John Dolan

A 2010 November Niner.  Dolan is a young pro from Florida who has been playing in and winning poker tournaments across the Gulf Coast for the last few years. 

At the WSOP Main Event, Dolan moved up to second in chips by a steely willingness to steal as the Final Table bubble neared.  That kind of fearlessness has him on everybody's radar as a favorite.  Oddsmakers tip him 2nd most likely to win behind the chip leader.  Read his profile at this poker blog.  Dolan finished up 6th at this years main event and is poised for great things to come.

Andrew Liporace

The New Orleans youngster had a breakout tournament in a little event known as the  2010 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Alas, Andrew could not turn his huge early stack into a big time finish but the early run portends great things for the youngster.

Claudia Crawford

Poker Pro, Claudia Crawford won the first tournament down on the Coast at the IP Poker Classic in May 2008. There were 117 people in the tournament. She lives in Long Beach Mississippi, and the Mississippi Coast Casinos are her local stomping grounds.

We expect Claudia to break out again in the near future.  She specializes in Pot-Limit Omaha, but also enjoys some high No-Limit Hold-em Cash games.   2008 was Claudia's big year where she won her 5 career cashes.  In 2010, Crawford cashed at the WSOP in the ladies event.

Matt "Cub" Culberson

Hot off the heels of his 1st place finish at the World Poker Open in Tunica for over $70,000, Matt "Cub" Culberson was "Smoking Hot" in Biloxi at the Beau Rivage. He cashed in 3 of the preliminary events and capped it off with a 1st place in the $500.00 buy-in Sunday for over $12,000.

Several sites have him listed at living in different cities in the South, but it is safe to say that he will be roaming the Gulf Coast from New Orleans to Hattiesburg giving them hell at the tables.  He also took down another 2nd at a recent Bayou Classic at Harrahs.

Read Goondingy (Big Smooth) testament to Cub here: Cub Wins, Cub Wins


David Diaz

Also known as "Lefty" Diaz has been knocking on the door the last couple of years.  He got real close at the World Series of Poker but just missed out on a bracelet.

Diaz ran AJ into 1010 of the $1500 No Limit Hold'em/Six Handed tournament.  When the tens became a set that was it for Lefty. 1663 players entered the event and Diaz beat all but five. 

Jacob "Nocko" Naguin

Jacob has had a tremendous 2010 both behind the scenes and on the felt.  Naguin's QQ got ran down by AJ at the  final table of the Harrahs New Orleans 2010 Circuit event.   

The Houma, LA native finished 7th winning just under 30k.  He followed that up with his first World Series of Poker cashes. 


Brian Heptinstall

Heptinstall is truly the man behind the scenes. This Gadsden, Alabama native has traveled the country for poker, but not usually sitting at the felt. Brian has spent many hours covering the biggest games in the poker world from California to Connecticut.

 He’s even been known to cover a few of the Biloxi and New Orleans events even when he wasn’t getting paid. Brian also takes the yearly trip to Las Vegas for the WSOP and hopes to break through very soon. Look for him to be staring you down with a camera, or an all-in.

BJ McBrayer

McBrayer is a noted player on and off the coast.  He has almost 200k in tournament winnings.  He has a steady history of cashing in tournaments the last four years. 

His biggest score was second place for 96k at the World Poker Open in 08.  He followed that up with a second place at the IP Classic Main Event for 22k.  He has two first place finishes and is one of Alabama's most feared players.


Trishelle Canatella

The former Real World Las Vegas reality TV star was recently named an Absolute Poker Pro/Spokesmodel.  Don't let her good looks fool you she can play a little bit.  She made a televised final table at the WPT Celebrity Event in 2010. 

Though she is more known for being part of "trips" in a hot tub on MTV she can play outlasting poker players like Jeff Madsen, Liv Boeree, Tiffany Michelle, Roy "The Oracle" Winston, Phil Laak, Prahlad Friedman. 

Canatella reality fame leads many to underestimated her poker skills.  Should you sit down at a table with her don't make that mistake.  She's more than just a pretty face.

Natasha Barbour

A fixture on the Gulf Coast Poker circuit Barbour is an up and comer.  She had three early cashes in 2010 including a near final table at the Spring Break Classic. 

