(UPDATED: 10/06/16) Wild Bill's reflections on poker, sports, and issues facing the Gulf Coast:

"Speaking of others... What a week it was for the guys I'm coaching/helping out with their games.

First off, Steve Bierman, a voracious learner, who only cares about getting better and better and better. I can't be more proud of the dude as he navigated a really tough final day at the IP Main Event to get the biggest score of his life over 70k! Not only that he came in with a final table strategy and executed it perfectly to have a shot at the ring and all the glory. Great job, Steve!

Here we are celebrating Steve's previous biggest score in January of this year at the Beau with Jeff Sager. Guy's won what over 100k this year? Still two months to go.

This time, Ben Saxton and Joe Hebert joined us for the drinks to salute Steve's win. Bricks of cash might have been gratuitously on show at one point. At least Steve didn't leave them in the bar as he did with his check in January (shout out to Mack Trelles for running him down that time)."


[UPDATED  04/22/16] Jonathan Little has more tournament winnings than only a handul of pros.  At 24, he had already eclipsed 4 million dollars in lifetime winnings .  The WPT Season VI player of the year, Jonathan was born in Pensacola Florida and currently operates a new poker site, which includes his blogs and videos you can find it here.

"Today I will share with you a hand from the $1,111 buy-in Little One Drop event that took place during the 2015 World Series of Poker. This event attracted a huge field of 4,555 people. I managed to take 67th place for $7,215, which is always nice. When playing in a tournament consisting of mostly amateur players, it is important to steal lots of pots by making your opponent feel as if his entire stack is at risk while only risking a small portion of yours." [+]


[UPDATED  07/22/16] Nolan Dalla.com is where you find the wit and wisdom of one of the most well known poker writers in the industry.  His WSOP coverage speaks for itself.  His home blog covers a wide range of topics written with that singular Dalla conviction. 

"Mike Sexton should be proud.
Someone ripped off the new book Sexton personally gave to me, right off my desk, out in the open, at the Rio in Las Vegas.  Someone out there is a thief!
The backstory goes like this: I'm at the Rio working the 2016 World Series of Poker for 51-straight days and nights. Since Iím toiling away inside a casino, just about every square inch of the property is covered by the watchful eye of surveillance cameras. Itís almost impossible for someone to steal something and it not be recorded on video."



[UPDATED  09/25/15] Shannon Shorr has graduated.  That's bad news for the poker world because he's terrorized the circuit while also being a full time college student.  Now without distractions, like class every day, the only question is how quickly will he add to his over 3.2 million dollars in tournament winnings.  You can also read Shannon's blog at his homepage:  http://shannonshorr.com/

"Hey friends! At 6:34 a.m. local time Friday I summited the world's largest free-standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro with my buddies Jesse and Paul Yaginuma! I consider it one of my biggest personal achievements and got so much out of the journey. The idea was proposed by Jesse and Paul over a year ago. I initially laughed it off thinking it was an unattainable goal. I'm really, really, really glad I looked further into it. A big thank you to the Yaginumas for being such cool fucking guys with ambition and a strong desire to live their lives to the fullest. This reiterates to me just how essential it is that we all keep an openmind about everything. Opening one's mind isn't a process that happens overnight. It's a matter of being exposed to different people, things and places. I'll take this platform, however small it is, to try to express that through this documentation of my Kilimanjaro experience:" [+]


3802 Veterans BLVD, Metaire, LA


[UPDATED  03/08/16] David Mendez grinds online poker at a time when it's hard to find a game.  His blog centers on his poker both live and online.

"Which is better? I think we all know how I feel about the matter by now. Some others and myself are still working out some details but it will be a heads up poker competition consisting of two teams, "live" & "online". If you play live poker in the local circles then I am sure you know Kenny Milam! Happy to have him as captain of the "live" team! Once the details have been agreed on Gulf Coast Poker will be holding a poll on which team will come out on top so be sure to go vote! The competition will be held over 3-4 weeks with one round of competition per week.." [+]

Bella Donkey

[06/17/16]  Jennifer Gay is a poker player, poker room supervisor and Ante Up Magazine Poker Columnist local to Tunica, MS. Her blog covers the sometimes personal and always comical reality of a life fully centered around poker in the South.

