(UPDATED: 12/11/18) Wild Bill's reflections on poker, sports, and issues facing the Gulf Coast:

" Just wanted to say Thank You! to everybody that attended our first ever poker tournament:  Poker Gras.  Think it was a big success.  Definitely looking to continue the positives everybody raved about as well as expand the options a little bit in the future.

Big thank you to Chase Haydel and Harrahs New Orleans for giving us this opportunity and I think they'll agree everybody won after our first time out.  More to come. By the way, check out this article on Chase by Ben Saxton.  Also, feel it's important to highlight the tireless efforts by Chase, Robbie Gertsner, Joella McIntosh, Mel Emnon and Timmy Louie.  As TDs they busted their butts to put together an in house tournament and had everything moving fairly seamlessly.  Not to mention just about every one of them asked me to put the spotlight on the hard work of somebody else.  Humble, smart, hard-working, what more could you ask for? " [+] 



[UPDATED  1/1/19] Jonathan Little has more tournament winnings than only a handul of pros.  At 24, he had already eclipsed 4 million dollars in lifetime winnings .  The WPT Season VI player of the year, Jonathan was born in Pensacola Florida and currently operates a new poker site, which includes his blogs and videos you can find it here.


"In general, you want to check-raise the flop when you can extract value from many inferior made hands, when you can make many superior hands fold, or when your marginal value hand plays poorly on future betting rounds, usually because your opponent is overly aggressive and the board will significantly change.." [+]

 New Orleans greatest  candy apples, speciality treats and signature deserts.  A hope skip and a step away from Harrahs NOLA. Order yours online right now!



[UPDATED  12/12/18] Nolan Dalla.com is where you find the wit and wisdom of one of the most well known poker writers in the industry.  His WSOP coverage speaks for itself.  His home blog covers a wide range of topics written with that singular Dalla conviction. 

"Is the glass half full or half empty?

Its all a matter of perspective.
So far this NFL regular season, I've posted 91 picks here at my website. I'm slightly above the .500 mark — with a 44-43-4 record. Total profit to date: $4.
That's right, four bucks.
I suppose things could be much worse. After all, I could be in the red.
Let's try to build on last week's disappointment. I should have gone 4-1 but took two really bad beats. Moving on to Week #14.. "


[UPDATED: 1/12/19]  We pick NFL games against the lines posted Tuesday. Sometimes they move by kickoff and we look silly. Sometimes they don't move and we look silly. Either way. You know how football helmets have a sticker that goes "this helmet won't protect your head if your head is inside of it when you smack into another person"? Risking real money on these picks is like that. For entertainment purposes only.r. 

"But even though Mahomes had a magic season, this is his first playoff start. And the Chiefs are favored at home. Not a good spot historically.
Speaking of history, the Chiefs defense was historically bad this season. They yielded over 6,400 yards and over 400 first downs. This was aided by the fact that they were on the field so much due to the KC offense scoring so quickly. But the stats are alarming, especially considering how well the Colts offense has looked.
After a 1-5 start, the Colts were written off and were being looked at as one of the worst teams..."



[UPDATED  09/25/16] Shannon Shorr has graduated.  That's bad news for the poker world because he's terrorized the circuit while also being a full time college student.  Now without distractions, like class every day, the only question is how quickly will he add to his over 3.2 million dollars in tournament winnings.  You can also read Shannon's blog at his homepage:  http://shannonshorr.com/

"As it pertains to my personal journey, it has been a bit volatile since I last posted. I’ve had some dark times that almost all stem from the rough stretch I’ve endured in my career as a tournament poker professional. I won’t bother complaining here as you most certainly don’t wanna hear it. There has been an often-present anxiety due to things not going well financially. It has also been a hit to my ego.
I think I’ve finally worked through it and at peace with it. I’ve been playing poker tournaments for near 11 years now and have experienced the swings of the business first hand. It’s really important to take a step back and gain perspective and “zoom out” as a friend told me this summer. I experienced some depression as a result of things not going well at poker table. An interesting thing happened. I would get upset about tournaments not going well. I would then get really wrapped up in my head and hard on myself FOR getting upset about tournaments not going well."

Bella Donkey

[06/17/16]  Jennifer Gay is a poker player, poker room supervisor and Ante Up Magazine Poker Columnist local to Tunica, MS. Her blog covers the sometimes personal and always comical reality of a life fully centered around poker in the South.

"Steven has applied himself to his study and poker coaching to a level I couldn't have believed possible. Mostly utilizing "Float the Turn" and watching hours and hours of reviewed hand histories, he spends his lunch break at work every day studying in addition to any down time he has at home. He cut carbs from his diet, losing 20+ pounds and dropping below 200 for the first time in a decade, hoping that better health overall will lead to better stamina and mental clarity.