The Tampa Bay native has been traveling in pursuit of the game the last couple of years.  She has a first place in 2010 tournament as well for a five figure score.

Kenny Milam

People look up to and admire the late Chip Reese for two reasons, he was a terror on the felt but a gentlemen of the game.  Kenny Milam isn't much different and has also been terrorizing the local tournament scene.  He has made seven final tables at WSOP Circuit Events and WPT Events.  He won twice at the IP Biloxi this past October also. 

He regularly goes deep in the Harrahs Wednesday weekly tournament in New Orleans.  Away from the table when he isn't taking your chips he is about as nice a guy as you'd ever want to meet.  Actually on the table even while he's taking all your chips he's a great guy too.  He takes pride in the fact he's never had a blow-up after a bad beat or a tough loss and has never been disrespectful to any player in any tournament he's ever played in.

McLean Karr

Karr the winner of the Bay101 Shooting Stars Main Event, the one where Hellmuth hugged the floor after his elimination, has some ties to the Gulf Coast.   Karr, who used to be in the Air Force, was stationed in Columbus, MS for pilot training circa 2005.  McLean knows a thing about metoric take-offs and hopes his poker career is on the same trajectory as the planes he used to fly.

Karr won over 875k for first place in the 2010 Shooting Stars tournament despite the day before only having 30k in chips.  This is by far Karr's biggest score giving him just under 1 million dollars in lifetime winnings.  One of his previous bigger scores was at the 2009 Winter Bayou Challenge where he won second in a prelim event.  Karr outlasted a stout final table to achieve Bay101 immortality.

Local Internet player "thechemist83"

Jeremy Gaubert has booked a win close to $250,000 on Pokerstars and went deep in the 2008 WSOP Main Event taking 58th place.  The Chemist lived in Thibodaux and grew up in Lockport. He is now living in River Ridge.

We hope to sit down and chat with him soon.  We here at GCP just cannot help but celebrate when a local player makes it happen!!!  He's also involved in the MTTBacking site linked on our front page.  Check it out.

Darrell Guillory "Da Rock of Aces"

Gulf Coast Poker.NET's Da Rock has been money in the bank at the IPs series of tournaments for the last two years.  Darrell made a stellar run thru the IP Poker Classic November 2007. He cashed in 3 of the preliminary tournaments including a 2nd place finish for $4100.00. In the main event he cashed again taking down 12th for $3600. Most of you will recognize him as a dealer at Harrah's and from dealing TV final tables.  In 2008, at the IP he final tabled the main event to go with a second place finish the day before.  Check out his blog Da Rock of Aces to get some of the IP's King's insight. 


The "Poker Monkey"  Will Souther

With winnings over $270,000 Will has cashed an impressive 51 times according to Poker Pages.  As strong a year as 2008 was where he booked 13 cashes, 2009 probably was even better.  After four second places and being on the cusp of a major breakthrough, Will got his first first place finish late in 08.  In 09, he's followed that up with 15 cashes and won player of the tournament in the Venetian Deep Stack tournament.  His table patter makes him one of the most recognizable figures on the scene.  Read all about his exploits in his blog here:


Fred Berger

Six first place finishes, 32 cashes, and 3/4 of a million in winnings.  What's there to say about Slidell's Fred Berger that the stats don't tell you?   He's known as a gentleman on and off the felt.  Berger's hobby (his real job is owner of a Mardi Gras company), has an earned him a lot of respect on the tournament circuit and one WSOP bracelet.  He's as cool as the other side of the pillow and he's most comfortable once the announcement has been made, "Congratulations you are all in the money."  


Jena Delk

Jena has won over $100,000 in tournaments around the country. Her resume includes a first place at the 08 WSOP New Orleans Ladies Event, 13th place at the 08’ WSOP Ladies World Championship Event, and numerous cashes.  Recently, she went deep at the Beau's WPT event.   Jena is a class act on and off the felt and an up and comer sure to go far.   She will be in an upcoming documentary film titled “Heart Felt," so you can add movie star to one of the Gulf Coast's most accomplished player's resume.  Born in Indiana, this former Hoosier has spent most of her adult life in Florida.

