(UPDATED: 01/08/18) Wild Bill's reflections on poker, sports, and issues facing the Gulf Coast:

"That's not the only prop bet that will be settled this weekend.  Known perhaps only by the participants themselves is a weight loss bet for me.  In late October I weighed (a gross!) 232 pounds.  I challenged myself to drop 30 lbs by this Saturday.  Several people graciously bet against me, to inspire motivation, to see me get healthier, and several also put up personal goals they had to achieve (their own weight loss or playing a set amount of hours of poker).  If I don't achieve and they do, I have to pay double, and vice versa.  If we all achieve... push.  So, obviously I'm rooting for myself, but I'm also rooting for them to make their goals.  Of those three in action, pretty sure one is there having played over 200 hours of live poker and another is logging marathon hours (probably as I type this) to get there.  I'm unsure of the status of the third a poker/player writer who had to match my weight loss.

." [+]


[UPDATED  01/02/18] Jonathan Little has more tournament winnings than only a handul of pros.  At 24, he had already eclipsed 4 million dollars in lifetime winnings .  The WPT Season VI player of the year, Jonathan was born in Pensacola Florida and currently operates a new poker site, which includes his blogs and videos you can find it here.

"In this blog post, I am going to share with you (in no particular order) 10 pros who had a huge impact on my poker career. Some were private coaches and I battled others on the felt, but all left a positive lasting impression on me.

David Benefield
David “Raptor” Benefield was my first online poker friend. I used to lurk on an old poker forum and one day I posted that I was "jcardshark, the unknown guy who was tearing up the $215 buy-in sit n go's on PartyPoker. David, one of the most popular online players..."


[UPDATED  01/01/18] Nolan Dalla.com is where you find the wit and wisdom of one of the most well known poker writers in the industry.  His WSOP coverage speaks for itself.  His home blog covers a wide range of topics written with that singular Dalla conviction. 

“All the Money in the World” is based on the real-life 1973 kidnapping and ransom of John Paul Getty III, then the grandson of the world’s richest man.

I had no prior knowledge of what actually happened when kidnappers presumed to be Italian terrorists snatched the 16-year-old prized golden ticket off a dark Roman street and proceeded to demand $17 million in ransom money for his safe return to an emotionally ruptured, hideously-dysfunctional family.

Come to find out later after reading historical accounts of the caper, “All the Money in the World” gets most of the facts right. Unlike many other historical docudramas scripted into a Hollywood screenplay, the film doesn’t overly dramatize these events because — it doesn’t have to. The real story is quite compelling enough."



[UPDATED  09/25/16] Shannon Shorr has graduated.  That's bad news for the poker world because he's terrorized the circuit while also being a full time college student.  Now without distractions, like class every day, the only question is how quickly will he add to his over 3.2 million dollars in tournament winnings.  You can also read Shannon's blog at his homepage:  http://shannonshorr.com/

"As it pertains to my personal journey, it has been a bit volatile since I last posted. I’ve had some dark times that almost all stem from the rough stretch I’ve endured in my career as a tournament poker professional. I won’t bother complaining here as you most certainly don’t wanna hear it. There has been an often-present anxiety due to things not going well financially. It has also been a hit to my ego.
I think I’ve finally worked through it and at peace with it. I’ve been playing poker tournaments for near 11 years now and have experienced the swings of the business first hand. It’s really important to take a step back and gain perspective and “zoom out” as a friend told me this summer. I experienced some depression as a result of things not going well at poker table. An interesting thing happened. I would get upset about tournaments not going well. I would then get really wrapped up in my head and hard on myself FOR getting upset about tournaments not going well."

Bella Donkey

[06/17/16]  Jennifer Gay is a poker player, poker room supervisor and Ante Up Magazine Poker Columnist local to Tunica, MS. Her blog covers the sometimes personal and always comical reality of a life fully centered around poker in the South.

"Steven has applied himself to his study and poker coaching to a level I couldn't have believed possible. Mostly utilizing "Float the Turn" and watching hours and hours of reviewed hand histories, he spends his lunch break at work every day studying in addition to any down time he has at home. He cut carbs from his diet, losing 20+ pounds and dropping below 200 for the first time in a decade, hoping that better health overall will lead to better stamina and mental clarity.