I am super excited about his opportunity to play in the main event and believe he's going to run deep. Hopefully, really deep. I did the math on it and approximately $43,000 would pay off every dime of debt we have and finish the fund for a down payment on a home. We are on track to hit this goal by December 2017, but it would be really nice if he could just knock it out in one big tournament cash. Plus, if we're bringing home $43,000 then that means the investors are all getting a huge return on investment. " 




[UPDATED:  03/28/16] David Clark bagged more points than any other at large qualifier on the WSOP this year.  The Texan has been blogging and winning for some time now.

"I took a different approach towards kick starting my fitness goals in January. I didn’t join a gym or start a new exercise routine, instead I picked up a part time job working construction. Coming from a late night poker schedule this took some significant lifestyle adjustments, but that’s exactly what I was looking for. I ended up walking down this path while following a thought about changing the way I value time. A thought that came along while I was lending my friends and family an extra set of hands." [+]


4445 Veterans Blvd in Metairie, La and you can call @504-889-7350

Poker Fiction

[UPDATED:  08/24/18] PLAYER N scribes a tale of grifters, sleaze balls, and beautiful card sharks all hustling on the Coast.

""Look at him," he groused. "Fucking Fish."

I followed Tony's finger and there he was striding out the other the exit, Morty the accountant. His wallet fatter at least for the moment. He lit up a thick cigar self-satisfied in the crisp autum air then leaned on the railing.

"At least, he's not leaving..." I said. Happy to that fact.

Tony mumbled, "Fucking fish, fucking fish! That fucking guy." He pushed out a thick cloud of cigarette smoke into a crowd of mostly women walking into the casino. He got what he wanted: angry glares and a collective admonishment.

He half lurched at them then defiantly mouthed "What? What? What?"

The ladies drew in closer as they neared the door.

"Asshole," one said to another.
"  [+]




Justin Sharp earned 8.6k for first place in the $200 NLH 8 Max event. He best 192 other entrants to in Event 12. Joseph Welch second for 4.6k.

Also at the final table: Simon Phillip, Mo Serry, Ronnie Hope and Jerry Giroir. Mike Benton, Baylie Kull, Danny Doucet, Stevphen Tindle, and Greg "Fossilman" Raymer all cashed.


Mack Ham takes 11.3k first place after beating Chris Adams heads up. Adams earned 6k for second. Baylie Kull (2.2k), Corey Harrison (1.9k), Wade Smith, Charles Westbrook, Charlene Smith and Hanh Nguyen all made the final table.

Also in the money for Day Two Rene Skinner, Ronnie Bryant, Gerald Rodrigues, Mo Moeini, Chris Dupuy, and Charles Sanders.

Lots of sadness and fond recollections today for a beloved player who became a star during the poker boom. Smith rode the highs and lows of being a professional gambler. 

For some of us, via his Poker Road podcasts, his voice narrated our view into a true professional poker career.  Smith was the type of person  live poker needs more of today, and specifically a person far too young to leave us.

As Nolan Dalla noted (see his blog for a tribute) one of his defining characteristics  was that he was the same guy if he was flush with cash from a major tournament win as he was deep into make up and debt.

Our thoughts go out to his family and his friends.  That's a lot of friends as accounts of his his impact and loss seem to number in the 1000s on social media.


Only the captains listed here for Event 11. Of course, in the case of Tom Franklin that's a little redundant. People On Break can tell us the teammates not listed and we'll correct in the future.

1st: Trace Henderson $3,413
2nd: Tom Franklin $1,896
3rd: Charles White $1,138
4th: Stanley Williams $758
5th: Jerry Giroir $379


Sandra Brown wins $8,706 for first in Event 10. Adam Day second for $4601; Craig Flood third $2,860, Scott Sanford fourth $1,990. 5th through 9th: Justin Sharpe, Rickey Mosher, Pierce Webster, Bradley Carlson, and Billit Bourton. J.W. Carter, Edwin Fields and Debbie Charpentier also made the money.

and BLINK:

We heard several people discussing Thinking Fast and Slow as a recommendation for poker reading at the tables during the Heater. While not a Poker Book per se it's applications for the game are fairly obvious. Many high stakes players are deep into the content and have been discussing the ideas of late.  Sounds somewhat similiar but different to another book we've enjoyed:  Blink by Malcom Gladwell.  Again, a book with little to do about poker it at the same time everything to do with it.

here's an article that may require a second reading after digesting those books and concepts from PokerNews:  First Instincts vs. Second Thoughts: A Heads-Up Battle.