Noah Schwartz

The Bay Harbor Island, FL native has 19 cashes to his name including a second place in a recent Aussie Millions tournament. 

Noah's biggest win was $311,958 at the Borgata Winter Open in January 2008.  Lots of people say he looks like McLovin from the movie Superbad, and lots of people would be right.  The baby faced killer would love to get those people on the felt.  Noah recently final tabled the 40k 40th anniversary event at the WSOP and now has over 1 million in live tournament winnings. 

Derek Ridley

Derek is a local pool and poker player who plays mostly MTTs online and is as adept at stick as he is at poker.  Derek is a featured blogger on GCP.Net.  A family man who's making it happen on the grind, we think he'll bring another interesting viewpoint to the site. 

Here's a link to his own introduction POOL AND POKER PLAYER.

Gabe Costner

Albertville Alabama's Gabe Costner, who is now a Gulfport resident had a great 2010 World Series.  He was in contention in the main event and made a final table for a big score earlier.  Welcome back Gabe!  This follows up a great run a couple of years ago where he had a 4th place at the Bayou Classic Main Event to go with his first place in the IP Classic 2008 Main Event. 

Gabe also finished 5th at a WPT final table that included Hoyt Corkins and Freddie Deeb for what was his biggest cash.

Gabe's live tournament earnings are now over 1 million.


Matt Graham

Former New Orleans native, Matt won his first World Series of Poker bracelet in 2008 in  six handed Limit Hold 'Em.  He has over 1.5 million in tournament winnings and three first place finishes.  He also repeated his 2008 feat by following it up with a 2009 bracelet for over 600k in Pot Limit Hold 'Em. 

 He goes by the online moniker of mattg1983.  Currently, Graham is probably the most accomplished Gulf Coast Player... happens when you win bracelets in back to back years in the most revered tournament series in the world.


Clint Schafer

The building supply manager from Baton Rouge has been on a bit of a roll.  With earnings over $600,000, Schafer went to the 2008 World Series main event with a belief he could replicate his previous successes, including a sixth place at the Bayou Classic, and he almost did. He outlasted all the Gulf Coast players just missing the cut off for the final 27.  Clint has a ton of respect in the tournament poker world and is destined for big things.  In 2009, Schafer continued his stellar play by winning an event at the Southern Poker Championship. 


Jason Gladden

Local Poker pro Jason Gladden won the PLO tourney at the Harrah's New Orleans Bayou Poker Challenge. Jason is a former student at Southern Miss and has lived in many places on the Gulf Coast.

He is a great guy, and a world class poker player. He has cashed in several big tournaments as is known on the coast as a tough ...High Limit Cash Game player.  It doesn't really matter the game, if Gladden's in it, you don't want to tussle with him.

Dr. Del WalkerDr. Dell Walker

To get his first win, the Good Doctor, nipped Matt "Cub" Culberson by spiking a miracle 9 on the turn on the final hand of the first event of the 2008 Bayou Classic, Dell turned his pocket 9s into a set and prevailed over the top pair of queens for Cub. 

Dr. Dell is an orthopedic surgeon who practices in Houma, Louisiana.  It is the first tournament win and cash for the Harrahs regular.


Tim "TK" Miles

Won a Sunday Brawl on Full Tilt in October of 2010.  Finished 2nd at the 2008 Bayou Classic.  This guy is a machine and tearing up the local big buy-in tournaments.  Laid back and in the zone, he'll attack you like that's no tomorrow when he knows he's got an edge.  The most decorated and accomplished tournament player in 2008 on the Gulf Coast,

TK has shifted his focus to tearing up the online tournaments and making his living on Sundays.  TK's stellar 2008 was recognized with a Rounder of the Year award last year.  Say hello when he sits down but say good bye to your chips, especially the big ones.  Read Gene D's analysis of the 2008 Bayou Classic final table here.

Ray "Big Smoove" or "Goondingy" Belvin

In semi-retirement, as a proud new father and husband, Big Smoove is known for mixing it up in the cash games in New Orleans.  A first-class tournament player who is not only an up and comer, he's overdue for his big hit. 

