Jean Lavilette $1,103 84 Larry Holmes 669
5 Yousef Saleh $15,575 45 Ralph Robinson $1,103 85 William Akins 669
6 Lee Thibodaux $11,896 46 James Hand 970 86 Eric Stoehr 669
7 Brandon Gill $9,287 47 James Davis 970 87 Jeremy Miskissick 669
8 David Huwe $7,347 48 Gregory Gough 970 88 Wade Eagen 669
9 Karl Chesser $5,875 49 Richard Blankenship 970 89 Byron Lowe 669
10 David Champion $4,717 50 Joe Hebert 970 90 Terrence Rose 669
11 Harvey Smith JR $4,717 51 Angela Rentzeles 970 91 Mark Barbay 669
12 Dustin Stewart $4,717 52 Chester Dilday 970 92 Richard Runyon 669
13 Jacob Long $3,729 53 John Humphries 970 93 Trey Harrison 669
14 Robert Matthews $3,729 54 Stanley Higgins 970 94 Phillip Holifield 669
15 Richard Ward $3,729 55 Durand Bass 870 95 Jimmy Channell 669
16 Bradley Garner $3,110 56 Alan Downey 870 96 Raleigh Mills 669
17 Christopher Richards $3,110 57 Albert Booke 870 97 Stanley Williams 669
18 David Moses $3,110 58 Robert Gregory 870 98 Kenneth Steele 669
19 Josh Emory $2,642 59 Wallace Lammont 870 99 Chad Marsh 669
20 Alec Tull $2,642 60 Doug Hazer 870 100 Patrick Lacy 602
21 Michael Esquivel $2,642 61 Jerom Hall 870 101 Bryant Grady 602
22 Michael Buchanan $2,208 62 Bilal Ahmed 870 102 Michael Hamilton 602
23 Brandon Black $2,208 63 Forrest Wofford 870 103 Josie Campbell 602
24 Ralph Reid $2,208 64 Jaymie Virtusio 803 104 Ray Henry 602
25 Marshall White $1,873 65 Darrell Robinson 803 105 Christopher Bourgeois 602
26 Alex Pines $1,873 66 DNR 803 106 Michael Green 602
27 David Tanner $1,873 67 Nickolaus Young 803 107 Preston McEwen 602
28 John Major $1,605 68 BJ McBrayer 803 108 David Crawford 602
29 JW Carter $1,605 69 David Hendrix 803 109 Larry Little 602
30 Sean Small $1,605 70 Kenneth Christopher 803 110 Mitchell Beck 602
31 Kenneth Schatten $1,405 71 Benjamin Bell 803 111 Edward Staples 602
32 Jason Greeson $1,405 72 Andrew Digerolamo 803 112 Nelson Solar 602
33 Vernon Langston $1,405 73 Cody Suman 736 113 Larry White 602
34 David Dunlap $1,238 74 Walker Miskelly 736 114 Mike Monaghan 602
35 Paul Leggett $1,238 75 William Doty 736 115 Preston Croft 602
36 Randall Smith $1,238 76 Frank Winstead 736 116 David Richardson 602
37 John McGraw $1,103 77 George Challita 736 117 William McGehee 602
38 Charles $1,103 78 Peter Gurney 736 118 Jeremy Hartley 602
39 Cody Stanford $1,103 79 Micahel Session 736 119 Joshua Turner 602
40 Justin Kelly $1,103 80 Matthew Johnson 736 120 Angela Sayers 602
121 Chico Pho 602


Krista Lowery won the ladies event adding a trophy to the Lowery's collection. Now, she and husband Dan have matching Fleur-de-Lis trophies from Pearl River Resorts. Magen West finished second for $1152 and Elaine Horvath third for $768.


James Cordell bested David Digesu heads up to win the trophy. Cordell earned $13,000 and Digesu $8,000. In third place William Akins won $5500, and our friend from Canada, Shannon Spry with Milo, won over 4k for fourth. Rufus Yates, Rick Matthews, Samuel Bowles, Levi Carden and Matt Higgins rounded out the final table.
185 players fired in the event.


Michael Esquivel and Patrick Lacy chopped for the most in the PLO event each winning $2313 dollars. Preston McEwen and Konstantin Suvorkin won 2k each as well.


1 James Cordell 13000 15 Donald Kelly 875 1 Michael Esquivel 2313
2 David Digesu 8000 16 Kenneth Christopher 875 2 Patrick Lacy 2313
3 William Akins 5500 17 Jerome Hall JR 875 3 Preston McEwen 2000
4 Shannon Spry 4375 18 James Craft 875 4 Konstantin Suvorkin 2000
5 Rufus Yates 3250 19 Peter Gurney 500 5 DNR 454
6 Clifford Matthews 2250 20 Laurence Dilday 500
7 Samuel Bowles 1750 21 Anthony Hargrove 500
8 Levi Carden 1500
9 Matthew Higgins 1000 LADIES EVENT
10 David Moses 875 1 Krista Lowery $1,920
11 Richard Blankenship 875 2 Magen West 1152
12 Nelson Solar 875 3 Elaine Horvath 768
13 Kenneth Mason 875
14 Durand Bass 875

Mark Davis of Birmingham, AL (pictured left) continued his torrid year with yet another final table. He came into Day Four with the chip lead and ended it second with 26.55 million. Only four time WPT champion Darren Elias bagged more (38.825m). The two of them have almost two thirds of the chips.

Viet Vo of Houston, TX also made the final table duplicating his 2021 run where he finished third for 593k. Vo is third in chips wtih 11.9m. Andrew Barfield (pictured right) from the Mississippi coast is the short stack of the six with 5.5m but still has 18 big blinds. Marcos Exterkotter (10.9m) and Michael Laufer (6.75m) are the other two players.

The final table will resume May 25th in Las Vegas to be recorded for the WPT telecast. Payouts: first will be 1 million; second 660k; third 490k; fourth 370k; fifth 280k; and sixth 215k.  We were also pulling for Rob Georato of Florida who fell in 13th place winning $63,000. Shannon Shorr won 24k for 37th. Harrison Gimbel, Yuval Bronshtein, Jeff Trudeau, Michael Lech, and TK Miles all cashed too.


Currently on our Facebook page we have three social media contests open. All three offer seats to the Milly In Philly, May 5 through the 16. Guess the number of players in the opening event and you can win a $600 Main Event seat. Post your worst bad beat in life or poker and win a $300 seat to the opening event. Suggest what we should do in future Gulf Coast Poker Tour events and win a seat to the Wednesday Monster stack. By the way, two suggestions streaming and maybe pulling from receipts for prizes we might do VERY soon.

And be on the look out for our last contest for this event. We will be giving away a $1500 high roller seat. They bumped the guarantee in the high roller to 100k (gulp) so there will be a lot to play for. Last go round one of our social media contest winners won his event and another finished in the money in the high roller. A wise man in poker once told us, never pass up a freeroll.


You may remember the inspirational story of David Hendrix winning an event at Pearl River. PokerNews covered it here. David has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 and is the oldest living person with this disability after doctors said he wouldn't make it to two.

One of his great pleasures in life is poker and his dream is to play in Las Vegas at least once. As a child the Make-A-Wish foundation set up his wish to fly in a helicopter but David was hospitalized and miss the ride. As they paid the expense to fuel it up they said the wish was granted. He never got to live out his wish. Now as an adult he has a new wish we can help make happen.

His family and friends are trying to raise $20,000 to help pay for travel expenses and a week of tournaments in Las Vegas for him. He's 20% to that goal. If you'd like to donate please click the link below. Nobody has a better attitude about life than David so let's make his life's dream happen.


Bearbuck gets his ring! Jared Ingles of Dry Prong, LA (pictured left) took down the Cherokee circuit Main Event winning 300k in the process. The cash game player and part time tournament player earned the largest live score of his career. Changlong Zeng of Greensboro, NC won 185k for second. A couple of Atlantans, Fikret Kovac and Adam Ney finished 6th and 7th winning 82k and 64k. Marsahll White of Boone, NC won 31k for 9th.

LaDarren Banks of Tuscaloosa, Al won 25k for 12th. Samuel Scheidecker of Pleasant Hill, MS won almost 14k for 20th. Also cashing in the top 50: Charles Johnson, Carl Masters, Hasan Ibrahim, Matt Higgins, Andrew2 Brinkley, Hank Sitton, Stanislav Angelov, Donnie Phan, Ken Christopher and Youssef Aly.

In the money outside the top 50: David Bradshaw, Walker Miskelly, Warren Sheaves, Nate Bandy, Eric Salazar, BJ McBrayer, Tai Cao, Preston McEwen, Gavin Muroe, Laskisha Slaughter, David Moses, Justin Harvell, and Jerry Monroe.


Event 9 a $1100 buy-in with 435 entrants came down to two familiar names. David Moses and Massimo Dirienzo (pictured above right) faced off in heads up play. Bracelet winner David got the best of Massimo on the day and won 87k to go along witha ciruit ring. Massimo took almost 54k back to Atlanta. Blake Whittington finished 7th for 12.6k.


Irene Carey won almost 29k in Event 8 for fifth place. Spencer Smith of Atlanta finished on top of Event 8 winning 107k. Dylan Lemery of Ooltewah, TN place second in Event 5 winning over 24k. Nathan Proctor of Kings and Queens fame won 19k for 3rd place in the first Seniors Event. Scott Mauer of Chattanooga won 15k for third place in Event 3.


Daniel Lowery added to his impressive resume at Pearl River with his second Main Event win. With another 59k added to his total he's near the top of all time winnings at the venue. After the three way chop to end the tournament, Chris Barger got credit for second place winning over 53k and local Jay Bishop over 50k for third. The loaded final table also featured Preston McEwen (4th, 26k), David Chocheles (5th, 20k), and Hamid Izadi (7th, 11.8k). David McJenkin took some tough hands to bow out sixth for 15k. Skip Gill continues to mash this venue finishing 8th for 9k. David Huwe and Johnny Landreth rounded out the ten handed final table winning almost 7k and 6k respectively.

The tournament featured 788 entrants, the second biggest Main Event in Pearl River history, with a prize pool just under 394k. 81 players were paid with a min cash of 1064.

1 Daniel Lowery 59345 28 Gerald Stogner 2128 55 Derrick Cutler 1221
2 Christopher Barger 53016 29 Joe Laro 2128 56 William Stanford 1221
3 Jay Bishop 50875 30 Grant Ellis 2128 57 Jason Flock 1221
4 Preston McEwen 26398 31 Douglas Roby 1812 58 Wesley Edelo 1221
5 David Chocheles 20094 32 Duane Fontentot 1812 59 Benny Morgan 1221
6 David McJenkin 15366 33 Curtis Terry 1812 60 David Knuckles 1221
7 Hamid Izadi 11820 34 Mark Barbay 1615 61 Jeffrey Hewitt 1221
8 Henry Gill 9062 35 Rene McDaniel 1615 62 Dustin Stewart 1221
9 David Huwe 6895 36 Jerry Giroir 1615 63 Timothy Maxwell 1221
10 Johnny Landreth 5949 37 David Aker 1418 64 Adam Cotant 1143
11 Clifford Matthews 5949 38 Michael Cordell 1418 65 Jerol Drane 1143
12 Jeremy Eyer 5949 39 Philip Holifield 1418 66 JW Carter 1143
13 Bradley Gardner 4846 40 Irene Carey 1418 67 David Moses 1143
14 Russell Boyette 4846 41 Joseph Carden 1418 68 Harry Short 1143
15 Gregory Cook 4846 42 Robert Parnell 1418 69 Matthew Welch 1143
16 Michael Smith 3743 43 Michael Monaghan 1418 70 Thomas Corder 1143
17 Troy Harrison 3743 44 Michael McCullough 1418 71 Charles Finley 1143
18 Mark Holmes 3743 45 Bradley Gray 1418 72 Paul Price 1143
19 Donnie Phan 3349 46 Jay Friedman 1261 73 Robert Donald 1064
20 Huey Hulin 3349 47 Carl Masters 1261 74 Ricky Sherrill 1064
21 Ralph Robinson 3349 48 Leo Booth 1261 75 Nancy Smith 1064
22 Rodney Shows 2837 49 Gregory Shivers 1261 76 David Lee 1064
23 Bryne Wilson 2837 50 Jason Greeson 1261 77 Joe Hebert 1064
24 Mitchell McCaleb 2837 51 Brandon Robinson 1261 78 Calvin Lynch 1064
25 Randall Paguio 2443 52 Shirley Lewis 1261 79 Daniel Howard 1064
26 Michael Kalmowicz 2443 53 Tara Snow 1261 80 Charles Johnson 1064
27 Morton Davis 2443 54 Dylan Lemery 1261 81 Hiep Doan 1064


During the High Roller tournament, TD Paul Dutsch made the annoucement that the High Roller event in May will add another 100k guarantee to our schedule. With less than 20 in the event when the announcement was made gasps went through the room. It will be tough to pull off but as yesterday showed with the entrant total climbing to 40 there is demand for this price point in our region. So tell you high roller friends we'll see you all in May!


We got lots of video of hands from the final table of the first Super Stack tournament at Pearl River Resorts. Check out our FACEBOOK page for the videos. Fittingly, one of our celebrity bounties Dallas Pirman took it down. Watch out Tara Snow the princess is coming for your Queen of Pearl River crown.

Dallas Pirman got the best of Chico Pho after a lengthy heads up battle that culminated in a level with only 19 big blinds total. Dallas won over 28k for first. Chico made 17k for second. Event 1 winner Fred Ryman finished third for 12k. Ken Christopher continued his success in this series with a fourth place finish for 9k. Kenneth Mason Jr. who is riding his own hot streak won 6.8k for fifth. Donnie Phan, Gary Guilisano, Randall Paguio, and Cody Stanford rounded out the final table.

Curtis Terry went out 10th but maybe had the best line of the day (see videos on our Facebook page). With 385 players there was a prize pool of $125,125.

1 Dallas Pirman 28,468 16 Richard Moats 1376 31 Andrew Brinkley 751
2 Chico Pho 17,392 17 Henry Gill 1376 32 Kevin Grinder 751
3 Fred Ryman 12,387 18 Patrick Horrigan III 1376 33 Ron Duckworth 751
4 Ken Christopher 9,134 19 Hamid Izadi 1126 34 Lance Jones  626
5 Kenneth Mason JR 6,882 20 David Moses 1126 35 Bradley Gray 626
6 Donnie Phan 5,255 21 Jason Greeson 1126 36 Walker Miskelly 626
7 Gary Guilisano 4129 22 Frank Boswell 1001 37 Tai Cao 563
8 Randall Paguio 3128 23 Ralph Reid 1001 38 Dennis Meisinger 563
9 William Stanford 2503 24 Brandon Robinson 1001 39 Scott Weiss 563
10 Curtis Terry 2002 25 Alec Wilson 938 40 June Jenkins 563
11 Kastardo Asekou 2002 26 Daniel Lowery 938 41 Gregory James 563
12 Lisa Weaver 2002 27 George Fralic 938 42 Starr Valdez 563
13 David Champion 1627 28 Johnnnie Hughes 813 43 Justin Kelley 563
14 Robert Donald 1627 29 Jason Flock 813 44 Mark Armstrong 563
15 Roger Bice 1627 30 Robert Taylor 813 45 Roy Henry 563


Johnny Landreth bested Gregory Cook in heads up play. Landreth won almost 10k for first and cook just under 6k for second. Roy Westover earned 4.4k for third and Kenneth Schatten skillfully navigated a short stack through out the final table all the way to fourth winning 3.2k. Arlene Berhold, LeeAnn Moore and Elaine Horvath went out fifth, sixth and seventh. Two names familiar to Pearl River Harry Short and David Hayes rounded out the final table.
Also in the money: Robert Veazey, Hiep Doan, Danny Doucet, and Rick Matthews.


Always great to see new faces and new names in this event. 150 players set a Rookies record. Congrats to Eddy Smith, David Dunlop and Brandon Stiglich for their three way chop for $3480 each. Jessica Roberts finished sixth as the highest placing female in the event.

1 Eddy Smith 3480 1 Johnny Landreth 9911 10 Christopher Moore 643
2 David Dunlop 3480 2 Gregory Cook 5875 11 George Tapia 643
3 Brandon Stiglich 3480 3 Roy Westover 4406 12 Robert Veazey 643
4 Edward Basham 1620 4 Kenneth Schatten 3213 13 Michael Miller 643
5 Candyman Gamble 1260 5 Arlene Berghold 2387 14 Hiep Doan 643
6 Jessica Roberts 900 6 Leeann Moore 1836 15 Robert Galbraith 643
7 Christopher Canterbury 720 7 Elaine Horvath 1469 16 Kenneth Pendergrast 643
8 Kevin Grinder 540 8 Harry Short 1102 17 Daniel Doucet 643
9 Brayden Brown 360 9 David Hayes 734 18 Clifford Matthews 643
10 James Depappa 360
11 Herman Shumaker 360
12 Wesley Edelo 360
13 David Gregg 360
14 Rodney Desselle 360
15 Ronald Duckworth JR 360


In maybe our most prestigious event two tough players battled it out in heads up play. Jeremy "The Chemist" Gaubert couldn't find the winning formula against Stanislav Angelov who won over 22k for first. Gaubert earned almost 14k for second. Walker Miskelly the defending champion was the very last day 1 elimination going out third. Also, cashing the final table: Timothy Maxwell, Andrew Brinkley, Jeff Grimes, Grant Ellis and Christopher Young.


