Paul, you've been a fixture in poker on the Gulf Coast for a while now. Tell us what you foresee for Pearl River resorts and the role poker may play as that casino grows:

This will be our 5th event at Pearl River Resorts, each event has been larger than the previous one. I believe the continued increase, can be attributed to the value that Pearl River places on its poker players. Where else adds 4 Seats to its Main Event Megas, has table side food service in the tournament area, guarantees the opener, guarantees the main event, and provides unbelievable hotel rates to its poker players? The overall experience is hard to beat in today's poker environment.

Fill us in on the property and the layout for the Spring Poker Classic event:

Tournaments are held in a separate, well-designed room, complete with multiple TVs so players have clear views of the tournament clock and sporting events from all seats and table-side food and beverage service. The tournament area is also equipped with a fully stocked bar. When not playing in the tournaments, players have a very short walk to the well-appointed poker room for cash-game action.

So, can we expect two big events every year at Pearl River? What's the room like in between?

Yes. Pearl River is currently heading into its 3rd year hosting two big events each year! The Pearl River Spring Poker Classic in the spring and Pearl River Poker Open in the fall. Pearl River also host a bi-month $225 Buy In 25k Guaranteed Event in the poker room. The next one is scheduled for April 13th-16th.
Poker room manager Denise Dahl describes the poker room like this: “Pearl River Poker Room is a beautiful and spacious room with action-packed games including all the popular games such as limit, no-limit hold’em and PLO.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you got into poker?

I’ve been in poker a long time, when someone asks how I got into poker I usually say it was a product of a mis-spent youth. The truth is I was playing dice at 10am one morning in 1995, there was a casino wide announcement for a “free” poker tournament upstairs in the poker room…….the rest as they say is history.

What's your favorite game?

In my full time playing days, my favorite game was 20-40 limit. These days I like a good Big O game, when I can find one.

Who are some players you expect to see having some good results this week?

This tournament has some interesting history. The past two events whomever won Event #1 also won the Main Event. Those distinctions belong to Chris L. Davis, and Byrne Wilson, both of Tuscaloosa, AL. It will be interesting to see if either of them can defend that feat!

What are some of the food offerings players on the property for players during breaks?

As I mentioned earlier there is table side food and beverage service in the tournament area. There is also a Bistro with excellent offerings within a short walk of the poker room. (Its where you can find me at breakfast time!) For that Main Event break, I wouldnt miss out on Phillip Ms Steakhouse!

March Madness will be on their second and third weekends for this event. What kind of viewing options will players have?

The tournament area at Pearl River Resort has over a dozen screens in the tournament area.
The Resort carries a sports package with all the games, so players shouldnt have to miss any of the action! The sporting events can sometimes be as much fun as the tournaments. Ask those who were there for the Alabama/LSU game last event!

Anything, you want to add or would like us to mention?

I always like to highlight the “Sweet Spots” in the tournament schedule. This event they are:

Event 1 - $340 buy-in 100k Guarantee NL Holdem 1st weekend
4 Seat Added Main Event Mega - $110 buy-in – Saturday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Seniors Event - $230 buy-in 10am 1st Sunday

30/30 Monsterstack - $230 buy-in, 30k starting stack, 30 minute levels NL Holdem 2nd Thurs.

Main Event – $800 buy-in 100k Guarantee NL Holdem 2nd weekend.

Thanks Paul, looking forward to a great week of poker action.