I am super excited about his opportunity to play in the main event and believe he's going to run deep. Hopefully, really deep. I did the math on it and approximately $43,000 would pay off every dime of debt we have and finish the fund for a down payment on a home. We are on track to hit this goal by December 2017, but it would be really nice if he could just knock it out in one big tournament cash. Plus, if we're bringing home $43,000 then that means the investors are all getting a huge return on investment. " 




[UPDATED:  03/28/16] David Clark bagged more points than any other at large qualifier on the WSOP this year.  The Texan has been blogging and winning for some time now.

"I took a different approach towards kick starting my fitness goals in January. I didn’t join a gym or start a new exercise routine, instead I picked up a part time job working construction. Coming from a late night poker schedule this took some significant lifestyle adjustments, but that’s exactly what I was looking for. I ended up walking down this path while following a thought about changing the way I value time. A thought that came along while I was lending my friends and family an extra set of hands." [+]


4445 Veterans Blvd in Metairie, La and you can call @504-889-7350

Poker Fiction

[UPDATED:  03/08/12] PLAYER N scribes a tale of grifters, sleaze balls, and beautiful card sharks all hustling on the Coast.

"Thick cigarette breath assaulted me as the man in the tattered Red Sox jacket put his hand on my shoulder, "Hey boss, spare a dollar..." it hung there not as a question but an instruction. I couldn't sidestep it or the man. His gently tightening grip, neither affectionate nor comforting, but oddly somehow both soft and malevolent made the hairs on my neck stand up. The harsh cold wind pushed at me, up the darkened street gaining speed between the concrete buildings. It buttressed me helping the man stop me on that corner.

I gave him a steely look, and he inhaled quickly through his nostrils, "Sorry guy." I tried to wave him off, but his hand didn't move. I had to look him in the eye.

Quiet, gray blue eyes surprised me, they looked like they still had the sparkle of youth, maybe a forty years old but his weathered face told a different story. Craggy, fractured and leathery ridges told of many more years and hardship born of living outdoors. Then in a flash, those eyes lost their luster and bore into m
"  [+]


4445 Veterans BLVD, Metaire, LA



The Beau Rivage's Million Dollar Heater will pay out 113k to first place. All day two players are guaranteed 4k for their $2700 buy in as part of the $437,500 prize pool. As usual the guarantee was smashed. Should be an absolute battle today as tons of accomplished players litter the chip counts.

Atop with a massive stack, Mike Horchoff who late on day 1A got it in for a massive pot with JJ v. AK. An ace flopped but Mike was saved by a river Jack to finish the night over 400k. Tim "TK" Miles bagged the most on Day 1B, second overall, with 265k. Tim Burt came in just behind him with 251k. Nghia Le of Jacksonville put 215k in a bag good for fourth overall.

Paul Hebert of Pierre Part, LA finished with 214k and Randy Gordon of Metairie ended with 183k. Just behind him in the top ten Hiep Doan, David Nicholson, Steve Bierman, and Derrick Cutler. Thu Tran, Ed Sebesta, Michael Monaghan, Fred Sigur, Freddie Ardoin, Caufman Talley, Nesrin Can and Barth Melius rounded out the top 20.

Chris Davis, Jeremy Eyer, Will Souther and Jaime Kizer also return with a guaranteed pay day and eye on running it up. Good luck to all those still alive.  If you want precise chip counts check out our FACEBOOK page.


Thirty three entrants jumped into the Beau's PLO tournament, some of them at the very last moment when they were already a few spots from the money. Michael Monaghan of Jackson, MS squeaked into a payday finishing 5th doing just that. However, Trevor Buboltz of Tinley Park, IL won the most after besting LeDarren Banks of Tuscaloosa, AL heads up winning almost 13k. Banks banked 7k for second. Nghia Le won 4.3k for third and Ashly Butler 2.8k for fourth.


James Joiner of Lucedale, MS prevailed over James Seindenfaden of Sarasota in heads up action. Joiner earned 14k and Seidenfaden 7.8. There were 366 entrants with a prize pool over 54k. Also in the money Cihan Celik of Baton Rouge; Richard Radford of Ocean Springs, MS; Carl Guillot, Todd Cowan (pictured) and John Durio of Metairie; Jerry Giroir of Lafayette, and Corey Harrison and Eric Wilkinson of New Orleans.


The last bounty in any bounty tournament is the best to win, because it'll bring a first place prize with the Bounty ($50 reward). Jeremy Eyer of Gulfport got bragging rights after a long heads up clash with Will "Poker Monkey" Souther of Biloxi. Also at the final table Tom Franklin, Richard Sinclair, Dustin Stewart, Michael Monaghan, Houston Baker and Umut Moraler.