Always one of our favorite events and this time a pretty cool story line emanted from our social media contest. Joshua Acker joins Jonathan Pansano as a player who has won a GCP social media contest then parlayed that entry into first place in the event.

Josh's accomplishment might be even more impressive as previously he has only played live poker on Cruise Ship sit 'n goes. To review: he nominated a person to be a celebrity bounty, was drawn from all the eligible entries, took that seat won a ton of bounties himself and $5710 for first place. If you aren't participating in our contests you are costing yourself money.

Chico Pho finished second for over $3.5k. June Jenkins third. Luther Tran cashed again in fourth.

1 Stanislav, Angelov 22440   1 Joshua Acker $5,710 12 Gladys Corrin 384
2 Jeremy Gaubert 13860   2 Sokchheka Pho $3,514 13 William McCacey 384
3 Walker Miskelly 9240   3 June Jenkins $2,416 14 Donnie Phan 384
4 Timothy Maxwell 5940   4 Luther Tran $1,922 15 Dale Trosclair 384
5 Andrew Brinkley 4620   5 Kevin Visentin $1,427 16 Joanne Liu 384
6 Jeff Grimes 3960   6 Theodore Barrick 988 17 Clifford Matthews 384
7 Grant Ellis 3300   7 Trace Henderson 769 18 Clinton Bordelon 384
8 Christopher Young 2640   8 Walter Jackson JR 659 19 James Kizer 220
  9 Joseph Carden 439 20 Konstatin Sovokin 220
10 Morton Davis III 384 21 Starr Vladez 220
11 Kenneth Mason 384


David Bradshaw took first in yet another GCP event after heads up chop with Steve Oven. Donnie Phan, Bridget Stecker, Joseph Carden, Jason Greeson, Prissy Giroir, and William Stanford rounded out the final table.  Bradshaw won a dollar less than 5k with over just under 4k.


Dennis Self earned the tophy after an even fourway chop via his chip lead. All four pocketed $7,719 dollars. Freddie Gladney, Dylan Lemery, and Samuel Folkins came to the agreement with Self after an hour of play with no elimiantions. Sley Sanchez, Curtis Terry, Levi Carden (again), Ernest Williams and Debra Irvine also made the final table. 21 players cashed for part of the $48,000 prize pool.
1 David Bradshaw 4999 1 Dennis Self 7719 12 Brittany Rodriquez 875
2 Steve Oven 3835 2 Freddie Gladney 7719 13 Jason Flock 875
3 Donnie Phan 2248 3 Dylan Lemery 7719 14 Lance Jones 875
4 Bridget Stecker 1445 4 Samuel Folkins 7718 15 Daniel Doucet 875
5 Joseph Carden 1124 5 Sley Sanchez 3250 16 Sai Morakonda 875
6 Jason Greeson 964 6 Curtis Terry 2250 17 Bryant Grady 875
7 Priscilla Giroir 803 7 Levi Carden 1750 18 Daniel Garner 875
8 William Stanford 642 8 Ernest Williams 1500 19 Alec Wilson 500
9 Debra Irvine 1000 20 Beverly Walker 500
10 Steven Daigle 875 21 Starr Valdez 500
11 Larry Little 875


Dale Roesel and Rayfell Parker chopped it heads up winning over 21k each. Andrew Brinkley unluck in third with 11k won. Clint Bordelon, a former social media contest winner, finished fourth for 8.3k. JJ Lium finished fifth for 6.3k. Walker Miskelly's strong series continued with almost 5k won for sixth. Vernell Hoskins, Clifford Chisolm, and Jacob Perkins rounded out the fina table. With a prize pool of 114k, 45 players earned a trip to the cashier's cage.
1 Dale Roesel 21,047 16 Chester Dilday 1263 31 Salvador Villaluz 689
2 Rayfell Parker 21047 17 Brian Page 1263 32 Kennthe Mason JF 689
3 Andrew Brinkely 11371 18 Dylan Lemery 1263 33 Jason Greeson 689
4 Clinton Bordelon 8384 19 Massimo Dirienzo 1034 34 Kennth Neal 574
5 Joanne Liu 6317 20 Thurmond Boothe 1034 35 Kevin Grinder 574
6 Walker Miskelly 4824 21 Chase Turner 1034 36 Samuel Folkins 574
7 Vernell Hoskins 3790 22 Kenneth Schatten 919 37 Nickolaus Young 517
8 Clifford Chisolm 2871 23 Albert Booker 919 38 James Kizer 517
9 Jacob Perkins 2297 24 Andrew Head 919 39 Greg Raymer 517
10 Kha Bui 1838 25 Tara Snow 861 40 Gregory James 517
11 Robert Henderson 1838 26 James "Mousey" Davis 861 41 Justin Kelley 517
12 Herman Stewart 1838 27 Jody Millsaps 861 42 Robert Donald 517
13 Michael Owens JR 1493 28 Ronnie Pittman 747 43 John Demarco 517
14 Frerick McClam 1493 29 Trace Henderson 747 44 Ryan Pirman 517
15 Jon Clement 1493 30 Brandon Doherty 747 45 Priscilla Giroir 517



JJ Liu took first place in the Ladies event. Pretty loaded final table. 52 entries in the event, which may be a record here or close to it. Thanks to Bonnie Weitzel and the WPA and all the ladies that have contributed to growing this tournament. JJ has been crushing it this week.  Here she is with fellow celebrity bounties Joe Hebert and Greg Raymer.


In the Sizzler, Chester Dilday gets the trophy, after a final table chope was hashed out late night. Hanhn Nguyen, Brandon Robinson, Ray Langston, Lonny Weitzel, Sam Folkins, Janet McCarter, David Montgomery, and Chad Marsh all got a piece of the spoils. Chester and Hanh took home the most with $5299 each. The others all got $4366.  Chester is pictured right.

Ladies Sizzler
1 Joanne Liu 2856 1 Chester Dilday 5299 12 James Kizer Jr 882
2 Patsy Henry 2158 2 Hanh Nguyen 5299 13 Raymond Young 882
3 Angela Carnegie 2101 3 Brandon Robinson  4336 14 David Sugg 882
4 Brittany Rodriguez 1671 4 Ray Langston 4366 15 Michael Sizemore 882
5 Kristen Deardorff 699 5 Lonny Weitzel 4366 16 Errol Eagan 882
6 Criztine Quinn 499 6 Samuel Folkins 4366 17 Nichloas Prejeant 882
7 Janet McCarter 4366 18 Joe Hebert 882
8 David Montgomery 4366 19 Paula Norwood 504
9 Chad Marsh 4366 20 Debra Irvine 504
10 Joseph Lamberta 882 21 Kenneth Green 252
11 DNR 882 22 Richard Ward 252



Frederick Ryman bested Roger Sheaves in an epic heads up battle to win over 65k. The Missouri player was tops out of 182 players who returned for Day Two already in the money. 1899 total players in event 1 created a prizepool over 455k.

Ken Christopher of Theodore, AL placed third for 36k. Bradley Gardner of Natchez, MS led for much of the day before bowing out in fourth for over 22k. Harry Short made his return to poker after going through a health crisis and won over 17k for fifth.

Also in the five digits Raymond Walton (13.5k) and William Akins (10.5k). William Popwell rounded out the final table. Robyn Kluth was our last woman standing winning 2.1k for 25th.

Complete results:
1 Frederick Ryman 65395 62 Ralph Chambers 961 123 Randy Godwin 600
2 Roger Sheaves Jr 36049 63 Danald Marffray 961 124 David Hayes 600
3 Kenneth Christopher 36049 64 Michael Lins 881 125 James Kizer 600
4 Bradley Gardner 22438 65 Vernon Langston 881 126 Sean Lavilette 600
5 Harry Short 17474 66 Chase Weeks 881 127 Paul Legget 600
6 Raymond Walton 13550 67 Kevin Arrowood 881 128 James Craft 600
7 William Akins 10558 68 Tara Snow 881 129 Dennis Hatcher 600
8 Kenneth Mason 8386 69 ronald Womack 881 130 Jimmy Milsaps 600
9 William Popwell 6705 70 Kevin Fazzio 881 131 Chad Marsh 600
10 Huey Hulin 5335 71 David Tanner 881 132 Stephen Bastow 600
11 Cody Cunningham 5335 72 Byron Lowe 881 133 Richard Moats 600
12 William Stanford 5335 73 Mitchell McCaleb 800 134 Clifton Collins 600
13 Wesley Edelo 4323 74 Taylor Crutchfield 800 135 Massimo Dirienzo 600
14 Alec Tull 4323 75 John Holley 800 136 Robert Heard 600
15 Wayne Neyland III 4323 76 Wyatt Boothe 800 137 Joseph Carden 600
16 Lee Craft 3603 77 John Jolly 800 138 John teague 600
17 Peace Marvel 3603 78 Kenard Bowie 800 139 Michael Hamilton 600
18 Patrick Horrigan III 3603 79 Luke Martin 800 140 David Butler 600
19 Rabuh Ghossein 2963 80 Christian Gibbons 800 141 Forrest Wofford 600
20 Joseph Hebert 2963 81 Randy Gordon 800 142 Timothy Maxwell 600
21 Johnny Tang 2963 82 Dennis Self 721 143 Jaymie Virtusio 600
22 Chase Turner 2523 83 Toby Bell 721 144 Craig Hosch 600
23 Dennis Meisinger 2523 84 Brandon Williams 721 145 Marc Hampson 560
24 Joshua Floyd 2523 85 Charles Cowen 721 146 Jason Bergeron 560
25 Robyn Kluth 2121 86 Hal Bryan 721 147 Wade Eagan 560
26 Edward Smith 2121 87 Charles Bounds 721 148 Michael Cheeks 560
27 Matt Higgins 2121 88 Trace Henderson 721 149 Malcolm Davenport 560
28 Lonnie Weitzel 1842 89 Hiep Doan 721 150 Eric Little 560
29 Edward Allen 1842 90 Michael Vardeman 721 151 Darrell Manning 560
30 Israel Robinson 1842 91 Harvey Smith 721 152 Prissy Giroir 560
31 Jerry McCarter 1561 92 Durand Bass 721 153 Mark Holmes 560
32 Dale Roesel 1561 93 Austin Hebert 721 154 June Jenkins 560
33 Tony Brown 1561 94 Chris Read 721 155 Shane Maxwell 560
34 Clifford Matthews 1361 95 Karl Chesser 721 156 Nanthalansy Thongla 560
35 David Richardson 1361 96 Benny Morgan 721 157 Timothy McKnight 560
36 William Simpson 1361 97 Alton Peterson 721 158 Thomas Jacobs 560
37 Billy McBrayer 1201 98 Richard Diamond 721 159 Samuel Stockwell 560
38 Elton Ford 1201 99 Greg Urbanski 721 160 William Leaver 560
39 Brandon Robinson 1201 100 Jason Walker 640 161 John Philak 560
40 Charles Johnson 1201 101 Michael Monaghan 640 162 Joshua Dean 560
41 Charles Westbrook 1201 102 James Heath III 640 163 Roy Henry 560
42 Robert Breiner 1201 103 Mark Clapham 640 164 Keith Jacobs 560
43 Jeffrey Drenner 1201 104 Desmond Adams 640 165 Bobby Bryant 560
44 James Davis  1201 105 Grant Ellis 640 166 Stephen Dodd 560
45 Scott Weiss 1201 106 Ricahrd Byrd 640 167 Dawn Smith 560
46 James McCauley 1081 107 Bonnie Weitzel 640 168 Russell Dewase 560
47 Ronnie Pittman 1081 108 Mark Brown 640 169 John Ducote 560
48 Wesley Lasher 1081 109 Edward Staples 640 170 Rufus Yates 560
49 Ron Palculict 1081 110 Laurence Dilday 640 171 Duan Fontenot 560
50 Walker Miskelly 1081 111 George Fralic 640 172 George Challite 521
51 Andrew Brinkley 1081 112 Fredrick McLam 640 173 David Hendrix 521
52 Mark Davis 1081 113 Frank Wyville 640 174 Brian Trotter 521
53 Terry Griffith 1081 114 Gary Stewart 640 175 Jacob Perkins 521
54 Sokchheka Pho 1081 115 Stephen Henson 640 176 Preston McEwen 521
55 Douglas Hunichen 961 116 Jerry Giroir 640 177 Angela Sayers 521
56 Johnny Ogle 961 117 Brian Page 640 178 Timothy McKnight 521
57 Donnie Phan 961 118 Gregory Shivers 600 179 Helen McBrearty 521
58 Morton Davis 961 119 Jeremy Gaubert 600 180 David Koontz 521
59 Clifford Chisolm 961 120 David Champion 600 181 Aaron Decord 521
60 Michael Kalmowicz 961 121 Robert Parnell 600 182 Tai Cao 521
61 Lenard Anderson 961 122 Derrick Cutler 600


Mark Davis (pictured left from, who recently won one of our events at Pearl River, added to his trophy haul with his first Gold Ring. While the ring is nice we are guessing the Birmingham native is probably happier with the payday of well over 330k. More than 1400 players played the Main creating a prizepool greater than  2.1 million. Mark entered Day 2 with a sizable chip lead and ran it all the way to first place. Mark beat Adam Ney (Atlanta) heads up winning a flip and one of the biggest first place prizes on the circuit. Ney pocketed over 200k for second. Chris George of Roswell, GA won 157k for third. Scott Dobbs of Covington, GA won 120k for fourth.

Ney and Davis both navigated the gigantic Event Two (3334 players) to make that final table too. Ney won 15k for ninth and Mark 18.5k for eighth. Josh Dean of Buford Georgia finished third in that event for 65k.

Also cashing the Main: Jared Ingles (29th, 9.5k); Mike Monaghan (32nd 8.1k); Hank Sitton (40th, 6.1k); David Lee (55th, 4.7k); Holly Meliet (61st, 4.7k); and Donovan Dean (75th, 3.8k).


Lonny Weitzel recently took down a seniors event in Aruba for a ring and got another W in the seniors event in January at Pearl River. He closed out the Cherokee stop this time with another win, earning over 40k for first place.  Lonny is pictured ( with his wife Bonnie.

Austin Reilly of Gulf Shores finished third for 18k. Derrick Cutler of Marietta fourth for 13k.


Joe Hebert won his first ring at Pompano Park in Florida. Excellent WSOP Circuit write up here.
Terrific final three as Joe had to best his roomate (8 ring and bracelet winner Michael Lech third 8k) and two time bracelet winner Anthanasios Polychronopoulos (2nd 11k). Our buddy Salvador Villaluz out of Canada also had a few cashes in the series.


The new schedule for the Milly in Philly (March 17 - 29) is out and we are giving away a seat to the biggest buy-in on the docket. We've added a $1500 High Roller to close the week and added a day to it.  Go to to enter the contest. All you gotta do is guess how many Main Event players we'll have in March.

Other highlights on the schedule an awesome 100k Guaranteed tournament added on Thursday. Players tell us how much you love our 100k on a Monday so we are giving ya'll a chance to double dip with that.


Tyler Payne won the maximum at the 2022 Winter Open main Event. He left BestBet Jacksonville with over 140k in prize money for first place. Adam Wells of Tallahassee, Florida finished third for almost 69k. Gavin Murnore fifth for a little over 38k. Warren Sheaves of Asheville finished 8th winning over 17k.

Austin Reilly won over 11k for 12th. Other notables in the money: Trace Henderson, Jeffrey Trudeau, Carl Masters, and TK Miles.


Don't forget to check out our podcast with George Holmes linked above as it's a good listen. Not sure anybody has a better ROI then George in poker. He's cashed the WSOP Main Event twice. He's played the Main Event twice. He's only played TWO live tournaments--yeah, the Main Event. And, one of those finishes was a second place.  Episode 7 /2022


Next week High Stakes Poker will start airing on PokerGO. Gabe Kaplan and A.J. Benza return to do commentary. Players will include Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Doyle Burnson, Patrik Antonius, Tom Dwan, and new(-ish) faces like Koray Aldemir, Garret Adelstein, Bryn Kenny, James Bord, and Jennifer Tilly.  Blinds will range from $200-$400, $500-$100 with straddles. Said to be plenty of six figure pots and some seven figure stacks. Cardplayer has a ton more info including many of the old school and new school pros almost gushing about playing with one another.


Decentraland's ICE POKER accounts for 30% of the virtual casino's daily users. Coindesk gets deeper in the details on this NFT based platform. Speaking of NFT's and poker Yahoo has an article on the connection between poker pros and NFTS.


You may have missed the ESPN premier of Celebrity Cornhole that featured Hellmuth on the 11th but he did battle with the likes of ChumLee from Pawn Stars. A step down in athleticism from NFL players like Daniel and Mac Jones who played previously.