"Steven has applied himself to his study and poker coaching to a level I couldn't have believed possible. Mostly utilizing "Float the Turn" and watching hours and hours of reviewed hand histories, he spends his lunch break at work every day studying in addition to any down time he has at home. He cut carbs from his diet, losing 20+ pounds and dropping below 200 for the first time in a decade, hoping that better health overall will lead to better stamina and mental clarity.

I am super excited about his opportunity to play in the main event and believe he's going to run deep. Hopefully, really deep. I did the math on it and approximately $43,000 would pay off every dime of debt we have and finish the fund for a down payment on a home. We are on track to hit this goal by December 2017, but it would be really nice if he could just knock it out in one big tournament cash. Plus, if we're bringing home $43,000 then that means the investors are all getting a huge return on investment. " 




[UPDATED:  03/28/16] David Clark bagged more points than any other at large qualifier on the WSOP this year.  The Texan has been blogging and winning for some time now.

"I took a different approach towards kick starting my fitness goals in January. I didnít join a gym or start a new exercise routine, instead I picked up a part time job working construction. Coming from a late night poker schedule this took some significant lifestyle adjustments, but thatís exactly what I was looking for. I ended up walking down this path while following a thought about changing the way I value time. A thought that came along while I was lending my friends and family an extra set of hands." [+]


3802 Veterans Blvd in Metairie, La and you can call @504-889-7350

Poker Fiction

[UPDATED:  03/08/12] PLAYER N scribes a tale of grifters, sleaze balls, and beautiful card sharks all hustling on the Coast.

"Thick cigarette breath assaulted me as the man in the tattered Red Sox jacket put his hand on my shoulder, "Hey boss, spare a dollar..." it hung there not as a question but an instruction. I couldn't sidestep it or the man. His gently tightening grip, neither affectionate nor comforting, but oddly somehow both soft and malevolent made the hairs on my neck stand up. The harsh cold wind pushed at me, up the darkened street gaining speed between the concrete buildings. It buttressed me helping the man stop me on that corner.

I gave him a steely look, and he inhaled quickly through his nostrils, "Sorry guy." I tried to wave him off, but his hand didn't move. I had to look him in the eye.

Quiet, gray blue eyes surprised me, they looked like they still had the sparkle of youth, maybe a forty years old but his weathered face told a different story. Craggy, fractured and leathery ridges told of many more years and hardship born of living outdoors. Then in a flash, those eyes lost their luster and bore into m
"  [+]



Multi-flight Seniors Event, 100k Guarantees Rentry and Main Event



The folks in Pearl River, led by tournament director Paul Dutsch, keep getting bigger and bolder.   Lots to love about this fall event.  Another multi-flight seniors event, a 100k guarantee re-entry event to kick start the series, and an $800 buyin Main Event with only $50 juice (!!!!!) also with a 100k guarantee.  Talk about player friendly.

Book a trip now.  Inexpensive and brand new rooms, the famous Dancing Rabbit golf course (pictured), and cash games that will be bumping again.  Here's the complete schedule.


Big Slicks Poker Room in Biloxi's Scarlet Pearl will host their first Big Slick 30k Poker Open October 7th through the 9th.  Flight A is friday at 6pm, Flight B is Satruday at 11am, and Flight C is Saturday at 6pm.  All will merge for day 2 on Sunday at 1pm. 

Buyin is $255.  We predict they will smash their guarantee and you'll love their charging ports in the table.  See you there.  Structure Sheet is here.

Three ways were the theme of the week in Biloxi. It's rumored that both the Main Event at the Beau Rivage and the Main Event at the IP were chopped three ways.

At the Beau, Chuck Carragher, Seville Halle, and Jared Ingles divvied up the money shortly after "The Chemist" Jeremy Gaubert busted 4th. Seville Hale got credit for the top spot. Also in the money, David Nicholson who had a strong week at both casinos, Tim Burt, Kyle Cartwright, Joe Hebert and GCP's "Wild" Bill Phillips.

At the IP, with a little bigger prize pool, the chop went to Baton Rouge's Chris Savage, Lytle Allen and Steve Bierman (pictured celebrating below center). All made over 70k on the day. Caufman Talley III went out just before the money was split up winning 42k. Savage after another bathroom deal got credit for the ring and the seat in the Global Championship.

Tim Miles won just under 20k for 7th. Jeter Brock continued his fine year with an 11th place finish just under 10k. TJ Cloutier also won just under 10k. Brian Senie, Corey Harrison, and Josh Lowing made the final 18. Hank Sitton, Tim Burt (who pulled off the double Main Event cash), Danny Doucet, Frank Alpandinar, Marco Palacios, BJ McBrayer, David Chocheles, Gary Friedlander, Mike Sanders, Ben Thomas, and John Dollinger all cashed.