Adam Cotant of Tuscaloosa, AL got credit for the win after a late chop. Steve "Fear The" Bierman got creditfor second place. Kip Jones of Baton Rouge third. 4th through 9th were Kevin Hass of Kiln, Pat McNamara (NOLA), John Cressend (Metairie), Joe Delatte (St. Amant), Joe Corey (Pennsylvania) and J. Carter of Jackson. A novel tournament that proved to be a lot of fun for those that played. Lots of guesses on what the format was until play started. If you won a pot you also won the Rock and were forced to put in a straddle (a bet double the big blind) but got to act last preflop. After the flop action continued as normal.  With a little tweaking this promises to be on future schedules.


Trussvile, AL native Loc Nguyen prevailed in the Monster stack tournament after some crazy late suckouts v. Metairie's own Joe "The Pro" Hebert. Hebert held the chip lead five handed but could not get his hands to hold versus Nguyen who ran pure enough to win the tournament and 30k. Guiseppi Betta of Pennsylvania won 16k for second. Ben Thomas of Baton Roge won just under 9k for third. Hebert finished fourth after his bad run outs settling for just over 7k. Joe Aultman of Sumrall, MS won 6.5k. Also at the final table Bruce Soleau of Chalmette, Ray Parker of Nashville, and Peter Feriozzi of Milton, FL.

Jason Dursun, Steve Bierman, Luther Tran, Eric Dogo, Prissy Grioir, Joshua Fanguy and David Ngueyn all made the final two tables. Also cashing Richard Sinclair, Wild Bill Phillips, Derek LeJeune, Joel Watts.


Kongyean Chang of Baton Rouge gets credit for the W in the $355 No Limit Hold'em 600k guaranteed re-entry event to kick of the Million Dollar Heater. Rumors, unverifed as yet, is that the top 5 chopped for over 50k a piece.
The other four players in the top five were Donal Colleti of Poplarville, MS, Stephen Schorr of Lafayette, LA, Rogers Pessin of Tallahasse, Fl and Greg Urbanski of Mobile, AL. Luther Tran (pictured) of Bayou La Batre, AL finished 6th for 35k.

Go to our FACEBOOK page for complete top 27 results.


Michael Plaxo of Muschle Shoals, AL won event 2 and 23k in the $300 buy-in No Limit Hold'em event. Richard Tracey of Santa Rosa Beach, FL won 12k for second. 320 entrants in this Sunday tournament created a prize pool of 77k for the top 27 players.

Chico Pho of Memphis, TN won the $400 Buy-in Big O tournament also on Sunday. He raked in just under 10k for first. Brandon Valera of Greeley, CO won 5k for second. 82 players contributed to the 27k prize pool.


Lane LeBlanc (pictured) of New Iberia outlasted 154 entrants to win Event #4. The $300 No Limit Hold'em tournament ended as Richard Tracey (again) finished as the runner up. Teddy Connor of NOLA won 3.7k for third to go with his cash in the re-entry event.


Danny Zaccaro of Mobile, AL bested Pensacola's Seville Hale heads up to win Event #5. Zaccaro earned 8k and Hale won 4k.
Special Announcement:

There will be a service tomorrow (Jan 3rd at 2:30p m) to honor the memory of the man known as Charlie "Brown" a gulf coast poker regular who passed in 2017. The family has asked that this be shared with those in the poker community who may want to attend, or are unaware of Charles Mitchell's passing.  Please spread the word.  Obviously, our thoughts are with the family in their time of mourning.

Details at https://www.smfs.us/book-of-memories/3284003/Mitchell-Charles/obituary.php


It's a new year year, and we hope it's a happy one for you.  Since many of you are Alabama or Georgia fans what a start to 2018! Same is true for the Falcons, Panthers, Jags, Titans and Saints fans (it's a good time to be a football fan in the southeast).  The New Year also means the Million Dollar Heater at the Beau Rivage is about to kick off.  Don't worry they got TVs and we got you covered with a ton of info right here:

First things first go to our FACEBOOK page (might as well like us while you are there) and scroll down to Henry Garrison's post to guess the number of players in the reentry event.  Best guess without going over wins a free room during the tournament. 

Speaking of rooms.  They are sold out!  But... Oak Manor (228) 435-4331 across the street has availability, 15% off if u tell them your staying for the Poker Tournament.

As for the poker, here are some highlights to look forward to:

Friday the fifth, there will be two flights in the 600k Guaranteed Event for a $355 buy-in.  Followed up by two more on Saturday.  Start times are 11 am and 5 pm both days.  From experience you are going to want to get there early to register.