Randy Paguio of San Diego, CA came to Tunica, won a $250 satellite and left with over 193k and a WSOP-C Main Event ring. The final table included Adam Ross of Roswell, GA (5th almost 50k), Donovan Dean of Rainsville, AL (6th 37k), John Gallaher of Lebanon, TN (8th 22k), BJ McBrayer (9th almost 18k) and Tim Burt (14k). Kenneth Mason of Laverge, TN finished second winning a hair under 120k.

Some notables in the money included: Eric Salazar, Levi Carden, Carl Masters, Preston McEwen, Mo Hawkins, James Fender, Chico Pho, Robert Hankins, Day 1 chipleader Mark Davis, Kyle Cartwright, David Moses, Tai Cao, Adam Cotant, David Flowers, Kevin Grinder, Brett Apter, Jeremy Eyer, Hamid Izadi and TK Miles.


Donnie Phan (top left) won the final event for over 13k on a $400 buyin. The Nashville pro paired a ring he won earlier in the week in Event 7.
That ring paid a little more giving him 34k for first. His final table there included Robert Keller, Stephen Thomas, David Delchamps, James Stampley, Matt Chaney and Jo Cain.

Chico Pho (top right) of Memphis won 13k for first place in the PLO tournament. Jaimie Kizer also at the final table.
Lovell "Da Wiz" Wilkerson struck gold in the 288 player event 6. First place earned him 20k. James Fender, Brandon Simmons, and Hamid Izadi were also at the final table.

In a biblical battle Flapjack Jesus prevailed over Moses. Preston came out on top of the heads up duel with David Moses winning 18k for first with David taking 11k for second. Preston and David with friends pictured above left. Steve Meyers of Mandeville third for 8k.

John Holley won his 7th(!) ring beating Michael Sanders heads up. Holley earned over 14k and Sanders 9k.  The pair pictured above right. James Stampley finished third for 6.3k. Holley is one of only 21 players with at least seven rings.


REENTRY: Hamid Izadi came close in the massive 1585 person reentry. Hamid won over 35k for third place. Jeremy Eyer also at the final table. Michael Zuro of Oregon bested Lexington, TN player Joshua Blakenship heads up. Zuro won almost 78k and Blankenship 48k. Good to see David Frasier in the money too.

EVENT 3 THE CHARM: Dale James of Tracie City, TN won his first ring in Event 3 and 14k. Mike Monaghan and Carl Masters made the final table.

LADIES: Chris Read and Jaymie Virtusio (former last women standing in Pearl River events) made the ladies final table. Also deep Tiffany Keathley and Kristen Deardorff. Sallie Williams of Memphis, won first place and 4k after beating Lori Lindley of Missouri heads up.


If you still got a poker tournament itch to scratch after the Milly in Philly just a reminder there is weekly tournament action going on locally.

Harrahs NOLA 2022 schedule:

Monday Night Madness
$130 buy-in $10,000 starting stack
Registration opens at 5:15pm
Tournament starts at 6:15pm

Wednesday Bounty
$200 buy-in (includes $50 Bounty)
$12,000 starting stack
Registration opens at 5:15pm
Tournament starts at 6:15pm

Saturday Morning
$200 buy-in $12,000 starting stack
Registration opens at 10:15am
Tournament starts at 11:15am


Trace Henderson and Hamid Izadi chopped early in the morning after outlasting the other 988 players in the biggest Main Event ever at Pearl River. After registration wrapped the prizepool swelled to almost 500k. They both got north of $75k.

Trace, with the chiplead, got the trophy and credit for the win. Our last woman standing came close to duplicating Tara Snow's feat of being the last woman AND last player standing. Dallas Pirman of Pearl, MS busted in third place winning over $42k. Rebekah Crosby gave her a run for her money for the PLON prize package bowing out in 15th.

Trace, Hamid and Dallas  survived a loaded final table including: Brandon Robinson who has been there before (4th just under $32k), Joe Hebert (5th $24k), Matthew Yates (6th almost $19k), David Bradshaw (7th $14k), Luther Tran (8th $11k), and Gavin Munroe (9th ~$9k).


1 Trace Henderson 75566 34 Blake Whittington 1931 67 Robert Parnell 1386
2 Hamid Izadi 75566 35 James Craft 1931 68 Bonnie Weitzel 1386
3 Dallas Pirman 42570 36 Greg Urbanski 1683 69 Youssef Aly 1386
4 Brandon Robinson 31878 37 Raymond Walton 1683 70 Randy Gordon 1386
5 Joseph Hebert 24107 38 Stephen Klein 1683 71 Justin Grider 1386
6 Matthew Yates 18662 39 Priscilla Giroir 1683 72 Joseph Carden 1386
7 David Bradshaw 14355 40 Gregory Orlick 1683 73 Chester Dilday 1287
8 Luther Tran 11385 41 Joanne Cain 1683 74 Kevin Grinder 1287
9 Gavin Munroe 8910 42 Timothy Sanderson 1683 75 Jonathan Kotula 1287
10 Jesse Greer 7277 43 Ty Watson 1683 76 Starr Valdez 1287
11 Jason Greeson 7277 44 Kyle Cartwright 1683 77 Stephen Schorr 1287
12 Sokchheka Pho 7277 45 Davon Hayes 1683 78 Mike Monaghan 1287
13 Jeremy Eyer 5940 46 Joanne Liu 1584 79 David Moses 1287
14 Chan Pelton 5940 47 Randall Paguio 1584 80 Douglas Gore 1287
15 Rebekah Crosby 5940 48 Jason Flock 1584 81 Yekaterina Lukina 1188
16 Walker Miskelly 4604 49 Kris Kent 1584 82 John Ducote 1188
17 Aaron James 4604 50 Matthew Clarksen 1584 83 Ralph Robinson 1188
18 John Cressend 4604 51 Leo Booth 1584 84 Sarah Smith 1188
19 Forrest Raleigh 4109 52 Preston McEwen 1584 85 Gerald Stogner 1188
20 Daniel Bonet 4109 53 Ken Christopher 1584 86 Alex Pines 1188
21 Michael Lane 4109 54 David Champion 1584 87 David Sugg 1188
22 Massimo Dirienzo 3416 55 Peace Marvel  1485 88 David Huwe 1188
23 Jason Desha 3416 56 Austin Reilly 1485 89 Derrick Cutler 1188
24 Derek Normand 3416 57 Mark Davis 1485 90 Thuy Djedios 1188
25 Daniel Doucet 2921 58 Dylan Lemery 1485 91 Yousef Saleh 1,089
26 Greg Raymer 2921 59 Robert Logan 1485 92 Charles Bartlett 1089
27 Keith Canterbury 2921 60 Tommy Bishop 1485 93 Kenneth Jones 1,089
28 Jeffrey Hewit 2525 61 Tai Cao 1485 94 Matt South 1089
29 Christopher Miles 2525 62 Taylor Bridges 1485 95 Larry Cochran 1,089
30 David Gregg 2525 63 Curtis Terry 1485 96 Derek Bradley 1089
31 William Olivera 2178 64 Byron Love 1386 97 Dennis Self 1,089
32 John Gibbons  2178 65 Robert Moreno 1386 98 William Martello 1089
33 Marshall White 1931 66 William Brock 1386 99 Andrew Moon SPLIT 1089
100 Justin McNeil SPLIT 1089


Peace.. again. A deal was struck to chop with 8 players. Peace Marvel got a little more as the chip leader. The group including Randy Gordon, David Aker, Curtis Teryy, Kenneth Schatten, Derrick Cutler, Bonnie Weitzel and JJ Liu. If it weren't a survivor tournament that would have been one of the better final tables of the week.


After an "unique" deal Justin McNeil got credit for first and the trophy. Nine other players chopped up the money with Mark Holmes the chipleader.


1 Peace Marvel 2600 1 Justin McNeil 150 9 Thomas Corder 1645
2 Randy Gordon 2235 2 Mark Holmes 1652 10 Jimmy Bunn 1644
3 David Aker 2235 3 Bobby Walls 1651 11 Anthony Brown 334
4 Curtis Terry 2234 4 Broc Peden 1650 12 Gerald Upton 334
5 Kenneth Schatten 2234 5 Michael Kalypwicz 1649 13 Richard Morgigno 334
6 Derrick Cutler 2234 6 Leeann Moore 1648 14 Peter Gurney 334
7 Bonnie Weitzel 2234 7 Vick Ashusa 1647 15 Kevin Grinder 334
8 Joanne Liu 2234 8 Herman Shoemaker 1646



Walker Miskelly (left) won over 35k after overcoming a chip disadvangte against the most well dressed man in the room and now the official all time money winner at Pearl River Resorts Matt Higgins (right). Matt won over 21k for second. Once again the final table was loaded including Donnie Phan, Ken Christopher, JW Carter, Chris McDaniel., Peter Gurney, Michael Casey and last woman standing Yakaterina Lukina. Full payouts and results below.

1 Walker Miskelly 35425
2 Matt Higgins 21255
3 Donnie Phan 15260
4 Kenneth Christopher 9810
5 JW Carter 7630
6 Christopher McDaniel 6540
7 Peter B. Gurney 5450
8 Michael Casey 4360
9 Yekaterina Lukina 3270


Lonny Weitzel took down his second senior tournament in a row (WSOP-C Aruba) after a chop was agreed to by the remaining 8 players.
Each player got $3804 a piece including: Michael Miller, Alvin Harris, Michael Benton, Carl Masters, Randy Gordon, Huey Hulin, and Stephen Nusrallah.  Herman Stewart was the unlucky 9th place player who missed the chop winning $768. The last woman standing was Joanne Liu. Complete results below:
1 Lonny Weitzel 3804 8 Stephen Nusrallah 3804 15 Howard Hankins 672
2 Michael Miller 3804 9 Herman Stewart 768 16 Vernon Langston 672
3 Alvin Harris 3804 10 Brian Mapes 672 17 Stranley Williams 672
4 Michael Benton 3804 11 Charles Temple 672 18 Carver Griffin 672
5 Carl Masters 3804 12 Robbie Matthews 672 19 Joanne Liu 384
6 Randy Gordon 3804 13 William Truett 672 20 Jerry Giroir 384
7 Huey Hulin 3804 14 Forrest Wofford 672 21 Patrick Kennedy 384



Peace reigns! After a long battle with 267 entrants wrapped up it was one of our favorite fishermen holding the trophy at the end. A threeway chop was brokered between Peace Marvel, Henry "Skip" Gill (who seems to final table everything here this week), and Preston Croft. Peace earned the trophy. His son once asked if you play poker why don't you have any trophies. Now he does.

Again, a loaded final table included James Craft, Jeremy Eyer, David Davis, Stanley Williams, Hamid Izadi and Prissy Giroir. 

Pictured L to R: Skip Gill, Peace Marvel, and Prissy Giroir


1 Peace Marvel 10872 10 Russell Vaughn 1121 19 Jeffrey Hearn 641
2 Henry Gill 10872 11 James Hall 1121 20 Matthew Aycock 641
3 Preston Croft 10871 12 Aaron James 1121 21 Marco Hodges 641
4 James Craft 5607 13 Mark Holmes 961 22 Trace Henderson 513
5 Jeremy Eyer 4005 14 Joseph Boutwell 961 23 Terry Meece 513
6 David Davis 2884 15 Joanne Cain 961 24 Alec Wilson 513
7 Stanley Williams 2243 16 Scott Lyons 801 25 Randall Albritton 513
8 Hamid Izadi 1794 17 John Ducote JR 801 26 Alvin Harris 513
9 Priscilla Giroir 1282 18 Collin Dimitroff 801 27 William Brock 513


Judge Leo Boothe won the event earning just under 15k. He rallied from an incredibly short stack in the money to first place. The players chopped up the last longer when they reached the final table.  Chico Pho finished second for $9150. Brandon Robinson exited in third place winning $6540.

Also at the final table were James Craft, Marshall White, Henry "Skip" Gill, Clifford Mills, Sean Small and Jeff Martin.

Rebekah Crosby was the last woman standing once again placing 10th.

Others in the money included Luther Tran, Derek Normand, John Cressend, Dominic Carollo, Frank Wyville, JJ Liu, Duane Fontenot, Joseph Carden, and Walter Jackson Jr.

Complete Results:

1 Thurmond Boothe 14850 15 Christopher McDaniel 900
2 Sokchheka Pho 9150 16 John Cressend 750
3 Brandon Robinson 6540 17 Dominic Carollo 750
4 James Craft 5250 18 Frank Wyville 750
5 Marshall White 3750 19 Kevin Oakes 600
6 Henry Gill 2700 20 Joanne Liu 600
7 Clifford Mills 2100 21 Kenneth Schwab 600
8 Sean Small 1680 22 Duane Fontenot 480
9 Jeff Martin 1200 23 Joseph Carden 480
10 Rebekah Crosby 1050 24 Christopher Cochran 480
11 David Davis 1050 25 James Meloni 480
12 Luther Tran 1050 26 Horace Louie 480
13 Tim McCaffrey 900 27 Walter Jackson Jr. 480
14 Derek Normand 900


Congratulations to Carl Masters who won the tournament for over 6k and ended up with one of the biggest bounty stacks. Matt Higgins finished as the sole celebrity at the final table. Greg Raymer, David Moses, Susan Murphey, June Jenkins, and Chad Disante all had to part with their money bling earlier in the tournament.

While they might not have had as much fun as the players and staff at music night in town those in the celebrity bounty tournament created a great environment. Greg Raymer gave out his fossil to the player that sent him to the rail and David Moses added a Grinch hat to the bling and the $ bounty. Rebekah Crosby finished as the last woman standing placing fourth and bagged Raymer's fossil.

Complete results below:
1 Carl Masters $6,306
2 Damon Tucker $3,878
3 Rebekah Crosby $2,666
4 Salvador Villaluz $2,121
5 Michael Cheeks $1,576
6 Matthew Higgins 1091
7 Ron Gilliam 848
8 Karl Chesser 727
9 Justin McNeil 485
10 Robert Ray 424
11 Terry Breaux 424
12 Stanley Williams 424
13 Robert Logan 424
14 Peter Gurney 424
15 Herman Shumaker 424
16 Giner Kitchen Master 424
17 Mark Dempsey 424
18 Don Willis 424
19 Matthew South 242
20 Michael McCullough 242
21 Brandon Robinson 242


Another day, another smashed guarantee, another record. John Cressend (pictured left), of Metairie, LA, took down event 4 building up a big stack before they made it to the money and riding it all the way to the 35k payday.  He's also a great accountant so with tax season around the corner... if you need a new guy he's the man to talk to. Doesn't hurt that he knows poker.

Yousseff Aly finished second for $21,644. Jonathan Hrachoby third for $15,623. It was a tough final table with Derek Normand in fourth, Samuel Folkins fifth, Dustin Stewart 6th, Robert Taylor 7th, Phil Whittington 8th, and Brandon Johnson 9th.

Joanne Cain ended up the last woman standing bowing out in 10th. She had run up a very healthy stack early. Also, notables cashing included:
Kennii Nguyen, Jerry Giroir, Albert Booke, Cliff Chisolm, John Finnan, Charles Brady, Matt Higgins, Hedge Carter, Mark Dempsey, Blake Whittington, Karl Chesser, William Anderson, Justin Kelley, Starr Valdez, and Wayne Neyland.

Pic of our Sunday Sizzler winner Kevin Comeens to the right above. Complete 100k results below:

1 John Cressend 35,073 21 Albert Booke 1383 41 Blake Whittington 683
2 Youssef Aly 21644 22 Clifford Chisolm 1221 42 James Joiner 683
3 Jonathan Hrachovy 15623 23 Carl Hardy 1221 43 Karl Chesser 683
4 Derek Normand 11391 24 David Naquin 1221 44 William Anderson 683
5 Samuel Folkins 8625 25 James Willis 1058 45 Robert Henderson 683
6 Dustin Stewart 6509 26 Christopher McDaniel 1058 46 Justin Kelley 635
7 Robert Taylor Jr. 5045 27 John Finnan 1058 47 Herman Stewart 635
8 Phil Whittington 4068 28 Joshua Reeves 944 48 Karen Stutts 635
9 Brandon Johnson 2848 29 Thomas Williams 944 49 Massimo Dirienzo 635
10 Joanne Cain 2522 30 Robert Matt Chaney 944 50 Matthew Mortiz 635
11 Stephen Bastow  2522 31 Jeanne Millsaps 862 51 David Hines 635
12 Justin Grider 2522 32 Charles Brady Jr 862 52 Austin Reilly 635
13 Norman Mckeldin III 2034 33 Matthew Higgins 862 53 Jason Goodall 635
14 Monika Ray 2034 34 John Chandler 749 54 Daniel Howard 635
15 Stanley Williams 2034 35 Ginger Yaster 749 55 Chad Tucker 618
16 Billy Banks 1546 36 Justin Bracy 749 56 Todd Urbina 618
17 Kurt Scheer 1546 37 Hedgemann Carter 683 57 Harold Johnson 618
18 Kennii Nguyen 1546 38 Paul Price 683 58 Starr Valdez 618
19 Alex Pines 1383 39 Mark Dempsey 683 59 Wayne Neyland III 618
20 Jerry Giroir 1383 40 James Craft 683

Benny Morgan (right), a regular at Pearl River, chopped heads up with Mark Davis for 55k each and got the trophy as the chipleader. With 2341 runners event one set records with every flight of the event.  Frank Wyville rode a big stack all day to third place and a 32k payday. Also, at the final table Dylan Lemery (4th 25k), David Adker (5th 20k), James Fender (6th, almost 16k), Duane Fontenot, former event 1 winner (7th 12k), Mark Barbay (8th 9.9k) and David Champion (9th 8k).  We had a slew of double and triple baggers who won 1k and 3k respectively.