We know when the domestic life allows for a little more poker he'll make his mark again.  His aggression is relentless but you better have a hand when you make your stand as he always seems to have the nuts..  Ray mostly just teaches poker now, and though his client list includes famous professional athletes, he assures us he'll be back on the felt running through players like he used to do as a D-1 tight end.  Read his blog here:

Charles Chan

Charles is a former dealer at the Grand and now hails from Panama City Florida.  He is an accomplished player on the coast.  He has four first place finishes and over 90k in lifetime earnings. 

 His biggest win was for over 22k at the L.A. Poker classic.  Charles has six cashes in 2008, including two first places in the IP's spring classic.  With the four first place finishes it's clear Chan's end game is strong.  He is bold  player with an ability to get his opponents to make bad calls for big pots.

Jonathan "Fiery Justice" Little

Little has a "modest career" earnings totaling over three million dollars.  A Pensacola native and one of the most successful "internet" players who has transitioned to live tournaments Little has two WPT titles. 

He is a member and founder of the Ship It Holla Ballers, who believe in shipping it, hollering, and balling.  He's a pretty good player you might have heard of.  He also teaches on an online training site.  Not sure if he'll give you tips on being a balla, but he might if you ask nicely.   Can you tell we a being a little tongue in cheek?  Probably one of the top players on the coast period.


Tyler Smith

Man is this boy good.  His most recent score is his 2nd biggest, coming in second in the Gulf Coast Poker Classic for 124k.  He also  final tabled the Southern Poker Championship for 134k.  Prior to that Smith won a first place ring at the Bayou Poker Challenge in 08.  He knocked off Will Souther in heads up action. 

Smith is regarded by his peers and his opponents as one of the top young players in the game today.   "He'll steal from you from any position," and "He's always one move ahead," are just two of the quotes we've heard from some solid players that have sparred with Smith on the cash tables and in the tournaments.  Tyler also had the prestigious honor of being the cover boy on the first edition of Gulf Coast Magazine.

Mark Wilds

Wilds, a Biloxi native, has two first place finishes and over $800,000 in winnings.  All he does is cash. 68 in the money finishes in the last 5 years is testament to his tournament chops. 

As one player said about him, "There's not too many rooms Mark Wilds walks into where he's not the best player in the room." 

He had four cashes at the 2009 World Series of Poker, which would be tops for the Gulf Coast if not for Darryll Fish's 7.  Wilds also went deep in last year's WSOP Main Event winning 77k for his effort.  This year he repeated his Main Event cash for a little over 23k.


Mark Eddleman

Mark or E-Money has been on fire since November 08.   He's amassed four final tables, already got one victory at the 2009 Classic, and is killing it all over the coast with cashes at the WSOP Circuit in New Orleans, the Beau Rivage WPT (Jan 09), Tunica WSOP (Feb 09), Council bluffs, and the Cherokee Casino.  Mark is breaking out in a big way.

Eddleman won Event 14 at the Spring Break Poker Classic for 32k.  His second biggest cash was for 30k coming in 4th at an event at the Southern Poker Championship.  E-Money is finding the money to be easy so far.

"Thunder" Dan  Walsh 

Formerly Dan "The Man from Amsterdam" (as dubbed by GeneD) is better known as Thunder Dan,  Actually, he's only known as Thunder Dan by everyone else.   When he lowers the boom you better click the fold button.  With 7 live cashes to his name, all in 2009, Dan enjoyed a career year.  He has won over 77k.  His biggest score was coming in 5th at the 2009 WSOP Circuit Event Main Event at Harrahs New Orleans for almost 50k. 

 Dan is from Powder Springs, GA.  Also a world class scuba diver, (but don't call him Scuba Dan... he's Thunder Dan), Dan is equally adept dodging real sharks as he is avoiding card sharks.  Thunder Dan even if he doesn't want  to admit it... is the Man!


Jackson Niolet

Not only a top dealer, Jackson is a feared online poker player.  He recently finished 2nd at the HORSE event at the 2010 IP Classic and that reflects his ability in all games.  Which means Jackson is one of those rare people that you both hope comes to your table (when he's in uniform) and hope he's headed elsewhere (when he's playing).

With five outright online wins to his name Jackson is better know as pkrpo1981.  Four of those wins have come in the last two years.  He also has four 2nd places and three thirds in the same time span.  The Gulfport resident is soon to be winning major tournaments and not just dealing them.