Shannon Shorr was one of our first bloggers, and while he's fallen off on keeping us updated with his poker life (always a great read) now he's a great listen on CardPlayer.

Go here to hear the latest.

Ben Saxton is one our newest bloggers. This Thinking Poker podcast updates us on the book he is writing. Even if as a friend of his, listening to his immersion in the NOLA poker scene, feels a bit like a gorilla comprehending a Jane Goodall discussion with her colleagues :), it's still a lively listen. Looking forward to reading the final product.
He's certainly already catalogued a list of colorful personalities.

Go here to listen.


Dennis Hicks won $36k and the title of Deep Stack champion (Event 9) over a talented group of day two players. He bested bracelet holder Anderson Ireland heads up (19.5k to Ireland). Lou Campos finished third for 11k and Mack Ham fourth for 9k. Some familiar names slotted in 5th through 7th: David Chocheles (5th, 7.8k), Larry White (6th, 6.4k) and Tim Burt (7th, 5k). Ray Curran finished 9th for 2.2k and Nesrin Can, Barron Whipple, and Doug Young won just under 2k for 10 through 12th.

Also making the money and final three tables: Terry Moore, Peter Feriozzi, Tim Repp, Matt Silva, Luther Tran Mike Monaghan, Prissy Giroir, and Martin Zentner.


Keith Ray prevailed in Event 8 winning a touch over 10k for first. Dorian Grant 6k for second and Kevin Cronin 4k for third. The final nine cashed and also included (in order of 4th - 9th): Paul Chung, Eric Kent, Michael Casey, Rickey Bennett, Mack Ham, and Le Yi Chi.


Sometimes the only person you need the "Hollywood" to work on is your opponent...



Charles Temple triumped in Event 7, winning 23k for first in the seniors event. Complete results below but a couple of shouts out for good runs by friends of GCP; Janice Randall for making the final table (8th) and Bill Flippen in the money.

Complete Results:

1st Charles Temple $23,681
2nd John Davis $12,627
3rd Han Kim $7,103
4th Richard Long $5,524
5th Grant Hart $4,735
6th Suzanne Miller $3,946
7th On Kim $3,157
8th Janice Randall $2,368
9th Patricia Darby $1,578
10th Herman Stewart $1,105
11th James McFall $1,105
12th Sandra Brown $1,105
13th George Elias $947
14th Thomas Booker $947
15th Mike Kingham $947
16th Lane Leblanc $789
17th Paul Price $789
18th Anthony Vercher $789
19th Douglas Young $631
20th Judge Leo Boothe $631
21th William Flippen $631
22nd Louis Lee $631
23rd Richard Palter $631
24th Kelly Bennett $631
25th Robert Olinda $631
26th Henry Gill $631
27th Bill Eggerton $63


Robert McCay bested Robert Rourke to win the Limit Omaha Event 6th and earned 5.6k to go with the bragging rights. Rourke won 3.3k for second. The final nine cahed in the 75 entran 17k prize pool. 3rd through 9th in order: Maury Barrett, Rebecca Montague, Chris Stevens, Dean Rutledge, Dennie Lindsay, Cynthia Allen, and Brent Siebenkittel.

The 25k PokerStars Player Championship, with all their satellite winners and freebie winners, arguably slotted itself into contention just behind the Main Event and maybe the WPT 5 Diamond as one of the ephremal poker "majors." A huge groundswell of hype, a huge prize pool, and a ton of elite players certainly elevated it this year to a new level of prestige.

Ramon Colillas of Spain won a 30k valued Platinum Pass and turned that into $5.1 million dollars. He was one of 320 (out of over 1,000 total players) to get a free roll.

The final table started with a cooler as day one chip leader Talal Shakerchi got it in with Aces v. AsQs. By the turn any Jack or spade would win it for his opponent Julien Martini. A spade came.  As you can scroll down and see for yourself in an earlier hand of the week AA v. AQ may well have been the hand matchup of that tournament

Martini rode that winall the way to heads up action and a 2:1 chip lead over Colillas. He got bad beat/coolered himself to give the lead away.

His flopped a flush couldn't fade a backdoored full house that started with a measley pair of queens on the flop for Colillas.

Martini had to settle for just under 3 million. We are sure he'll be fine.