Jaymie Virtusio, of Pensacola, was the last woman standing and won the prize donated by PLON ambassador Prissy Giroir.

In the WPA sponsored ladies event, June Jenkins, who traveled from Canada to play, got the trophy after a heads up chop with Branda Rogers. In the Sizzler, Kevin Comeens, Jenna Amacher and Dennis Self agreed to a three way chop. In our record setting PLO event Larry Barker and Michael Reese chopped heads up.

Complete results below:

1 Benny Morgan 55074 78 Jerry Giroir 949 155 John Holley 700
2 Mark Davis 55073 79 Angela Sayers 949 156 Frank Folino 700
3 Frank Wyville 32505 80 Danny Dorcey 949 157 Michael Teague 700
4 Dylan Lemery 25422 81 Judge Leo Boothe 949 158 David Peltzer 700
5 David Aker 20427 82 William Anderson 849 159 Russell Boyette 700
6 James Fender 15932 83 Guillermo Villasenor 849 160 David Hayes 700
7 Duane Fontenot 12436 84 Nelson Solar 849 161 Bryne Wilson 700
8 Mark Barbay 9939 85 June Jenkins 849 162 Debra Irvine 700
9 David Champion 8040 86 Lenard Anderson 849 163 Gregory Orlick 700
10 Alec Tulll 6491 87 Ryan Rumrill 849 164 Daniel Kusnerak 700
11 Brandan Brewer 6491 88 Victor Taylor 849 165 Timothy Sanderson 700
12 Priscilla Giroir 6491 89 Chester Dilday 849 166 David Mason 700
13 Gerald Stogner 5341 90 Roger Henderson 849 167 Cody Wiler 700
14 Charles Johnson 5341 91 Thomas Raspberry 849 168 Sean Smalls 700
15 Henry Gill 5341 92 Corey Harrison 849 169 Tara Snow 700
16 Alberto Hawayek 4393 93 Larry Little 849 170 Robih Al Gossein 700
17 Booby Woodruff 4393 94 Horace Lovie 849 171 Matthew Welch 700
18 John Kelsey 4393 95 Tai Cao 849 172 Daniel Bonet 650
19 Christopher Harrison 3643 96 Jeremy Letson 849 173 Noel Schuh 650
20 Jesse Lott 3643 97 Deral Mobley 849 174 Jean Lavilette 650
21 Cheyenne Auterson 3643 98 Faris Brooks 849 175 Dustin Stewart 650
22 Austin Reilly 3043 99 Wayne Neyland 849 176 Preston McEwen 650
23 Stanislav Angelov 3043 100 Ronald Womack 799 177 Derrick Cutler 650
24 Khoa Bui 3043 101 Frederic Barbosa Cabral 799 178 Jason Bergeron 650
25 Robert Henderson 2575 102 Ronnie Roach 799 179 Jimmy Milsaps 650
26 Kennii Nguyen 2575 103 Clinton Carney 799 180 Chip Ervin 650
27 David Hines 2575 104 Christopher Thomas 799 181 John Gibbons 650
28 Jaymie Virtusio 2226 105 Matthew Smith 799 182 David Johnson 650
29 David Moses 2226 106 Christopher McDaniel 799 183 Nicholas Prejeant 650
30 Lucas Hillman 2226 107 Kenneth Jones 799 184 Jefferson Morrill 650
31 Hyman Friedman 1878 108 Charles Westbrook 799 185 David Sugg 650
32 Daniel Fagen 1878 109 Trace Henderson 799 186 Clifton Collins 650
33 Timothy Kelly 1878 110 Paul Leggett 799 187 Ronald Ellison 650
34 Larry McCully 1629 111 Paul Wade 799 188 Tyler Ketterling 650
35 Kenneth Steele 1629 112 Albert Franklin 799 189 Clifford Matthews 650
36 Preson Croft 1629 113 Robert Griffin 799 190 Steve Meyers 650
37 Christopher Barger 1448 114 Michael Green 799 191 Christopher Locklear 650
38 Kurt Scheer 1448 115 Matthew Lawrence 799 192 Nathan Proctor 650
39 Laurence Dilday 1448 116 David Burnett 799 193 Huey Hulin 650
40 Alex Pines 1448 117 Gregory Genge 799 194 Ryan Ngo 650
41 Justin McNeil 1448 118 Charles Wilson 799 195 Helen McBreatry 650
42 Michael Monaghan 1448 119 Robert Matthews 750 196 Dennis Jones 650
43 Thongla Nanthansy 1448 120 Trenton Pippen 750 197 Cody Stanford 650
44 Mary Carey 1448 121 Aaron James 750 198 Sokechheka Pho 650
45 Frank Miller 1448 122 DNR 750 199 Jerry Monroe 650
46 Antonie Hilliard 1249 123 Danny Miles 750 200 Adam Byars 650
47 Brandon Robinson 1249 124 Gavin Munroe 750 201 Matthew Baker 650
48 Forrest Raleigh 1249 125 James Allen 750 202 Bobby Hawkins 650
49 Byron Lowe 1249 126 Alec Wilson 750 203 David Corbell 650
50 Jeremy Smith 1249 127 James Craft 750 204 Michael Owens 650
51 James Boulware 1249 128 Michael Buchanan 750 205 James Stampley 650
52 Blake Whittington 1249 129 Brandon Gill 750 206 Lori Silvers 650
53 Tracy Clark 1249 130 Jakees Holman 750 207 Leonard Crist 650
54 Matthew Higgins 1249 131 Peter Gurney 750 208 Jonathan Frye 650
55 Lonny Weitzel 1249 132 Randall Smith 750 209 Charlene Smith 650
56 Charles Bounds 1249 133 David Davis 750 210 James Davis 650
57 Samuel Stockwell 1149 134 Ahmed Gomez 750 211 Gordon Hardy 650
58 Thierry Quintin 1149 135 Donnie Phan 750 212 Rogan Chhabra 650
59 Michael McCullough 1149 136 Roger Sheaves 750 213 John Teague 650
60 Douglas Jobbit 1149 137 Raymond Young 750 214 Marshall White 650
61 Jason Greeson 1149 138 Joey Huey 750 215 Harvey Smith 650
62 Mitchell McCaleb 1149 139 Kevin Grinder 750 216 Ronnie Scott 650
63 Daniel Doucet 1149 140 Max Dove 750 217 Gregory Gough 650
64 Ronnie Pittman 1049 141 Wesley Lashee 750 218 Charles Finley 650
65 Tracy Polk 1049 142 Gregory Besse 750 219 Kevin Simpson  650
66 Brandon Atkinson 1049 143 Craig Monstere 750 220 Nicholas Bowman 650
67 Josh Palmer 1049 144 Rufus Yates 750 221 JW Carter 650
68 Adam Ross 1049 145 Larry Holmes 700 222 Michael Talley 650
69 Joe Graydon 1049 146 Greg Raymer 700 223 David Chocheles 650
70 Andrew Becker 1049 147 Chad Disante 700 224 Randall Paguio 650
71 Danyon Rose 1049 148 David Lee 700 225 Leann Moore 650
72 Chris Cochran 1049 149 Chase Turner 700 226 Jason Eskridge 575
73 Robert Breiner 949 150 Donna Ried 700 227 Hiep Doan 575
74 Tony Ketterling 949 151 Austin Hunt 700 228 Ronald Crabtree 575
75 Keith Sims 949 152 Wyattt Boothe 700 229 Linda Kennedy 575
76 Lap K Ng 949 153 Gregory Fleming  700 230 Fredrick Mclam 575
77 Derek Normand 949 154 William Rogers 700 231 William Gowers 575
232 Karl Chesser 575
1 June Jenkins 2554 1 Kevin Comeens 11087 17 Sameul Folkins 834
2 Branda Rogers 2553 2 Jenna Amacher 11087 18 Mary Carey 834
3 Sherry Jones 1094 3 Dennis Self 11087 19 Danyon Rose 667
4 Karen Stutts 730 4 Stgephen Schorr 5538 20 Lawrence Dilday 667
5 Lori Silvers 365 5 Eric Lefort 4003 21 Andrew Toth 667
6 David Sugg 3002 22 Wade Smith 534
PLO 7 Matthew Laurence 2335 23 Russell Boyette 534
1 Larry Barker 6718 8 Lenard Anderson 1835 24 Curtis Terry 534
2 Micheal Reese 6717 9 Matthew Mortize 1168 25 Christopher McDaniel 500
3 Robert Lemke 3617 10 Jacorey Briddy 1168 26 William Anderson JR 500
4 Jason Greeson 2325 11 Gavin Munroe 1168 27 Paul Norwood 500
5 James Burke II 1808 12 John Cressend 1168 28 Bret Hansen 434
6 Larry McCully 1550 13 Massimo Dirienzo 1001
7 Ross Pine  1292 14 Jeremy Smith 1001
8 Evan Buschard 1033 15 Thomas Jacobs 1001
9 Phillip Hemba 775 16 Lonny Weitzel 834

Based on early reservations, this January's Milly in Philly will be MASSIVE.

Might be a good idea to get some early bullets loaded into your gun before the series even starts. Check out the Megas they will be running until then in the Golden Moon Casino.




Tim "Misipi Machine" Burt  Episode 6 /2021


Clyde Duet (Local Author)  Episode 5 /2021

Michael Monaghan Episode 4 /2021

Will "Poker Monkey" Souther Episode 3 /2021

Paul Dutsch Episode 2 / 2021   

Corey Harrison Episode 1 /2021



 Wild Bill's reflections on poker, sports, and issues facing the Gulf Coast. Wild Bill is one half of GCP. Poker player, poker coach, and Gulf Coast Poker Tour operator.


 Gene D is the other half of GCP. Gene shares his outlook on the local and national poker scene. His mantra is money won is sweeter than money earned. 


 Will Souther is the Poker Monkey. Take a look at his always entertaining views on the tournament poker circuit, gambling and life in general.  The founder of the Monkey Minions never sugarcoats it.



 Nolan is where you find the wit and wisdom of one of the most well known poker writers in the industry.   His home blog covers a wide range of topics written with that singular Dalla conviction.  



 Jonathan Little an all time top tournament poker earners, is from Pensacola and currently operates a coaching site, which includes his blogs and videos you can find it here.



 BEN SAXTON is writing a poker book based on the Gulf Coast scene.  Here is an archive of interviews and features of poker players from all over but with a spotlight mostly on our locals.


 PLAYER N scribes tales of grifters, sleaze balls, and beautiful card sharks all hustling on the Coast.


World famous New Orleans candy apples and signature desserts.  Around the corner from Harrahs NOLA. Order yours online right now!


Monday Night Madness
6PM  $130 buy-in 10,000 starting stack
Wednesday Bounty
6PM $200 buy-in (includes $50 Bounty)
12,000 starting stack
Saturday Morning
11AM $200 buy-in 12,000 starting stack


4445 Veterans BLVD, Metaire, LA



Matt Higgins (pictured in blue) bested his good buddy (former GCP Award winner) Blake Whittington in the massive $400 Rentry Event. The two outlasted 2437 players to battle it out for a big chunk of the over 800k prize pool.

Whittington (pictured right) entered the event with six rings but Matt exited it with one more. Always excited to see Matt succeed and love the gear he wears doing it! Maybe there is a celebrity bounty in somebody's future? Matt now has 3 rings and over 110k for first place. Blake would have to wait for his seventh...


After besting Johnny Landreth heads up Blake's wait wasn't long at all to win his seventh circuit ring. He earned over 85k for first in Event 9 a $1100 NLHE tournament. 423 entries created the over 400k prize pool.


We saw a lot of familiar names cashing at Cherokee during the series, some small, some big. They included: Karl Chesser, Carl Masters, Chico Pho, Allen Farber, Preston McEwen (who also took down a nightly), Hamid Izadi, Andrew Brinkley, Kenneth Schatten, Irene Cary, David Moses, Cody Pack, Tara Snow, Josh Palmer, Nathen Proctor, Corey Bierria, Ken Aldridge, Donovan Dean, Lakisha Slaughter, Chris Frady, David Lee, Steve Meyers, Michael "Carwash" Schneider, JJ Liu, Matt Johnson, Eric Salazar (pictured left), Gavin Munroe, Rodney Shows, Logan Hewett, Brandon Newsome, Allen Kessler, Dylan Lemery, and Bret Apter.

Two of the deeper runs both ended just short of a ring. Austin Reilly of Gulf Shores, AL finished third in the $600 NLHE Event 4 for over 19k. Chris Read, soon not to be from Flowery Branch, GA finished fourth in $400 Event 11 to win over $8.5k.



Reminder... the sequel to the Milly in Philly returns to the Golden Moon casino January 6 - 16th, 2022. The schedule isn't finalized yet but there is a good chance the 350k guarantee (or maybe bigger?) will be back on the opening event.

So why, not win your way into Event One for free. Later today we'll start our first social media contest on our FACEBOOK page. All you gotta do is guess how many are going to play the WSOP Main Event this year. One guess per person. The contest will close at the start of Day 1A.

It'll be Price is Right rules as always and in the event of a tie we will randomly draw the winner. Reminder no posts that are EDITED will count. To be eligible to win you also must like our Facebook page AND share the post.

Good luck everybody.


Long Ma of Chino Hills, CA won the 514k and the bracelet in the gigantic Reunion tournament. With 5.4 million in the prize pool, 5 million guaranteed, almost 13,000 entrants took their shot at the half million first place prize.

Max Tavepholjalern of Brookhaven, GA (pictured winning at the Wynn) came the closest from our region to doing it finishing third for over 240k. Scott Haley of Hattiesburg won over 10k for 54th. Anthony "Stretch" Reynolds of McDonough, GA won over 5k for 89th.


Dan Lowery of Arkansas, and recent Celebrity Bounty at the Milly in Philly finished in 9th place winning over 28k. He was outlasted, barely, by Amalim Onyia of Jackson, MS (7th, 46k) and Hannes Jeschka of New Orleans (8th, 36k).

James Brown of Jacksonville, Stephen Seffense of Fort Smith, AR, Philip Chow of Houston, Terry Mackie of Belle Chasse, LA, Jared Ambler of Huntsville, David Nguyen of Baton Rouge, Bric Allen of Baton Rouge, Joe Hebert of Metairie, LA, Matthew Stuff of Clarksville, TN and Kim Martin of Lake Charles all made the money in the top 300.

680 players cashed and five players remain to vie for the 281k first place prize.


Recent Poker Gras final tablist Roger Javier (pictured) went deepest in the tournament won by Jeremy Ausmus. Javier earned over 2k for his 14th place finish. Shannon Shorr cashed in 38th, but just barely as 39 of the 260 entrants made the money in the 1k buyin.


You may not have known but Cigar Joey Wideman has a side gig when not playing poker and that's producing independent movies. His latest movie Garbage Man features American Idol's Douglas Kiker. Kiker shocked the world by going deep on the show despite being an untrained Garbage man.

Kiker plays himself showing the story behind the story. Trailer below:


Surfing Amazon, we spied a poker Novel that's been nominated for the 2021 American Fiction Awards.

Award winning Poker Fiction?  That's got to be a first.

Also, saw this review.

"If you enjoy poker, you need to read Final Table. Dan Schorr's novel is an exciting, unpredictable, nonstop political thriller, all told through the lens of high-stakes poker's exhilarating triumphs and soul-crushing bad beats."

--Chris Moneymaker, 2003 World Series of Poker Champion

Go HERE to check it out.


We shared these earlier on social media but felt it was important to highlight it on our main page too. Very sad to report the passing of two New Orleans poker players.

Bobby Carver, who almost exclusively played cash at Harrahs New Orleans, succumbed recently to Covid. Bobby (pictured left) won and lost with grace and a smile.

A friend to many and an enemy of none, Bobby's presence will be missed in the late night cash games.  Truly a sad day when we heard the news.

Equally as distressing was seeing Dr. George Haik's (pictured right)  recent obituary. He played cash and tournaments, mostly weeklies, at Harrahs, New Orleans and like Bobby was a kind spirit and gentle soul. Dr. George passed during his evacuation from Hurricane Ida in Birmingham, AL.

There has been far too many condolences extended recently, and far too many of the good ones have left us. We hold the families of Bobby and Dr. George in our prayers and extend our deepest condolences to their wide circles of friends. The poker room will a worse place without them. 


After pulling off a 24 person chop photo prank, surprisingly the Main Event would chop with 8 players left. Adam Byars by virture of having the biggest stack wins the trophy and $1 more then all his fellow choppers. Byars' $30,318 payday is his biggest live score to date.