Jared Ingles

Known online as "bearbuck" Ingles caught many live tournament followers with his run at this years World Series.  He finished 56th for a $138k payday.  Since then, Ingles recently won the Pot-Limit Omaha event at the 2010 NAPT Los Angeles event. 

The Baton Rouge native has been going buck wild this year.  He also finished in ninth at the Bayou Poker Challenge.  That along with two other World Series cashes has been keeping the youngster warm at night. 


Ben "The Destroyer"  Mintz

The Oxford, Mississippi youngster is now a pro playing in New Orleans.   His biggest online score is for 76k in an FTOPs event in April, 2010. 

He has over 100k in live tournament winnings with a 20k score for first place in a 2008 World Poker Open event.  Mintz has been destroying poker tables, online and real for three years now and we expect bigger and bigger things from him.


Kevin Eyster

Lafayette born,  Lafayette bred Eyster also known as 1$ickDisea$e, is a rising star.  The online player who isn't even 21 yet has been crushing tournaments on Stars, Full Tilt, and Absolute for three years.

Playing only in places were under 21 year olds are legal, he's made quite a bit of coin in live tournaments in Europe.  He's already got 1 million dollars in winnings and is well on his way to becoming the next big thing.  He has 5 cashes in '10, including two first places and one second.

Jason "Tex" Henderson

Tex is knocking on the door.  Tex pulled out a win in one of the Mega's to secure his seat at this years Bayou Classic Main Event. Tex has several cashes in big tournaments and a couple of final tables to his name. His first main event was in Tunica several years ago when it was actually $10,000 to get in the main event.  He is a savage on the "internets", and though he doesn't give out his handle he is constantly "ker-rushing lunchboxes" live and online.  The Tiltin Texan is now blogging at:  The Tiltin' Texan

Matt Bryant

Louisiana's own, local dealer and Houma legend made a 4 way deal at the Final Table in the 2nd Chance Tourney at the Gold Strike for $4,500.  It is one of his many recent cashes for Matt. Each player got a bigger chunk than the payout called for and  then they played for the rest.

 Matt is a terror on the felt who consistently books winners and boldly takes on any cash game.  Like his idol Stu Unger Matt will fire one, two, and three bullets without a second thought.   Read his blog at: Pobody's Nerfect and avoid him on the virtual felt.  The kid has a heart bigger than his headphones.


Shannon Shorr

This kid knows how to win.  Gulf Coast Poker.Net's latest blogger and Tuscaloosa, Alabama's pride is just as successful online as he is in live tournament play.  We look for a lot from Shannon in the future and he is truly one of the Gulf Coast's brightest stars. 

41 cashes to the tune of 3 million plus and only 24! He just missed winning a bracelet at the 2008 World Series but we expect him to have multiple ones before his career is over. 

"Captain" Tom Franklin

Gulfport, MS's Tom Franklin is most recognizable by his signature cap.  You'll also find him on final tables.  He's gotten over 94 cashes to his name and a little over 2.5 million in tournament winnings. 

Captain Tom has a bracelet and five first places finishes.  He's the proud parent of five children, and recently took first place at the IP Classic. 


Mark Rose

The winner of the 2010 Gulf Coast Poker Championship.  Rose bested GCP's own Kai Landry and Will Souther to take down the titel in three way action (get your mind out of the gutter). 

Rose showed composure and poise down the stretch and had only one thing on his mind.  Winning first, his first, first place win.  With over 500k in cashes Rose will continue to be a winning fixture on the scene.

Kai Landry

One of our favorite players and favorite bloggers (his much anticipated return has been teased for a month or so but we expect him back any day now).  Landry has 13 cashes for over 335k.  He  took 2nd at the 2010 Gulf Coast Poker Championship for over 90k. 

Previously Landry has won a circuit event in New Orleans, and the Main Event of the Tunica WSOP-C for 180k.  He brings an eccentric flair to the game but will surprise you as the whipped cream toting madman knows more about the odds then you do.


Walter Chambers

With just under one million in life time winnings Chambers got a taste of fame by winning the televised New Orleans WSOP-Circuit Main Event table in 2005 for almost 800k. 