Josh Palmer won almost 50k in the first reentry event besting almost 1100 plaeyrs. Seville Hale finished fourth for just under 20k (pictured: what a good week  for the 986 grinder and former Monkey Minion). Well done to Baton Rouge's David Weinstein who earned a little over 10k for 7th.

Jerry Ard (15th), Frank Alpandinar (33rd), Chris Torres (35th), Randy Gordon (41st), Corey Harrison (46th), and David Nicholoson (49th) all made the top 50. Also cashing Paul Hebert, BJ McBrayer, John Durio, Jerry Griroir, Jeremy Gaubert, David Chocheles, John walters, Michael Benton, Brian Walsingham, Michael Horchoff and Chris Dupuy all cashed.


Easton Oreman finished second to Mark Fitzhenry in the second event a NLHE Turbo. Fitzhenry won 6k, Oreman 3.k and Jeremy Williams pocketed just about 2.1k for third.


Turned out to be a pretty good week for past Monkey's Minions. Dr. Laura took down the seniors event for a healthy 15k.


Alabamian Matt Lansdon has four tournament wins lifetime. Three came in variations of Omaha. This time he won almost 4k for the Pot Limit Omaha event. His last score, also an Omaha event; 1st PLO 8 or Better at the Beau.


Hernando, MS's Brett Lim beat a loaded final table including Brandon Guillory (2nd, 4k), Jeff Sager (4th, just under 2k) and Herbert Tabscott (6th). This is Lim's first outright win.

Congrats to all that cashed and more importantly all that made money.


The kid recently got 5th in the WPT in Maryland for $85k...on top of the Million plus he scooted with the rest of the year including two 2nd places in WPT events for $341k and $412k. Whatever this kid is doing...you may want to try it.



Matt Stroud sits on a commanding chip lead. The Lafayette, LA player is due for his first major cash. He's in great shape to make it happen today. Also advancing bigger stacks are Antony Vidmer, Joe Phelps, Josh Mancuso, and Bert Ladner.

Bob "Spider" Henderson, Charlie Gelvin, Michael Benton and GCP's Gene Dudek. Captain Tom Franklin, Barron Whipple, Morgan Sager, John Durio, Wild Bill Phillips and Squirt Pierce, also advanced. 


The WSOPC Main Event inched forward to Day two. Still needing to lose half the field to get to the money, the returnees include many of the Coast's best players.  Atop the standings is Desmond Scot (pictured) with 318.5k. Michael Fontenot is a couple of spots behind at 241k. Tim Burt (200k), TK Miles (180k), Brian Senie (158k) and Steve Bierman (137k) are just behind in the top 15.

Caufman Talley, Ben Thomas, Fred Sigur, Bj McBrayer, Jeter Brock, Corey Harrison, and Gary Fridelander all bagged more than 100k.  Josh Palmer, Frank Alpandinar (also pictured), David Chocheles, Marco Palacios, Luther Tran, Chris Savage, Mo Moeini and Hank Sitton return with more than 60k.  On the short stacks TJ Cloutier, Nesrin Can, Danny Doucet, John Dollinger, and Wild Bill Phillips.

Chip counts for Day two of Main Event. Here .

Seating assignments. Here .

The 200k reentry tournament at the Beau Rivage starts today. Ton of options for poker tournaments on the coast.Here's a link to the Beau Rivage schedule. All events will be upstairs again in the Ballroom. We'll see you there.

Last night Chris Canan (pictured above) won the first event at the Beau Rivage.  Getting things started on the right foot.  Great job Chris. 


Flight A of the WSOP C event at the IP finished with Steve Nusrallah (picuted below) on top of the chip counts. A massive Aces vs. Kings pot gave him the momentum he needed to finish off the night sitting in the cat bird seat with 395k in chips.

Cory Pasano finished 8th in chips with 228k. Ronnie Hope also made it through the night with 126k in chips. Brandon Guillory and Todd Cowan both bagged close to 90k. Complete counts here.


Doug Polk v. Ben Tollene revealed their first world poker problems. An old dispute got aired on 2+2 where Polk alleges he gave Ben86 coaching in exchange for coaching in their respective specialties. Problem is after Polk (aka WCGRider) coached Ben86, Ben86 stiffed him and never gave him coaching in return.