Defending heads up champion Jeremy Eyer (if winning the Fall Event qualifies as defending and why not since it's the only recent previous heads up event in the South) had a shot to go back to back. Eyer (pictured) played Dupuy in the semi-finals in the fall but instead of doubling his victories, Dupuy evened the scoreline winning a title of his own. Dupuy earned over 6k for first. The final four included GCP's Wild Bill Phillips and Justin Donato. Complete results:

1st Chris Dupuy $6,242
2nd Jeremy Eyer $3,425
3rd Bill Phillips $2,015
4th Justin Donato $2,015
5th Alcides Gomez $806
6th Hamid Izadi $806
7th Brandon Marks $806
8th Christopher Smith $806
9th Matthew Silva $403
10th Daniel Doucet $403
11th John Dolan $403
12th Walter Chambers $403
13th Charles Doumitt $403
14th Remedios Patalinghug $403
15th Jeromy Bynum $403
16th John Magnetta $403


Charles Campos took the $300 No Limit Event 5 title by beating Michael Casey two handed. Campos won almost 12k while Casey pocket 6.5k. The top 18 cashed in the 152 Entrant and $36k prize pool. Several familiar names in the money including Lane LeBlanc, Blake Whittington and John Cressend. Complete results below:

1st Charles Campos $11,892
2nd Michael Casey $6,556
3rd Adel Jo $3,602
4th Brian James $2,882
5th Walter Mitchell $2,161
6th Scotter Clark $1,801
7th Daniel Pinney $1,441
8th Blake Whittington $1,081
9th Lane Leblanc $720
10th Holly Meliet $504
11th Keith Mullen $504
12th Donna Cain $504
13th Marvin Crawford $432
14th Sherman Westmoreland $432
15th Mohamed Serry $432
16th John Cressend $360
17th Jay McDonald $360
18th Russ Gould $360

Event #1 $600k guaranteed. 2763 runners. 1st Place was William Stanford for north of $92k...Jon Hemingway next in 2nd scoring $54k...Tara Snow 5th for over $33k...behind her Hiep Doan (pic) who scoped over $25k.

Other notables: Barth Melius got 16th for $6700...Dustin Stewart 20th for over $5500... "King of Poker Gras" Mihail Karasoulis and the guy that came in 2nd to Mihail, David "Diesel" Nicholson, came in 23rd/24th and both took home $5500.

Event#2 $300 buyin with 318 players...Shawn Calvit (pictured) wins  $22k...Bill Joyner 2nd for $12k...Mo Serry 3rd for $6700...Jerry Monroe 20th and min cash.

Event #3 $300 buyin "Big O" with 120 players...winner was Remedious Patalinghug...2nd place was JW Smith for $5000...3rd was Rebecca Montaque for $3000...Bobby Washington $2000.

Good Luck to everybody still in it.


Let's set the stage a bit... getting close to the bubble in the 25k buy-in PokerStars championship.  The girl in the hand won a free seat to this tournament.  Would you, could you, press the fold button?


Ben Saxton, now a permenant New Orleans native (we think), writes in-depth profiles of poker players and industry figures on both a national and local scale.

We've long linked to many of these and have been meaning to add him to our blog roll for some time. Here's where he archives the stories he writes for 2 + 2 with a lot of features on folks from our neck of the woods. You'll find him slotted in on the right side of the site.

Chris Sirras writes an NFL handicapping blog, Inside Water, which is equal parts funny and informative. Again, we intended to add him to our roll much earlier, and since it's the end of the NFL season why not now?

Yeah, our timing is terrible. Just the playoffs to go. That said, if we put him here now, no way we miss him next year.   You will find him on the left side of the site.


Wharton's website gives a very deep synopsis about a book that features a fictional poker playing Wharton graduate written by a real life Wharton graduate and Hedge Fund Pioneer Jerrold Fine. This looks like a great  read and can you beat the title Make Me Even and I'll Never Gamble Again? This is heavy on the poker and shows a direct line between the financial markets and the game we play.  The article also features a podcast interview with the author.  Go here for more. And click the photo to buy if you appreciate our rec.  We might make a few pennies lol.


We had planned to do a little write up (still might) about the biggest stories in poker (with a slant toward the coast) but ESPN and Bernard Lee did an excellent job wrapping up 18 news items that featured prominently in 2018 so check that out first.  Go here .


Lee Davy on CalvinAryre.com wrote up his five favorite poker victories of the year. Not surprisingly this one is a little heavy on "the industry" of poker. Go here.


Roger Federer apparently sought help to learn how to keep a poker face. The idea being his opponent would have less information to do battle with.  Anybody else or any other pro athletes looking for a coach on keeping it in? We will be happy to help contact us. Article here.