With 17 cashes including a win at the 2010 Gulf Coast Poker Championship this Baton Rouge rounder continues to be one of the most dangerous players on the Gulf Coast. 

Bert Ladner

Contrary to popular opinion they didn't start playing poker when Chris Moneymaker came to the game.  Bert Ladner had been dominating the cash game for some.  Ladner is a fixture in Blixoi and has gentle disposition most night but a ruthless game. 

Ladner is relatively new to tournament poker but already has two first place finishes to his name.  Don't let the trademark fedora fool you, his game, is as modern as it comes. 


Reid Gilbert

One of the GCP.Net's best bloggers Reid G, has quickly established himself as a heady cash game player and a solid tournament junkie.  His first main event cash was at the IP Classic where Reid outlasted a large field.

A Mobile, Alabama native Reid is a rising star on the Coast and sure to break out nationally soon.  You can read Reid's blog here:  If You're Too Careful. . .

"Brandon Jarrett

One of the hottest players in 2008.  Even if it was an abbreviated year, starting in August Jarrett cashed 5 times and won two tournaments.  His biggest successes have come in Biloxi starting off his tournament career with a win at the Gulf Coast Poker Championship at the Beau, and then winning the Main Event at the IP. 

Jarrett already had over 100k in earnings in his first four months alone.  He plays a steady and disciplined game with a keen insight for when he holds an edge.  Read BRANDON'S BLOG.


"Rodney Shows AKA "Coach"

A former division one football and basketball referee, with 22 years experience in Conference USA and other leagues, Coach now focus on poker and his successful real estate company in Hattiesburg, MS.  As a poker player he's won over 100k in the last year and half, with multiple top five finishes. 

With results at the Beau and New Orleans, Coach has made a name for himself locally and is one player you don't want sitting across from you.   Rodney Shows nothing and is a steely eyed competitor on the local circuit as he is as capable of spotting a bluff as he was an offside call in his old career.

"Hoyt "The Alabama Cowboy" Corkins

GCP.Net's second favorite pro from Alabama behind the kid Shannon Shorr, Hoyt has done it all.  He's had several notable clashes with the poker brat on TV and won a paltry 3.8 million.  He had five cashes at this years World Series including a 4th place finish for 80 large. 

Hoyt doesn't stray too far Vegas these days, though he did recently and got robbed, but is still a Gulf Coast icon on the poker scene.  He's one of a small handful of players with a WPT title and a WSOP bracelet. 



"Danny Dorcey

Dorcey from Chalmette, LA is getting back into the poker game after a bit of a hiatus.  He has five cashes to his name and winnings totaling over 42k.   The 26 year old has given the rest of us a breather as he was recentlya new father but he's back. 

 Predominantly an online player he has over 100k in winnings on stars under the name whizkid10.  Look for him to return to the winner's circle at Harrahs this December.

Darryll Fish

Fish a recent cover boy on Gulf Coast Magazine feels like he's on a boat (see his T-shirt).  He crushed the World Series in 2009 with 7 cashes the most of any competitor.   Fish is a predator who has made the Gulf Coast his personal aquarium. 

The youngster has nothing but a bright future ahead of him and a poker resume most veterans would kill for.  He won the Pot Limit Omaha tournament at the Binions Classic for his only win, but his 10 cashes in '09 imply the next victory will be sooner rather than later


""Action Austin" Martin Tyson

The former owner and operator of an international poker and gambling website Action Austin Martin has several final tables to his name.  His reputation for successfully playing cash games in Austin and live tournaments on the Gulf Coast precedes him.  He is tough as nails on the felt and has been known to look so deeply into his opponents that he can tell them what they had for lunch.  Austin Martin's blog returns the favor and gives you a window into his soul and just maybe he'll tell you what he ate for lunch too. 

Tim "Ragin Cajun" Hebert

Lafayette Poker pro Tim "Ragin Cajun" Hebert follows up his 1st place finish in last years 2007 Circuit Event at Harrah's in New Orleans with a 1st place in the Spring Break Poker Classic that concluded at the Beau Rivage.

Tim is a dangerous player with a deadly sense of timing and phenomenal reading skills.


Don't want to wait until we find you?  To get your face up here, send a picture and a list of accomplishments to: Wild Bill