The other seven winning $30,317 included Taylor Deane, Christopher Lane, Michael Monaghan, Charles Johnson, Paul Zgheib, Jeffrey Hewitt, and Joe Hebert.

Just outside the chop were Raymond Walton who won $6,799 and Cody Stanford who pocketed $5866.

7 was the lucky number for this series. 77 players player the high roller and 777 played the Main Event. Had there not been a chop first would have been $77k.


Every great event needs a sequel and the Milly in Philly is no different. The Milly in Philly II will hit you January 6 - 16 of 2022. We've already submitted a record number of early reservations for the full event. Dm us through our facebook page for a deal NOBODY can beat on your room IF you can come for the full event.


1 Adam Byars 30318 28 Shawn Dugas 2098 55 Travis Gordon 1204
2 Taylor Deane 30317 29 Tai Cao 2098 56 Lakisha Slaughter 1204
3 Christopher Lane 30317 30 Matt Higgins 2098 57 Stanislov Angelov 1204
4 Michael Monagahan 30317 31 Stanley Williams 1787 58 Peter Gurney 1204
5 Charles Johnson 30317 32 Chris Savage 1787 59 Damon Tucker 1204
6 Paul Zgheib 30317 33 Christopher Walton 1787 60 Brazos Roberts 1204
7 Jeffrey Hewitt 30317 34 Alton Peterson 1593 61 Joanne Liu 1204
8 Joseph Hebert 30317 35 Jay Friedman 1593 62 Kevin Freeman 1204
9 Raymond Walton 6799 36 Jason Dover 1593 63 Chase Turner 1204
10 Cody Stanford 5866 37 Bryan Clark 1593 64 David Maroullier 1127
11 Richard Tenhet 5866 38 Ismael Cabrera 1399 65 John Cressend 1127
12 Zachary Wainwright 5866 39 Lucas Tae 1399 66 Jackie Johnson 1127
13 David Bradshaw Jr 4779 40 BJ McBrayer 1399 67 Bryan Glasscock 1127
14 Donovan Dean 4779 41 Marvin Williams III 1399 68 Susan Murphey 1127
15 David Moses 4779 42 Ronald Palculict 1399 69 Greg Raymer 1127
16 Preston McEwen 3691 43 Marilyn Puig 1399 70 Ralph Reid 1127
17 Joshua Palmer 3691 44 Massimo Dirienzo 1399 71 Thomas Crawford 1127
18 Peace Marvel 3961 45 Raymond Curran 1243 72 John Ducote 1127
19 Jason Greeson 3302 46 James Craft 1243 73 Alan Downey 1049
20 Daniel Lowery 3302 47 William Olivera 1243 74 William Brock 1049
21 Joseph Carden 3302 48 Walker Miskelly 1243 75 Chase Weeks 1049
22 Kyle Cartwright 2797 49 Mary Carey 1243 76 Dennis Self 1049
23 Hamid Izadi 2797 50 Terry Simpson 1243 77 Corey Bierria 1049
24 Sherwin Samuel 2797 51 Michael Wommack 1243 78 Donnie Phan 1049
25 Forrest Raleigh 2409 52 Jeremy Moore 1243 79 Timothy Burden 1049
26 Jason Rogers 2409 53 Michael Rack 1243 80 Johnnie Hughes 1049
27 Larry White 2409 54 Samuel Folkins 1243 81 Huey Hulin 525
82 Douglas Segars 524


They may be new to poker but the handled the end of the tournament like they were seniors. A 15 way chop in the rookies event insured everybody left with over $1,000 in winnings.

We spy a couple of players in there who will probably be soon over the 25k maximum. Still congratulations to all 15.  Several of whom can say they tied for first in the first tournament they played.


Speaking of seniors and chops they also made an even chop. James Collins gets the trophy for the biggest chip stack but the top 10 all won just under 3k.

Several familiar names in the money including Thuy Djedjos, Robert Veazy, Grover Faulkner, Greg Raymer, Terry Simpson, Ralph Reid and Martha Stewart (she should have played our celebrity tournament).

1 James Collins 2956 1 Jaime Westmoreland 1096
2 Michale Miller 2956 2 Wade Smith 1096
3 Thuy Djedjos 2956 3 Wayne Neyland 1096
4 Ralph Reid 2956 4 Hiren Arora 1096
5 Martha Stewart 2956 5 Christopher Moore 1096
6 Ralph Speegle 2956 6 Nicholas Young 1096
7 Robert Veazey 2956 7 William Akins 1096
8 Terry Simpson 2956 8 Robert Camp 1096
9 Steve Bailey 2956 9 Susan Smith 1096
10 Lenard Anderson 2956 10 Leann Moore 1096
11 Grover Faulkner 601 11 David Gibson 1096
12 Curtis Terry 601 12 Travis Gordon 1096
13 Charles Patrick 601 13 Jason Bergeron 1096
14 Ronald Duckworth 601 14 Ronal Duckworth 1096
15 Greg Raymer 601 15 Paula Norwood 1096
16 Helen McBrearty 601
17 Larry Barker 601
18 Charles Griffin 301
19 Raymond Riley 300


A talented field of 77 pared down to a loaded final three tables. We expected a high level of play and saw it. Big name after big name busted until there were just 8 left. At the final table Preston McEwen took a big lead but ultimately finished third. BJ McBrayer repeated his final table performance in this event in June placing 5th. Our winner Donovan Dean continued a solid week here at Pearl River Resorts winning $26,180. Carl Masters likewise has had a great week taking second place for $16,170. 

Hamid Izadi finished 4th. Christopher Lane, David Moses, and Kenneth Schatten were the rest of the 8 handed final table.


Forrest Raleigh got the best of a four way chop winning the trophy and over 10k. Damon Tucker (2nd $8890), Daniel Bonet (3rd $8823) and Thongla Tanthalansy (4th $7122) were involved in the chop.

Kristi Bailey finished 6th as the last woman standing.


1 Forrest Raleigh 10008 13 Paul Strizhevsky 857 1 Donovan Dean 26180
2 Damon Tucker 8890 14 Robin Glaysher 857 2 Carl Masters 16170
3 Daniel Bonet 8823 15 William Anderson 857 3 Preston McEwen 10780
4 Thongla Tanthalansy 7122 16 Lisa Davis 714 4 Hamid Izadi 6930
5 Clifton Collins 3713 17 Chad Noel 714 5 BJ McBrayer 5390
6 Kristi Bailey 2570 18 Joel Camargo 714 6 Christopher Lane 4620
7 Corey Bierria 1999 19 Larry Downey 571 7 David Moses 3850
8 Thomas Jacobs 1714 20 Adison Kloysuntia 571 8 Kenneth Schatten 3080
9 Jeremy Moore 1142 21 Alan Downey 571
10 Daniel Brock 1000 22 Joseph Carden 571
11 John Ducote Jr 1000 23 Paul Patterson 571
12 Jacob Perkins 1000 24 David Davis 571



Larry Downey earned 13,000 for first place in the $300 plus Last Longer. Massimo Dirienzo fell in heads up action but still earned 8000. Also at the final table: Derek Normand (3rd $5500); Curtis Terry (4th $4375); Sley Sanchez (5th $3250); Peter Gurney (6th $2250); David Davis (7th $1750); Marvin Williams Jr (8th $1500); and Roy Henry (9th $1000).

The Last longer side pool was split between 8 players with roughly 12 left in the field. Each made an additional $737.


Jason Greeson (pictured) played the part of Jason from "Friday the 13th" took the celeb bounty literally and machete'd the field in a chop that saw him win the event.

Ronald Palculict got second, Don Willis third, Larry Little fourth and Marvin Williams fifth with all players making more than $2300 in the distribution. Jack Fortman went out just before the chop earning $977. Roy Henry, Chan Pelton and Clyde Fields rounded out the final table. Robin Glaysher finished in the money as the last woman standing.


Former runner up in the Pearl RIver Main Event Walker Miskelly won 5k flat for first place in the Pop Up PLO. His good buddy Cody Stanford had to settle for second place with a $3245 hit. Segdrick Collins finished third for $2163. Roderick Moreland, David Huwe, Joshua Heinze, Justin Kelly, Fred Benjamin, and Kristi Bailey all made the money as the top nine.


Last Longer Celeb Bounty Pop Up PLO
1 Larry Downey 13000 1 Jason Greeson $3,362 1 Walker Miskelly 50000
2 Massimo Dirienzo 8000 2 Ronald Palculict $3,558 2 William Stanford 3245
3 Derek Normand 5500 3 Don Willis $2,942 3 Segdrick Collins 2163
4 Curtis Terry 4375 4 Larry Little $2,571 4 Roderick Moreland 1391
5 Sley Sanchez 3250 5 Marvin Williams $2,393 5 David Huwe 1082
6 Peter Gurney 2250 6 Jack Fortman 977 6 Joshua Heinze 927
7 David Davis 1750 7 Roy Henry 760 7 Justin Kelly 773
8 Marvin Williams Jr. 1500 8 Chan Pelton 652 8 Fred Benjamin 618
9 Roy Henry 1000 9 Clyde Fields 434 9 Kirsti Bailey 251
10 David Champion 875 10 Stanley Williams 380
11 Kenneth Schatten 875 11 Jeffrey Hearn 380
12 Donald Shipley JR 875 12 Christopher Williamson 380
13 William Hinson 875 13 Jason Riesenberg 380
14 Tara Snow 875 14 Robin Glaysher 380
15 Brian Henry 875 15 Eddy Smith 380
16 Clinton Dunn 875 16 Jon Clement 380
17 Greg Raymer 875 17 Tavis Mosely 380
18 Joseph Carden 875 18 Aaron Decord 380
19 Stanley Williams 500 19 Lucas Tae 217
20 Michael Williams 500 20 Preston Croft 217
21 Kenneth Brosnahan 500 21 Debra Irvine 217



Brenda Eskridge gets the W in the Women's event. A three way chop between Joanne Davis and Pamela Belote gave Eskridge the trophy for being the chip leader. All three players won $2176. Melissa Booth finished third for $837, Kimberly Crawford fifth for $586, and Robin Glaysher sixth for $419.

A big thank you to all the ladies who made this event possible including, but certainly not limited to, Bonnie Weitzel and the members of the WPA who sponsored the event.  We can't forget Prissy Giroir and Jennifer Germany of PLON.  We are lucky to have so many women in our region working to grow the game. GCP and Pearl River Resorts are even luckier to be able to partner with them.


A late night chop insured Lucas Tae got the trophy and by far the biggest share of loot with a 20k visit to cashier. Seven other players divvied up the remainder. Aaron Decord pocketed $12940 while Justin Bracy, Tim Caffrey, Jason Eskridge, Robert Lemke, Jeremy Letson and Peter Gurney all earned 10k.

JW Carter was the unlucky player to bust just before the chop in 9th for $2395. 472 total players created a prize pool over $136k with 50 paid.


The top five in the Sizzler brokered a late night chop dead even with $7908 for each player. Joshua Plummer got the trophy but Shawn Dugas, Robert Gregory, Ronald Palculict and Teddy Conner got the same payout.

Also at the final table: Taylor Dean (6th $2700); Larry Serebrany (7th $2100); Jack Fortman (8th $1680) and Thomas Page (9th $1200).


1 Joshua Plummer 7908 15 James Robertson 900 1 Brenda Eskridge 2176
2 Shawn Dugas 7908 16 Marilyn Puig 750 2 Joanne Davis 2176
3 Robert Gregory 7908 17 Freddie Gladney JF 750 3 Pamela Belote 2176
4 Ronald Palculict 7908 18 Juan Ronquillo 750 4 Melissa Booth 837
5 Teddy Conner Jr 7908 19 Kenneth Schatten 600 5 Kimberly Crawford 586
6 Taylor Deane 2700 20 Lafarrah Weeks 600 6 Robin Glaysher 419
7 Larry Serebrany 2100 21 Horace Lovie 600
8 Jack Fortman 1680 22 Jordan Williams 480
9 Thomas Page 1200 23 Preston Croft 480
10 Alvin Ratliff 1050 24 Jimmy Millsaps 480
11 Kevin Henerson 1050 25 David Solowes 480
12 Jason Crews 1050 26 Justin Hunt 480
13 Anthony Gray 900 27 Jerry Giroir 480
14 Derek Warriner 900

1 Lucas Tae 20,000 26 Krystal Ancar 1027
2 Aaron Decord 12940 27 William Stanford 1027
3 Justin Bracy 10000 28 Forrest Raleigh 888
4 Tim Caffrey 10000 29 Phillip Johnson 888
5 Jason Eskridge 10000 30 Stanislav Angelov 888
6 Robert Lemke 10000 31 Nassar Jaser 820
7 Jeremy Letson 10000 32 William Hinson 820
8 Peter Gurney 10000 33 Massimo Dirienzo 820
9 JW Carter 2395 34 James Stamplye 683
10 Jeffrey Hearn 2190 35 Jerrit Pack 683
11 Josie Campbell 2190 36 James McPherson 683
12 Larry Srebrany 2190 37 Randall Albritton 615
13 David Hines 1779 38 Eric Yim 615
14 Brenda Eskridge 1779 39 Preston McEwen 615
15 David Huwe 1779 40 James Barden 615
16 Matthew Johnson 1369 41 Charles Dawson 615
17 Lucas Hillman 1369 42 Terry Simpson 615
18 Joshua Simpson 1369 43 Derek Normand 615
19 Marsha Adams 1232 44 Godfrey Morgan 615
20 Christopher Lane 1232 45 Timothy Garles 615
21 Lunique Petiote 1232 46 Matthew South 546
22 Marvin Williams 1095 47 Timothy Kelley 546
23 Jason Riesenberg 1095 48 Lap Ng 546
24 Scott Weis 1095 49 Chan Pelton 546
25 John Major 1027 50 Kevin Henderson 546



After a spirit ICM chop discussion broke down between the final six players action continued to heads up play when David Bradshaw and Carl Masters chopped it.
Logan Hewett fell in third place. Bradshaw took home $56,310 and Masters earned $45,000. Hewett won $28,796. Rogen Chhabra (4th $22484), Buddy Nix (5th $17198), James Boulware (6th $13,334), Hyman Friedman (7th $10,415), Adam Townshend (8th $8245) and David Hayes (9th $6589) rounded out the final table.


The Bag Bonus Event saw 29 players multi-bag with only six getting the triple bag. The other 23 double bagged. Esther Petiote was the last woman standing winning $4340 for 14th place. The 5 flight event returned 181 players on Sunday with more than 50 players making over 1k.