This guy can't stop playing poker on a video game against the artifical players.  Maybe there is still hope for online poker in the A.I. Age (at least for the site providers)?  Go here

In honor of the MDH starting this weekend (SCHEDULE) we've compiled Hendon Mob's top ten lists for the venue.  The top ten cashers is loaded with familir local names but you'll notice the all time money winner's list has a different complection altogether.  That's because the Beau used to host a 10k buy-in WPT event which generated giant prize pools and skewed that list entirely.  Don't see your name well click the links below to see the complete lists:

1st Tom Franklin 34
2nd Billy McBrayer 27
3rd Mohammad Moeini 24
4th Timothy Burt 22
5th Hiep Doan 17
5th Jeremy Eyer 17
5th Jerry Ard 17
8th Nesrin Can 16
8th Seville Hale 16
8th William Souther 16
8th Mark Wilds 16

More cashers here.

1st Allen Carter $ 1,218,471
2nd William Edler $ 754,890
3rd Hoyt Corkins $ 732,854
4th Alexander Kuzmin $ 601,606
5th Robert Suer $ 501,082
6th Tyler Smith $ 476,528
7th Jonathan Kantor $ 436,391
8th John Dolan $ 430,308
9th David Robbins Jr $ 415,417
10th Mark Rose $ 377,873

More money winners here.

First off Merry Christmas and Hapy Holidays from GCP to you and your family.  Some links to read...


The state of Kentucky sued Pokerstars for the money its residents lost when the site was illegally operating prior to Black Friday. So kind of the bluegrass legislators to redistribute the losses to their aggrieved citizens? Well... not exactly.

Kentucky wanted solely to drain Poker stars of the funds to add to their own coffers and not to make their citizens whole at all. On appeal the court agreed with PokerStars that Kentucky which was using a loophole (of sorts) in its own law solely to basically profit off its citizen's gambling losses. Pretty much the exact opposite of the point of the law.

Go here for all the details.


Brent Kallman of the Minnesota United makes 85k as an MLS soccer player. He won 62k over four days at The WPT's Seminole Rock 'N Roll Open. He has no plans to change professions but definitely has a pretty good side hustle.


The new company is looking to hold live eSports events, develop an online sSports platform, trade under Nasdaq symbol AESE and to expand its player base by a factor of almost 10.  Maybe some will join in on the poker?

Also interesting that Bwin sold the WPT for around 30 million in just 2015 and this transaction was reported to be 150 million. Gulp! Go here for more details.


Caroline Hulse has written a book, The Adults, about two new couples, half of each are an ex couple, spending a holiday together. She says that she modeled a lot of the inevitably painful interactions based on players in high stress poker situations. "There's lots of times in poker where you what the sensible thing is to do, but you don't actually want to do it. And I think there's lots situations like that in life as well."

Go here.


The laws seems to be changing, Michigan recently joined the online poker should be legal states, and those reading the tea leaves believe more dominoes will tumble any day now. So is a poker boom coming? Ed Miller suggests a surge is around the corner: Go to Cardplayer.


$500 Buy-in will be rake free and feature a $5 Million guaranteed prize pool to kick off the half century honoring event. The massive amount of rebuys will not be rake free so it's possible the WSOP will still make more than first place money for this years version of the Collosus. However, like almost every event they are featuring more chips and this looks to have a lot more play than last years coin-flipping contest.  Got WSOP.com for more details on the new schedule.


Kevin Johnson beat Luke Graham heads up to win 127k in the IP Main Event. Graham earned 78k. Ben Thomas of Baton Rouge made it all the way to fourth place in the Main Event and locked up a seat in the Global Championship as Casino Champion. Not only that but he also pocket 42.6k for his finish.

Matt Higgins finished third for 57k. Johnny Landreth (6th 24k) and BJ McBrayer (9th 12k) also made the final table.


Wayner Solar of Baton Rouge (16th 6.6k), Peace Marvel of Pearl River, LA (17th 6.6k), Michael Lech (Alma Ark, 18th 6.6k), Jared Ingles (20th 5.5k), Randy Gordon, Rebeca Campbell, Sley Sanchez and Jeffrey Bromberger all cashed.


Robbie Matthews of Baton Rouge didn't have a ring a week earlier, now he has two. He swept the senior events after winning over 7k for first place in Seniors Event #2. Mickel Brien of New Orleans followed up his winning of a Bad Beat jackpot at the Gold Nugget for 25k with a fourth place finish. Hank Sitton Kenny Milam, and Ron Held also cashed. So too, Thu Nguyen and Charles Windham of Slidell.

Circuit Grinder Mike Lech sits atop the leaderboard with 551k after Flights A and B coalesce today.

Rebecca Campbell (pictured 304k), Jared Ingles (274k), and BJ McBrayer (236k) bagged top 20 stacks.