Also on our radar a mid-week Monster stack with it's own 50k Guarantee on Wednesday the 10th.  Two flights for that too (note the am session begins at noon).   We like the $500 6Max event, the seniors 50k guarantee, and the vairety offered with Big O, a Rock tournament, and Omaha events during the week. 

Saturday the 13th the 300k guarantee $2700 Main Event commences with the first of two noon flights (second on Sunday).    Complete schedule here.  By the way, all players who make Day 2 cash.

With an event around the corner at the Beau it only makes sense to link to Davvy Murrah's RIVER POKER blog, where the Biloxi reg makes a candid confession.  Jason Anderson (pictured, we think it's getting to be about time he gets a permenant place on our blog roll--what do ya'll think) also gets candid here

Whether it's online or live, it's become more and more clear that players who have invested the time to study with a coach or just compare notes with peers improve.  Some even become world class.  Hard work pays off.  Jonathan Little's blog reveals that he was ahead of the curve.  He got a coach long before most people had considered it, was humble enough to get more coaching from a guy with less results later in his career because he realised he could learn from the guy, and cultivated a network of players to bounce ideas and hands off of including Andrew Robel, GCPer Shannon Shorr, and David Benefeld.  Little's thoughts here.

Movie reviews?  Sports bets?  Poker stories?  Nolan Dalla has it all here.  Want just Saints talk?  Reid Gilbert has it here.

Five Texans split the bulk of the Winter Classic money.  In a field that featured 365 entries and a 75k prize pool Gene McDowell, Niels Lenz, Marc Troung, Scott Sanford and Ward Pawlowski went home happiest.  They all pocketed a little over $8200.  Should make for a happy new year.  Complete results:

Coushatta Winter Classic December 27th-30th, 2017
Flight 1A: 83 entries
Flight 1B: 110 entries
Flight 1C: 172 entries

$250 No Limit Hold em
Total: 365 entries
Prize pool: $75,555
41 places paid

1st-5th: Chop for $8231 each.
Gene McDowell
Niels Lenz
Marc Troung
Scott Sanford (not pictured)
Ward Pawlowski

6. Joseph Golias, $4149
7. Thomas Oneal, $3020
8. Allen Cassedy, $2267
9. Dennis Crowley, $1891
10. Fred Ruggles, $1515
11. Desmond Scott, $1327
12. Joshua Vincent, $1327
13. Robert Moss, $1138
14. Dane Morris, $1138
15. Richard Margolin, $1138
16. Xiao Probst, $950
17. Dwayne Bergeron, $950
18. Huey Hulin, $950
19. Dennis Spretz, $950
20. Daniel Bishop, $950
21. Michael Hammond, $762
22. Robert Drisgill, $762
23. Janice Reynaud, $762
24. Forrest Collins, $762
25. Logan Hewitt, $762
26. Nolan Doss, $574
27. Renee Armstrong, $574
28. James Rhodes, $574
29. Mitchell Johnson, $574
30. Robert Voss, $574
31. Chase Marcantel, $376
32. Tyler Peden, $376
33. Donald Smith, $376
34. Lester Jarreau, $376;
35. Xiling Che, $376;
36. Felton Breaux, $376;
37. Belle Wallace, $376
38. Amber Douglas, $376;
39. Chris Miller, $376;
40. James Price, $376;
41. Mitchell Grady, $300.


The Million Dollar Heater is around the corner.  The millions in the prize pools make it hard not to get excited even a few weeks away.  To start there will be four flights in a 600k Guaranteed $355 buy-in event.  Then a mid-week Monster stack with it's own 50k Guarantee (also a seniors 50k guarantee). 

The 300k guarantee $2700 Main Event rounds out the week.  If you like variety there is plenty in between with a Rock tournament, Big O, Limit Omaha, PLO (a 1k Championship), as well as a $500 6 Max.  The Beau has a great taste of everything.  Complete schedule here.  By the way, all players who make Day 2 cash.


Captain Ron Hope and Kevin Benoit of Baton Rouge dueled heads up for the monthly championship at the Beau.  After Benoit applied the final touch, a crippler cross face if you will, he ended up victorious.  Congrats to all who cashed.  Looking forward to see ya'll and all the rest of our friends at the Beau.


Here ya go WSOP.

Some quick thoughts...

-Lots more events after the Main Event starts.  Possibly a very good idea.  The most media attention poker garners is during the Main so why not have some other things going on to keep the focus on poker.  And by "other things" we mean BIG buy-in things.  More on that in a second.