1 David Bradshaw 56310 61 Chester Dilday 986 121 Joe Hebert 592
2 Carl Masters 45000 62 Michale Pelt 986 122 Lance Cone 592
3 Logan Hewett 28796 63 Richard Garner 986 123 Anthony Donaldson 592
4 Rogen Chhabra 22484 64 Jeremy Pickett 907 124 Matthew Higgins 592
5 Lemuel "Buddy" Nix 17198 65 Aaron Decord 907 125 Douglas Segers 592
6 James Boulware 13334 66 William Olivera 907 126 Anthony Gray 592
7 Hyman Friedman 10415 67 Nicholas Rodrique 907 127 Jason Lefort 592
8 Adam Townshend 8245 68 Ronald Duckworth 907 128 Meichael Peery 592
9 David Hayes 6589 69 Forrest Wofford 907 129 Cody Stanford 592
10 Huey Hulin 5326 70 Orion Allen 907 130 Cheyen Auterson 592
11 Austin Reilly 5326 71 David Davis 907 131 Nicholas Young 592
12 Jesse Lott 5326 72 Joseph Brewer 907 132 Randall Smith 592
13 Charles Dawson III 4340 73 William Joiner 828 133 Matthew Smith 592
14 Esther Petiote 4340 74 Thomas Jones 828 134 JW Carter 592
15 Carlton Strickland 4340 75 Paul Zgheib 828 135 Peter Gurney 592
16 Patrick "PJ" Horrigan 3552 76 Preston McEwen 828 136 Roy Henry 592
17 Robert Parnell 3552 77 Harold Lam 828 137 Preston Brock Croft 592
18 David Wilkens 3552 78 Chan Pelton 828 138 BJ McBrayer 592
19 Jacob Corda 2960 79 Robert Henderson 828 139 Justin Metz 592
20 Cole Kennedy 2960 80 Michael Sengdetka 828 140 Lawrence Highfield 592
21 Dustin Stewart 2960 81 Robert Lemke 828 141 Bryan Glasscock 592
22 Frederick Miller III 2487 82 Marilyn Puig 710 142 Brandon Guillory 592
23 Robert Wetzel 2487 83 Michael Hathcock 710 143 Darius Flowers 592
24 Frank Covich 2487 84 Matthew Aycock 710 144 Robert Taylor 592
25 David Hines 2132 85 William Rogers 710 145 David Tanery 553
26 Mark Davis 2132 86 Nicholas Hobbs 710 146 Joshua Emorty 553
27 Christian Pasnick 2132 87 Taylor Dean 710 147 Lori Smith 553
28 James Stampley 1817 88 Bobby Moree 710 148 David Champion 553
29 Justin Kelly 1817 89 Paula Norwood 710 149 Keith Gamble 553
30 Segdrick Coolins 1817 90 Donnie Phan 710 150 Zack McMullins 553
31 David McJenkins 1540 91 Paul Junkin 710 151 Thomas Page 553
32 Tai Cao 1540 92 Lucas Tae 710 152 William Bowlett 553
33 Jason Rogers 1540 93 John Seale 710 153 Phillip Wade 553
34 Christopher Sumrall 1381 94 Joaquin Grands 710 154 Justin Hunt 553
35 Clifford Matthews 1381 95 Derek Ridley 710 155 Jay Bishop 553
36 Ralph Reid 1381 96 Geraldo Crayton 710 156 Melissa Booth 553
37 Curtis Terry 1223 97 Matthew Johnson 710 157 James Burke 553
38 Tim Burden 1223 98 Lunique Petiote 710 158 Dennis Jones 553
39 Daniel Lowery 1223 99 William Sadka 710 159 Jerry Vanlandingham 553
40 Forrest Raleigh 1223 100 Chris Cochran 631 160 Lucas Hillman 553
41 Mary Carey 1223 101 Susan Murphey 631 161 Walker Miskelly 553
42 Alec Wilson 1223 102 Srikanth Manchikatla 631 162 Matt South 553
43 John Holley 1223 103 Lonny Weitzel 631 163 Tommy Adams  553
44 Douglas Roby 1223 104 Anthony Reynolds 631 164 Randall Alleman 553
45 Nicholas Prejeant 1223 105 David Solowes 631 165 Louis Manzella 553
46 Donovan Dean 1105 106 Charles Westbrook 631 166 Thomas Dowdle 553
47 Scott Weiss 1105 107 Francis Boquet 631 167 Terry Simpson 553
48 Derrick Cutler 1105 108 David Hobson 631 168 Eric Lefort 553
49 Michael Williams 1105 109 Adam Byars 631 169 Jason Schott 553
50 Dustin Sampey 1105 110 Matthew Welch 631 170 Kenard Bowie 553
51 Matthew Wetzel 1105 111 James Kizer 631 171 Christopher Barger 513
52 Thuy Djedjos 1105 112 Hugh Holmes 631 172 Freddie Gladney 513
53 Thongla Nanthalangy 1105 113 DNR 631 173 Richard Diamond 513
54 Matthew Clarkson 1105 114 Adam Cotant 631 174 Austin Paulin 513
55 James Davis 986 115 Jeffrey Hearn 631 175 Matthew Hamilton 513
56 Joseph Carden 986 116 Seth Lesniak 631 176 Wyatt Boothe 513
57 Trace Henderson 986 117 Bradley Gray 631 177 Randy Hollis 513
58 Paul Legget 986 118 John Jacob 592 178 William Akins 513
59 David Lee 986 119 Ray Langston 592 179 Lacey Coffey 513
60 Herman Stewart 986 120 Charles Bell 592 180 John Humpries 513
181 Robert Gregory 513


Joe Hebert, GCP's Player of the Year, matched Joe Saleh's feat of winning the Poker Gras Main Event after being awarded his Player of the Year trophy.

Joe took a chip lead at the final table and preserved it up to a four way chop. He got the most, just under 40k, and the trophy. Joe (Hebert) did do Joe (Saleh) one better by also winning another Poker Gras event--chopping a Friday night Turbo with Breakout Player of the Year Preston McEwen (left in pic).

John Jenkins (yellow shirt) chip stack got him a juicer cut of the deal for $32.4k. Roger Javier (in teal shirt) and Taylor Aguillard (in Huk hat) both made over 25.5k. The deal was made shortly after Sidney Farber (pictured below)  busted in fifth for 12.7k.

Farber won one of our social media contests and made the long drive down from West Virginia to play the 1k Old School Freezout and cash in his Main ticket.  Crazy how often players have parlayed these free seats into real money in our events. Jonathan Pansano another social media contest winner also cashed and won an earlier event during the week.

The final table also included familiar names Chase Turner (7th 9.6k), David Chocheles (7th $7.4k), Nekoda "Cody" Foster (8th $5.9k) and Michael Monaghan (9th $4.7k). Monaghan matched Todd Skinner as the only players to make two Poker Gras Main Event final tables.  Foster and Aguillard had the distinction of making the final tables of both the reentry and the Main Event.

It was also a good run for GCP Award winners: Breakout Player of the Year winner Preston McEwen cashed in 14th, Senior Player of the Year Hamid Izadi cashed in 25th, Female Player of the Year Chris Read cashed in 36th, and Industry Professional of the year Justin Hammer cashed in 46th. So yes, every winner  that was there cashed the Main Event.

1 Joe Hebert $39,716 18 Konstantin Si $2,580 35 Allan Farber $1,210
2 John Jenkins $32,479 19 Kien Tran $2,166 36 Christina Read $1,210
3 Roger Javier $25,586 20 Wayne Schmidt $2,166 37 John Cressend $1,090
4 Taylor Aguillard $25,514 21 Ruth Hall $2,166 38 Kenneth Parker $1,090
5 Sidney Farber $12,715 22 Mark Dempsey $1,842 39 Barry Faust $1,090
6 Chase Turner $9,676 23 Rebecca Campbell $1,842 40 Ronald Tremblay $1,090
7 David Chocheles $7,465 24 David Lee $1,842 41 Terry Moore $1,090
8 Nekoda Foster $5,935 25 Hamid Izadi $1,586 42 Christopher Battles $1,090
9 Michael Monaghan $4,720 26 Tim Sanderson $1,586 43 Ah Yeoh $1,090
10 Preston Croft $3,809 27 Derek Normand $1,586 44 James Lemelle $1,090
11 Harvey Smith $3,809 28 Randy Gordon $1,420 45 Heather Hardie $1,090
12 John Major $3,809 29 Bill Flippen $1,420 46 Justin Hammer 990
13 Brandon Guillory $3,115 30 Barbara Skinner $1,420 47 Alfred Blue 990
14 Preston McEwen $3,115 31 Stuart Slaton  $1,320 48 Jonathan Pansano 990
15 BJ McBrayer $3,115 32 Donald Colletti $1,320 49 Eric Vogel 990
16 Mohammad Dastoori $2,580 33 Greg Urbanski $1,320 50 Derek Siess 990
17 Mark Fischer $2,580 34 Jaime Tran $1,210 51 Clarence Clement 990



Joe Hebert


Chris Read


Preston McEwen


Hamid Izadi


PokerNews Podcast


Justin Hammer


Ron Held

Watch video here.

Thanks to the efforts of Jo Ella McIntosh, and Harrah's New Orleans, the pictures of Joe Hebert and Ron Held now hang in the poker room.

We were delighted to honor Ron's love of the game and give his trophy to his widow and family.

Sadly, Mike Vernace lost his short but grueling battle with Covid recently. In the New Orleans poker community we've lost a great friend and lover of our game. A staple in home and bar games for years, Mike recently began to travel a bit more for poker.

The messages of grief following his passing are a testament to the quality person that he was and how deeply he will be missed. Just about as good a guy, and as wholesome a person you could ask for as a friend. He  was always ready to offer a helping hand.

In all the years playing poker with Mike we never saw him have a bad interaction with another player. A class act who loved his family deeply. Our thoughts are with them and his friends right now.

We hope everybody is taking every measure they can to protect themselves from this virus. We've lost too many already in our community. We are also praying for those we know who are currently very sick.


Gui was our 2019 Cash Game player of the year, an award that did not return in 2020 but Gui sure did. He beat a load field in the $1100 Old School Freezeout. Gui won over 22k for first and his heads up opponent Robert Georato took home 13.6k for second.

One of our favorites, Gerald Stogner, who seems to run good in GCP gear finished third for just under 9k. Gary Callais (4th 6.1k), Thomas Jacobs (5th 4.5k) and Konstantin Suvorkin (6th 3.4k) rounded out the in the money players.


Judge Terry Moore chopped the One Day NLHE event with two GCP Award winners. Player of the Year Joe Hebert and Newcomer of the Year Preston McEwen joined him in winning over 3k. The final table included Lap Ng, Thomas Darwin, Todd Skiner, Clarence Celment, Frank Natal and Bryan Tudor who all made the money.


The finale to the series the Deep Stack was won by local John Marcello who has made "Don't Poker the Bear," his catchphrase. In winning over 9k for first he must have said it quite a bit over the day. Lots of familiar names in the money:

1 John Marcello $9,170
2 Donovan Dean $5,704
3 Giang Nguyen $4,198
4 Zhou Lin $3,063
5 Clinton Bordelon $1,776
6 Derek Normand $1,391
7 Rebecca Campbell $1,110
8 Ruth Hall $902
9 Alex Tassin $746
10 Priscillia Giroir $746
11 Eric Vogel $746
12 Todd Skinner $629



Kris Kent, co-owner of one our sponsors, Celevate Energy drinks, took down the re-entry event after making a deal heads up. He and Kelly Hebert agreed to guarantee second place $23,000 and play it out for the trophy, and the glory. A wild tournament for the winner as he entered many pots like Clark Kent with his pair under another pair and then turn into Superman as he got there. He credited his good run, naturally, to his energy drink.

Jacob Shambaugh (3rd 14k), Jonathan "Ladder-Up" Wisbey (4th 10.5k), Umut Meraler (5th 7,8k), Taylor Aguillard (6th 5.9k), Nekoda "Cody" Foster (7th 4.6k), Chris Hight (8th 3.6k) and Gavin Munroe (9th 2.8k) rounded out the final table. 660 players smashed the re-entry total from 2019 and set a Poker Gras record for total players in an event.

Lots of familiar names made deep runs including Robert Brown, Corey Harrison, Alex Wood, Sam Folkins, Yousef Saleh, Jovon Williams, Michael Green, Michael Benton, John Finnan and David Johnson.


Michael Colbert (btw contact us... we got some free swag for you) got credit for the win after making a 6 way chop that included Joe Eubanks, Jeremy Deblieux, Jason Napoli, Mike Flowers and Samuel Stockwell. Remember in this event, our biggest Rookie event at any venue, you were only eligible to play if you started with less than 25k in career earnings according to Hendon Mob.
At least one of the players who cashed went over the 25k total with their cash.


Charles Brady took out his final two opponents on the last hand to win event two after barreling through the field. Clifford Matthews came up just short but had more chips to take second in the Bounty Turbo and Mark Dempsey (who had a great series) finished third.

Andrew Beaker and Andrew Head finished fourth and fifth. Robert Brown cashed again for sixth, with Devon Hayes just before him at the cage in seventh. Senior of the Year nominee Jerry Giroir finished eighth and Mark Daily was the first one paid in ninth.

In Event 3, the Over 40 tournament, Brady again triumphed this time having more chips than Michael Williams in a heads up deal. Stephen Hastings, John Durio, Joan Rhodes and Soctt Daily finished 3rd-6th in that order. Douglas Gore, Senior of the Year nominee Hiep Doan, Brian Waystack (who had himself a pretty good series), Larry Shepard, Danny Miles and Nick Rodrique also cashed.

Brady once again built up a massive stack, constantly put his opponents to the test and always seemed to have it or get there when called. At this point we thought Brady was a lock for the fictional title of Player of the Series.


Mark Dempsey (we told you he had a great series) chopped with Larry Little and Glenn Nunez in the bounty tournament. Nunez got an extra dollar and credit for the W in the deal. Chris Read, Carl Guillot, John Durio, Michael Penix, Jason Schott, and Madhed Moghaddan also cashed.


We drew two more social media contest winners. Lynn Kimball wonour contest for a Main Event seat at Poker Gras AND a Main Event seat at the Milly in Philly. One of most participated contests ever so congratulations to Lynn. She's been playing for 15 years and is mostly a cash game player. She loves the thrill of competition from playing (and beating--our words not hers) all the men at the table. Feels really good at putting her opponents on a hand and playing accordingly.

We are still waiting on our second winner to get back to us. We anticipate that some time today but just wanted everybody to know if you haven't heard from us yet. You likely weren't the winner.  We have also reached out to the next in line if the winner can not play for some reason.

But it's nots not over! We pinned the very last contest which will award TWO winners for Thursday's Poker Gras Main Event flight atop our Facebook page. Still time to enter (and please carefully follow the rules).


Just been told today that they will run single tables to feed into the Freezeout starting now. Think the interest list and single tables will be in the tournament aread.

Also, should be going on tomorrow as well.


Sorry if you tried the Hilton for the end of the week and couldn't get discount. Told the room block is back open.

Book fast as block will go soon.

Some answers to questions we've been fielding recently:

*(As of now) The tournament tables will be nine handed.

*Our multi-flight events will be best bag forward. 

*Structures (actually tweaked today--mostly just the break times) are on Scroll down and click button to download.

*(As of now) Masks are optional but CDC, city (and maybe the state, too) are advising you to wear them vaxxed or not. That said it's an advisory and still optional.

*Yes, you can register today (Wednesday 28th) in advance for any tournament between 4 and 9 pm. We expect a big crowd this series so we encourage you do so.

Obviously, a lot of this is subject to change.  We just want to say thank you in advance for everybody coming and we appreciate your patience. Lots of logistical hurdles to pull this off in a very strange year.


Elevate your poker game and celebrate your wins at Poker Gras with our sponsor Celevate. Look for Kris Kent during the 9 to 5 tournament who has put a Celevate swag bounty on himself. Also, they will be contributing to our Wednesday Swag event.


*We are just a couple of days from Event 1. 5pm start on Thursday $300 Rentry with four flights and a Sunday restart.
Might want to register early for that one. Early registration opens Wednesday 28th from 4 to 9 pm.  You can buy into every tournament in advance.

*Rookies event is Friday at 7pm. If you know any rookies in the area (under 25k in Hendon Mob stats) this is event to try poker for the first time.

*Think you can still get the room discount at the Hilton across the street if you mention the Harrahs Poker Tournament.

*Thank you to other sponsors like Celevate, California Drawstrings, Tee to the Green, and Mister Apple who will contribute to this event.


Congrats to Rob Georato (left) and Chad Holloway (right) who each prevailed in Venetian tournaments. Rob won almost 68k, a Venetian Bronze coin, and the Champion Trophy in the $600 NLH Freezeout. Rob should be a Poker Gras, if you see him, ask him about the time he bested a Bear in heads up action. Yes, a bear.

Chad Holloway, PokerNews writer, bracelet winner and one time Tulane student, also won an event. Pretty good (and long) day for him. He busted an earlier tournament (in the money) and then jumped in the $300 NLH Monster Stack Freezout. Many hours and a few cocktails later, chopped it as the slight chipleader to get the W.


Unfortunately, none of the locals made the TV table final six. D.J. Alexader came closest winning 44.5k for 12th. Blake Barousse went out 19th for 24k. Logan Hewett busted one before him, 20th, but also got 24k as the first in that payjump.

A good many of ya'll are in this as extras.  As usual, this trailer basically is the movie but good to see some local venues in the backgrounds even if we can figure out the entire plot.  Reminder a lot of this was filmed at the IP.


Day two pared 260 players down to 35. Only 4 players bagged more than 2 million.  Albert Calderon is the chip leader with over 3 million in chips.

Notables still in:
Logan Hewett 1.475m 59 bb (8th in chips)
DJ Alexander 595k 24 bb
Blake Barousse 495k 20 bb (picture from World Poker Tour follow the Day Three action there)

Will Souther 40th ~$14.5k
Schulyer Thornton 43rd $12.5k
Michael Sanders 116th ~$6k

Locals on to day two:

The WPT Main Event in Choctaw, Oklahoma had 362 entrants in Flight A and 602 in B. Total of 964 for a prize pool north of 3.7 million. Min Cash just under 6k and first will be almost 560k.

Logan Hewitt after a strong end to Day 2 to finish near the top of the chip counts.  Saw TK Miles and Will Souther on the updates sharing a table (pic above from Day 2 there). Lots of familiar names and stack accumulators from around the region in the chip counts below. 260 players return today with 121 making money. Good luck to those still in.

Sorry if we missed anyone (let us know!) and good luck to all remaining.

Logan Hewett 543.5k
Gavin Munroe 271.5k
Schulyer Thornton 236k
Derek Normand 220k
Jared Ingles 202k
Jeremy Moore 166.5k (pictured right)
DJ Alexander 165k
Blake Barousse 160.5k
Will Souther aka Fresh Prince aka Will Smith 144k
BJ McBrayer 143.5k
Mike Monaghan 135.5k
Michael Sanders 134.5k
Mike Cordell 122k
Tai Cao 102k
Curtis Terry 85k
TK Miles 84.5k
Herb Montalbano 81k
Mina Greco 55.5k
Zhen Cai 54k
David Lee DNR

SWAG EVENT: Jim Beam and Maker's Mark have contributed a ton of swag to our swag event Wednesday at 11am. Everybody will get SOMETHING (...unless we run outve). Just saw hoodies, t-shirt hoodies, backpacks and other goodies they've donated. Awesome.  Big thanks to our partners there (especially you Joe M!)

BUST OUT LOUNGE:   Don't forget during the weekend events the Bust Out Lounge will be rocking with lots of free Maker's Mark drinks.