Randy Gordon 210k, Peace Marvel 195k, Jeff Bromberger 182k, Matt Higgins 182k, Ben Thomas 148k, Sley Sanchez 12k, Wayne Solar (118k), Chris Savage (112k), Judge Leo Boothe (95K), and Tim Burt (75k) all return to action today.

Good Luck to everybody still in it.


Gavin Munroe of Gautier, MS prevailed in the Monster Stack tournament after amassing a monster stack in the money and runing over the field. Munroe's first ring came with $26,278 too.  Not bad for the local dealer. Five Georgia players made the final table: Regina Ham 2nd (16k), Dell Taylor 4th (8.8k), James Bankston (5th 6.6k), Mack Ham (7th 3.9k) and Ismal Cabrera (8th 3.1k).

The final table also featured Donald Crabtree of TN finished third for 11k, Austin Reilly of Gulf Shores 6th for 5k and Brent Siebenkittle of D'Iberville for 9th 2.4k.

With 362 players 45 were paid. Those earning over 1k included Ben Thomas, Martin Zentner, Homer Borque (Port Barre, LA), and "Cigar" Joey Wideman.

Also in the money: Simon Philip (Pensacola), Danny Doucet, JW Carter, "Wild" Bill Phillips, Ben Mintz, Andrew Dykeman (Jacksonville), Prissy Giroir, Brandon Semmes (Monroe, LA), David Nicholson, and Steve Bierman.


Scott Brewster of Covington, LA pipped Luther Tran of Bayou La Batre heads up won win 21k. Tran earned 12k for second. Trace Henderson won 9k for third. Bob Beck of Santa Rosa Beach won 7k for fourth.

Rober Elliott (AL), Terry Moore (AL), Charles Holler (TX), Dylan Ziglar (Holden, LA), and Corey Harrison also final tabled the $600 Big Blind Ante event. "Cigar" Joey Wideman and Joe "The Pro" Hebert also made the money.


New Orleans player Sley Sanchez topped Event 5, winning the $400 6 Handed No Limit Hold'em tournament. He overcame a massive chip disadvantage to Hamid Izadi to earn more than 13k for first.

Izadi made $8,488 for second. Trace Henderson won a little over 6k for third. Terry Moore (4.4k for fourth), Nolan Burton (3.2k for fifth) and Sean Small (2.3k for sixth) rounded out the final table.

Tim Burt, Ray Curran, Michael Monaghan, Captain Tom Franklin, Ronald Hines, Tony Higgins, Judy Leblanc, and Philip Braswell all made the money too.


Charlotte, NC native Matt Silva won 8.4k for first in Event 6. He beat resident PLO expert Matt Lansdon heads up for the ring. Landson earned 5.2k for second. Circuit regs Kennii Nguyen, Warren Sheaves, and Scott Cooper all made the final table. Luis "El Chopo" Tablas of Metairie also cashed.


Joe "The Pro" Hebert (pictured) came up just short in the $400 one day Event 7. He finished second for 8.3k to Russell Sullivan of South Carolina. Joe's travel  buddy and recent ring winner Ben Thomas finished third for 6k (putting him in contention for Casino Champion). Eric Salazar of Greensboro North Carolina won 4.4k for fourth.

A few of our local favorites also made the final table. Chirs Canan earned 3.2k for fifth, Michael Monaghan 2.4k for sixth, and Peace Marvel 1.9k for seventh.

Braden Robinson and Sheila Boyne both of Louisiana rounded out the final table. JW Carter of Jackson, Michael Lins of Bay Minette, FL, and Tomas Teran of Welsh, LA all made the money.

Baton Rouge invaded Biloxi and left with all the spoils on a glorious Sunday. Three champs crowned and all three ring winners came from Red Stick. What a day for the Red Stick grinders.


Sometimes you play a tournament and you just feel a player is fated to win. Devine intervention or just a good run of cards and an ability to rake big pots. Debra Irvine wasn't falling for bluffs and steadily got max value for her hands so no wonder she took her first ring in the re-entry event.

She earned 44k for first (her second final table of the series) and left Biloxi's own Greg Whitworth to settle for 27k and second place. Two other accomplished players took third (Corey Harrison 20k) and fourth (Mike Monaghan 15k).

Rory O'Brien of Prairieville, LA won 11k for fifth. Donald Davis of Braxton, MS (7th touch under 7k), and JW Carter of Jackson, MS (9th 4.4k) also made the final table.