-78 Events total.  Wow.  Pretty soon this event will just run all summer.

-Big One for the One Drop closes the Series.  A million dollar buy-in with some of the biggest names in the game.  It also, starts after a new event"The Closer" begins.  Oh yeah, also after the closer (not sure if they know what a closer is) a 50k buy-in No Limit Hold 'Em tournament with one reentry.  There will be a bevy of millionaires to close out the summer.  Cash out ya bitcoin now degens.

-Already, people are upset Day 1C of the Main, traditonally the biggest, falls on July 4th.

-Already, people are upset about all of this, but before digging deeper let's give some credit where credit is due, the WSOP is trying new things.  Good for them.  Good for Poker.


Christian Helmstetter (pictured above) is going the WSOP Main Event.  We've received word Christian bulldozed a final table to win his seat in a private satellite.  He applied a dirty cooler and a worse run-out to Corey Harrison who cashed in fourth. Helmstetter's QQ bested Corey's JJ.  The flop stated with the spicey door card of a Jack followed by a 10 and (always a sweat ) 9.  Turn was clean but Harrison got gut punched by a King on the river.  

Short handed Ben Saxton also felt the scorn of lady luck as he looked to knock out Wild Bill with AQ v. AJ.  Again a Jack hit the flop, but this time it held.  Ben then shipped it with Q9 and Christian woke up to pocket 88s which prevailed and gave Bill and him the seats.  Ben finished third bubbling the seat but won some cash.  Jerry Giroir went out fifth, an even unluckier bubble boy, as he bubbled everything.  Jerry's wife Prissy and Lance Campione, last year's champion also made the final table.

According to several sources, Michael Monaghan has made Pearl River's poker room a bit of a personal honey hole.  It's therefore appropriate and no surprise that he took down the Main Event in the Poker Open. He's credited with a 25k win, a cover photo on Ante Up Magazine, a champions jacket and a seat in the 2018 Ante Up World Championship.  Very happy for Michael to win.  A great guy and a hell of a player.

The final table featurd a slew of talented players. Trace Henderson of Gulfport, MS won second place (21k), Dustin Stewart of Biloxi finished third (19k), and Dallas Pirman of Jackson, MS won fourth (a little over 16k). A threesome of Alabama players including past champion Bryne Wilson finished in the next three slots: Tim Moore 5th, Tuscaloosa (9.7k); Bryne Wilson 6th, Tusclaoosa (8.2k); Jeter Brock 7th, Birmingham (6.7k). Three more notables rounded out the final table: Jonathan Hart of Byram, MS8th (5.2k); Judge Leo Boothe 9th (3.7k); and Lester "Black Ice" Milligan 10th (2.8k).

Bric Allen just missed the final table finishing 11th. Also cashing; BJ McBrayer, Jerry Giroir, Justin Hunt, Corey Harrison, Jordan Phillips, Wild Bill Phillips, Tara Snow and Bruce Soileau.


Before leaving Lake Tahoe WSOP-C points chaser Steve Bierman put himself within arms reach of locking up a seat for this year's global championship by finishing fourth in another event. Bierman won 9.4k in the $580 No Limit Hold
em event. The cash put him into contention for Casino Champion but he fell just short of that goal. Dan Lowery apears to have locked that up.


Bierman now sits in 5th overall with 135 points earned and $42k won this circuit year. Joining him in the top ten is fellow Louisiana grinder Jason Gooch who has 9 cashes for $40k and 130 points. Charles "Woody" Moore is just outside the top ten. Think Woody makes it every year. Jeff Trudeau has one ring, 90k and 102.5 points. John Holley is in the top 25 with 90 points. Also, currently "in" Danny Doucet with 82.5 points, William "Cody" Stanford 77.5 points, Austin Reilly 77.5, and Kevin Eyster 75.


Jerry Giroir of Lafayette, LA gets the W! Jerry won over 6k for first in the Senoirs tournament. Also at the final table; Scotty Lee of Canto, GA, David Garrett of Athens, AL, John Humphries of Taylorsville, GA, Charles Griffin of Florence, MS and Thomas Bak.

Jerry topped the final table in EVENT 9 Double Deep Monster Stack too.