Polk also is salty because Tollene then tried to sit with him in his field presumably using the insight he gave freely against him. 2+2 then unveiled some other shifty dealings and a drama thread spilled out. Got a couple of hours to kill and some popcorn? Go here.


We'll have more details VERY soon (like tomorrow), but we're excited to announce we'll be affiliates for a new APP which allow you to "Daily Fantasize" so to speak during games with great prizes. Seems pretty cool and will enhance your Sundays. Will be launching soon. If you are interested in becomming an affialiate let us know  Email here.

With a 200k Guarantee in their 25k starting Monster Stack event, the Beau Rivage will get things rolling quickly in their tournament series this September. Lots of player friendly options this go round. Main Event is only $1200 buy-in and most of their satellites feature two added seats.

They offer a senior tournament with two flights. Pot Limit Omaha, Big O, Limit Omaha 8 or better and plenty of Holdem dot the schedule. Another fun one, the $200 Little Monster with 15k in the starting stack and three flights.   Complete schedule here.  

Seen a lot of our poker buddies social media pages and they featured water, water, and more water.  Now its demo after demo.  Our hearts have been heavy.  Too many to count who visit this page are now cleaning up and putting their lives back together.

We have tried (and are still trying) to put together a charity poker tournament to raise funds for those affected.  Thanks go out to Harrahs NOLA and the Beau Rivage.  Both casinos loved the idea and were eager to get involved.  So, to the floors and the tournament directors and the room managers we appreciate the effort.  Unfortunately, both places ran into problems with gaming and putting on a charity event.  Sometimes, that can sound a bit like a throwaway excuse, but based on their initial enthusiasm and then disapppointment to not be able to do it, we are confident they tried, their best.

We have reached out to a couple of other casinos and we will keep everybody in the loop if we are able to get one together.  If somebody wants to lend a hand or can make it happen let us know.  Perhaps, we'll try to put one on privately.  We'll see.

Also, want to say thanks to the those of you who literally rescued people, made a donation, taken supplies to the areas impacted, or are still cleaning out homes.  Seen a lot of good people stepping up and contibuting. 

If you haven't been able to help and still want too, here's some great info and options over at NOLA.com.  Also, a blog by Will Souther detailing his efforts to help our friends in need.


Four Handed in the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event Tim Burt and the three remaining players decided to chop it up. The former soldier went out third having made a great deal. The chop secured a good bit more than the 300k+ third place prize money.

Burt, as you can scroll down and see, has been knocking on the door all summer. Congrats on the big cash, Tim! Complete results here .  (Jason Koon gets the win and the trophy).


The Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open guaranteed five Million in their championship event and a couple of Biloxi's finest are in South Florida chasing the one million first place prize. Eskandar will start the day with a hair under 2 million chips as 38 players get pared down to the final table.

Tim Burt also brings a massive stack back with 1.226 million. Zo Karim returns second in chips. Some other notables still in the field include Ted Lawson, Jason Koon, Chris Klodnocki, David Peters, Joe Serock, and Matt Affleck. Every player now is already guaranteed 22.5k. Everybody eighth or better wins 100k or more


After besting GCP blogger Jonathan Little in the semi-finals, Ari Engel gets creative in chopping the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Heads Up Championship. Go here for more details.

It's been a while but several people have told us this is one of their favorite types of posts.  So here's what you should be reading around the web (also fresh blogs from River Poker, Monkey, Nolan Dalla and more): 

Doyle Brunson likely an intended victim of an armed robbery?  Go here for the details.  

Arizona cracks down on people playing poker.  Start a business, run a poker game, get raided by police.  Go here.

Jason Somerville speaks up for online poker on CNBC but forgets to dress up for appearence.  Still speaks well, and represents poker well. Shifty eyed dunce gives shifty rebuttals.  Go here for video and article.

Ed Miller talks about why limping (SOMETIMES) can be profitable on Card Player

Bovada sells the keys to it's online poker room to Ignition Poker.  Details here.

A bad chop for victims of Christian Lusardi's counterfeit chip scheme in 2014 as a judge ruled the strange payout structure chosen by regulators was somehow fair.  Go here for the details.  Don't remember this story?  Dig around our archives for more info, but Lusardi flushed his extra chips down a toliet in his hotel to get caught.   Yes, puns about Loo-sardi and poker flushes were popular two years ago.