Other locals in the final three tables included Andrew Moon (12th 3.6k), Sley Shanchez (13th 3k), Ken Christopher (15th 3k), Judge Leo Boothe (16th 2.5k), Steve Bierman (19th), Eric Lefort the day 1 chipleader (20th), Derek Normand (23rd), Wild Bill Phillips (25th) and Luther Tran (29th).

Also cashing on Day 2: Tim Burt, Morty Davis, Trace Henderson, Ronald Inman, Saeed Nia, Dale Trosclair, Chester Baughan, Robert henderson, Renee Skinner, Brandon Semmes and Thuy Djedjos.

Lafarrah Weeks was one of a couple of players to cash twice in the same event.


Robbie Matthews picked up his first ring in the seniors event and just like all seniors events he plays seemed like he started with a big stack and just kept adding to it. Robbie won 9.6k for first and Baton Rouge's second ring on the day.

Bill Dehart of Metairie won just under 6k for second. Bill Flippen of Kenner took fifth, with Kenny Milam adding another final table to his resume. Also cashing JL Cutrer, Davon Hayes and Mark Holmes.


Ben Thomas can no longer be considered one of the better players on the Coast without a ring. FIrst place in the $400 one day event ended that distinction.

The Baton Rouge rounder won 12.6k and bested Paul Sokoloff heads up (Sokoloff was in search of his second ring of the series). Matt Davis (also of Baton Rouge), Luiz Sa, and Lafarrah Weeks also cashed.

Today the first event will be spread at the IP's WSOP-C event. This is a stop that has returned to the coast, albeit in a different calendar slot. Lots of history there for players in our footprint. They get us started with a $250 ring event. If you are interesting in adding to the history we have the all time cashers and winners at the IP to know what you gotta do to crack those top tens...

We just mentioned this guy recently for winning a ton more money, but did you know he's first place all time in earnings at the IP?

1st Kyle Cartwright $ 249,352
2nd Timothy Miles $ 194,911
3rd Mohammad Moeini $ 169,871
4th Jerry Monroe $ 144,756
5th Caufman Talley III $ 136,768
6th Chris Savage $ 129,023
7th Martin Zentner $ 114,400
8th Tom Franklin $ 112,808
9th Travis Lutes $ 95,253
10th William Phillips $ 86,381

In terms of number of cashes it's another familiar name sitting way above everybody else:

1st William Souther 30
2nd Tom Franklin 22
3rd Timothy Burt 15
4th Gregory Whitworth 13
4th William Phillips 13
6th Bertel Ladner 12
6th Barron Whipple 12
8th William Jeter Brock 11
8th Danny Doucet 11
8th David Nicholson 11
8th Robert Harwell 11

For more news that no longer qualifies as the latest, because... it's no longer recent, follow the link below...





 (UPDATED: 8/24/18) Gene D's outlook on the local and national poker scene:

"Had some time to sit down and bang out a new blog pre-wsop. We just finished with the New Orleans Circuit event and everyone is getting geared up for wsop in Vegas. I am unsure if I will be heading out this year as Ivy is now 8 years old and he is at that "cool age" and we have alot planned for the summer...we will see.

Played a few events in New Orleans including the $1650 Main Event. I wasnt happy with how I played ...but then again I will always find fault with my play unless I win...lol.

Its an exciting time to be in poker as the laws may be changing soon, and online poker may come back in full force. GCP has been a mainstay for poker on the Gulf Coast and we hope to take advantage of the second coming to bring GCP to more computers in the future and gain more readers. Bill and I want to take the time to thank everyone who has came back for the stories and blogs."


4445 Veterans BLVD, Metaire, LA



 [UPDATED: 08/24/18] Poker Monkey shares his insights on the tournament poker circuit, life in general, and the battle to make it happen:

"I kept searching. Then thought...shit...guess I better click on RESULTS...and pray that I don't see his name there. And....there it was. 226th. Michael Schneider. $42,980. Had he made it just ONE more spot...to 225th...it would have paid another $7k. OUCH!"



[UPDATED: 1/1/19]  BEN SAXTON is writing a poker book based on the Gulf Coast scene.  Here is an archive of interviews and features of poker players from all over but with a spotlight mostly on our locals.

"Strolling through the Rios Amazon Room, ESPN commentator Norman Chad spotted a player wearing a gray horseshoe mustache, a white button-down, and an MT TRUCK SERVICE hat. Each time the man left his seat—he was deep in the 2015 WSOP Main Event—other players, dealers, floormen, and railbirds wished him well. Puzzled, Chad walked over. "Excuse me,”he said. "Everyone here knows you. Who are you?”
Kenny Milam smiled and said, “Im the best-known unknown player in the country.”"