Results for that event:

1. Jerry Giroir Lafayette, LA $8,091
2. James Kortenber Hernando, MS $4,698
3. Bruce Soileau Lafayette, LA $3,132
4. Tara Snow Borden Springs, AL $2,349
5. Bradley Warrington Madison, MS $2,088
6. Robert Lemke Forrest City, AR $1,827
7. Joe Mahan Lacey Springs, AL $1,566
8. Herman Shumaker Brandon, MS $1,305
9. William Graydon Moody, AL $1,044


1. Alton Peterson Clinton, MS $1,985
2. James Davis Jackson, TN $1,190
3. James King Madison, AL $843
4. Donald Kelly Alexander City, AL $595
5. Keith Collins Holly Springs, GA $347


1. Christopher Williams Meridian, MS $3,011
2. James Thompson Decatur, AL $1,806
3. Bruce Soileau Lafayette, LA $1,280
4. Michael Farlow Tuscaloosa, OH $903
5. Stanley Williams Carrollton, GA $527


Steve Bierman (pictured) wrestled the chip lead late on Day 1 and didn't give it up until he got to heads up action. After losing a massive pot to Shane Gonzales, a California golf and poker "hustla," Bierman took one more hit to get eliminated. A great effort by a player who went on record as saying, "I'm going to retire from poker if I don't cash in Lake Tahoe."

AARP can wait because Bierman pocketed almost 20k and just missed winning his first ring. Now with the points acquired for second place, Bierman has launched himself into the circuit Top Ten. This marked his 20th WSOP-C cash and 12th this calendar year (!).


We believe the 100k Guaranteed rentry chopped heads up. Danielle Umerton of Missouri and Justin Kelley of Mathiston, MS got credited for first and second respectively. The two spots paid out over 40k together. Not sure how it was split. Dallas Pierman of Moss Point, MS won 9.4k for third and Oren Zweig of Ocean Springs, MS won 8.2k for fourth.

The remainder of the final table included: Jonathan Gilham of Pinson, AL finished fifth for 7k; followed by Mike Horchoff of NOLA (sixth 5.9k); Jeremy Gaubert of Baton Rouge (sevent 4.7k); Morton Davis of Pensacola, FL (eighth 3.5k); Don Dove of NOLA (9th 2.3k); and Chad Chisolm of Collinsville, MS (10th 1.7k). Lots of readers and friends of GCP on that list so an easy group to pull for and we were happy to see so many who cashed.  With 407 entrants and 118k in the prize pool the event smashed the guarantee.


With a guarantee of 25k the Mini Main featured a slew of accomplished players, many who bought in just after busting the reentry. It's no suprise the final table featured players like Dustin Stewart of Biloxi (1k for 10th), David Nicholson of Perkinston, MS (1.5k for 7th), and Tara Snow of Tuscaloosa, AL (4.5k for second). Thomas Bak of Sheffield, AL won the event and was credited with the 7,750 first place prize.

Also in the money: Jennifer Germany of Jonesboro, GA (3k for third); Scott Lyons of Birmingham (2.25k for 4th); Richard Burton of Madison, MS (2k for 5th); Bradford Grant of Jonesboro, GA (1.7k for 6th) and Noah Waits of Temple, GA (1.2k for 8th).


Tournament Director Paul Dutsch says it best,“You can sum up what this series has come to be known for in one word - value,” Dutsch said. “It doesn't matter whether you are talking about the seat-added megas, the $800 buy-in, $100,000 guaranteed Main Event, the Double Deepstack Monster Stack with an amazing structure, the $340 buy-in $100,000 guaranteed Event 1, table-side food service or the amazing hotel rates. Value for today's players exists at Pearl River like nowhere else.”The event runs October 26th to November 5th.


As always the Pearl River Poker Open will reward the Main Event winner the biggest share of the guaranteed 100k prize pool AND the cover of the next Ante Up magazine. The magazine is found in every reasonable poker room. Put your phone down and walk around you are sure to see one. Now imagine your smiling mug on there next month. Not a bad lagniappe for first place


The Double Up event on Halloween (Oct. 31st) will offer players the chance to relinquish their total winnings for TWO TIMES that amount in Pearl River Resort table game promotional chips. Players are already discussing the best strategy to max out their winnings for this event. We solicited some opinions from our readers on what they would do and two of our favorites are: "Take a min cash and let it ride on black," and "A Blackjack marathon for first place." Kudos to Tournament Director Paul Dutsch, Table Games Director Neal Atkinson, and Poker Room Manager Denise Dahl for this innovative format.


Play golf? You'll want to when you visit Pearl River as the Dancing Rabbit golf course features two award winning par 72 golf courses. Bring your sticks as both the Azaleas and the Oaks offer stiff challenges and a break from yhe poker grind.


Call (601) 663-1040 to book your room now.