Donald Tump is a poker fan and a poker advocate. His Taj Mahal once hosted the U.S. Poker Championship.  He's also spoken positively publically about online poker.  Though his running mate Mike Pence is on the other side of the fence and staucnchly anti-online poker.  A couple of poker figures from Trump's publice life have recently popped up in the news in connection with the Don.

Annie Duke once got slow-rolled by Donald Tump on TV. At the time, when pulling for her and for poker on Trump's show the Celebrity Apprentice the action felt harsh. Joan Rivers compared Duke to Hitler (see sloppy photo shop). Considering the scandals that have swirled around Duke since that day that series might become immensely re-watchable to see her get insulted again and again by her co-stars. 

Lots of poker cameos in her fundraising events as Full Tilt execs (led by her brother Howard Lederer) who splashed around (your?)money for charitable causes.  Believe there were some Ultimate Bet cameos too.  Joan Rivers called them all scum.  Maybe we should have listened.

Anyway, somehow Duke is transitioning to a career of bad wannabe TED talks and becomming an expert on something.  It's not clear what but to here credit people still listen to her as evidenced by the fact Wired magazine devoted an article to her opinion on Trump. Go here for the piece.

A much better regarded figure from poker's hey days is Andy Beal.  Beal joined Trump's financial team recently.  The famous billionaire who is the subject of a great poker book, The Professor, The Banker and The Suicide King (seriously if you haven't read that book yet go out and get it), has been an ally to poker and funded some of the top levels of the eco-system during the boom.  He's a genuis and a friend to the game.  As the book details he tried to break the best high stakes players in the world.


The Heartland Poker tour wrapped up in Vicksburg, MS with Jay Friedman earning the top prize in the Main Event. Friedman pulled in over 43k for the win. Thomas Creel of Monroe, LA won almost 18k for third. Sayed Jarfari of Baton Rouge made almost 13k for fourth.

John Lee of Madison, MS finished 6th for a fiver over 8k. Danny Doucet (pictured right) of Opelousas earned 6.7k for seventh.  It's his third cash in HPTs in Vicksburg.   Anthony Magee of Ridgeland won 5.7k for eighth.

Also, in the money Jack McBrayer, Linh Le, Jaremy Gaubert, Jason Gladden and Ryan Dunn. Congrats to all.


It looks like three players chopped for 4.k each in event one. William Swink, Jesse Greer, and Dennis Self all earned the top amount. Five more players led by Jonathan Hart won 3,873 each. Kip Jones also cashed.

Eric Sturm took event two winning 2.8k for first and James Davis won 3.3k for first in Event 5.

We are doubly excited about the tournaments hitting the coast in September. Most notably the Gulf Coast Poker Championship at the Beau Rivage which has two Monster Stack events. A 200k guarantee $345 Buy-in starting September 9th (with four flights) and 25k starting stack. Also a S190 buy-in with four flights starting September 15th with 15k starting stack.

Their Main Event is $1190. Plenty of "O"ptions too: a Big O Event (the first major Big O tournament on the coast), Variations of "O"maha, and a $235 "O"ld peoples event with multiple flights (Okay, we meant... seniors event).  Also two main event seats ADDED to every six pm satellite. 

At the same time the IP returns to the tournament poker scene with a WSOP-C event. Biloxi should be bumping. Here's the complete schedule for the Beau Rivage


The last of our local rooting interests bowed out in 62nd place. Lafayette's own Caufman Talley gave his supporters, friends and acquaintances a hell of a ride though. Many of us thought he had a great shot to win his first bracelet in poker's ultimate event. Great job, kid.  You will be back


Jason Gooch of Ruston, LA won almost 50k for finishing in 115th place. Two spots higher than Brandon Adams of Pensacola, FL. Houston's Melanie Weisner won the same amount for 127th. Tim Burt (did he cash every WSOP event he played?) won 42k for finishing in 165th. A few bragging spots higher than David Nicholson who finished 172nd. Hiep Doan earned 36k for his 239th place finish. Rogen Chabra of Madison MS also earned 36k finishing 262nd.

Michael Horchoff of River Ridge bowed out in 296th place winning 32k. Joe Hebert cashed for 20k in the 595th spot. Corrie Wunstel won 18k for 616th. Kwong Ip of Kenner won 17k for 757th. Jared Ingles cashed for 16k in 858th. Ryan Lenaghan of Mobile earned 15k for 923.