REGISTRATION INFO: If you want to preregister, and based on turnout around the region you probably do, you can buyin in as early as Wednesday, July 28th from 4pm to 9pm. Also, told any time registration is open you can buy into ANY event UNLESS... here's the big unless... there is a line. Then you are limited to just one event.

: Some of you might land one in the Swag event but we'll also have them for sale. Really like them.

So far we have given away two Poker Gras Main Event $600 Seats (to be played August 5th). Just started a new contest today. Go win your way in. Go where?

Visit FACEBOOK,  TWITTER and INSTAGRAM to earn an entry to the random draws. Don't forget our BIG contest is still open and the winner to that gets a seat to the Poker Gras Main Event and Pearl River Main Event (September 9 - 19).

Congrats to Mike Simpson who participated on Twitter and won our GIF contest by random draw. And congrats to Prissy Giroir who pariticpated on every platform in our GCP Awards contest. Her Facebook entry was randomly drawn.



We got them--finally.  Go to  Scroll down to download.


An entertaining blog post as per usual.

It's with great sadness we report the loss of Jeremy Tinsley who passed away last week due to complications from Covid. The young father of three was a beloved player and a staple around the region. Thank you to Shawn Calvit for sharing the posts in our Facebook group about Jeremy. We pray for Jeremy's family and friends.

Jeremy won over 600k in tournament poker. Some of his biggest scores were in Tunica tournaments. Lots of glory and cash in World Poker Open's including a 1st place finish and a fifth place in a televised 10k WPT tournament.  You can tell from the outpouring of sadness Jeremy will be remembered for being a great person to strangers and friends alike. Many notables in the game tweeted or shared their sorrow that he passed way too young.

Please be safe out there everybody. Looks like we still got a long way to go before we put Covid behind us and these new variants are scarier and deadlier even for the young and healthy like Jeremy. Hope everybody does their part to protect themselves and their families until this is over.

Also, we mourn the passing of Layne Flack, the coolest of customers and six time bracelet winner. He came to New Orleans once with the WSOP Academy and taught a number of our readers. We had the pleasure of helping out in that seminar. He was a star of stars. His personality and smile surpassed even his great success on the felt.

The poker world lost two good ones this fortnight.

Poker Gras rolls: July 29th - August 8th.


Harrahs has partnered with the Hilton Riverside for ~$121 a night room rates (including weekends). or call 1 800 455-8667. Say you are booking for the Harrahs Poker Tournament to get discounted rate. Or say HPT (yeah, yeah we know--not our choice).  But book soon as they only have a small number of rooms.

Also, we know of some discounted rooms at other hotels nearby if you'd like other options. DM us on social media for those links...


We had some questions about our events. Here are the answers (Scroll down for complete schedule):

Event 1: Monster Stack is a best bag forward but not a BagWow! bonus event.

Rookies Event: Players are eligible if they have less then 25k in earnings per Hendon Mob. Got a home game friend who's afraid to jump into a tournament with all the sharks? Then, this is the event for him. If you are a cash game player and want to try out a tournament? Here's the event for you. Maybe you just win weeklies and bar tournaments so have a modest Hendon Mob--then jump in this one. You will be a favorite.  Idea behind this tournament is to bring in as many new players as possible. So spread the word and help grow the game.

Over 40: Why let all the over 50s only have the fun. It's basically a seniors with a younger cut off so we'll have a bigger prize pool and still dodge those "internet kids." :)

9-5 Crowd: It's a multi-flight, multi day tournament that starts after work.

Swag Event: We'll have plenty of swag donated by sponsors, GCP and Harrahs for those that play.

Freezeout: Expect a similar structure to our Freezeout in Pearl River. It's an old school format. No re-entries with one bullet per player.

GCP Awards Flight: We will be giving out our annual awards (back after a year off for Covid) to recognzie players and people from the region during this flight of the Main Event.

We expect to be posting structures to all the events very soon.


Okay the Big One will be running from now through the beginning of Poker Gras. In that social media contest you can win a seat to Pearl River's Main Event (September 9 - 19) and the Poker Gras Main Event.

Go to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to earn entries to a random drawing..

But wait... there's more.

We will be giving away additional Main Event Poker Gras seats every week with other social media contests. #2 will start VERY soon.

Every Saturday at 11am and Monday at 6pm the Harrahs weekly tournaments will ADD one Flight A Poker Gras Main Event Seat to the prizepool.

Also, single table satellites and satellites for the Freezout soming soon.

Shout outs to Tai Cao (pictured in GCP hat), Bonnie Weitzel, Kristen Deardorff, Derek Normand, Chris Read, Charles Johnson and a slew of locals who had deep runs and cashes around the country recently.


You better believe he did. He did ours.   Episode 5 /2021.


-Las Vegas Review Journal looks at the gender gap in poker. Here.


There's a new poker parlor on the set and "No risk, no reward" is the motto for the season. ET has the details.


Three players won over a million in the $10 Million Guaranteed WYNN MILLIONS prize pool after a three way deal reduced the payjumps for the top three. Complete details on Andrew Moreno's victory here.

Finally, Poker Gras is ready to roll: July 29th - August 8th.

The schedule below is subject to state approval and there may yet be a surprise or two that pops up...

Pay attention to our Social media because Monday we'll drop one of our most generous Social Media contests we've ever done.  It'll include something sweet for Poker Gras AND a $600 Main Event seat for our Fall event in Pearl River (September 9 - 19).

Yes, is the answer to the most popular question we've been getting.  As is in Yes, Harrahs is working hard on getting some player room rates.  Big thank you to Jo Ella and her team for all the hard work they've done so far. Gene D has also been busy talking to local hotels and we should have some special rates within walking distance too. We will release that info ASAP.


On the heels of a deep run in the Old School High Roller Freezeout that fell just short, BJ McBrayer finished it off in the Main. A third place and a first in the two biggest buy-ins of the week further cements BJ's case as one of the best players in the region.
After a heads of deal with John Song to even out the payouts a little bit, BJ won almost 82k.

Song's second place finish paid him 65k. Aaron Hernandez capped a solid week with a third place score of 41k. Chuck Brady and Jerry Giroir, GCP tournament staples, finished 4th and 5th winning 30k and 23k respectively.  Randall Davenport (6th 18k), Keith Canterbury (7th 13.7k), Chan Pelton (8th 10k), Rob Georgato (9th 8.5k) and last woman standing Susan Murphey (10th 7k) filled out the top ten.

950 players entered and created a 475k prizepool. Here are the complete payouts:

1 BJ McBrayer 81671 51 Clifford Matthews 1520
2 John Song 65334 52 Denis Meisinger 1520
3 Aaron Hernandez 41322 53 Antonio Velasquez 1520
4 Charles Brady 30825 54 Robert Hankins 1520
5 Jerry Giroir 23275 55 Thoas Darwin 1425
6 Randall Davenport 18050 56 William Joyner 1425
7 Keith Canterbury 13725 57 Russell Boyette 1425
8 Chan Pelton 10950 58 Dustin Stewart 1425
9 Rob Georato 8550 59 David Moses 1425
10 Susan Murphey 7030 60 Nicholas Hobbs 1425
11 Marc Hampson 7030 61 Dustin Shears 1425
12 Vafa Kamali 7030 62 Stefan Cvetkonski 1425
13 Michael Campbell 5700 63 Donald Dove 1425
14 Ryan Leerun 5700 64 Schuyler Thornton 1330
15 Umut Meraler 5700 65 Bryan Tudor 1330
16 Eric Lefort 4418 66 Fredrick Mclam 1330
17 James Dowen 4418 67 Debra Irvine 1330
18 Shawn Trahan 4418 68 Derek Normand 1330
19 William Safera 3943 69 John Major 1330
20 Chad Carver 3943 70 Marvin Williams 1330
21 James Allen 3943 71 Ralph Robinson 1330
22 Samuel Bowles 3325 72 Brittany Rodriguez 1330
23 Jaime Tran 3325 73 Segdrick Collins 1235
24 Dan Lowery 3325 74 Chase Forshey 1235
25 Bonnie Weitzel 2850 75 Morton Davis 1235
26 Steven Strickland 2850 76 William Doty 1235
27 Scott Hirsch 2850 77 James McCauley 1235
28 Forrest Wofford 2470 78 Joe Hebert 1235
29 Wiliam Stanford 2470 79 Wyatt Boothe 1235
30 Jeremy Eyer 2470 80 Matt South 1235
31 Michael Horchoff 2138 81 Charles Dawson 1235
32 Devin Lochridge 2138 82 Eric Sutton 1140
33 Norman McKelon 2138 83 Jeffrey Hewitt 1140
34 Philip Holifield 1855 84 Alan Dornay 1140
35 Tom Franklin 1855 85 Chase Turner 1140
36 Eric Burns 1855 86 Andrew Moon 1140
37 Jeremy Guabert 1663 87 Jaymie Virtusio 1140
38 Dell Taylor 1663 88 Michael Sanders 1140
39 Dejuante Alexander 1663 89 Prissy Giroir 1140
40 David Marcoullier 1663 90 Michael Owens 1140
41 Nicholas Hawkins 1663 91 Tai Cao 1045
42 Saeed Niu 1663 92 Lenard Anderson 1045
43 Robert Heard 1663 93 John Van Arnam 1045
44 Harold Kizzire 1663 94 Christopher Lane 1045
45 Roy Henry 1663 95 Clifford Chisolm 522.5
46 Joshua Patrick 1520 96 Greg James 522.5
47 Jerry Stumbo 1520
48 Christopher Conrad 1520
49 Chris Davis 1520
50 Yousef Saleh 1520


A six way chop in Event Two featured James "Mousey" Davis, David Huwe, Lariena Garrett, Matt South, Derrick Cutler and Josh Warner. Mousey got the biggest chunk winning almost 22k. David Huwe got more for second biggest stack leaving with 18k.

CELEBRITY BOUNTY: Jeremy Moore finished first winning over $7200 and Vernon Langston made over $4400 for second. Greg Raymer went the furthest of any of the celeb bounties exiting in 6th place.

LAST LONGER: Jon Clement won almost 10k in Event 4 for first place. Leonard Lewandowski over 6k for second. Matt South, James Davis, Stephen Hastings and Josh Thibodaux all earned over 1k for their finishes.

OLD SCHOOL FREEZEOUT: Charles Dawson beat Jeremy Moore heads up in Event 5. Dawson made just under 30k for first. BJ McBrayer finished third. Jaime Kizer, Don Dove, Rob Georato, Dyanl Lemery, Keith Gamble, Bradley Hicks and Elliot Howze also cashed the prestigious event.

POP UP PLO: Daniel Holmes won this popup tournament beating Sedgrick Collins heads up.

MONSTER STACK: Newcomer Dillon Sowa won over 12k making his first real cash a first place. Brandon Guillory finished second. Clyde Duet took time from selling his book bo finish in the top four of event 6.

SENIORS: Daniel Brock got 10k after a three way deal with Ronald Duckworth and Sylvester Galen.\

ROOKIES: Cosey Jackson beat Austin Matthews heads up.

SURVIVOR: The final 9 players included a lot of good players who jumped in after busting the main. Over 1500 each was a nice little sweetner for the end of the week.

Note:  All results have been forwarded to Hendon Mob.

Survivor Old School Freezeout
1 Brandon Guillory 1567 1 Charles Dawson 28480
2 Kyle Thornton 1567 2 Jeremy Moore 16465
3 Matt Higgins 1567 3 BJ McBrayer 11303
4 Brittany Rodriguez 1567 4 Jaime Kizer 85444
5 Jerry Monroe 1567 5 Keith Gamble 6319
6 Sam Washburn 1567 6 Bradley Hicks 4806
7 Robin Glaysher 1567 7 Elliot Howze 4005
8 Preston McEwen 1567 8 Donald Dove 3293
9 Justin Kellly 1567 9 Robert Georato 3293
10 Dylan Lemery 2492
1 Daniel Brock 10000 Last Longer
2 Ronald Duckworth 9114 1 Jon Clement 9374
3 Sylvester Galen 6000 2 Leonard Lewandowski 6250
4 Alan Vaughn 4318 3 Matthew South 4258
5 James Allen 3084 4 James Dowen 3418
6 Robert Donald 2220 5 Patrick Waits 2441
7 Douglas Segers 1727 6 John Humpries 1758
8 Ralph Reid 1382 7 Stephen Hastings 1367
9 Charles Griffin 987 8 James Davis 1094
10 Daniel Doucet 864 9 Joshua Thibodaux 781
11 Michael Talley 864 10 Justin Gates 684
12 Billy Banks 864 11 Steven Nethery 684
13 Alan Downey 740 12 Christopher McDaniel 684
14 Lance Cone 740 13 Calvin Louie 586
15 Thurmond Boothe 740 14 Joe Hebert 586
16 Timothy Medley 617 15 Scott Sanford 586
17 Robert Witt 617 16 Hector Puebla 488
18 Leatha Palculict 617 17 Joseph Brewer 488
19 Sam Washburn 493 18 David Hiett 488
20 Lonny Weitzel 493 19 Greg Raymer 391
21 Danny Miles 493 20 Adisorn Kloysuntia 391
22 Larry Cochran 395 21 Brett Echols 391
23 Herb Tapscott 395 22 Dale Trosclair 312
24 Thomas Bledsoe 395
25 Robert Stephens 395 Big Monster Stack
26 Aubrey Day 395 1 James Davis 21753
27 Robert Veazey 395 2 David Huwe 18021
3 Lariena Garrett 15521
Pop Up PLO 4 Matthew South 15521
1 Daniel Holmes 7082 5 Derrick Cutler 15521
2 Sedgrick Collins 4250 6 Joshua Warner 13021
3 Nina Giles 3051 7 Telly Lanier 5070
4 Ryan Taylor II 1962 8 Donald Davis Jr. 4089
5 Morton Davis 1526 9 Noah Morrison 2862
6 Thomas Franklin 1308 10 Quintin Elston 2535
7 Ray curran 1090 11 Devin Lochridge 2535
8 Johnny Shoemate 872 12 Christopher Frady 2535
9 Don Willis 654 13 Cody Suman 2045
14 Robert Georato 2045
Celebrity Bounty 15 Robert Lemke 2045
1 Jeremy Moore 7218 16 Preston McEwen 1554
2 Vernon Langston 4447 17 David Hendrix 1554
3 Michael Lech 3178 18 Patrick Horrigan 1554
4 Lonny Weitzel 2552 19 Randal Smith 1390
5 Levi Carden 1823 20 Scottie Smithey 1390
6 Greg Raymer 1312 21 Norma Dugal 1390
7 Stephen Hastings 1021 22 Thomas Darwin 1227
8 Michael Boykin 816 23 Justin Gates 1227
9 Curtis Picard 583 24 Arundel Simpson 1227
10 Bonnie Weitzel 510 25 Joshua Emory 1063
11 Christopher McDaniel 510 26 Gavin Munroe 1063
12 John Van Arnam 510 27 Raymond Curran 1063
13 Donald Kelly 437 28 Jason Desha 949
14 William Crawford 437 29 Darnell Corbin 949
15 William Tinsley 437 30 Roger Henderson 949
16 Dell Taylor 365 31 Donovan Dean 867
17 Linda Boney 365 32 John Larose 867
18 Scott Weiss 365 33 Trace Henderson 867
19 DNR 292 34 Jeremy Coleman 752
20 Thurmond Boothe 292 35 Levi Carden 752
21 Michael Wright 292 36 Gregory James 752
22 Thomas Hudson 233 37 Timothy Benoit 687
23 Bobby Hunter 233 38 William Stanford 687
24 Jennifer Germany 233 39 Edwin Bockman 687
25 James Dowen 233 40 Derek Green 687
26 Ronald Palculict 233 41 Christina Read 687
27 Stanley Wiliams 233 42 Jose Flores 687
43 Charles Brady 687
Monster Stack 44 Dilsad Meraler 687
1 Dillon Sowa 12357 45 Michael Vernace 687
2 Brandon Gulillory 7613 46 Thomas Franklin 638
3 Donovan Dean 5441 47 Stanley Williams 638
4 Clyde Duet 4368 48 Carl Masters 638
5 Robert Donald 3120 49 Ricky Hazelwood 638
6 James Heath 2246 50 Craig Johnson 638
7 Thomas Crawford 1747 51 Michael McCullough 638
8 Greg James 1398 52 Philip Whittington 638
9 Tim McCaffrey 998 53 Andrew Irwin 638
10 Daniel Lowery 874 54 Christopher McDaniel 638
11 Donna Heard 874 55 Clifford Chisolm 622
12 Daniel Moskowitz 874 56 Michael Tavis 622
13 Jerry Stumbo 749 57 James Allen 622
14 Ernest Williams 749 58 Raymond McCarty 622
15 Stephen Hastings 749 59 Tara Snow 622
16 David Champion 624
17 Ted Leahy 624
18 Lenard Anderson 624 Rookies
19 James Dowen 499 1 Cosey Jackson Jr. 3705
20 Jennifer Germany 499 2 Austin Matthews 2223
21 Russell Vaughn 499 3 Ronald Hagan 1596
22 Michael Wright 399 4 Andrew Haggard 1026
23 Thomas Dujmovich 399 5 Dillon Sowa 798
24 Casey Andus 399 6 Louis Flournoy Jr. 684
25 Sarah Smith 399 7 Yekaterin Lukina 570
26 Fredrick McLam 399 8 Mary Dantone 456
27 John Jacob 399 9 Ronald Duckworth Jr. 342


Matt Higgins earned a smidge over 60k after a five chop.  WSOP Main Event Champion Greg Raymer won 35001 for second place. Brandon Robins, Lonny Weitzel, James Davis, and Lee Craft took over 25k each.