Kevin Eyster the all time money leader for tournament poker from Louisiana added a hair under 40k to his lifetime total for the win. This is Eyster's second ring (one bracelet too) and it was hard to come by as he had to play Kevin Saul heads up to get it.

The No Limit Hold'em Monster stack event had a 188k prize pool with 627 entrants. Joining Eyster at the final table was one of his horses Ben Keeline. Keeline won $5884 for seventh.


Kevin also cashed the Main along with a number of gulf coasters. Eyster finished 97th out of 1247 players winning $3573. Also, in the money of the One Million Dollar Guarantee: Bob Beck of Santa Rosa Beach Florida, $9128 for 29th; Jason Berilgen of Houston, $6191 for 40th; and Jeter Brock, $4227 for 75th.

$440 NLH Main Event
225 Entries
$87,750 Prize Pool

1. 11,501-Mitchell Bono (champion)
1. 11,500-Logan Hewitt (pictured)
3. 10,500-Robert Cote
4. 9855-James Schmidt
5. 9000-Wayne Zabodyn
6. 5235-Brenda Clayton
7. 4362-Thomas Weatherstone
8. 3490-Victoria Gordon
9. 2617-Steven Vasquez

2181-Daniel Howard
1745-Shawn Calvit
1745-David Parton
1308-Michael Klayman
1308-Dennis Marcum
1308-Stephen Hart
1047-John Lingo
1047-Jose Martinez
1047-Easton Oreman
1047-Justin Brassieur
1047-Rodney Wallace
872-Capt. Ronnie Hope
872-Michael J. Thibodeaux
872-Dave Montecillo
872-Suchol Leela
872-Homer Bourque
500-Grantel Gibbs

Event #1
$220 Senior's Only NLH
178 Entries
$32,930 Prize Pool

1. 3523-Mark Crawford (co-champion)
1. 3523-John Thomas (co-champion)
3. 3273-Huey Hulin
4. 3172-Larry Reynaud
4. 3172-Roy J. Smith
4. 3172-Mark Boudreaux
4. 3172-Jerry Stroope
4. 3172-John C. Martin
9. 988-David Closner

Event #2
$250 No Limit Holdem
132 Entries
$26,664 Prize Pool

1. 5000-Dean Ostera (champion)
2. 2840-Dallas Berry
2. 2840-Handri Maksudi
2. 2840-Dennis Spretz
2. 2839-Frances Renee Armstrong
2. 2839-Richard Margolin
7. 1600-Robert Cheesman
8. 1333-Shawn Schoreck
9. 1067-James Thomas


Two more dates before the series starts up proper to get yourself a Main Event seat for only $75. On October 19 (6pm) and October 22 (noon) they will ADD 2 seats to the prize pool. Pretty good chance to win a seat and get in on the cheap.  Complete Pearl River Poker Open schedule here.


Congrats to Danny Doucette on his (somewhat) new ring. A man so humble when we congratulated his buddy Freddy Ardoin on his HPT success, Doucette said nothing about winning a ring a day or so before.  So officially, well done, Danny! The victory at the IP marks Doucette's second circuit ring. He outlasted a pretty tough final table in that Double Stack Turbo which included Stephen Nusrallah, Jesus Cabrera, David "Bama" Walters and Jerry Stumbo.

Also, great job to Paul Hebert on his deep run in the WSOP-C Main in Florida.  Paul finished 28th winning just under 7k.  Joining him at the cashier was TK Miles who followed up his runner up in the IP Main with a 20th finish earning 11k.

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 (UPDATED: 05/15/17) Gene D's outlook on the local and national poker scene:

"Hello anyone still reading this blog…I am in New Orleans now waiting to play the final post-lim and final circuit event of the season. Congrats to Wild Bill for making it to day 2 along with a host of other friends (you know who you are). I whiffed the 1st couple of tournaments last weekend, and I had a funeral party to go to for my Aunt Linda last Saturday so I had to skip most of the weekend. I’m in sales and our EOM (End of Month for non salesfolks) was last Friday 5/20…so I also had my hands tied a little during the week. The plan was to play some megas and if I didn’t satty into the High Roller or the Main Event to fire bullets at the last 2 post-lims to try to win a ring. Today at 3pm will be the final chance for anyone to win a ring this season and before the actual WSOP"[+]


 [UPDATED: 08/25/17] Poker Monkey shares his insights on the tournament poker circuit, life in general, and the battle to make it happen:

"In other words? A really, really great opportunity for them to make a good first impression. I would say on the poker end...they are doing a really good job this week. They seem to have added just enough over flow tables to accommodate the number of players who showed up. Anyone that has had to go in as an alternate, hasn't had to wait very long. Unlike some casinos, they didn't tie up a bunch of tables spreading cash game to the detriment of players waiting to get in the tourney...and frankly, that might just have more to do with them not really having a solid cash game clientele, more than anything. But nonetheless, its nice to see all 8 tables plus the five outside the poker room, being used strictly for tournaments." [+}



 (UPDATED 11/11/15) Florida's Jason Mericer is one of the best poker players in the world.  Why wouldn't you read his blog? 