Robert Harwell of Williamson, GA went the deepest of the Monkey's Minions winning a tick over 28k by finishing 414th. The second best finish by a Minion ever. Also cashing Christian Iacobellis. All but one of the Minions made day two.


Okay, you can. But you shouldn't be able to. The kid from Germany won another highroller by winning the Big One for One Drop bringing his winnings for the year to a cent or two over 63 billion dollars. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration too. What's not an exaggeration is Fedor crushes. He plays the best players in the world and wins... again and again. This time almost 5 million.  Brings him to almost 10 million for the year. 

Dan Smith won 3 million for second place. Reigning Main Event champion Joe McKeehen won over 800k for sixth.


Chris Canan of New Orleans, who cashed in this event, looked at his day two table draw and said, "Tureniec seems dangerous regarless of his stack size. I don't want him to run it up." Well said, as Sweden's Michael Tureniec ran it up all the way to first place winning 525k. Dr. Samer Al-Shurieki of Pensacola won 76k for 7th. Dr. Laura Crafton won 3.4k for her cash. Jeff Sager, Kevin Eyster and Jason Mercier all cashed as well.


Congrats to our many rooting interests in the Ladies Championship.  Special salute to the highest finisher of the bunch Harrahs New Orleans cash reg Morgan Bowers (we think it's now Sager despite how WSOP lists her) who had a great run to finish 27th in the Women's championship. She's also a great artist.  The background is her work. 

*We can put you in touch if you are interested in her art.

Also, cashing the accomplished Heather Reese from Gulf Breeze, FL, Ms. Joan Rhodes of New Orleans, Mindabeth Jacobs (formerly of New Orleans now of Atlanta), and Kristen Deardorff formerly of Gulfport.

We shared an elevator with the winner a poker dealer from Detroit; Courtney Kennedy who's infectious smile and upbeat attitude made it easy to pull for her. She won just under 150k for first place.  Probably a lot more smiles after that too.


Ben Saxton who has profiled many Gulf Coast players including one of us, and has been a reg for over a year now in our favorite haunts can play as well as write (his 2+2 blog here).  So we definitely count him as one of our own now.  While he didn't win a bracelet for this event we'll still count it as a victory for the Gulf Coast.   By the way, WSOP where's our invite?  We are quasi-media surely?


The WSOP held a 1k online tournament and Metairie's Joe Hebert added to his cashes at the WSOP this year (5). Also in the money Lafayette's Kevin Eyster who tallied 7 cashes for the series.


Larry Little (pictured), Rita Little, and son GCP blogger Jonathan Little finished 9th in the Tag Team Event. The Littles of Pensacola, Florida each took home 3500.  Ryan Fee and Doug Polk won the first place bracelets and almost 77k each. .

Another Florida family, the Mizrachis finished 26th with Michael, Eric, Daniel and Robert all winning just over 1k. Former GCP blogger Benton Blakeman and teammate Joe Tehan each won just over 1k for finishing 55th.

Going through the payouts the strangest entrant(s?)... 85th place Andrei Kanapelka and teammate Andrei Konopelko both from Minsk. Hmmmmm...  you say Kanapelka I say Konopelko, let's just call you the same guy.

Also cashing; Tim Burt (one of ten cashes for the series) and Jonathan Shaw (Tallahassee) but on separate teams.


When heads up play began with Briant Rast and Justin Bonomo there was an easy villain to pull against and a hero to pull for. Central casting gave us the pink haired Bonomo an admitted online cheater and now nuisance social justice warrior/polyamory advocate as the heel vs. Brian Rast a poker advocate, an instructor (hey, he helms one of our sponsors no wonder we are biased), and all around swell guy as the hero.

For those pulling for the good guy (Rast) this hand to win the tournament and Bonomo's face when the cards were shown had to give you a warm tingle all over.

After this cooler, Rast won just under 1.3 million for first place. Bonomo earned a shade over 800k for second.


The of story of the summer is Mercier's bracelet bet with Vanessa Selbst. That and other wagers created a monster this year as Jason Mercier took a machete to 10k final tables.  Selbst bet he couldn't win three bracelets. She'd win 10k he'd win 1.8 million. Two bracelets and a second place later had Selbst buy out of her bet.

Mercier who won 422k for first in the 10k horse event, 273k for first in the 2-7 lowball event, and 168k for second in the 10k razz event incredibly has already won more in his bracelets bets.  He also finished 8th in a 10k Omaha Hi-Lo Split event, 11th in a smaller Omaha Hi-Lo Split , 26th in a mixed Triple Draw Event and 30th in 5k NLHE. Probably will be more to come, as it starts to feel like Friday the 13th everyday for everybody else in the poker world.