Robert Henderson (not Robert "Spider" Henderson from NOLA) won 11253 for seventh. Daniel Lewis (9184 8th) and last woman standing Lariena Garrett ($7339 9th) rounded out the final table.

Jeremy Gaubert, BJ McBrayer and Ray Curran each earned just under 6k after barely missing the final table.

202 players cashed. The final table in big events at Pearl River has kind of become Matt Higgins' second home, nice to see him win one again.


Vernon Langston (pictured with Matt) got the W in the Sunday event after a two way chop with Brian Maples. Walker Miskelly finished fourth and Prissy Giroir (Last woman standing in 6th).


Regina Koeing (pictured below) took down the event beating Lafayette's Shawn Trahan heads up. Joanne Cain finished third. Lisa Davis, Lisa Baker and Branda Rogers rounded out the money. Big thank you to the WPA for their schwag bags to all 9 final players.

Thank you also to celebrity bounty Bonnie Weitzel for leading the effort to get a successful ladies event here. Shout out to Linda Keenan of NOLA who owns the store California Drawstrings. She's donated some awesome bubble prizes including a beautiful bag for the seventh place finisher.

Complete Results:

1 Regina Koeing   4342
2 Shawn Trahan   2673
3 Joanne Cain   1670
4 Lisa Davis   1114
5 Lisa Baker   780
6 Branda Rogers   557

1 Vernon Langston   12000
2 Brian Maples   10297
3 Walker Miskelly   6130
4 David Prevatt   4733
5 Telly Lanier   3421
6 Prissy Giroir   2566
7 Chris Lane   1996
8 James Striker   1568
9 Thomas Dujmovich   1140
10 Vernell Hoskins   998
11 Albert Booke   998
12 Stefan Cvetkovski   998
13 Dennis Self   855
14 Kenneth Harbaugh   855
15 Mickel Brien   855
16 Raymond Parks   713
17 Rodney Shows   713
18 Christina Read   713
19 Melissa Booth   570
20 Francis Eckert   570
21 David Lindahl   570
22 JW Carter   456
23 Alec Wilson   456
24 Christopher Tantham   456
25 Jeremy Moore   428
26 James Conley   428
27 Calvin Long   428
28 John WIlliams   371
29 Gerald Beard   371
30 Matthew DeMarsh   371

Matt Higgins 60001   68 Anthony Gray 945   135 Jonathan Drouant 676
Greg Ryamer 35001   69 Philip Walsch 945   136 Ty C. Watson 676
Brandon Robinson 25201   70 James Craft 945   137 Chris Read 676
Lonny Weitzel 25201   71 William Davis 945   138 Dale "Sonny" Trosclair 676
James Davis 25201   72 Stanley Weiss 945   139 Bill Flippen 676
Lee Craft 25201   73 Matt South 945   140 Michael Teague 676
Robert Henderson 11253   74 John Gilbert 856   141 Joey Ringold 676
Daniel Lewis 9184   75 Kenneth Jones 856   142 Justin Gates 676
Lariena Garrett 7339   76 Jerry Monroe 856   143 Jeremy Smith 676
Jeremy Gaubert 5945   77 Aaron Hernandez 856   144 Rebekah Crosby 676
BJ McBrayer 5945   78 Josie Campbell 856   145 William Hinson 631
Ray Curran 5945   79 David Wilkins 856   146 Michael MCCullough 631
Chris Frady 4865   80 John Marino 856   147 Michael Benton 631
Brandon Lee 4865   81 Ramunas Medimans 856   148 John Teague 631
Glenn Guathier 4865   82 Jay Frideman 856   149 Dennis Jones 631
Chris Savage 4010   83 Prestron Croft 766   150 Justin Wilson 631
Buddy Nix 4010   84 Daniel Moskowitz 766   151 Vafa Kamili 631
Chase Forshey 4010   85 James Striker 766   152 Justin Golding 631
David Crawford 3335   86 Matthew Clarkson 766   153 Levi Carden 631
Ralph Reid 3335   87 Steven Henderson 766   154 Jousha Warner 631
Wyatt Boothe 3335   88 William Truett 766   155 Prissy Giroir 631
Hal Bryan 2795   89 Jeffry Hearn 766   156 Carl Masters 631
Dustin Stewart 2795   90 Bonnie Weitzel 766   157 Stephen Fields 631
Bryan Clark 2795   91 Segdrick Collins 766   158 Robert Rawson 631
Dexter Burns 2389   92 Cole Land 766   159 Cole Warrington 631
Daniel Hernandez 2389   93 Greg Urbanski 766   160 Jeffrey Drenner 631
Mitch Duncan 2389   94 Alec Wilson 766   161 Ronald Sellers 631
Timothy Swinford 2028   95 Christopher Cochran 766   162 Clifford Matthews 631
Ronald Tremblay 2028   96 Guy McKay 766   163 Jerry Giroir 631
Randall Franks 2028   97 Will Anderson 766   164 Randall Smith 631
Stephen Dodd 1758   98 Ron Hope 766   165 Christopher Barger 631
Jimmy Bryan 1758   99 Stephen Greene 766   166 Amber Douglas 631
Christopher McDanie 1758   100 Frank Boswell 720   167 Thuy Djedjos 631
Laurence Dilday 1534   101 Jason Morris 720   168 Tara Snow 631
Charles Westbrook 1534   102 Cody Cunningham 720   169 Kenneth Steele 631
John Sinnott 1534   103 Jacob Perkins 720   170 Ryan Flynn 631
Tongla Nanthalangy 1306   104 David Moses 720   171 Faris Brooks 631
Micheal Hebert 1306   105 JW Carter 720   172 Jerry Van Landingham 586
Thomas Franklin 1306   106 Daniel Bonet 720   173 Samuel Folkins 586
Stephen Bierman 1306   107 Francis Eckert 720   174 Heath Branson 586
David Prevatt 1306   108 Cody Suman 720   175 Trace Henderson 586
Clifford Billups 1306   109 Shawn Trahan 720   176 Arlen Dujmovich 586
Zachary Brock 1306   110 Russell Boyette 720   177 Sammie Kirkwood 586
Bryant Gandy 1306   111 Susan Murphy 720   178 Robert Lemke 586
Thomas Norwood 1306   112 Michael Weaver 720   179 Bennett James 586
Regina Koeing 1170   113 Scott Weiss 720   180 Steven Thornton 586
Bryane Wilson 1170   114 Karl Chesser 720   181 Dell Taylor 586
Ralph Robins 1170   115 Todd Skinner 720   182 Stephen Becker 586
Timothy Freeze 1170   116 James Shults 720   183 Robert Georato 586
John Chandler 1170   117 David Champion 720   184 Christopher Lassinger 586
Chase Turner 1170   118 Raymond Parks 676   185 Dean Digerolamo 586
Debra Irvine 1170   119 John Humpphries 676   186 James Robertson 586
David Taylor  1170   120 Robby Greene 676   187 Andrew Simon 586
Adrian Mableton 1081   121 Johnny Tang 676   188 Melissa Booth 586
Ryan Remele 1081   122 Jeremy Letson 676   189 Gerald Rivett 586
Tracy Allen 1081   123 Terry Simpson 676   190 Sean Garic 586
Yousef Saleh 1081   124 Philip Smith 676   191 Jody Millsaps 586
Chester Dilday 1081   125 Heip Doan 676   192 Raymond Jimenez 586
John Van Aman 1081   126 Nelson Solar 676   193 Ronnie Scott 586
James Rhodes 1081   127 Damon Tucker 676   194 Jeremy Moore 586
Micheal Williams 1081   128 Joshua Blankenship 676   195 Gerald Randal 586
Jonathan Greer 1081   129 Preston McEwen 676   196 Albert Booke 586
Percy Domineck 1081   130 Thurmond Boothe 676   197 Jeremy Sharpe 586
Angela Sayers 945   131 Stefan Cverkovski 676   198 Kris Kent 586
David Hendrix 945   132 Michael Lech 676   199 Gabriel Daspit 540
Joshua Emory 945   133 Bradley Travis 676   200 David McJenkin 540
Walker Miskelly 945   134 Christopher Trantham 676   201 John McNeil 540
              202 Christopher Pool 540



Over 500k collected for the prize pool in event 1.  Double the guarantee and another record at Pearl River Resorts with 2090 players.  On Sunday, restart is 1 pm.  Also, a WPA Ladies event and the Sunday Sizzler.  Tomorrow 100k Guarantee on a Monday! (Who does that?)


It's unusual for the biggest bag in Flight A to stay that way with four flights remaining but Bryan Clark faded 2089 players to come in with the most impressive stack for day two. In an over half a million prize pool, Clark was the sole player to bag more than half a million chips.

Not like Bryan (pictured) was idle over the remaining flights as he (and seven other players) captured the elusive triple bag. After a second bag players can chose between 1k cash or two $600 Main Event Seats. The third bag just another flat 3k in cash.

Christopher McDaniel solo bagged the second biggest stack with 493k.

The rest of top five featured double baggers: Ray Curran (413k), Lonny Weitzel (399k), and Josh Emory (367k).

Rounding out the top ten some familiar names around these parts: Walker Miskelly, Hiep Doan, BJ McBrayer and James Craft.

Just outside the top ten Chris Read, Preston McEwen (double), Chris Frady, Philip Walsh, Karl Chesser, Chris Savage and Russell Boyette (triple... again).

The other triple baggers beside Clark and Boyette: Brock Croft, Brandon Robinson, Debra Irvine, Prissy Giroir, Lance Jones, and Susan Murphey. Shout out to the ladies for scooping three of the 8 triple bags!

Reminder do not forget to head over to our FACEBOOK  page for more up to the minute updates during this series.

Please check out our FACEBOOK page for our updates.  Don't forget we have a 3 SEATS added satellite to start this event 

The 250k Guarantee $300 BagWow! tournament series starts tonight at 6 pm.  Also, players (free) buffet at 5:30.  Believe pork loin and chocolate cake are on the menu.

Glad everybody could make it.


Tai Cao has been busy in Houston, and said he will be joining us soon up here. He finished third in the High Roller at the Prime Social Club winning over 28k for third.  Jared Ingles also found the cashier winning $14,170 for fifth. Tai is currently near the top of the points race.  Also, in the mix for that are Chris Conrad and Logan Hewett.  Hewett won an event for over 70k earlier this week.


Subject to State Gaming Approval we have the permission to release official dates for our next big event.

July 29 through August 8th will feature the return of... Poker Gras.

Look for lots more details very soon in this space. Huge thank you to Harrahs, NOLA; Jo-Ella, Robbie, Jonathan, Chase, Mark and all the top notch staff in Harrahs. Couldn't be more excited for this event.


Our friends at the Horseshoe Tunica will be hosting a RunGood Event July 6th through July 11th. Lots of good stuff on the schedule with 100k Guarantee on the Main.

Two other teasers: expect another regional 10 day series in September before the WSOP kicks off and maybe an event in August in Bossier.

Good to see poker back and thriving in the region.


Been asked about this quite a bit so here are all the details:



We will post the final video for the guess the flop social media contest and announce the winner this weekend (perhaps as soon as today). Look for it this evening on our Facebook page. A handful of ya'll are in contention.

Good luck!

Also, our guess the chips contest will be revealed early next week.



WSOP Bracelet winner Tommy Hufnagle passed last week at the age of 77. A player respected by peers like Doyle Brunson and Chip Reese, Hufnagle maybe doesn't get his full due from the early record books of the WSOP. Once upon a time the best players didn't view a legacy from a lens of stockpiling bracelets but rather by consistently stacking chips. Hufnagle did both.

His bracelet came in a $1500 Seven Card Stud Split event in 1998. He earned just under 900k in live tournaments per Hendon Mob. In recent years he made his home on the Coast. Our condelences to his family and friends.


A recent CardPlayer story featured former GCP blogger Shannon Shorr's thoughts on making it through downswings. Worth a read for anybody running bad.  Everybody goes through it even the best players in the world.


We have several social media contests still going where you can win your way to Pearl River's Summer Series June 3 - June 13.

Go to our FACEBOOK,  TWITTER or INSTAGRAM. Like, follow, and comment for a chance to win a seat in events including the $600 Main Event $250K Guarantee!

We are just two weeks away from our BagWow! opener also a 250k Guarantee. Hotel bookings are coming fast and furious so we expect another big crowd. If you haven't booked yet, do so soon to insure you get a room on property.

Don't forget we've added 10 dealers, 10 tables and another registration line so we are ready for the crush of people.


The remainder of our bounties have been selected from your nominations.  They are WPA Ambassodor Bonnie Weitzel, PLON Ambassador Prissy Giroir, and David "Atom Bomb" Hendrix.  And we'll annouce one of our social media contest winners right here:  Congrats to William Ken Anderson.  His Twitter response nominating a celebrity bounty was pulled up by the Random Number Generator.  His Event 1 entry is on the house!


We aren't making any official announcements but we've been busy reconnecting with old friends and connecting with new ones. For those that like our events you might want to pay attention to these date ranges as we are in the process of exploring some opportunities for the remainder of 2021.

-Late July/Early August
-Mid September
-Early December
-Early Middle December

Definitely more details to come, and we will do it as soon as possible.


Former poker pro, and Survivor contestant, Anna Khait was recently mentioned in a New York Times story about Project Veritas.

PokerNews subesquently did a story on the  New York Times story.

Then the story became PokerNews taking down their story about the story.

Why?  Anna Khait tweeted the following... 

(And for the record we've never called Anna a spy in our story about the story about the story (?))

Poker News heard from my lawyer today. The next step is a lawsuit. I don’t take libel lightly.

— Anna Khait (@Annakhait) May 19, 2021

Here is the orginial New York Times story. Headline: Actitvists and Ex-Spy Said to Have Plotted to Discredit Trump 'Enemies' in Government.


He will be playing Lady Gaga in a behind the scenes story retelling how online poker site Bwin won the incredible pre Black Friday bidding war to be the table sponsorship in the video for her hugely popular song:  Poker Face.

Just kidding! (Don't sue us!)  He won't be playing Lady Gaga.

The plot of the movie Poker Face actually surrounds a home game thrown by a Miami rich guy (Crowe) that is interrupted by a home intruder known for murder and arson.


Shannon Elisabeth of American Pie fame is involved in a new poker platform. In the age of Zoom, Dealio Webcam poker is attempt to recreate Live Poker online. It mirrors what many did on their own during the pandemic.  We wonder if fills a need in the post pandemic world free of lockdowns?

They make the case that Dealio could solve the problem of AI bots and helper software as you can see their opponents.  Course you can't see what else is on their screen(s)-- certainly, seem like there could be workarounds even with this format.

Haley Hintze of has the details here.


After the flights combined on Sunday, the field was trimmed to just 17 players late last night.

Jared Hemmingway at 11.3m and Christopher Doan, exactly 10m, lead the pack. Josh Thibodaux (pictured) is in the middle with 4.5m and Teddy Conner near the bottom with 1.825m.

Only 17 players remain and all are guaranteed at least $17k. First place will be a little north of $355k.

Chip Ervin busted late in the evening in 21st place to win 12.4k. Drake Roetker also won over 10k for 31st.

Also busting later on Day 2: Trace Henderson (37th, 8.9k); Logan Hewett (43rd, 7.5k); Chan Pelton (50th 6.3k but his forfeited bag also netted him an additional min-cash); Anthony Reynolds (52nd, 6.3k); Gerald Stogner (71st, 4.5k); and Joe Hebert (84th, 3.45k).

In the money but outside the top 100: Justin Brassieur, Walker Miskelly, Greg Raymer, Jared Ingles, Jacob Corda, Chad Melerine, and Stephen Baze.


The final flight on Saturday increased the day two field to 218 entrants all in the money. Teddy Conner (pictured) bagged the shortest stack but made it through (AND AS MENTIONED IS STILL GRINDING!).

Joe Hebert bagged third biggest in the flight with over 1 million in chips. Also, the players mentioned above getting through on the last flight: Ervin, Melerine, Baze, Corda, and Brassieur.


Tournaments are popping off everywhere.  Even in paradise.

Got news Texan Lonny Weitzel won an early event in an Aruba series. Houston sounds fun, but Aruba is... Aruba.  Lonny, pictured here with Dennis Jones, is a Bossier City staple and can now add Aruba to the locales he's won a tournament. 


Just heard from Jo-Ella McIntosh the $130 weekly tournament returns May 10th.
-Registration opens at 5pm
-Tournament starts at 6pm.
-Registration closes at 7:10 pm
-Register early to guarantee a seat
-7,000 starting stack
-Must have a Caesars Rewards card to register.

Things are getting back to normal...


Hard to beat this one!  5 Seats ADDED.