"I'm back home in Florida, relaxing for most of November before heading back out for more tournaments in December. Now that the NBA season is underway, I'm taking advantage of the time off to watch some hoops, including following how my Miami Heat are going to do without LeBron James this year.

I actually just took a trip up to Charlotte, North Carolina to watch the Heat play the Hornets a few days ago. A friend of mine has courtside tickets and invited me to come up because he knows how big of a Heat fan I am. I've wanted to sit courtside for a Heat game for quite some time so was really excited to experience it for the first time. We sat right next to the Hornets bench, so hearing the interaction between the players and the coaches was pretty awesome. It was one of the most fun things I've ever done and I can't wait to do it again.."


 [UPDATED: 01/01/18] Davy Murrah dispenses poker insight with an  intriguing approach to  the game: 

"This is a "True Confessions" blog. My confession is that I don't always pay attention to everything that is happening. I suspect that we all are guilty at times but I KNOW that I certainly am.

It usually happens when you put your opponent on a straight draw after the flop and concentrate so fully on what cards would complete his straight and whether they fall that you miss the board flushing or you put him on a heart flush draw and concentrate so completely on whether or not another heart falls that you fail to notice the board straightening.
A similar but different lapse happened to me the other day."


 (UPDATED 01/14/15) A new title but the same blog, Goondingy or Big Smoove and pure aggression on the felt examines live poker action:

"Greetings and salutations! I did it, I played a bit of poker! I met my buddy Wild Bill at Lauberge Casino in Baton Rouge to play the $100 tournament and follow up with some cash games. I got to the last three tables before I busted. Had to play like a nit, could not catch anything and when I raised most folks folded.
We got there before the tournament started and were instant alternates, something about a supervisor not being on the floor to help open up another table, but after about 30 minutes they opened a table and about 30 more minutes later I was called to action. Played very tight and just observed, I wanted to get my feel for the game back and it took a very long time. I picked up blinds where it was necessary had one scare where a gentleman chased me to the river and folded on my river bet but my downfall hand was pocket jacks in the cut-off, I believe the blinds were 1k 2k with a $100 ante. "


[UPDATED 01/01/18] ReidG ...who was raised in New Orleans and lives in Mobile brings his poker Saints football perspective on to GCP.NET.

"How's this for a couple of days of bullshit?

A day before the Saints played the Falcons on December 7th, the NFL’s Arthur Blank-led compensation committee finally rewarded Roger Goodell with a $200M contract extension.

Goodell’s contract came after months of bad blood and threats of litigation from Jerry Jones, who had obstructed the formalities. Blank eventually won this power struggle between two of the NFL’s most influential owners, and delivered Goodell his new contract.."

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[UPDATED: 10/21/14]  THE POKER BAT is an online player from Northern Louisiana who is trying out blogging to help him with his game.  Bat will delve into hand scenarios and discuss issues facing today's online player. 

"From his poker blind, the Bat watched Kai magnificently wade through that minefield of Q10 loving princesses and get to heads up action. Heads up action in a ladies tournament… creepy smile, creepy wink, creepy nudge (somebody needs to design that emoticon). There the Bat hears some of the exiled ladies talking. One of them a brutish looking tight end for an Canadian Football League team tells the others, if Kai wins he’s not getting out of the parking lot with the pendant.

This got the Bat picking his nose, actually, the Bat was already knuckle deep, this got the Bat thinking, about poor Kai getting jumped in the parking lot. So taking stock of the future mob, the Bat envisioned the scene if he won:

Kai exits the elevator, with the Ted Nugent muzak fading away as he walks into the IP garage, a car skids out in the distance, but this floor of the garage is empty except for Kai’s car (a vintage Aston Matin) parked by itself overlooking the beauty of the bay of biloxi. As Kai, walks sipping from his shaken not stirred victory martini, the lone light above his car flickers rapidly and turns off, turning the garage to shadow. Dripping water echoes loudly and Kai can’t help but shake the idea he’s being watched"