Unlike the other bloggers we link to, Jason is a little overdue for his blog-not like he's lacking for material.  Fresh blogs almost everywhere else.


Jason Gooch of Ruston cashed in the Colossus and a 1K No limit Holdem event. Kevin Eyster of La, LA finished 32nd in the 1k Top Up Turbo. Andrew Billiard also of Lafayette cashed in both the 565 PLO event and the Millionaire Maker.


Gulfport's favorite son won 38k in yet another deep run for Captain Tom. Seems every year he's good for at least one deep bracelet run.  He also cashed in a 2500 Triple Draw Event.


One of the good guys Charles Carragher of Pensacola, captured a little run good on his way to 105k and a fourth place finish in a 1k No Limit Hold'em Event. People were sweating all over the coasts. Great job!


Darryll Fish won 42k for his eighth place finish in the 2500 NLHE eventh.  Sonny Franco of Biloix finished 17th for just under 16k.  Second cash of the series for Sonny who also placed in the 565 PLO event.  You know who else cashed that event?

Darryll Fish won 20k for his eighth place finish in the 565 PLO event. Also cashing, Ken Kemple and Leif Force of Tallahassee, and Will Benson of Mobile. 


Stephen Nussrallah who spends a lot of time at the Beau Rivage got his biggest score of his poker career by finishing third to win 513k.  This was his third score of the summer at the WSOP. Mo Moeini won 25k by finishing 43rd.  Also in the money Thu Tran who won 17k for his 56th place finish.


Metairie's Joe Hebert finished 19th in the 1k NLHE event.  Hebert won just under 10k . Also in the money (again) Kevin Eyster of Lafayette, LA who added almost 8k to his career earinngs.


Three current and former Nola grinders Eric Vogel, Andrew Liporace and Ryan Lenaghan all made a little scratcch in Event 19. Nick Vita of Walls, MS, also cashed. LaDarren Banks of Tuscaloosa, AL and John Dolan both had five digit scores in Event 23.


Don Wertz of New Olreans went deep in the Millionaire Maker. He finished higher than other local cashers Dan Weaver (Lake Charles), Caufman Tally (Lafayette) and Sean McElroy (Leesville, LA).

The Investment group has finalized it's five players. Congrats to our own Wild Bill Phillips, Stephen Pique, Dr. Laura Langley-Crafton, Robert Harwell, and Christian Iacabellis who will be representing the minions this year at the Main Event.

A huge thanks to Will Souther who makes this happen and to all the investors. If you'd like to support the minions or wear a T-Shirt with this logo let us know and we'll put you in touch with the Monkey himself.. A few shares left and plenty of gear.

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 (UPDATED: 05/15/16) Gene D's outlook on the local and national poker scene:

"Hello anyone still reading this blogÖI am in New Orleans now waiting to play the final post-lim and final circuit event of the season. Congrats to Wild Bill for making it to day 2 along with a host of other friends (you know who you are). I whiffed the 1st couple of tournaments last weekend, and I had a funeral party to go to for my Aunt Linda last Saturday so I had to skip most of the weekend. Iím in sales and our EOM (End of Month for non salesfolks) was last Friday 5/20Öso I also had my hands tied a little during the week. The plan was to play some megas and if I didnít satty into the High Roller or the Main Event to fire bullets at the last 2 post-lims to try to win a ring. Today at 3pm will be the final chance for anyone to win a ring this season and before the actual WSOP"[+]


 [UPDATED: 08/10/16] Poker Monkey shares his insights on the tournament poker circuit, life in general, and the battle to make it happen:

"So I'm sitting here fuming. I'll just preface this blog with THAT. But unlike the person who is responsible for that, I am not going to throw her name out there into a public forum, and attempt to change people's opinion of her, both as a person, and as a professional in her chosen field. I'm going to attempt to demonstrate that it is possible to NOT be a mealy-mouth, reputation-ruining asshole while at the same time sharing an experience that happened to you. And in turn, allowing those people you are sharing it with, to weigh in with their opinions. You might...MIGHT...just discover, that you were actually in the wrong! Which might then lead you to apologize to the person you dragged through the mud!." [+}


 (UPDATED 11/11/15) Florida's Jason Mericer is one of the best poker players in the world.  Why wouldn't you read his blog? 