[UPDATED: 10/12/18]  CORY is Harrhas NOLA cash player who has moved to Vegas to take his shot there.  The Vlog chronicles his efforts. 

"Cory's first few blogs have included appearences by Drew Brees (okay kind of a drive by), Daniel Negreanu (not a drive by at all), and an Harrahs NOLA reg many of you may recognize. 

 The vlog started in pursuit of a PokerStars contest but Cory expects to keep blogging in the future. Track his progress on www.corypansano.com or on his YouTube channel.  Good stuff." [+]



 (UPDATED 11/11/15) Florida's Jason Mericer is one of the best poker players in the world.  Why wouldn't you read his blog? 

"I'm back home in Florida, relaxing for most of November before heading back out for more tournaments in December. Now that the NBA season is underway, I'm taking advantage of the time off to watch some hoops, including following how my Miami Heat are going to do without LeBron James this year.

I actually just took a trip up to Charlotte, North Carolina to watch the Heat play the Hornets a few days ago. A friend of mine has courtside tickets and invited me to come up because he knows how big of a Heat fan I am. I've wanted to sit courtside for a Heat game for quite some time so was really excited to experience it for the first time. We sat right next to the Hornets bench, so hearing the interaction between the players and the coaches was pretty awesome. It was one of the most fun things I've ever done and I can't wait to do it again.."


 [UPDATED: 01/01/18] Davy Murrah dispenses poker insight with an  intriguing approach to  the game: 

"This is a "True Confessions" blog. My confession is that I don't always pay attention to everything that is happening. I suspect that we all are guilty at times but I KNOW that I certainly am.

It usually happens when you put your opponent on a straight draw after the flop and concentrate so fully on what cards would complete his straight and whether they fall that you miss the board flushing or you put him on a heart flush draw and concentrate so completely on whether or not another heart falls that you fail to notice the board straightening.
A similar but different lapse happened to me the other day."


 (UPDATED 01/14/15) A new title but the same blog, Goondingy or Big Smoove and pure aggression on the felt examines live poker action:

"Greetings and salutations! I did it, I played a bit of poker! I met my buddy Wild Bill at Lauberge Casino in Baton Rouge to play the $100 tournament and follow up with some cash games. I got to the last three tables before I busted. Had to play like a nit, could not catch anything and when I raised most folks folded.
We got there before the tournament started and were instant alternates, something about a supervisor not being on the floor to help open up another table, but after about 30 minutes they opened a table and about 30 more minutes later I was called to action. Played very tight and just observed, I wanted to get my feel for the game back and it took a very long time. I picked up blinds where it was necessary had one scare where a gentleman chased me to the river and folded on my river bet but my downfall hand was pocket jacks in the cut-off, I believe the blinds were 1k 2k with a $100 ante. "


[UPDATED 01/01/18] ReidG ...who was raised in New Orleans and lives in Mobile brings his poker Saints football perspective on to GCP.NET.

"How's this for a couple of days of bullshit?

A day before the Saints played the Falcons on December 7th, the NFL’s Arthur Blank-led compensation committee finally rewarded Roger Goodell with a $200M contract extension.

Goodell’s contract came after months of bad blood and threats of litigation from Jerry Jones, who had obstructed the formalities. Blank eventually won this power struggle between two of the NFL’s most influential owners, and delivered Goodell his new contract.."

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[UPDATED: 10/21/14]  THE POKER BAT is an online player from Northern Louisiana who is trying out blogging to help him with his game.  Bat will delve into hand scenarios and discuss issues facing today's online player. 

"From his poker blind, the Bat watched Kai magnificently wade through that minefield of Q10 loving princesses and get to heads up action. Heads up action in a ladies tournament… creepy smile, creepy wink, creepy nudge (somebody needs to design that emoticon). There the Bat hears some of the exiled ladies talking. One of them a brutish looking tight end for an Canadian Football League team tells the others, if Kai wins he’s not getting out of the parking lot with the pendant.

This got the Bat picking his nose, actually, the Bat was already knuckle deep, this got the Bat thinking, about poor Kai getting jumped in the parking lot. So taking stock of the future mob, the Bat envisioned the scene if he won:

Kai exits the elevator, with the Ted Nugent muzak fading away as he walks into the IP garage, a car skids out in the distance, but this floor of the garage is empty except for Kai’s car (a vintage Aston Matin) parked by itself overlooking the beauty of the bay of biloxi. As Kai, walks sipping from his shaken not stirred victory martini, the lone light above his car flickers rapidly and turns off, turning the garage to shadow. Dripping water echoes loudly and Kai can’t help but shake the idea he’s being watched"