"I'm back home in Florida, relaxing for most of November before heading back out for more tournaments in December. Now that the NBA season is underway, I'm taking advantage of the time off to watch some hoops, including following how my Miami Heat are going to do without LeBron James this year.

I actually just took a trip up to Charlotte, North Carolina to watch the Heat play the Hornets a few days ago. A friend of mine has courtside tickets and invited me to come up because he knows how big of a Heat fan I am. I've wanted to sit courtside for a Heat game for quite some time so was really excited to experience it for the first time. We sat right next to the Hornets bench, so hearing the interaction between the players and the coaches was pretty awesome. It was one of the most fun things I've ever done and I can't wait to do it again.."


 [UPDATED: 10/06/16] Davy Murrah dispenses poker insight with an  intriguing approach to  the game: 

"Disclaimer: My home casino is the Beau Rivage in Biloxi. I play there more than all other venues combined.

Like a lot of you, I have played in quite a few tournament series in numerous locations including WSOP and WPT events but I want to take this opportunity to applaud the Beau Rivage for the excellence of their tournament series and for the courteous and professional way that these tournament series are run.

The Gulf Coast Poker Championship started last week. I arrived early on Friday for the start of their opening "Monster Stack" event. I was greeted by the tournament director, several officials of the tournament, a couple of dealers and, of course, numerous players. I was also welcomed by several of the Beau poker room staff, including the director of poker operations. I received numerous handshakes and even several hugs."


 (UPDATED 01/14/15) A new title but the same blog, Goondingy or Big Smoove and pure aggression on the felt examines live poker action:

"Greetings and salutations! I did it, I played a bit of poker! I met my buddy Wild Bill at Lauberge Casino in Baton Rouge to play the $100 tournament and follow up with some cash games. I got to the last three tables before I busted. Had to play like a nit, could not catch anything and when I raised most folks folded.
We got there before the tournament started and were instant alternates, something about a supervisor not being on the floor to help open up another table, but after about 30 minutes they opened a table and about 30 more minutes later I was called to action. Played very tight and just observed, I wanted to get my feel for the game back and it took a very long time. I picked up blinds where it was necessary had one scare where a gentleman chased me to the river and folded on my river bet but my downfall hand was pocket jacks in the cut-off, I believe the blinds were 1k 2k with a $100 ante. "


[UPDATED 12/16/15] ReidG ...who was raised in New Orleans and lives in Mobile brings his poker Saints football perspective on to GCP.NET.

"Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis are on the warpath.

It has been quite a spectacle to witness.

In the three days since Free Agency commenced, the Saints have operated at a dizzying, furious pace.

First the blockbuster: Graham and a 4th for Unger and a 1st. Then in quick succession: Grubbs for a 5th. Browner. Spiller. Stills for a 3rd and Ellerbe. Keenan Lewis's future as a Saint hanging in the balance.

There were also the recent departures of Pierre Thomas, Curtis Lofton, and Corey White; the restructures/paycuts for Bunkley, Colston, and Hawthorne; the re-signing of Ramon Humber; and, of course, the contract extension for Mark Ingram. "

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[UPDATED: 10/21/14]  THE POKER BAT is an online player from Northern Louisiana who is trying out blogging to help him with his game.  Bat will delve into hand scenarios and discuss issues facing today's online player. 

"From his poker blind, the Bat watched Kai magnificently wade through that minefield of Q10 loving princesses and get to heads up action. Heads up action in a ladies tournamentÖ creepy smile, creepy wink, creepy nudge (somebody needs to design that emoticon). There the Bat hears some of the exiled ladies talking. One of them a brutish looking tight end for an Canadian Football League team tells the others, if Kai wins heís not getting out of the parking lot with the pendant.

This got the Bat picking his nose, actually, the Bat was already knuckle deep, this got the Bat thinking, about poor Kai getting jumped in the parking lot. So taking stock of the future mob, the Bat envisioned the scene if he won:

Kai exits the elevator, with the Ted Nugent muzak fading away as he walks into the IP garage, a car skids out in the distance, but this floor of the garage is empty except for Kaiís car (a vintage Aston Matin) parked by itself overlooking the beauty of the bay of biloxi. As Kai, walks sipping from his shaken not stirred victory martini, the lone light above his car flickers rapidly and turns off, turning the garage to shadow. Dripping water echoes loudly and Kai canít help but shake the idea heís being watched"